Eris – revelling in aggression and arguments

The dwarf planet Eris, named after the goddess of strife and discord (in mythology the opposite of Harmony), was discovered in 2005. It moves very slowly, entering Aries in 1926 and not exiting till 2047.

Almost exactly to the day when it moved into Aries General Franco became General of Spain, leading ultimately to the Spanish Civil War; against a backdrop of rising fascism in Germany and Italy. In the UK there was a general strike and martial law; and the Commonwealth was born, leading after WW11 to independence for British colonies.

Apart from tr Uranus which is conjunct Eris at the moment, the only other planet in the 20th Century to be conjunct was Saturn. Though reading the below, it’s important to note that it’s never simple to isolate which influence causes what, since there are always several running at the same time.

But in the months when tr Saturn was conjunct Eris in 1937/8:-

Japanese forces invade China (often seen as the beginning of World War II in Asia).

The Soviet Union commences one of the largest campaigns of the  Great Purge, to “eliminate anti-Soviet elements.” Within the following year, at least 724,000 people are killed] on order of the troikas, directed by Joseph Stalin.

The Spanish Civil War is ongoing

In Feb 1938, Hitler takes over high command of military and the following month Germany invades and annexes Austria.

Also in 1938 Mussolini takes over Italian military.


Similarly tr Saturn conjunct Eris, 1967/68

1967: -On the exact aspect the Six Day War starts.

In the USA there are race riots and Vietnam War demos.

Riots in Hong Kong.

Mao’s Red Revolution is wrecking China

1968 Jan: Tet offensive starts

Danny the Red riots in France

Martin Luther shot

NB. The Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn was also running which would be an exacerbating influence on rebellions and revolutions.


Tr Saturn conjunct Eris, 1997/98

Number of massacres in the Algerian Civil War peaked.

Hong Kong handed to China.

1998: A massacre  starts the Kosovo War.

The Second Congo War begins; 3,900,000 people are killed before it ends in 2003 making it the bloodiest war, to date, since World War II.

The bombings of four United States embassies in Africa, kill 224 people and injure over 4,500 and are linked to Osama bin Laden, as was the Luxor Massacre in Egypt in 1997.


Speed-reading through wiki’s events of specific years can be confusing since there’s always murder, mayhem, coronations and coups, successes and deadly weather events. But there are certainly enough significantly destructive events connected to Saturn on Eris to be worth considering. What’s also clear is that this present time is by no means as difficult as ones we’ve lived through in the past, if that’s any consolation.


Jo Cox MP – killed defending democracy

Jo Cox shootingJo Cox


UK Labour MP Jo Cox, a mother of two, has died after being shot and stabbed, in an attack at her constituency, by a man shouting ‘Britain First’ which is the slogan of the far-right party, though they disavow all knowledge.

Before entering parliament she worked for a decade for Oxfam, becoming their head of humanitarian campaigns. She worked with disadvantaged groups in Darfur and Afghanistan, was involved in an anti-slavery charity, as well as campaigning for the lifting of the blockade on Gaza. In her maiden speech she celebrated her constituency’s ethnic diversity; and as an MP focussed on the plight of Syrian refugees. She’d been campaigning for Remain.

Born 22 June 1974, she was a Sun Saturn in Cancer square Pluto so patriotic and tough. Her showy Mars (maybe Moon) was in Leo is in a publicity-attracting trine to Neptune and sextile Pluto. She also had a charitable Jupiter in Pisces.

Tr Uranus was exactly opposition her natal Uranus now and within minutes of a degree square her Mars/Saturn midpoint which is accident/violence prone.

The attack happened just before 1pm in Leeds. There was a Yod of an 8th house Uranus sextile Sun Venus inconjunct Mars in Scorpio. The Sun/Venus midpoint is conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol. So an unholy combination of a highly stressed, vengeful retrograde Mars in Scorpio plus Algol. Plus the paranoid Saturn Neptune square is exact. Venus was also opposition the hard, loss-making Saturn/Pluto midpoint; Mars in an explosive opposition to Sun/Uranus; and a destructive, brutal Pluto = Mars/Saturn and conjunct Mars/Neptune.


Tom and Taylor – great pics, pity about the relationship

Taylor SwiftTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston comp Taylor Swift


Is it real or just another showbiz fake-up? The maybe-next James Bond Tom Hiddleston smooching it up with Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter who goes through relationships like wildfire and publicises them all the way.

It’s an unlikely pairing with TH’s Aquarius Sun clashing with TS’s Pluto and Mars in Scorpio and his Uranus conjunct her Mars. Ouch. Admittedly both have Venus in Aquarius and she is a Sagittarius Sun which fits his Sun and Aries Moon. But her Sun is conjunct his Neptune so she’ll find him evasive and non-committal. Her Uranus Mercury Neptune Saturn in Capricorn square his Saturn Jupiter in Libra so her scattergun approach to life may pall with his more balanced idealism.

Their relationship chart does have a squeak of passionate attraction from a composite Venus square Pluto; but otherwise it’ll be argumentative and emotionally cool with a composite Sun Mars and Moon maybe opposition Saturn.

He’s a serious actor with a string of awards for stage and screen and up till now very silent about his private life.  He’s in danger of turning himself into tabloid fodder.

Rangers and Celtic – outdated enmities

Rangers FC IncCeltic FC FoundedCeltic FC Ltd



The ‘old firm’ Glasgow football matches between Protestant Rangers and Catholic Celtic used to be high tension and violent affairs until alcohol was banned from the grounds. The clubs starting to take in players from the alternative religion over the past 25 years.

Rangers was founded in 1872, played the first match in late May 1872 and was incorporated on 27 May 1899.

The Rangers first match chart has an argumentative Sun Mars in Gemini with a tough Saturn in Capricorn opposition Uranus Jupiter in Cancer square Neptune in Aries –so quite fanatical.  The incorporation chart is also Sun Gemini with Sun opposition Uranus; and Pluto Neptune in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius, sextile/trine Mars in flamboyant Leo – so high-wire, tough, strong ideals/beliefs though not concerned with tradition, bumptious.

Celtic FC was founded 6 Nov 1887 and made a limited company 12 April 1897. The foundation chart has a determined, lucky Sun Jupiter in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo which would clash with Rangers’ Mars in Leo. There is also a forceful Mars in Virgo square Pluto and sextile Sun Jupiter – so they wouldn’t take provocation lying down.

The Celtic company chart has a go-ahead, sporty Sun Aries with Mars in volatile Cancer, and a relentless Saturn Uranus in Scorpio. That chart also sits uncomfortably with the Rangers Inc since the Celtic Uranus Saturn opposes the Rangers Sun.

Their first ever match against each other on 28 May 1888 had a Sun Pluto Neptune conjunction opposition Jupiter, which was sextile/trine Saturn and North Node in Leo; and an explosive Mars Uranus conjunction.   Jupiter Pluto is a struggle for the upper hand; Neptune Pluto scandal-prone, very fixed views, wedded to a vision. Celtic won.

The relationship charts between Rangers Inc and both Celtic dates are relatively similar – chained-together- and-resenting it Saturn Pluto aspects, some fun and friendliness and a good deal of hostility.

Not sure what conclusions, if any, come out of all of this. The religious divisions seems very old hat nowadays. The sectarian, pro-Ireland, anti-Westminster/Monarchy, ethnic, nationalist bitterness no doubt lingers on.

Lou Ferrigno Jnr – apples and trees, two intense Scorpios

Lou Ferrigno JnrLou FerrignoLou Ferrigno Snr Jnr Comp


Lou Ferrigno Jnr, eldest son of The Incredible Hulk, has followed in his father’s footsteps, taking up body building and after a stint modelling and doing commercials, is now acting in films and on TV. Most imminently in an episode of Bones.

Born 10 Nov 1984 6.56pm Los Angeles, he’s got a full and ultra-determined 5th house with his Scorpio Sun conjunct Saturn as well as Pluto in Scorpio there. So he’ll want to be taken as a serious contender in the entertainment business though may ultimately go into the organisational side with Saturn in the 5th.

He’s got a charming 7th house Venus Neptune in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, so will come across well. His 12th house Gemini Moon opposes Uranus Mercury in the 6th so he’s a curious mix of stubborn and adaptable, rooted and restless.

His Pluto is square an 8th house Mars in Capricorn. That plus the Sun Saturn suggests someone who has had a fair amount of frustration in his life and difficulty living up to his father’s expectation or success.

He’s got tr Saturn about to rise above his Descendant in 2017 so he should be more successful in the time ahead. Though it’ll feel like a slog with tr Saturn sextile his Sun Saturn; and conjunct his four Sagittarius planets and opposition his Moon from now till 2018.

But he’ll have tr Jupiter in his 5th soon for a year and this year’s Solar Return looks successful.

His relationship chart with his father, 9 Nov 1951 1.30am New York, another Sun Scorpio is quite tricky. There’s a composite affectionate Sun Venus; but also a Sun Mars Neptune conjunction.  The latter reflects a showbiz family but does also suggest an ego problem. When one succeeds the other feels diminished.

Senior has a Scorpio Sun square Pluto so is a heavyweight personality, shaped by his deafness as a child and a fair amount of bullying before he took up weight lifting.

Noor Salman – wrong choices

Noor SalmanOmar MateenOmar M comp Noor Salman


Noor Salman, second wife of the Orlando shooter, was born 26 May 1986 in San Francisco of Palestinian heritage and doesn’t appear to have been overly religious in an orthodox sense or political.  Though she seems to have been with her husband when he bought ammunition and went to survey the nightclub, so she may be charged as an accessory.

She’s a Sun Gemini opposition Saturn and inconjunct Pluto; with Venus opposition Neptune – so probably low self-worth and bad emotional judgement. Her Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct her Neptune now which will be panicky and uncertain; with bleak Solar Arcs over the next two years.

The relationship chart with her husband has an afflicted Mars which is inconjunct Venus, square Pluto and sextile Mars – so there would be a good deal of anger and hostility in their relationship. With a Mars Pluto hard aspect he may well have held all the power. .

Clement Freud – another fallen idol

Clement FreudWilliam Vahey



Yet another set of disturbing allegations about child sex abuse have emerged focussing on the late Clement Freud MP. His wife appears to accept them and apologised to the women involved, one now in her 70s who wanted to have her voice heard before she died.

The grandson of Sigmund Freud and brother of artist Lucian Freud, he was a popular, witty figure on television and in the House of Commons and was given a glowing eulogy by Gordon Brown when he died.

Clement Freud was born 24 April 1924 in Berlin and was a Sun Taurus in a stressed opposition to Saturn in Libra square Mars in Capricorn; with a Capricorn Moon. There would be a harshness about his childhood from that Mars Saturn which can be a signature for abuse, although it also carries other meanings and can act out in other ways.

Another stomach-churning case has emerged about William Vahey, an American serial child molester, born in New York on 7 May 1949. Despite being convicted for child assaults when he was 20, he was allowed to teach children all over the world and was still teaching in a private London school as late as 2013. Parents of children abused by him are now suing. He was described by the FBI as “one of the most prolific and heinous alleged predators we’ve ever seen”. He committed suicide in 2014 when the most recent investigation was ongoing.

He was a Sun, Venus and Mars in Taurus with Mars square Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun Venus square Pluto; with a Virgo Moon. His Mars was trine Saturn. So some similiarities.

I hasten to add before I get deluged by angry Taureans that not all, indeed 99.9% don’t turn out this way.  But heavily Fixed charts can sensualise affections. Vahey evidently started in his teens which would make one assume that what went on before was what warped him.

His father was a decorated WW11 pilot – Mars Saturn does have military associations but in his case it clearly got perverted into its much less palatable qualities.

EURO 2016 – proxy war games

Tri chart UK RussiaUK comp Russia1917UK comp Russia1991



As if football’s reputation wasn’t wrecked enough after the whole FIFA corruption scandal, there now appears to be armed combat breaking out in France between Russian and England supporters. The UK media have been careful to own up to drunk Brits but the real trouble appears to be the Russian ultras, extreme Right-wing militants, muscled and tooled up, who at home openly flaunt neo-Nazi flags and have turned many of their domestic games into war zones.

Putin has now slapped down their behaviour as Russia stands at risk of being disqualified, with 50 of their fans now on the road to deportation.

The Russia 5 Sept 1991 7.30am chart has a 12 degree Virgo Sun which is picking up the exact tr Saturn square and tr Neptune opposition, so panic and unease on the home front.

Why they have specifically targeted England matches isn’t clear but looking at the charts of the two countries, there is certainly no love lost.

The Russia 1917 chart has Pluto conjunct the UK MC and opposition the UK Sun and square the UK Uranus. The Russia 1991 chart has Uranus Neptune conjunct the UK 4th house Sun and IC, opposition MC and square the UK Uranus.  So all bad news. Both Russia charts have Scorpio and Leo planets which clash with the UK’s wide Fixed Grand Cross.

On the composites: UK and Russia 1991, there’s a bleak, unyielding composite Sun Saturn sextile Pluto; and an angry, volatile composite Moon Mars square Mercury which tr Uranus is hammering at the moment.

The Russia 1917 UK relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun Uranus which the tr Saturn square tr Neptune is hitting exactly at the moment; and tr Uranus is square the composite Venus, throwing up emotional tensions.

As if the world didn’t have enough problems at the moment. Sport is supposed to be relaxing fun.

Omar Mateen – out of control anger

Omar Mateen


The Orlando shooter has been named as Omar Mateen, born 16 Nov 1986 in New York, to Afghan immigrant parents.

He had a very intense, angry chart with a Scorpio Sun Mercury possibly opposition a Taurus Moon and square Mars in Aquarius. Such a Fixed focal point Mars is headstrong, single-minded, a bulldozer – which certainly can have a good outcome if handled properly but here clearly not. He also had an intense Venus Pluto conjunction in Scorpio; a volatile Uranus sextile Mars; and a scared-of-failure Saturn in self-righteous Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces. Many of the violent Muslim fundamentalists have a Pisces connection in their charts.

His midpoints are stark with his Sun conjunct his Saturn/Pluto and Venus/Saturn midpoints which would give him a hard, unsentimental streak. His Mars is also square Saturn/Pluto which would make him unafraid of danger and prone to sudden acts of violence. Both his Sun and Mars also aspect his powerfully confident Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

Tr Uranus was exactly sextile his Mars now which is excitable. More pointedly tr Pluto was conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as – ‘brutality, the rage or fury of destruction, the death of a great many people.’

There is utterly nothing to be said to sum this one up. The world really is sinking into a cauldron of fire.

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