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October 23 - November 22

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday June 12th

You may appear inscrutable but your mind will be active behind your defensive exterior. Your secrecy has a good reason, and you will want time to consider before disclosing what you know or feel. On the other hand if you are holding back from a serious discussion with close companions you need to think of some way of breaking the ice. There may have been critical comments made recently but you could also be misconstruing something you have only half heard. Check it out before jumping to conclusions.

The Weekly Outlook from 10th June

With zippy Mars now moving through your chart area of co-operation and close relationships until July 20th you will be throwing yourself into joint activities, whether social or elsewhere, with a good deal of vigour. There may be arguments along the way since loved ones will be revved up and assertive. Until midweek you'll be feeling on edge with one plan dragging anchor. In reality you may be achieving more than you imagine, moving one situation over by degrees.

Your Monthly Horoscope for June

Secretive by temperament you'll be doubly so with a concentration of planets moving through Gemini, your chart area of confidential emotional and financial matters. There will be good news early on as one of your pet schemes turns good with heart-warming results and could bring a cash bonus. Perseverance and persistence will be needed with some flexibility for three weeks as you push hard to reach better agreements in private. When it all feels like a struggle, remind yourself you'll be more secure because of your efforts. One close partner may not always be on your wavelength after the 9th with some disagreement in the family. Try not to rise to the bait and get agitated or dogmatic. Tread softly and make an effort to sweep them up in your enthusiasm. Together you will make faster progress than flying solo. The intense mood and private wranglings will gradually recede after midmonth as your horizons open in front of you and restrictions lift. You'll be keen to mix with a fun crowd, inject adventure into your leisure activities and be lighter hearted. Into the final days you will have a head filled with grand plans and high enthusiasm. This is a time to allow your visions to flourish.

and Next Month's Horoscope for July

With the Sun moving through your chart area of travel, broadening horizons, enthusiastic ideas and adventurous schemes you'll be keen to move upwards and onwards in whatever you do for three weeks. You won't always be practical but your optimism will be infectious so those close will be keen to join in. One close partner will be revved up and raring to so so you may need to keep the peace at times. Fitting in with their wishes and cooperating will save arguments and mean you make faster progress. On top form socially after the 11th you'll be sprucing up your appearance, putting on a sparkling performance and attracting compliments galore. After an unsettled few days midmonth where you will need to tread carefully and not rock the boat with certain companions, you will be moving towards your high profile few weeks from the 22nd onwards. You'll be working hard, taking the lead and attracting praise for your achievements. Behind the scenes there will be a few financial or emotional tangles to unpick which will take determination and flexibility to resolve.

Year Ahead 2024

The support on one close partner will continue on into 2024 giving you a warm glow of optimism as you view the road ahead. Socially you will be in demand for your knack of making everyone you encounter feel special and encouraged. Your talent as a morale booster won't go unnoticed. Keen to resolve family differences and make changes to your domestic set up, you will be setting out a long term plan to ensure you are building solid emotional foundations for the future. Certain relationships within your close circle will be tricky so it will require a revised approach over time. There will be no instant solutions but leaving old assumptions behind and coming to terms with a new reality will help to smooth out a few wrinkles. You may also be involved in practical domestic reorganisation or improvement schemes. From April it will be important not to over commit yourself with projects since you need a chance to recharge your batteries and have time for a sensible get-fit regime as well as work. After June you will notice a stream of generosity coming your way either in money or in support or both. Making the transition into the future and leaving the past behind will be easier than you expect. You will also be dropping your emotional defences and drawing closer to the right people. Throughout the year you may find as last year that your social life is hard work and requires effort. So by October take the hint and give yourself quiet time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries.