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October 23 - November 22

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday December 18th

You need the freedom to live and work as suits your mood and talents. You won't want to fit into other people's expectations, so following orders won't be easy. Your emotions are very tied up with your working situation today. If you are feeling jangled emotionally, you have to watch that your body doesn't also suffer. So make sure that you are putting your attention into eating well, exercising, doing all the kind of things that will boost your stamina.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th December

The energy level is very high early on this week. So if you can harness that, you will achieve a good deal. You will have to put your shoulder to the wheel to get work done, but if you really push, you'll end up achieving something that is more solid than usual. It's important at the moment for you to be well regarded for your intelligence and way with words, so you need to acquire depth as well as breadth of knowledge.

Your Monthly Horoscope for December

Slowly and surely you'll be pushing ahead with a key aim of sorting out your personal finances and giving yourself surplus to spend. Keeping outgoings and incomings in balance will be what gives you security and peace of mind. Though it won't be easy in the first week since you'll be distracted by loved ones behaving in unexpected ways. Half the time they'll be boisterous and throwing caution to the winds, and the other half they'll be leaning on you. Try to calm them down and explain they need to stand on their own two feet. Luckily your diplomatic skills will be put to good use in getting your points across with tact. Stayin on top of detail will be easier from the 12th when your eagle eye will pick up any mistakes. Despite some confused moments you'll be on energetic form and revelling in parties and social events where you can be centre spotlight. In the final days you'll be racing round, on your toes and rarely bored.

and Next Month's Horoscope for January

You'll be nose to the grindstone in a challenging and demanding few weeks. Try not to be perfectionist since you will at times imagine you are the only one who can do certain tasks well and will overload yourself. Delegate where you can. Your everyday schedule will be slow going and over-packed so you'll need to streamline your efficiency, manage your time well and be resolute. If you feel cold-shouldered at any point with mates not listening to what you say, try another approach but don't give up. Not sounding too intense or forceful will also help. If you come on too strong then certain people will just back away. To compensate you'll be off spending on frivolities and indulgences to make yourself feel good. Why not? After mid month once you're over a couple of trying days you'll settle down to a quieter few weeks, happy to snuggle up at home and find time for quiet reflection as well as heart to heart chats with loved ones.

Year Ahead 2019

A non-stop-go schedule for the first half year means you'll need to manage your time well, get organised and communicate clearly. Too much rushing around can run the risk of messages getting lost or misunderstood. If you feel cold-shouldered or that your views are not getting the right kind of attention then you'll need to rethink your approach. Don't become discouraged and withdraw. Be persistent. Close relationships will be moving into a changeable phase where both of you need more elbow room. With tolerance and an appreciation of partner's need for more independence as well as your own, you'll manage well. Though with the pressure of events and pulls on your time and energy, you may not always have a chance for sensible heart-to-heart chats. When you do, you may express yourself a touch too forcefully or be looking too much on the negative. Lighten up and keep your sense of humour handy. If loved ones, especially children, come across as evasive or inaccessible, not there when you need them, or worse try to lean on you, be firm about them standing on their own two feet. After mid year you'll want to shrug off restrictions and fly higher, allowing your imagination and sense of vision to point your way ahead. You'll find more stimulation and adventure and be broadening your horizons with determination. August will be a month to flaunt your talents and push ambitions ahead vigorously. Money should roll in faster all year though it'll probably disappear as fast since you're likely to be spending happily. Try to save some of your good fortune for a rainy day in later years. In the final month you'll notice more smiles and morale boosts in your everyday schedule. You'll be increasingly tolerant and positive-minded which will prove a hit with those around.

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