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October 23 - November 22

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday February 27th

You will need to throw your energy into reorganising at home to soak up your surplus energy and irritation. Otherwise loved ones and family members will be getting told off for their shortcomings. Zippy Mars at odds with upbeat Jupiter will put you into a higher gear. But neither is a long-distance runner. They will not improve your spirits for projects that go on and on and on. So don't launch into schemes which you may run out of energy or interest for before they can be completed.

The Weekly Outlook from 26th February

Maybe you will bounce into a plan that you thought was going to work wonderfully and your expectations could fall short so watch for a hint of over-confidence. A little self-discipline never goes amiss and luckily Saturn will step into the breach midweek to be you into a realistic frame of mind. You won't want to waste energy or throw money around and will be conscious of the limitations of your situation. Once you get down to the bottom line you can begin to make it happen.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Having been rushed off your feet in a busy, varied schedule you will want a chance to wind down and spend more time at home or in familiar surroundings. Your everyday schedule will continue to be packed but gradually as the planets move into Aquarius through the month, your chart area of all matters domestic, you will cherish the prospect of focusing more on your heart than your head. Taking time out for heart-to-heart chats with oved ones will iron out a few wrinkles and give you a greater understanding of their point of view. You will have a tendency to come across as overly intense so reminding yourself to lighten up will help. Close partners will surprise you around the 8th and trying to tie them down won't work well. Give them the leeway to make their own decisions and all will settle down. Though family tensions may rise towards the 14th as a tricky situation arises in which no one is happy to compromise or give way. Your inclination is always to stand firm but getting stuck in a stalemate argument won't please you. Either agree to differ, compromise or take the long road round. Peace will be restored within a few days and you'll turn your mind to redecorating or at least sprucing up the colour scheme around you at home. Social fun will be back in the final ten days which may take an effort but you will be rewarded.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

A happy-go-lucky Pisces Sun in your chart area of love, laughter and fun will do much to revive your spirits. Exuberant and outgoing, you'll be popular and welcome wherever you decide to go. The support of one close partner will start the month on a reassuring note but they won't crowd your space and will give you elbow room when you ask. There will also be peaceful moments at home up to the 11th and after that you'll redouble your efforts to make enjoyment and entertainment your key priority. Hints of duty and practical chores starting to intrude will emerge slowly with Mercury moving into your chart area of work before mid month and then after the 20th the Sun will require you push aside some frivolities and indulgences and get to grips with essentials. The final days will boost your energy and vitality but you will need to keep a watchful eye on your lifestyle and stamina to ensure you can keep up with a busy schedule.

Year Ahead 2024

The support on one close partner will continue on into 2024 giving you a warm glow of optimism as you view the road ahead. Socially you will be in demand for your knack of making everyone you encounter feel special and encouraged. Your talent as a morale booster won't go unnoticed. Keen to resolve family differences and make changes to your domestic set up, you will be setting out a long term plan to ensure you are building solid emotional foundations for the future. Certain relationships within your close circle will be tricky so it will require a revised approach over time. There will be no instant solutions but leaving old assumptions behind and coming to terms with a new reality will help to smooth out a few wrinkles. You may also be involved in practical domestic reorganisation or improvement schemes. From April it will be important not to over commit yourself with projects since you need a chance to recharge your batteries and have time for a sensible get-fit regime as well as work. After June you will notice a stream of generosity coming your way either in money or in support or both. Making the transition into the future and leaving the past behind will be easier than you expect. You will also be dropping your emotional defences and drawing closer to the right people. Throughout the year you may find as last year that your social life is hard work and requires effort. So by October take the hint and give yourself quiet time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries.