Heavenly Headlines


 The communicative, emotionally detached Libra Sun will be in place till the 23rd. Seeking fair and balanced outcomes will be the ideal though the tendency will be to see-saw from extreme to extreme, especially with zippy Mars also in Libra till the 30th. There will be arguments as well as high points and good luck.

  Venus moves into adventurous and friendly Sagittarius on the 7th for several weeks which will lighten the social and romantic mood.

 Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all going direct through the month will help to open up new possibilities and see delays and blockages lessening.

  The third week will be intense and challenging with a need to push firmly ahead, though being neither too forceful or too submissive. Pluto will attempt to create a mood of no choice. But there is always a way of choosing to circumvent problems or alter attitudes.

  The Scorpio Sun in the final week joined by Mars on the 30th will bring a mood of determination. Not for nothing is Scorpio known as the miracle maker of the zodiac. Anything is possible if enough pressure is applied.


1: Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn – intense discussions, negative thinking, stubborn.

2: Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto – sociable, seductive, persuasive.

4: Mercury trine Jupiter in Aquarius – upbeat, confident chat.

6: New Moon in Libra – new beginnings.

Pluto direct in Capricorn – improvements in government, finances and general organization.

7: Venus into Sagittarius until November 5th – seeking lively and adventurous social activities, need lovers who are also friends. Light hearted.

8: Sun conjunct Mars in Libra – dynamic, energetic, go-ahead, competitive, argumentative.

9: Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra and Mercury conjunct Mars – on mental alert, chatty, scattered, strong opinions.

11: Saturn direct in Aquarius – practical plans move ahead, cool thinking.

13: Venus sextile Saturn – sophisticated, detached emotionally, charming in a business-like way.

15: Sun trine Jupiter – lucky, confident, enthusiastic, expecting results with little effort.

17: Mercury sextile Venus – charming chats, soft spoken

Sun square Pluto – slow progress so effort and perseverance needed.

18: Jupiter and Mercury both direct – communication glitches disappear and finances should improve.

19: Mars trine Jupiter – positive thinking plus determination creates good fortune, go ahead.

20: Full Moon in Aries – pulled in two directions.

22: Mars square Pluto – days before blocked/trapped/irritated. Keep pushing and be safety conscious.

23: Sun into Scorpio for four weeks – emotionally intense, self-protective, secretive, persevering, stubborn.

27: Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune – romantic, dreamy, not realistic.

28: Venus sextile Jupiter – sociable, frivolous, fun

30: Sun square Saturn – delays, setbacks, mistakes need sorted.

Mars into Scorpio until December 14th – bulldozing ahead, extra-secretive and persistent, can be vengeful.