Heavenly Headlines


A rip-roaring start to the month or a jolting, jarring one comes courtesy of Mars conjunct Uranus on the Ist. The combination tends to rattle cages, upend situations, is uncooperative, uncompromising and can be reckless as well as overreactive. Out in the world since it also conjoins the North Node it will be effecting history changing events or processes. But at an individual level, the key thing is not to feel provoked into hasty responses or actions. It can be useful for thinking-out-of-the-box and getting out of rut as long as responses are not too extreme.

  It will be a stop start month with the sunny sociable Leo Sun and determined Mars in Taurus both hitting Saturn blocks and setbacks. One step forward and one backwards. There may be more accidents than usual around the 7th so take extra care.

  Venus in home-loving Cancer will provide a few moments of family fun up to the 11th and then head off for social high jinks and be in a flamboyant, attention-seeking mood thereafter.

 Leo’s normal exuberance will be damped down around the 14th with a sharp reality check and one problem situation requiring considerable effort to put a solution in place.

  Mars moving out of Taurus into Gemini on the 20th will bring lively conversations and is a lighter energy even if arguments ensue. The hard-working practical Virgo Sun in the final week will ensure chores get done.


1: Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus – disruptive, explosive, highly-excitable, over-impulsive, inventive.

2: Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus – flirtatious, sociable, fun-loving.

3: Venus sextile Mars – passionately enthusiastic, sociable.

4: Mercury into Virgo until the 26th – focusing on detail, practical chat, down-to-earth.

7: Venus trine Neptune in Pisces – dreamy, romantic, not realistic, kind.

Mars square Saturn in Aquarius – setbacks, delays, accident, impatience and irritation.

9: Venus opposition Pluto – seductive, passionate, possessive, jealous.

11: Sun in Leo square Uranus – sudden surprises, rebellious, not cooperative, independent, unsettled.

Venus into Leo until September 5th – party-loving, attention-seeking, warm-hearted, sociable.

Mars sextile Neptune – attracts glamour, publicity and can lower energy.

12: Full Moon in Aquarius – pulled in two directions.

14: Sun opposition Saturn – having to be realistic, delays, setbacks, mistakes emerge, separations.

Mars trine Pluto – effort required to move one stuck situation into faster gear.

16: Mercury trine Uranus – bright ideas, lively chat

18: Venus trine Jupiter – sociable, frivolous, indulgent.

20: Mars into Gemini until late March – lively discussions, argumentative, restless, scattered.

21: Mercury opposition Neptune – vague, evasive, confused

22: Mercury trine Pluto – persuasive, deep-thinking.

23: Sun into Virgo for four weeks – hard-working, well-organised, health-conscious, critical.

24: Uranus retrograde in Taurus until late January – only subtle shift, innovative plans need rethought.

26: Mercury into Libra until late September – fair-minded, communicative, tactful.

27: Venus square Uranus – emotionally changeable, can be upsetting or flirtatious.

Sun square Mars – pro-active, assertive, argumentative.

New Moon in Virgo – new beginnings.

28: Venus opposition Saturn – separated in love, too much work interfering with indulgence.


Jupiter in Pisces from December 29th 2021 to May 10 2022 and again from late October 2022 to December 20 2022 – kind, compassionate, generous, mystical, spiritual and creative. Jupiter in Aries from May 10 2022  to October 29th 2022; and again December 20 to mid May 2023 – pro-active, enthusiastic, go-ahead.

Saturn: In Aquarius from December 17th 2020 till March 8 2023 – cool emotionally, curious, good for scientific advances.

Uranus: From March 2019 for seven years in Taurus – changing attitudes to handling of money, possessions and resources especially in agriculture and our attitude to nature.

Neptune: In Pisces from February 2012 for thirteen years – religious, spiritual, has resonances with Muslim history.

Pluto: In Capricorn for sixteen years from Nov 2008 till 2024 = complete deconstruction and reconstruction of global economic and commercial structures and systems, as well as major changes in way in which governments work. In past times of Pluto in Capricorn (approximately every 250 years) there was territorial domination on a grand scale by charismatic leaders and ultimately a time of culture, learning, justice and prosperity.