Heavenly Headlines


A Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio close to Uranus will make for a
lively start to the month with a mood of anticipation and
excitement. There will be sudden surprises in the first ten
days so expecting the unexpected will be sensible. There may
also be differences of opinion or a sense of ambivalence,
being pulled in two directions. What the hearts wants won’t be
what common sense indicates is practical.
Venus in Cancer will add a sparkle of fun and harmony to
family and domestic matters with redecoration plans in full
swing for some.
The Astro-headline for the month apart from the early
eclipse is Jupiter moving into Taurus on the 16 th to stay till
next May bringing an indulgent and acquisitive mood. Taurus is
an earth sign so revels in pleasure and the five senses.
Whatever feeds the eyes, ears, sense of smell, taste and feel
will be attractive.
Jupiter will be boosted in a powerfully confident (and over
confident) square to Pluto on the 18 th which, for some,
suggests that rules don’t apply to them. And instantly runs
into Mars in Taurus, so the third week will be action-packed,
high-octane, perhaps troubled out in the world and a time to
take care in terms of precautions. Don’t go leaping into
reckless action or take risks.
The Gemini Sun after the 21 st will attempt to get a grip on
over-the-top reactions as it meets the restraining hand of
Saturn. So a start stop finish to the month.
1: Pluto retrograde – in Aquarius and then Capricorn – until
October. Not much effect though slight feel of not being able
to have as much influence on events as before..
Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus – in mental overdrive, talk
4: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces – kind, dreamy,
not realistic in romance, creative though lazy.
5: Venus sextile Jupiter in Aries- sociable, frivolous,
Full Moon in Scorpio (Lunar Eclipse) – pulled in two

7: Venus into Cancer until early June – emotionally sensitive
and self-protective, happy at home with family.
9: Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus – sudden changes,
uncooperative behaviour, rebellious, computer equipment goes
12: Mercury sextile Saturn in Pisces – serious chats,
sensible, understated.
12: Mercury sextile Venus – sweet words, charming.
Venus trine Saturn – cool, sophisticated, charming in a
practical way.
15: Mercury direct in Taurus – recent communication glitches
Mars in Cancer trine Neptune – energy goes into dreams and
creativity, can bring glamour or low energy.
16: Jupiter into Taurus until May 2024 – pleasure-loving,
indulgent, money-oriented.
18: Jupiter square Pluto in Aquarius – surge of confidence but
a tendency to overstep the mark and disregard rules and
Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces – kind, vague.
19: Mercury srxtile Saturn – sensible chats.
New Moon in Taurus – new beginnings.
20: Mars into Leo until mid July – flamboyant, entertaining,
21: Mars opposition Pluto – frustrating, stuck, scary.
Sun into Gemini for four weeks – chatty, restless, multi-
Sun trine Pluto – getting it together, back in control.
22: Sun sextile Mars – high vitality, go-ahead.
23: Mars square Jupiter – adventurous, opportunistic,
reckless, confident.
26: Venus sextile Uranus – sociable, flirtatious, fun-loving.
28: Sun square Saturn – downbeat, delays, setbacks, need to
sort mistakes.

Jupiter in Taurus from May 16 th to May 2024 – extra cash will
be a priority to ensure sufficient for indulgences. A tendency
to become too materialistic though also good at attracting
Saturn: In Pisces from March 8 2023 till September 2025 – a
time to let the past go, push old regrets aside and be
supportive to those in need.
Uranus: From March 2019 for seven years in Taurus – changing
attitudes to handling of money, possessions and resources
especially in agriculture and our attitude to nature.
Neptune: In Pisces from February 2012 for thirteen years –
religious, spiritual, has resonances with Muslim history.
Pluto: In Capricorn for sixteen years from Nov 2008 till 2024
= complete deconstruction and reconstruction of global
economic and commercial structures and systems, as well as
major changes in way in which governments work.
From late March 2023 till mid June 2023 Pluto goes into
Aquarius, then reverses back out into Capricorn and hovers on
the cusp on and off till late November 2024. Thereafter in
Aquarius until 2044 – changing outlooks and attitudes, intense