Heavenly Headlines

May 2024

Taurus, an earthy, indulgent sign, ruled by sociable and creative Venus, is drawn to whatever looks good, tastes good, smells good and is both acquisitive and spendthrift. With the Sun and Venus both hand in hand in Taurus until the final few days, it should be a pleasure-seeking time, though a stubborn mood will hang over discussions. Saturn will aim to strike a balance with common sense though Uranus will bring surprises around the 13th and introduce a defiant note into conversations and encounters.  Lucky Jupiter will boost confidence on the 18th and bring a sparkle of stardust to improve spirits. 

From the 20th the shift into chatty, multi-tasking Gemini begins first with the Sun for four weeks and then expansive Jupiter for the first time in twelve years to super-charge the non-stop-go, fast-thinking and faster-talking Air sign until June 2025.  


1: Venus in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius – charming, manipulative, jealous.

2: Pluto retrograde in Aquarius until mid October. Subtle shift with few outer effects. Group activities may need re-thought.

3: Mars in Aries sextile Pluto – determined, effort brings results.

7: Sun in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces – common sense, good for planning.

8: New Moon in Taurus – new beginnings

13: Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus – sudden surprises, not cooperative, uncompromising

Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn – sophisticated, charming in businesslike way, emotionally cool.

15: Mercury into Taurus until June 3rd – conversations about practical matters, sensible, stubborn.

17: Mercury square Pluto – intense chats, stubborn.

18: Venus conjunct Uranus – flirtatious, dislikes possessiveness and jealousy, emotional upsets

Sun conjunct Jupiter – lucky, successful, confident

19: Sun sextile Neptune – kind, dreamy, creative.

20: Sun into Gemini for four weeks – thinking and talking quickly, scattered, flexible.

22: Sun trine Pluto – getting it together, persuasive, influential. 

23: Venus conjunct Jupiter – indulgent, sociable

Venus sextile Neptune – dreamy, creative

Full Moon in Sagittarius – pulled in two directions

Venus into Gemini until June 18th – social butterfly, light-hearted, frivolous.

25: Venus trine Pluto – sociable, seductive, persuasive

Jupiter into Gemini until June 10th 2025 – improved communications, knowledgeable though can aim for width not depth; can be plausible not  practical.

28: Mercury sextile Saturn – sensible, good for planning

31: Mercury conjunct Uranus – outspoken, bright ideas about practical problems, new solutions. 


Jupiter in Taurus from May 16th 2023 to May 25 2024 – extra cash will be a priority to ensure sufficient for indulgences. A tendency to become too materialistic though also good at attracting money. Into Gemini from May 25th until June 2025 – good for conversations, curious, knowledgeable, thinks and talks easily, multi-tasking, tendency to go for breadth of understanding not depth, superficial. 

Saturn: In Pisces from March 8 2023 till September 2025 – a time to let the past go, push old regrets aside and be supportive to those in need.

Uranus: From March 2019 for seven years in Taurus – changing attitudes to handling of money, possessions and resources especially in agriculture and our attitude to nature. 

Neptune: In Pisces from February 2012 for thirteen years – religious, spiritual, has resonances with Muslim history.

Pluto: In Capricorn for sixteen years from Nov 2008 till 2024 = complete deconstruction and reconstruction of global economic and commercial structures and systems, as well as major changes in way in which governments work. 

  From late March 2023 till mid June 2023 Pluto goes into  Aquarius, then reverses back out into Capricorn and hovers on the cusp on and off till late November 2024. Thereafter in Aquarius until 2044 – in Aquarius changing outlooks and attitudes, intense discussions.