Heavenly Headlines


The resolutely ambitious, practical and steady Capricorn Sun will be around for three weeks shadowed by Venus. The mood at social gatherings will be restrained with odd flashes of sophistication but all activity will be geared to what will produce advancement rather than for pure enjoyment. Apart from an indulgent meeting with Venus on the 9th there’ll be little solar activity until the day or two after the middle of the month when a blocked Pluto conjunction and a see-saw Full Moon will require intelligent handling as well as perseverance. 

  Mars in fiery Sagittarius has a reputation for being outspoken so there may be a few honest words uttered along the way. And Mercury in maverick Aquarius from the 2nd till the 26th has much the same tendencies. Discussions and conversations will be lively, challenging and not always for the faint hearted. Mercury will go retrograde from the 14th for three weeks with the usual hitches and glitches to follow.

  The final ten days will find the Sun shift into airy, chatty, curious and stubborn Aquarius. With Mars moving into Capricorn after the 24th for several weeks giving a determined air to career matters and community goals.


1: Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus – new doors open, sudden positive changes, enlightening.

2: Mercury into Aquarius until the 26th – curious, well-informed, fixed.

New Moon in Capricorn – new beginnings.

5: Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces – romantic, dreamy, kind, creative.

9: Sun conjunct Venus – charming, sociable, indulgent.

11: Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces – kind, vague

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune – plans not working, can be glamorous and publicity-attracting.

14: Mercury retrograde until February 4th – communication delays and muddles.

16: Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – need perseverance to progress, blocked

17: Full Moon in Cancer – pulled in two directions.

18: Uranus direct in Taurus – subtle shift but practical reforms making faster progress thereafter.

20 Sun into Aquarius for four weeks – communicative, thinking and talking a good deal, curious, stubborn.

23: Sun conjunct Mercury – in mental overdrive, chatting constantly

24: Mars into Capricorn until March 6 – ambitious for money and status, determined, opportunistic.

26: Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn until mid February – practical chats, need to see tangible results from discussions.

29: Mercury conjunct Pluto – intense discussions, stubborn, not flexible.

Venus in Capricorn direct – social and emotional matters more open and productive.

30: Sun square Uranus – surprise turn of events, uncompromising, not wanting to cooperate.


Jupiter in Pisces from December 29th to May 11 and again from late October into 2023 – kind, compassionate, generous, mystical, spiritual and creative. In Aries May to October – pro-active, enthusiastic, go-ahead.

Saturn: In Aquarius from December 17th 2020 till early 2023 – cool emotionally, curious, good for scientific advances.

Uranus: From March 2019 for seven years in Taurus – changing attitudes to handling of money, possessions and resources especially in agriculture and our attitude to nature.

Neptune: In Pisces from February 2012 for thirteen years – religious, spiritual, has resonances with Muslim history.

Pluto: In Capricorn for sixteen years from Nov 2008 till March 2023 = complete deconstruction and reconstruction of global economic and commercial structures and systems, as well as major changes in way in which governments work. In past times of Pluto in Capricorn (approximately every 250 years) there was territorial domination on a grand scale by charismatic leaders and ultimately a time of culture, learning, justice and prosperity.