Your Starsign


June 22 - July 23

Today's Horoscope for Monday June 17th

Affectionate and indulgent Venus is across from kind, creative, spiritual Neptune which will make you sensitive to those close and wanting harmony, contentment and bliss with no rough edges. Practical chores will be pushed aside. In the weeks ahead you will be sprucing up your appearance and looking great. Watch a tendency to fit in with whoever is taking a strong position for the sake of peace and quiet. You will be adept at pouring oil on troubled waters but you may need to stand up for your rights more firmly.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th June

Having been held back recently by setbacks, delays or just low energy and less motivation you will now be forging ahead. This is the start of your birthday month so you fully intend to suit yourself. As you lay down plans for the next 12 months, you will need to work out what will suit you and get cracking with plans. In coming days you'll be a chatter-box, lively and enthusiastic, determined to get your ideas and opinions across to everyone in sight. Your mind will be racing ahead of you, leaping from subject to subject at speed.

Your Monthly Horoscope for June

The celestial blessings coming your way may be less visible than for some signs, since lucky Jupiter is moving through the sign before yours, which is hidden chart area of secrets and behind-the-scenes activities. But what will emerge is a contentment within yourself which allows you to relax happily in your own company. As your self-esteem grows at an inner level you will be able to help those who are in need since you'll have a deep understanding of how they feel. Energetic friends will be on hand after the 9th prodding you to sort out longer term plans. You may argue along the way but you'll be grateful for their support. Travel plans may be subject to delay so you'll always need to have an emergency plan in hand. A money tangle will need attention towards the 11th and being firm and flexible as well as persevering will help. After mid month first affectionate Venus and chatty Mercury move into your own sign bringing light relief. In the final ten days your birthday Sun joins them giving you a tremendous boost of energy and confidence.

and Next Month's Horoscope for July

Your birthday Sun is always a time for celebration. For three weeks your confidence, morale and energy will soar and you'll meet positive responses wherever you go. This is your chance to make good resolutions for the year ahead and set goals which inspire your enthusiasm. Dynamic friends will be around urging you to sort out long term plans as well. They may be irritating at times and overly forceful but they will mean well. Indulging and pampering yourself will be a priority after the 11th even if it means you over spend. You'll want to give yourself treats and extravagances but remember that you have other obligations that will tug at your attention if you go overboard. Into the final ten days you will be slowed down or hemmed in by circumstances that won't allow you to be as pro-active as you might wish temporarily. Be patient and see if subtle persuasion won't manoeuvre others into doing what you can't for the time being.

Year Ahead 2024

A self-protective sign, you often hide your vulnerabilities and mood swings away from general view. But you are moving into a phase in 2024 where detaching from your feelings to stand back and take a considered view will be easier than in the past. Pluto the planet of transformation moving into the deepest, most confidential area of your chart will guide you through changing times where your old values, financial and emotional are being swept away and replaced with better. You will need to compromise since you won't get it all your own way which does not mean you have to give in completely. You will be negotiating for agreements which are fair to all. This won't happen overnight but will require perseverance, tact and strategy. Fun and enthusiastic friends will be around as a supportive distraction until May. After that you will find you cherish more time in your own company to reflect, put the past into perspective and be at peace. You will find an inner strength you never knew you possessed with sudden insights and inspiration bringing you confidence.