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June 22 - July 23

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday February 27th

You will want to be the one with your hands on the reins of control but you will need to force yourself to share more. In your personal life, your need to be in charge could lead to disagreements, though you will tend not to bring confrontations out into the open. In your haste, you could be at risk of biting off more than you can chew, committing yourself to things that are beyond you, or promising more than you can deliver. It could be a good time to start new projects, if you take practical advice and move at a steady pace.

The Weekly Outlook from 26th February

There seems little doubt that one plan will turn out better than you expected. You just need make sure that you're looking in the right direction and helping the lucky influences along with a little common sense. What will help is Saturn turning up midweek to bring a reasonable and responsible mood. As long as you don't flip from over optimistic to over pessimistic you will be satisfied with the outcome of your efforts. If you spot flaws and mistakes, don't get gloomy. Fix them.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Looking ahead Jupiter will boost your optimism and attract a wide circle of friends to offer fun company and advice. But you will also be grappling with confidential concerns, some financial, others emotional or more pressing fundamental questions about your life and what you can do to bring you not only security ahead but also a sense of purpose and meaning. You will need persistence and a degree of flexibility if you are to find the solutions that will hold over coming years. There will be no quick fixes or shortcuts to answers or agreements. You will have to compromise in negotiations with those close since you won't get it all your own way. After Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius from the 13th you will redouble your efforts to make progress. Your emotional reactions will be intense and you will be playing your cards close to your chest, not letting on what you feel. The Pisces Sun from the 19th will lighten the mood with a sense of fewer restrictions and more freedom and adventure ahead. You'll be chatting away enthusiastically but have to be serious and practical as well. Expect a few travel delays before the month is out.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

There will be a few loose ends to tie up where confidential financial or emotional agreements are concerned but on the whole you'll be skipping along relieved that a tension-filled February is long gone. You'll look ahead and plan adventures, travel, taking up new hobbies or studies. Anything that will broaden your horizons ahead. Enthusiastic friends will be willing you onwards and while they may not always be realistic they will be morale boosting. After the 11th your social life will be fun filled with a varied choice of activities and venues. Be on the lookout for travel muddles around the 17th. Double check all arrangements. A successful phase starts from the 20th lasting a few weeks when you will be in a prominent position and attracting admiration and appreciation. You will have to work hard but your efforts will be rewarded. Though the Eclipsed Full Moon in the final week will prompt you to find a better work home balance. Too much duty and not enough time for emotional fulfilment will not work well ahead.

Year Ahead 2024

A self-protective sign, you often hide your vulnerabilities and mood swings away from general view. But you are moving into a phase in 2024 where detaching from your feelings to stand back and take a considered view will be easier than in the past. Pluto the planet of transformation moving into the deepest, most confidential area of your chart will guide you through changing times where your old values, financial and emotional are being swept away and replaced with better. You will need to compromise since you won't get it all your own way which does not mean you have to give in completely. You will be negotiating for agreements which are fair to all. This won't happen overnight but will require perseverance, tact and strategy. Fun and enthusiastic friends will be around as a supportive distraction until May. After that you will find you cherish more time in your own company to reflect, put the past into perspective and be at peace. You will find an inner strength you never knew you possessed with sudden insights and inspiration bringing you confidence.