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June 22 - July 23

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday December 18th

You have to watch a tendency to act erratically. You want excitement so if you get into a situation which feels too secure, you rock the boat to feel better. The trick is to find outlets for your high energy without putting your position at risk. You want to be out in the community being noticed. It's important to you that people appreciate and admire what you're doing, but that means you have to go out of your way to please them.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th December

There are push-or-be-pushed influences around at the moment. It depends which side of the coin you will get. Either you hold the power and you're not paying enough attention to other people's sensitivities or rights, or they are doing the same to you. Try to side step arguments and power struggles which will only end badly. From the weekend you should notice an improvement in your social life. Your charming manner will be attracting all manner of compliments and intriguing invitations.

Your Monthly Horoscope for December

High hopes and very hard work will keep you swinging along and nose to the grindstone till the 21st. You'll be spreading your forceful opinions around in all directions but not always coming across as clearly as you'd imagine. With your head full of vague notions and fantasies, you may find those around look puzzled rather than enlightened. There are likely to be muddles in travel arrangements so you'll need to double check before you set out especially in the first week. From the 12th you'll be focussed on detail, nit picking over mistakes and sounding critical at times but your eagle eye will spot what's wrong which will be helpful. There'll also be a chance to shine socially with your charms attracting admiring glances and compliments. Into the final ten days you'll want more togetherness with a close partner and a chance for romance.

and Next Month's Horoscope for January

Into an ambitious, hard-working and rather bossy few weeks, you'll expect everyone to dance to your tune which may ruffle a few feathers. One close partnership at work or at home will be going through a sticky phase with coolness and a few tensions around. A radically new approach will be needed with the Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign. Being less self-sufficient and more adaptable will be required. Saturn will tend to make you nit-pick over flaws and mistakes but remember there's always a positive as well as a negative side to any situation or person. Valuing loyalty over passion will be the way to go. Being confrontational won't work since both of you will dig in your heels and you'll end up in a no-win stalemate. A tetchy few days around the 20th will make you rethink your priorities. Then you'll be in an upbeat, get-it-together few days, tackling your pet projects with high enthusiasm and good results.

Year Ahead 2019

This is a key year for you with Eclipses in Cancer and your opposites sign of Capricorn. You\'ll sense you\'re at a crossroads and need to make major decisions about your path ahead and about close relationships. Partnerships may be strained as the year opens but the loyal bonds will remain steadfast. Only the shaky, flaky ones will go to the wall. What is vital is that you aim to be more adaptable and co-operative in the first half of the year, giving the needs of those close as much attention as you do your own. Health and work look well-starred with Jupiter in Sagittarius till December. You\'ll recover from minor ailments faster than usual and apart from weight gain you\'ll be on top form. More enthusiasm and support in your career will make for fun times with the promise of better pay and conditions. New friends will zip in and out of your life like fireflies - exciting when they\'re there but fairly erratic. They\'ll give you the courage to try out new and exciting ventures. What\'s for sure is that your plans for the future will be changing radically. By mid year you\'ll know certain resolutions which have been bubbling cannot be pushed aside any longer. A more independent phase for a few months will see you making your own choices, which may not always meet with agreement or approval. But you\'ll know that any commitments must be made by you and you alone. A more amiable mood in love and relationships will gradually set in from December onwards pointing to a more co-operative and sociable 2020.

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