Your Starsign


March 21 - April 20

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday May 12th

You won't bend to fit in or put up with limits well. Anyone trying to push you around, give you orders or make you feel a put down, will be told what you think of them. This is very much a time to stand up for yourself. You will have a critical, clear approach but it may not endear you to close companions. If you continually point out to them everything that's wrong, you will end up standing by yourself. Try adding a few compliments first if you have to be honest.

The Weekly Outlook from 10th May

In the weeks ahead you may not be good at seeing loved one's shortcomings. You'll tend to err on the side of forgiveness, take on problems that are not your responsibility and be leant on too much. If you can protect yourself by disappearing into a peaceful corner when you get a chance you'll far better. In quiet moments insights will strike you which will help you through the strains of your everyday routines. There may also be a good mate on hand who will let you see that listening to your own inner judgement will be for the best.

Your Monthly Horoscope for May

Getting your security together will be a priority since although you're not always too practical, you do like the freedom to fund your adventures. So you'll buckle down and ensure that you have added a few sandbags to your seawall and won't be caught out by unexpected expenses. Not that you'll be standing still for long with calls on your time and attention coming in from various directions. Talking constantly, your tongue will be moving as fast as your feet as you dash around. Thoughtful gestures from everyday people will make it clear you don't have to move far from your routines to find affection. In turn you'll be smoothing round rough edges and being persuasive. There may be a few heated moments with loved ones and the family as you take a few concerns about delays in your plans home with you. You'll need to soak up your impatience by finding an outlet for your energy in reorganising or some other productive activity. Winding down isn't going to sit comfortably with your fiery temperament but after midmonth you will find it easier to be in your own company.

and Next Month's Horoscope for June

Keeping track of details in a busy schedule won't be easy as you race around, chatting constantly and multi-tasking like mad. Starting each day with a to-do list to tick off will help. There will be chances to relax at home with loved ones having heart-to-heart chats and space to ponder on redecoration plans since you'll want comfort, elegance and colour around. Inviting family members and friends round will suit you better than too much socialising outside. There will be a frustrating set of restrictions in the first few days where you'll feel danced on someone else's string. Don't be confrontation since it'll only end in a no-win argument. Be patient or sidestep are your two best options. From the 11th your physical energy and passionate enthusiasm will soar which will see you through a few ups and downs in the days following as you manoeuvre your way through a complicated situation. Be sensible about financial decisions since not everything will work instantly. In the final ten days you'll slow down and focus more attention on personal and domestic matters, happy to have a breather.

Year Ahead 2021

Living in the present won't suit you remotely with a head full of adventurous schemes and a driving determination to raise your sights high and broaden your horizons. You may not be able to travel instantly in 2021 but there will be other ways to fill your life with excitement and fun escapades. Friends, new and old, will be a major part of your entourage as you bounce ideas around and listen to feedback. You won't be letting the grass grow under your feet as you lay out your grand strategy for what comes next. Admittedly you'll need to keep a watchful eye on your personal finances since your circumstances will change constantly and rapidly. Budgeting with the unexpected in mind means saving when there is surplus to tide you through lean patches and not jumping to hasty decisions or purchases. January will be fraught in this respect, so tread softly and cautiously. You'll redouble your efforts to make more money or protect your security but will also be inclined to over spend. You'll give yourself a break for two months after the middle of May, to ponder, reflect and wait till inspiration strikes. The more you can content yourself with your own company the happier you'll be. Though there may also be a secret adviser who'll set your thinking along new lines. At work certain of the old issues of feeling pushed around or being over controlled will still be there but you'll manage to find a way of sidestepping troublemakers and control freaks since you've been round this circuit several times before. In a quiet way you'll exert more influence than you imagine. From midyear, an extra busy everyday schedule will require you to manage your time well, communicate clearly and get better organised. Your romantic and social life will revive with a surge of high energy and boisterous spirits through July and after. Though you'll need to entertain and party with an eye on the budget since the cash flow ups and downs will run throughout the year.