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April 21 - May 20

Today's Horoscope for Friday November 22nd

Into an intense, secretive few weeks you'll be standing rock solid when everyone else is flapping. You will attract confidences from others which they would not disclose to anyone else. You are interested in deeper matters now anyway and may be giving off vibes you don't realise. Though at times you will come across as stubborn, insisting on sticking to your own plans. You do need to stand your ground but you also need to compromise to get agreement.

The Weekly Outlook from 18th November

The last few weeks have been draining since you didn't feel you could delegate many of your chores. But there will be more help and support around now and ahead and you will be able to sell yourself with more vigour. Your energy should definitely feel more buoyant than recently. After mid-week the Sun will move into your most hidden chart area so you will be concentrating on confidential matters, both financial and emotional for a few weeks. To get agreements you will need to compromise.

Your Monthly Horoscope for November

Emotionally intense and secretive you won't let much away even to those close. Try not to exaggerate your responses, since you will want the help and support of partners. Faster progress will come with co-operation though you may at times feel under-appreciated at work or with the chores. You'll be keen to see everything done to your high standards. But if you get overly critical you'll land yourself with even more pressure as everyone around will leave you to it. Around the 12th tensions will lift over a cash matter and you'll see a way of improving your finances ahead. Relationships will become more heated after mid-month so you may need to step in as peacemaker. If you can throw your energy behind everyone else's plans then you'll fare better than arguing the toss at every turn. You'll be keeping your own counsel in the final days, aware that you will have to compromise over agreements, but equally determined not to be a walkover.

and Next Month's Horoscope for December

Slow but sure is always your motto for early December since there always seem to be confidential matters requiring attention and renegotiation. Compromise doesn't always come easy to you since you are a Fixed and enduring sign, not given to bending in the breeze. Yet at the moment giving a little will help to get better agreements faster than insisting everything goes your way. A friend may prove to be a minor let down in week two, so don't pitch your hopes too high. Turn your mind to more adventurous schemes. Jupiter now in Capricorn will fill you with enthusiasm and prompt you to think big. You'll want to travel further afield over the coming year or to spread your opinions to a wider audience than before. Socially you'll be mixing with a fun crowd, exploring new venues and activities and expanding your understanding of the world as well as enjoying yourself. In the final days you'll be even more upbeat and keen to keep your confident mood rolling for months ahead.

Year Ahead 2019

A growing sense of inner confidence and the realisation that your life is changing in positive ways will help you battle against a few challenges. Generosity will come your way from the universe in cash or in kind. Joint ventures will flourish and money will come in with less effort than usual. Better still you'll be dropping your emotional defences and drawing closer to the people who matter most. All of this will sustain you as you get embroiled in differences of opinion and belief. There'll be no quick n' easy fixes or agreements, so you'll need to knuckle down and stand firm for what you know to be true. Travel plans will be subject to delay and disruption so you'll always need have a Plan B up your sleeve. You will want to broaden your mind perhaps taking up new studies or hobbies but they'll need to be serious not frivolous and require intense concentration at points if they are to succeed and be fulfilling. You'll be exerting your independence in an obvious way from March onwards for a long time ahead, not caring what others think or so. You'll walk your own road, dress as it pleases you and be bolder about speaking your mind. Friends and companions who knew the old you will be astonished and in many cases admiring of your stand. Through the humps and bumps of what is likely to be a tricky year for everyone, you'll become increasingly aware that you need to manage your time better, streamline your efficiency and alter the way you communicate if you're to get your views across. Shouting louder won't work. Being persistent and listening to feedback will. Looking after fitness and health will be vital, especially in April and October. You're a stalwart sign so won't be overly affected but even you need to slow down once in a while. By December you'll be flying high and making grand plans for what comes next.