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July 24 - August 23

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday January 22nd

Keeping your stamina high will be important if you're to crack on through the pile of chores under your nose. You need to watch your diet, not in the sense of eating less but sensibly and try not to get obsessed with everything being perfect. You know there will be changes coming soon in your career or direction of life. This is a challenging, exciting and slightly insecure time when events will keep you constantly on your toes. But you must be free to do what you think best and not have to fit in with other people's plans.

The Weekly Outlook from 20th January

With the Sun in your chart area of one-to-one partnerships, you will want to share and care more in the coming weeks. Togetherness will be the key to your happiness both at home and at work. Although something begins to move out of your life which you may have been hanging on to for security but wasn't as useful for you as you'd imagined. You know that you need to be open to changes at work or in your direction in life. And this week will give you useful pointers to what comes next.

Your Monthly Horoscope for January

Your passionate enthusiasm will soar along with your determination to enjoy yourself and get your own way. Just don't get too bossy with loved ones since they won't appreciate being ordered around. Remember also that your energy isn't limitless. A concentration of planets in Capricorn which for you rules work and fitness means you need to build up your stamina however you can and not push over a line of what feels comfortable. You can build up your general health if you take the right steps and keep applying yourself. The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer also hints that finding peaceful space to re-centre yourself and giving yourself a chance to wind down mentally will pay dividends, not just instantly but for months to come. Luckily Mars in Sagittarius will help you to keep you buoyant into the middle of next month. Your feelings will be intense and you'll be secretive, not letting on exactly what you want. Try not to shut close partners out. From the 20th you'll be sharing and caring more openly.

and Next Month's Horoscope for February

Togetherness will be the key to your fulfilment and happiness for a few weeks. If you give a little to close partners then you'll get a lot in return. But being less self-sufficient and more flexible and putting yourself in your other half's shoes to see life from their viewpoint will help. Finding the right work and health balance continues to be vital since you know you have to respect your limits and can't keep pushing yourself. Up to mid month you'll sail along on a sea of enthusiasm and high-octane fuel. But thereafter you'll need to pay more attention to staying on top form by eating sensibly and relaxing when you can in the midst of a busy schedule. Your social life will move into a lighter-hearted phase after the 7th with new activities, new venues and a fun crowd to keep you on your toes. There'll be plenty of positive surprises in the final days but you'll need to stay alert to make best use of the new opportunities up and coming. Slowing down to consider your options will bring you better decisions.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 may not be your favourite year as a fiery, inspirational, sailing-along-the-top-of-the-cloud-tops kind of personality. The heavyweight Saturn Pluto conjunction in sombre Capricorn will weigh you down at times with too much work, duty or demands on your energy. Staying fit and healthy will be crucial if your stamina is being tested and not pushing past your limits will be important. Learning to listen to your body and respect its needs may come hard since you're not naturally attuned to the earthly realm. But you won't get away with over stretching yourself. What will help is Jupiter following behind which is expansive, supportive, good for confidence and curing minor ailments.rnYour career path and general life's direction will follow the same roller coaster trajectory as last year. One moment you'll be up and the next moment you'll find everything slows down. Just as you lay solid plans you'll find events overtake you and they have to be revised in a hurry. So you'll need to always have Plans B, C and D up your sleeve for emergencies. You won't feel like co-operating or toeing anyone else's line so organise a corner where you can be in charge and please yourself.rnJoint finances will be under confused stars so don't trust all the information or advice coming your way.rnClose relationships will move into a cooler few months from March which won't be a problem where the bond is secure. But there may be more negativity or criticism hanging around and you'll tend to see the flaws in partner's behaviour rather than appreciate their plus points. Try not to go to extremes in your reactions.rnAfter mid year you'll be aiming high, keen to inject more adventure into your routines, with travel if possible. Though it'll be a bumpy ride out in the universe so staying close to home and finding a new hobby might be wiser.rnTowards next New Year your social life will be revitalised and you'll be less weighed down by practical concerns.