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July 24 - August 23

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday February 28th

It's not a plodding kind of day really rather fidgety. But you will have good insights and a quick eye for what is out of place. OK so you're not going to be as happy-go-lucky as usual. But you may be able to get several important issues straight with loved ones as long as you are not blinkered in your approach. They may have been careless or irresponsible in your view but they may also have different priorities. Listen and see if you can find middle ground.

The Weekly Outlook from 26th February

Bouncing with positive energy, you'll reckon good fortune will walk beside you. Though there is a slight risk you may be overly impulsive, hasty or reckless, and none too practical. You may cut corners and not double-check the details. But you'll be swinging along with an enthusiasm which will be infectious, so those close will be pulling together and results will pile in faster. All will work well as long as you slow down midweek to be down-to-earth and realistic.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

You won't be quite as over stretched as last month with more support on offer. Though it will be a challenging month with essential tasks requiring attention for the first two weeks which means you will need to boost your stamina however you can and not be so perfectionist about getting everything done exactly as you want. Relax and realise that life is changing so going with the flow will make progress smoother and with less hassle. Close relationships will be your priority and with an intense mood you'll be having deep and meaningful conversations. There may also be differences since neither you nor your partner will be keen to compromise. Getting too stubborn and insisting on having the last word won't be helpful. Towards midmonth in particular feelings will run hot and strong so you may feel hemmed in or frustrated by the actions and words of a loved one. Try not to over-react or retaliate. Take the high road and walk round the difficulty. Within a few days you'll be smoothing over cracks and restoring harmony. In the final ten days you'll be tackling confidential financial and emotional agreements, negotiating to reach better understandings. A mix of common sense and enthusiasm will do the trick.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

An outgoing, sociable sign you never take to March when there is too much planetary activity in the deepest, most confidential and hidden area of your chart. But needs must that you dig deep for answers and negotiate to get better agreements with those close or those you share joint responsibilities with. Slow but steady will be the way to go since solutions and closure will take two or three weeks not days. Be flexible since you won't get it all your own way and have faith that the effort you put in will not be wasted. You will emerge before the month's end having built up your security. Along the way be careful not to trust all the advice or information coming your way since some may be unreliable or confused. The final ten days won't be entirely free of restrictions but the Aries Sun will give you a promise of adventures and broadening horizons ahead.

Year Ahead 2024

Riding high on the crest of a wave as 2024 opens with Jupiter attracting praise, recognition and appreciation, you'll glow with pride. Your confidence will soar but try not to go over the top and imagine anything is possible or that you will always be right. Keeping your feet on the ground, being cautious and working hard will bring even more solid accomplishments. Close relationships of all varieties will be moving into a more intense phase ahead which has its upside in depth of good feelings but on occasion also tugs of war to see who can have the last word. Try not to get into no-win arguments where both of you dig in your heels. Look for compromises. In the early months try not to over exert yourself. Boosting your stamina and not pushing past your limits will help to keep you on good form. You won't always feel supported, emotionally or financially, and will be thrown back on your own resources at times. But oddly enough this will have a benefit in helping you grow in inner strength and resilience. Into the middle of the year your optimism will rise and your friendship circle widen as you welcome in new acquaintances. Your knack of making others feel at ease will keep any group activities going with a swing.