Trump’s wall rabble rousers – Hannity and Miller




Congress don’t want it, two thirds of voters in a poll are against it, the Republicans wish it would go away, illegal immigration has diminished over recent years and illegal drugs don’t come across the border but through ports. In the face of resistance and reality Trump sails full steam ahead, declaring a national emergency to railroad through his wall. It’ll run into myriad legal challenges and almost certainly won’t happen but then he’ll be able to blame the rest of the universe for him breaking his campaign promise.

Sean Hannity, the Talk Show host on Fox News, has been egging him on of late which given the endless non-working hours he sits glued to the channel, coke in one hand and burger in the other, has clearly had an impact.

Hannity, 30 December 1961 10.30 am New York is an aggressively ambitious Sun Mars in Capricorn in a determined and volatile trine to Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. His status-quo-upsetting Uranus sits exactly on Trump’s Ascendant so he will play on Trump’s defiant streak.  Hannity’s pie-in-the-sky Jupiter square Neptune is also in hard aspect to Trump’s Pluto so he’ll fill his head full of fantasy hopes. Hannity’s Libra Moon is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter which makes for an amiable connection.

Their relationship chart is fairly fraught and runs on a fair amount of anger which as long as it is channelled outwards will keep their joint ship afloat. Though the risk is if it turns inwards, it’ll get destructive. Their composite Saturn opposes Neptune and Mars and squares Uranus – and that will be rattled sharply from March 6th as tr Uranus opposes the composite Mars for a few weeks; with heavier pressures and concerns in 2020/2021. Though Hannity’s personal chart looks on a lucky and successful roll for the next two or three years despite the odd blip.

The other rabble rouser about immigration in the White House is Stephen Miller, born 23 August 1985 4.53 pm Santa Monica, CA. His Virgo Sun is conjunct Trump’s Ascendant (and Hannity’s Uranus), so he’s a key POTUS adviser.  Like Trump he has Venus in Cancer (at the same degree), Mars in Leo and a Sagittarius Moon – Trump must think he’s found a mini-me. Miller’s Jupiter in Aquarius opposes Trump’s Pluto with his Pluto in square, so his pushy confidence will prompt Trump into behind-the-scenes power plays. But Miller is heading into a few sudden disruptive turnarounds this year from April onwards with tr Uranus opposing his Pluto and midheaven; and in general is into a less successful, lower profile few years as tr Saturn disappears below his Ascendant.

From January 6th post on Donald Trump’s timeline. From 13 February to 30 March he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which is a test of nerves, overly excitable, violent emotions, high insecurity, can be accident or operation. And following directly after that are three seriously challenging, bad tempered, trapped and discouraging Pluto transits in hard aspect to Mars/Node, Moon/Mars and his natal Saturn from March 31st to May 20. These will repeat on and off till late 2020.

His Progressed Moon moving through his 12th will conjunct his Mars at the start of April as well which is likely to provoke an explosion of rage.

His Solar Return from birthday June 2019 to June 2020 is formidably difficult with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition a 4th house Mars Mercury, which looks like a career dead-halt.

That’s his timeline for the next few months which does look like a gathering storm.

Princess Diana – and her daughters-in-law



The poignant absence of Princess Diana from her sons’ lives as they marry and have children always brings questions about how she would have related to their spouses.

A Sun Cancer with an Aquarius Moon, she gave the impression of doting on her boys but could be fickle and emotionally unpredictable with friends. Her Moon opposition Uranus hinting at the loss of her own mother through divorce in her childhood would make her less trusting of women.

She’d almost certainly have found Kate easier since Kate’s Cancer Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio chimed with Diana’s Sun; and Kate’s Mercury Venus in Aquarius would have resonated with Diana’s Jupiter.

Meghan would have been more problematic with her Mars in Cancer clashing with Diana’s Sun with her Saturn Jupiter in square making for a competitive, argumentative and rather blocked chemistry.  Meghan’s Leo Sun squared Diana’s Neptune  so she would have found her mother-in-law evasive.

What would in all likelihood have caused problems is that both Kate and Meghan have their Pluto on Diana’s midheaven, hinting at potential struggles over power and position. It would be especially the case with Kate since she has her unyielding and duty bound Saturn conjunct Pluto, both on Diana’s midheaven – and Kate would naturally always take precedence since she’s in direct line.

It would have been an enormously tricky situation with a divorced Diana on the sidelines.

Ryan Adams – less than a perfect gentleman



Ryan Adams, one of the US’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters has been accused of unpleasant and manipulative behaviour towards women. Seven women, including his ex-wife, have asserted he dangled career opportunities in exchange for sex and if they didn’t let him have his way he allegedly harassed them. His ex-wife, actress and singer Mandy Moore says his ‘controlling behaviour’ blocked her from growing in the music industry.

Born 5 November 1974 8.17 pm Jacksonville, North Carolina (astrotheme) he grew up in a dysfunctional family with his father abandoning ship early on and his grandparents stepping in to effectively raise him. He has an intensely emotional Scorpio Sun conjunct passionate Venus with Mars in ultra-determined and vengeful Scorpio close by. He has planets in all three Water signs with Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn and maybe Moon in Cancer – so he will live in his own creative bubble. He did have a heavy drug problem but was then diagnosed with Meuniere’s Disease (inner ear) and Tinnitus.

What strikes me as odd was why Mandy Moore ever married him in the first place – 10 April 1984 8.21 Nashua, NH. Her Aries Sun is square his Saturn; her Pluto in Scorpio is conjunct his Mars, her Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct his Sun Venus and his Pluto squares her Jupiter – that is blocked six ways to Sunday and on both sides. The only bright spark is his Jupiter falling in her 10th which would give her the idea that he would raise her status and further her career.

The relationship chart has an explosive composite Mars Uranus conjunction sitting midway between a cool Venus trine Saturn; with a neurotic Saturn square Neptune. And the wedding chart, 10 March 2009, is horrific with the Sun conjunct Uranus opposition Saturn which is highly unstable; and an unsupportive Mars Neptune.

I’m wary of #metoo spilling over into very grey areas of relationship dysfunction. He sounds a mess but adult women have choices – walk away. Sometimes (most often) the breakdown of a relationship cuts both ways.

Neil McCormick who writes lucidly in the Telegraph about popular music says: “I don’t want to defend a jerk just because he is a talented jerk. But if having sleazy relationships with musical admirers is a career-wrecking crime, I suspect they are going to have to lock up half the rock and pop stars who ever stepped onto a stage.”

Olly Robbins – a Mars Uranus gaffe



An astro-quickie on Olly Robbins, Theresa May’s favourite civil servant, who’s been spearheading the Brexit negotiations in Brussels. In an extraordinary lapse of judgement (or was it?) he gossiped about the UK government’s strategy over a late-night drink in a bar earlier this week and was overheard by the ITV journalist Angus Walker. He said the strategy was to force agreement of her unpopular and inadequate deal or face a long delay, since No Deal was effectively off the table. All since hotly denied.

Two things are interesting about his chart. One is his Sun, almost certainly an Anaretic = last degree Aries. Theresa May herself has three planets in the final degree of a sign. The characteristics are dithering endlessly, then leaping blindly to a decision that contradict most of what went before. The tr Uranus Mars conjunction in Aries was conjunct his Sun when he made his gaffe so ramping up his excitability.  Tr Uranus will be moving to oppose his Uranus from the first days of March, so he’s in a rock n’ roll phase when sudden decisions and changes are likely.

The second point of interest is that he, like Grayling, and T May has Mars in Pisces – on the focal point of a scattered Mutable T Square to Venus opposition Neptune; and inconjunct Pluto as well as trine Saturn and trine Uranus. So Mars in Pisces to the nth degree. Pisces is not a sign where Mars is happy.

If a pre-mid-day birth, then he’s got an inspirational and attention-seeking Fire Grand Trine of a Leo Moon trine Jupiter trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto. Making influential Pluto the driving planet which just happens to conjunct T May’s Sun – so a close relationship in which he almost certainly holds the reins.

Rumours have it he has been sounding out merchant banks as his post-Brexit escape route.

His relationship chart with T May is close, friendly, though with a hint of illusions about it and was always destined to live through tumultuous times and many changes. There’s an irritating setback at the moment and a slump come April onwards.


Michelle Obama’s mom – made of stern stuff



Michelle Obama’s mother – Marian Robinson – wasn’t about to let the former FLOTUS’ spotlight appearance at the Grammy’s go to her head with a distinctly off-hand series of texts suggesting the ‘real stars’ weren’t her daughter.

Born 30 July 1937 in Chicago, she’s a tough cookie with a formidable and unyielding Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries; and her Pluto in a confident opposition to Jupiter. Her Leo Sun squares a Taurus Moon and Uranus – making her independent-minded and stubborn.

It’s not the easiest relationship with Michelle since her Leo Sun opposes Michelle’s Mars; and her Pluto opposes Michelle’s Sun; with her Mars square Michelle’s Saturn in Aquarius. Lots of gritty edges in there and power struggles.

Mercifully their relationship chart does have a mutually supportive composite Sun Mercury trine Jupiter which will help to smooth out a few wrinkles. There’s a Grand Trine of Venus trine Mars trine Pluto which will mean when they co-operate they make fast progress, though again there’ll be moments of tension as well as affection.

Marian’s ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio is conjunct Barack’s midheaven which will have led either to competitive arguments or she’ll have breathed more ambition into him. She won’t always have taken kindly to his freedom-loving streak since her Mars square his 7th house Uranus. Her Pluto opposition Jupiter connects with his Saturn in Capricorn Jupiter in Aquarius conjunction – so she arguably did further his idealistic vision. Not a lady to be overlooked.

Brie Larson – carrying her generation’s mark



Actress Brie Larson is using her status as a Marvel superhero to insist on diversity amongst interviewers and film critics who tend to be overwhelmingly white males. Her ‘Captain Marvel’ is due out next month.

Born 1 October 1989 6.41pm Sacramento, California, she had homeopathic practitioners as parents who split when she was young. She was home schooled and started acting early, making the transition into adult roles with great success, winning an Oscar playing a kidnap victim in Room. She said she suffered social anxiety as a child and remains private about her personal life.

She has a complicated chart which homes into on the generational and highly-strung triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn which sits on her midheaven opposing Jupiter square a 7th house Sun Mars in Libra. Since the midheaven rules career she’s likely to be creative (Neptune), walk her own path (Uranus), and be well-organised (Saturn). She may end up in an executive role. Jupiter adds a smidgeon of luck to her activities and a focal point Sun and Mars give her initiative and confidence despite her anxieties.

She has a film starry and secretive 8th house Pluto and Venus; with her Pluto and intensely emotional Scorpio Moon both in a confident trine to her Jupiter.  Her North Node in Aquarius certainly fits her for taking up and promoting causes.

She’s in a hard working phase for the next few years with tr Saturn moving through her upper quadrant; with plenty of chances to shine in the spotlight with her Solar Arc Jupiter moving through her 5th for many years to come. Though this isn’t her best year with a few obstacles in her way.

Meghan and Harry – family tangles writ large



Meghan’s celebrity friends may be well intentioned but they are not making things better by spouting off in all directions. Of all people they should know that the less said, the sooner peace is restored as the media switches focus elsewhere. Feeding the flames will only spread the damage, especially when resentful family members exploit any opening to get their adrenaline shot of publicity.

Her father Thomas Markle, 18 July 1944 has his Cancer Sun exactly on Meghan’s Ascendant which suggests a powerful connection with him being drawn to her outer persona – her public image. It can also be competitive. That’s all the more likely given his controlling Pluto conjunct her Sun; and his Sun is also square her 4th house Pluto. She would have grown up feeling she was constantly dancing on his strings. His flamboyant Jupiter and Mars fall in her 2nd house, so he’s also likely to have his interest sparked by her finances. From the letter recently published it’s clear she has supported him with money in the past.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative, competitive composite Sun, Mars, Mercury in a showbizzy but mutually unsupportive square to Neptune (only room for one ego). Plus an emotionally cool Saturn (Moon) Venus conjunction.

His relationship chart with her mother is extra controlling with a composite Sun Pluto and an unfair-treatment Saturn square Mars, so a one sided relationship. And his tie to his other daughter Samantha, despite her protestations, isn’t that close.

Prince Harry is less bothered by Thomas Markle though he feels cornered by the situation. He is much more aggravated by half-sister Samantha whose volcanic Mars, Uranus, Pluto falls in Harry’s 8th house with her controlling and status-quo-upsetting Pluto Uranus conjunct his Virgo Sun. Her Saturn is in a cold and blocking square to his Moon. And her Neptune is conjunct his midheaven which will make her a subversive influence on his career. His relationship chart with Samantha has a ferociously argumentative composite Mars, Mercury, Sun, Uranus conjunction; and a chained-together Saturn square Pluto. And that shows no sign of getting less angry over the next several years.

It certainly explains one of the mysteries of Harry and Meghan’s relationship chart – of significant family woes  from a bleak, unyielding composite Moon square Saturn Pluto which has been elbowed recently by tr Uranus square the Moon; and tr Pluto will wend a discouraging path round all three planets till 2024.

Prince Harry doesn’t look too chipper this year with tr Pluto coming up to oppose his Sun/Moon midpoint from mid this month i.e. now, on and off till late 2020, which will produce a fair amount of inner conflict and questioning about what he wants from his marriage. That will be amplified by his Progressed Moon going through his 8th, from the time of his marriage last year right through till mid 2021, which is an emotionally intense time of searching for new values, swinging from extreme to extreme and can feel like being in purgatory or limbo, making him less inclined to be out in the spotlight. Plus a panicky tr Neptune square his 11th house Mars, making him indecisive about what comes next. He’s also got tr Saturn and tr Pluto moving through his 1st house which is a heavy duty combo and also fairly reclusive.

It’s such a shame just when he should be happy welcoming a new baby and the family he has always wanted.

Chris Grayling – a Monty Python fandango



Amidst all the Brexit carnage and panic, a moment of fun, well high farce anyway. The witless and ill-starred Transport Secretary Chris Grayling managed to prepare for a no-deal Brexit by agreeing a £14million contract with a ferry firm that didn’t own any ferries. Mystifyingly he and the deal stayed in place until the latter finally fell to bits. Calls for his resignation appear to be falling on deaf ears, especially his own since he, as ever, stalwartly refuses to apologise or admit wrongdoing.

Looking back on his career, he has staggered from one crisis to another, being promoted time after time for no apparently obvious reasons. Most recently he was responsible for a calamitous reworking of railway timetables, shelved plans to regulate the use of drones shortly before they brought Gatwick to a standstill, and then outshone himself with this latest misstep.

Born 1 April 1962, he moved from university into the media, then public relations and thence into politics. He has a pro-active Aries Sun on the apex of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto. Such an emphasised Sun will make it difficult for him to modulate his use of will-power, pride and authority. He needs to learn to rein in his tendency to abuse his power. His Sun is also exactly in opposition to his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which will lead to confusion and the pursuit of odd ideas.

He also has a pushily-confident Jupiter opposition Pluto; and an ultra-determined Pluto opposition Mars – with his Pluto exactly in opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint giving him unshakeable self-belief. His Uranus conjunct Regulus opposes his accident-prone Mars/Saturn midpoint. So he’ll lurch merrily from one self-created mishap to the next, while bullshitting his way out of trouble every time.

This month looks swampy and failure-ridden with tr Neptune conjunct his Mars and that returns this November/December.

His relationship chart with Theresa May is business-like, opportunistic, a tug of war for the upper hand and surprisingly private. There’s nothing much to suggest an outright rupture either on this or his own personal chart (without birth times).

There are people and I’ve known a few who rise from failure to failure and never seem to look back. Weird world.

Pic Chris McAndrew.

Sky – a resolute 30 years old



More February anniversaries. Sky TV is 30 years old this month. Launched by Rupert Murdoch on 5 February 1989 at 6pm, it had a shaky start and haemorrhaged money for several years to the tune of millions of pounds a week but merged with BSB and eventually turned round to make a tidy profit.

As befits a high-tech operation it has not only the Sun but New Moon as well and Venus all in airy, IT-oriented Aquarius.  The 5th house of sport and entertainment is well-populated though changeable, with Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn there. But what really marks the chart out as special is a successful Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th hinting at success in later life; and even more so a ruthlessly determined Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto square Sun and Moon – so when push came to shove, there was no doubt who’d win through. And Regulus, the regal planet, is on the late Leo Ascendant.

There’ll be a period of some forced change and disruption as tr Uranus moves into hard aspect round Mars, Moon, Pluto and Sun between 2020 and 2023. But also a confident and successful push in 2022/23 when tr Pluto will trine the Sky Jupiter.

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