Elon Musk – the super-brain trips up

Elon Musk has dented his super-genius, miracle-maker reputation to turn into a blundering Don Quixote who by gross misjudgement may sink Twitter altogether. Since he took over a month ago the platform has dropped two-thirds of its workforce; lost half of its top hundred advertisers; seen the introduction and abrupt cancellation of a subscription-payment scheme; and lost at least a million users. And he reinstated Trump’s account who used it to promote the January 6 Capitol attack.

  As the New Yorker pointed out this is a tragedy  for the free-speech platform of the past which shared details of public figures who had obtained privacy injunctions from U.K. courts; spurred along the Arab Spring; and publicised the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor which would otherwise have been buried by the authorities.

 Advertisers understandably don’t want their products appearing next to homophobic, racist, sexist tweets and are unlikely to return unless Musk does a volte face which seems unlikely given his double-down on stubborn idiocy tendencies.

   The New Yorker concluded: “It seems likely that this experiment will conclude with bankruptcy and Twitter falling into the hands of creditors who will have their own ideas of what it should be and whom it should serve.”

  Musk, 28 June 1971, is an inventive, maverick Sun Mercury in Cancer square Uranus with a creative/neurotic Saturn opposition Neptune Jupiter and a bloody-minded Mars in Aquarius. His uncompromising Mars is getting a hammering from tr Saturn conjunct this December 4th to 18th and then tr Uranus in square late May 2023 on and off into 2024. So even his resolute I-am-never-wrong stance may have to budge.

Plus he has a trapped, enraging tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars midpoint from mid January to mid February 2023 (returning twice late year.) As well as a plethora of other less than helpful transits to midpoints and downbeat tr Saturn in Pisces square his Jupiter Neptune and Saturn. None of which will stop him blowing his trumpet at full toot through this December and again late year.

  It may be a shipwreck ahead but he’ll go down all flags waving.

  Twitter, 21 March 2006 had that momentous Uranus North Node (and Mars) 18 degree Taurus transit in this recent August hitting its Neptune and Jupiter. And the reverberations of that run into 2023 – scandals caused through instability, wild over confidence causes its own downfall.  Twitter may not run into the buffers immediately through tr Neptune square the Pluto through 2023 will undermine its influence (and ditto on Musk’s chart). It’ll be the shift of Neptune out of Pisces into Aries in 2025 which may ring its final bell.  


Ghislaine Maxwell – calamitous choices

Ghislaine Maxwell appears to be lurching from one catastrophe to the next with reports that her appeal against her 20-year jail sentence for sex trafficking will collapse after her estranged husband has refused to pay her legal fees. Scott Borgerson apparently controls her fortune after she transferred £20 million into a trust fund before her 2020 arrest in. Her  appeal must be filed by the end of January.

  He broke off their relationship by phone, did not visit her in jail and refused to attend her trial. Friends have suggested he is trying to force Maxwell to improve his payoff in any divorce settlement.  “Her brothers were astonished to find out that not only was she married, but she had made all her money over to Scott,” a source close to the family said.

  Two sets of lawyers have indicated they are pulling out.

  Her father Robert Maxwell, 10 June 1923, was a monster – Mars Pluto in Cancer square Saturn. And Epstein, 20 January 1953, was a different kind of awful – Mars Venus in Pisces trine Uranus  with a Sun square Saturn Neptune.  Both had indulgent Jupiters in Scorpio and Taurus respectively which would feed her Leo Moon’s need for a grandiose lifestyle. But she doesn’t seem to have gained any insight along the way.

  She does have an 8th house Sun, Mars, Mercury in Capricorn so her life will have been a series of dramatic events, ferocious compulsions driving her into situations over which she had little understanding. Plus her Capricorn planets are trine a tumultuous 4th house Uranus Pluto in Virgo. Which is not to exonerate her from responsibility for her actions and decisions but she was never going to have a settled suburban life or indeed to be too self-aware. On top of all that, her flamboyant Leo Moon opposes a ‘spoilt’, arrogant Jupiter on her Midheaven squaring a head-in-the-clouds, evasive Neptune.

  Setting the scene for an almost gothic Greek tragedy.

   Transiting Neptune is moving to square her Venus this year, then square her Mars (along with tr Saturn) by 2025 and Sun, Mercury following, so it will be a devastating and disappointing time where her morale (and money) are concerned. Indeed it will be keyed up by her Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Neptune within the next year which will be disorienting. Plus she has an emotionally upsetting tr Uranus square her Moon mid January 2023 for two weeks.

  Scott Borgerson’s date of birth is only mentioned on one net site so may be iffy. But if accurate at 3 September 1975, it makes him a Sun Virgo square Neptune opposition Mars. On this chart he has a flashy Leo Moon like Ghislaine Maxwell. His Sun is conjunct her Pluto and his Pluto is square her Sun, Mercury, Mars – so a spider’s web of control and compulsions. The relationship chart (on this birth date for him) has a cool Venus opposition Saturn and, more pointedly, a power-struggling, bitter Pluto opposition Mars Jupiter, sextile/trine a slippery Neptune Mercury.  If his birth date is sound, it was never going to end well.

Belarus – trust between friends a casualty of war

In the fog of war paranoia runs rampant but the sudden, inexplicable death of a high level Belarus minister, allegedly talking to the west, has raised legitimate suspicions of Russian dirty tricks. Vladimir Makei was occasionally critical of Moscow but supported President Lukashenko’s decision to allow Russia to attack Ukraine with missiles, aircraft and ground troops from Belarusian territory.

  Reports have Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko on edge, replacing his cooks and close servants, lest he be targeted.

Modern Belarus has the same chart as the Ukraine, only a day later on 25 August 1991 6pm Minsk. It has the same Pluto Midheaven which is catching the disruptive tr Uranus opposition one final time next April and the undermining, panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars from March 2023 till early 2024.

  Lukashenko, who describes himself as Europe’s last dictator was ‘elected’ for a 6th Term chart on 23 September 2020 and that chart is under extreme pressure with tr Pluto square the Mars till early this December; facing forced changes in 2023/24 and a dead-halt by 2024/25.  His original Presidency chart from 20 July 1994 has been undergoing a rocky patch over the past three years with challenges intensifying throughout 2023, becoming seriously unstable in 2024/25 – so the fallout from this period will be considerable.

 Lukashenko, 30 August 1954 has similarly turbulent influences on his personal chart through 2024 into 2025.  

  For what it is worth, assuming Putin’s birth date of 7 October 1952 is sound which is feasible, then his relationship with Lukashenko is turning on its head through 2023 and on a downhill slide through till 2025.

George Takei – shining a light on past wrongs

George Takei of Star Trek renown is bringing his musical Allegiance to London, inspired by his childhood as a Japanese intern after Pearl Harbour in 1941 which he says remains the defining experience of his life. He has kept his profile high  as a LGBTQ+/anti-racist campaigner with a huge social media following and a best-selling 2019 graphic novel They Called Us Enemy.

  He was born 20 April 1937 2.10am Los Angeles, one of three children with Japanese American mother and a successful Japanese businessman father who ran a high-end dry-cleaning store in LA. In 1942 they were dragged away from home and after release from internment camp three years later had nothing left. The family ended up living on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

   He made it to college, studied acting, and just before he was 30 was cast as Sulu in Star Trek which secured his future through a run of sequels and movies.

  His charming, upfront Aries Sun and Venus squares onto a super-confident Pluto opposition Jupiter in Capricorn so there would be no doubt about his resourcefulness, ambition and luck.  He also has a competitive Mars in Sagittarius on his Midheaven and an intelligent and outspoken Mercury and Uranus in his 3rd house. His Mercury in Taurus is in an Earth Grand Trine to Jupiter and Neptune in Virgo in his 7th which will make him practical and a do-er, more than capable of putting together a solid life for himself. His Grand Trine is formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Pluto making Pluto the driving planet. All in all an impressively strong and capable chart.

  When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941 tr Pluto at 5 Leo was trine his Mars for a trapped, scary situation. Tr Neptune was just into his 8th for the following confusing years; as well as tr Uranus Saturn moving across his IC into his 4th house, pitching him into a disruptive and uncertain home life for several years ahead.  When Star Trek launched in September 1966 tr Jupiter in Cancer was conjunct his Pluto and tr Neptune in Scorpio was nudging his Earth Grand Trine.

  Like other Star Trek actors he has talked about William Shatner (Captain Kirk) being a prima donna, which description appears to have come as an unwelcome surprise to its recipient. Leonard Nimoy, (Dr Spock), 26 March 1931 8.30pm Boston, MA, though initially a friend did not speak to him for several years before his death; and James Doohan (Scotty), 3 March 1920, Vancouver,  refused to cooperate in later years.  

  Shatner, 22 March 1931 4am Montreal, Canada, has continued a successful post-Star Trek career with several TV series, kept his celebrity profile high and even managed a space trip aged 90.

  He has his Sun, Mercury and Uranus, North Node in Aries with his Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn so not exactly a lightweight personality. Restless,ambitious, confident, pushy, unyielding.

  Leonard Nimoy, was born only four days after Shatner and has the same hard-driving, high-octane chart, so no surprises there were gritty moments between them.

  James Doohan was a Sun Pisces with a Water Grand Trine of Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Uranus with Uranus opposition Saturn in Virgo with his Mars further accentuated being square a Venus opposition Neptune Jupiter. He would be no slouch when it came to making his presence felt.

   All of them were strong-willed individuals and it’s more surprising they co-operated for so many years through the long run than that there were tensions in later years.

Edward and Sophie – new order, new rules

King Charles’ slimmed down monarchy appears (according to heavily leaked rumours) to include withholding the title of Duke of Edinburgh from Prince Edward, despite it being promised by his parents, in favour of Princess Charlotte. The argument put forward being that she is second child to the heir and could even conceivably accede to the throne and the title of Duchess of Edinburgh was held by the Queen herself after her marriage.

  The astrology certainly indicated increased tensions with the Wessexes so what lies ahead does not suggest future decisions will be received amiably.

  Charles’ Scorpio Sun is square Edward’s Saturn in Aquarius so there would always be a distance between them, not the least because of the considerable 15 year age gap. Their relationship chart has a jostling-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter opposition Pluto in a chained-together and resenting-it square to Saturn. Plus an uncompromising and explosive Mars opposition Uranus square Neptune. They were never natural allies.

  Their relationship was under considerable stress over Charles’ divorce from Diana so there may still be resentment lingering from old slights which Charles’ Scorpio Sun won’t let go.

  If anything Camilla’s relationship with Edward is even trickier, chillier and running at cross purposes, more so than usual over the next two years plus.

  Sophie is disappointed in Charles’ decisions ahead and devastated by the change from her recent elevation as Queen Elizabeth’s confidante with no joy from Camilla either.

  Both Edward and Sophie also look uncertain and under-supported in their relationship with Prince William, who seems to be taking a firm position on many Royal matters.

  Family cross-currents are bad enough in a normal brood and heightened many-fold amongst the Royals. Charles is notoriously thin-skinned and can be petulant. While slimming down is a good idea, the Wessexes do pull their weight in endless ribbon-cutting, hand-shaking events and there won’t be enough of the inner circle to cope if the shrinkage goes too far.    

Irene Cara – a Pisces songbird

Irene Cara, the singer and actress best known for her title track in the 1980 film Fame, as well as co-writing and singing the smash hit Flashdance has died. She later starred in films opposite Clint Eastwood and Tatum O’Neal.

  She was born 18 March 1959 10.41 am New York, the youngest of five with a Puerto Rican father and Cuban-American mother and started her career on Spanish-language television.

   She had a 10th house musical Pisces Sun and a creative/musical Neptune in her performing 5th house.  Her Mercury in upfront Aries in her career 10th was also highlighted being in an inventive and feisty trine to Uranus sextile Mars; as well as on the focal point of a resourceful and ambitious Cardinal T square to Moon in Cancer opposition Saturn. And to add to all of that she had a confident, determined Pluto square Jupiter – she was quite a force of nature.

Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas – love and luck

Sustaining a 20 year plus marriage in Hollywood is no mean feat. When Catherine Zeta Jones married a 25 years older Michael Douglas, a self-confessed sex-addict in 2000 there were doubts about whether it would last. Through a few trials and tribulations with his cancer and imprisonment of his son from his first marriage for drug dealing and her admitted bi-polar condition leading to a short separation they have managed to hold it together.

  They are both Sun Libras – she 25 September 1969 2.40pm Swansea, Wales; and he 25 September 1944 10.30 am New Brunswick, NJ. While two Libras might seem an odd match there are more same sign marriages than you would imagine. He is a creative and vague Sun Neptune square Saturn opposition a Capricorn Moon. While she is an independent and strong-minded Sun Uranus conjunct Pluto and square Mars.

  Her Mars is conjunct his Moon and opposition his Saturn which will create some friction while her Pisces Moon opposes his Sun Neptune. Not all ideal. But the saving grace is the relationship chart with an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunct Jupiter – love and luck will help them along. Jupiter in particular in relationship charts smooths round rough edges. There is a composite Moon opposition Uranus which will thrive with patches of separation with both away working.

  The wedding chart of 18 November 2000 7.30pm might seem discouraging with a workaholic and cool Sun opposition Saturn; but there was an upbeat Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Mars trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by a power-couple Jupiter opposition Pluto. Many more pluses than minuses.

  Both are still going strong on the work front. He was garlanded for his Netflix The Kominsky Method and is kept busy by Marvel epics. She is on a professional roll playing Morticia Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday and in December she stars in the long-awaited Disney+ National Treasure: Edge of History.

Lab-Lib fortunes – some success but not long term ++ Reform Party

Labour and the Lib Dems, the opposition and third largest of UK parties, both look upbeat in 2023 with smatterings of success in 2024 or 2025 but not good beyond which seems odd given the sinkholes the Conservatives have created for themselves.

   The Liberal Democrats, 3 March 1988, have a lucky, confident, successful tr Pluto square Jupiter through 2022 and 2023 alongside a few muddles and disappointments. By early 2024 there is a trapped, dead-halt, meltdown Solar Arc Mars square Pluto and with the exception of one lucky blip in 2025, what comes after is not encouraging. Tr Neptune entering Aries from 2025 onwards won’t do them any favours as it squares their Uranus, Saturn, Mars for several years thereafter.  

  Ed Davey’s Leadership chart 27 August 2020 11.35am London – (to be treated with caution since leaders come and go and their fortunes are not necessarily tied to the party’s) –  shows a depressing slog with anchors dragging through 2023/4 and a triumph in 2025 with the Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

  The Labour Party 12 February 1906 chart has a successful, confident tr Pluto trine the Jupiter through 2022/23 though will also be contending with a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct Sun, Venus across this New Year moving into a Saturn Return by April, followed by tr Uranus square the Sun Venus which will see jolting changes running into 2024. Through 2024/25 there are indications of some success but a steep decline from 2027 onwards for a few years as tr Neptune is conjunct the Mars and then square Neptune and Uranus.

  The Labour Party 27 February 1900 chart is less encouraging with an enthusiasm-denting 2024 from tr Saturn square the Jupiter Uranus and Pluto plus a catastrophic tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn in 2024/25. And a run of setbacks and jangles in the three years following.

  Keir Starmer’s Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am has four significant Pluto transits to midpoints in 2023, one of which is successful, and the other three fairly dire – and one of the disastrous ones runs through 2024 as well.

  His own personal chart, 2 September 1962, does not indicate an easy few years ahead which may be personal issues rather than party ones and there is no way of sorting out without a birth time quite what is causing his problems. He has a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct his Jupiter and opposition his Uranus in 2023 and then opposition his Sun Pluto in 2024 alongside a raft of truly difficult Solar Arcs in 2024/25/26.

Add On: The Reform Party was set up on 23 November 2018 as a right-wing, populist Brexit party when there was a confident Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition a Gemini Moon in an over-the-top-enthusiastic square to Mars in Pisces and Mercury in Sag square Neptune. So a high-wire, scattered Mutable whirlwind. Plus an emotionally excitable Venus opposition Uranus. Tr Pluto will be giving them uplift in a minor way sextile Sun and Jupiter between now and 2025; plus a go-ahead tr Pluto square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint in 2023/24. But there are just as many Neptune transits bringing disappointments as well. So some success but not overwhelming.

Disney – playing merry-go-rounds with CEOs

 A surprise ouster of Disney’s recent CEO in favour of the much-loved and respected former top honcho Bob Iger took Hollywood and Mouse House staffers by surprise. Bon Chapek, despite being a long-time Disney executive had a stormy passage in the top job from 2020 with losses mounting due to exclusive streaming releases and was summarily let go. During Iger’s stewardship of Disney from 2005 to 2020, the company grew its animation studio, acquired core brands such as Star Wars and Marvel, and launched Disney+ to a massive subscriber base.

  Disney, 16 October 1923, is in a stalled phase with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Sun Saturn in Libra now – and that is deprived and blocked. There should be an improvement in morale when tr Uranus opposes the Jupiter come May 2023 onwards though there will still be swamps ahead even with Iger’s steady hand on the tiller. Tr Neptune opposing the Disney Mars in 2024/25 suggests there’ll be no quick fixes.

  Iger, 10 February 1951, is a Sun Aquarius opposition Pluto which is being rattled by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus at the moment and through 2023 – so he’s not exactly at ease and with his Solar Arc Saturn approaching the square to his Jupiter over coming months he may wonder what he’s let himself in for.

  His relationship chart with Disney does have a helpful and lucky composite Earth Grand Trine though it will be under considerable pressure through 2023/24.

  Bob Chapek, 21 August 1960, a New Moon, Mercury, Uranus in Leo had been with Disney for 26 years rising up the ladder. Though his relationship chart with Disney was never good with a hostile composite Mars Pluto conjunction and an evasive Sun Neptune – and an up and down Saturn opposition Uranus. Surprising he made it to the top however briefly.  

UK government – decency in short supply

The Tories are in a dying-days-of-the-Roman-Empire phase with a pile up of bullying complaints against Deputy PM Dominic Raab; and now Michael Gove dragged into the PPE scandal. Denials are flying in all directions but the VIP fast-track for mega-million pound contracts during covid has come under condemnation with Baroness Michelle Mone (a David Cameron 2015 surprise elevation to the House of Lords), in the spotlight for supporting Medpro secure contracts worth more than £200 million. She is under investigation by the House of Lords Commissioners for Standards for allegedly failing to declare an interest in PPE Medpro. Michael Gove, then a Cabinet Minister, allegedly was involved in facilitating her involvement.

 Labour’s Angela Rayner said in the House that during the pandemic ministers had been “handing out billions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash”, even though much of the PPE secured was “unfit for use, unusable, overpriced or undelivered”. And why was the government wasting £700,000 a day on storing unusable PPE? She said it was yet another case of taxpayers’ money being wasted, “with a total failure of due diligence and a conflict of interest at the heart of government procurement”.

PPE Medpro has itself come under investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA). According to the Times charities linked to Baroness Mone and her husband are distancing themselves from the couple after they were accused of secretly receiving £29 million by lobbying for Medpro.

  Mone, 8 October 1971 4.55pm Glasgow who started in lingerie and married a financier, has a money-oriented 8th house Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Libra as well as Pluto – and that is one power-packed chart. She’s another of the head-in-the-clouds and can-be-scandal-attracting Jupiter Neptune opposition Saturn brigade with an ultra-determined, risk-taking Mars in Aquarius on her Ascendant. She was on a high during the pandemic with her Solar Arc Sun Uranus crossing her Jupiter but that stroke of luck has now passed in influence and she has a self-esteem jarring tr Uranus square her Mars at the moment and early next year and is generally moving into a low-profile less successful time ahead with tr Saturn into her First Quadrant and tr Pluto into her restrictive 12th.

  Michael Gove, 26 August 1967, a Sun, Mercury, Venus in Virgo with Uranus Pluto also in Virgo is sagging under the tr Saturn oppositions over the next two years – 2023 in particular – and nerve wracked with tr Neptune opposition his Uranus in 2023. In general he looks undermined, panicky and doing badly in 2023, with jolts and jangles especially from mid year onwards and heading for cataclysmic setbacks in 2024/25.

  His relationship with Sunak is heading downhill through this December, chilled to the marrow in January/February and worse through mid 2023 and on. They are not naturally compatible but chained together by circumstance and resenting each other. It won’t part easily or amicably.