Dwayne & Lauren – a Leo Sun Venus wedding

Dwayne Johnson, mega-successful Fast & Furious blockbusters actor and retired wrestler has married his long-time girl-friend Lauren. They’ve been together since 2007 and have two children, aged 3 and 1.

He was born 2 May 1972 6.02pm San Leandro, California and she was born 8 September 1984 in Massachusetts. He has a partnership-oriented 7th house Sun Taurus trine an amiable Moon Jupiter in Capricorn with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Gemini in an ultra-determined (don’t mess with me) square to Pluto. She’s a Virgo Sun with fits well with his earthy Sun and Moon; with her Venus in Libra which goes well with his airy Venus; and she also has Jupiter in Capricorn.

It’s not all seamless since her Saturn in obsessively conscientious Scorpio opposes his Sun; and her excitable Mars Uranus in Sagittarius sits on top of his Neptune opposition Saturn – so she’ll alternately restrain him and stoke him up.

Their relationship chart has an exact possessive composite Sun square Pluto; with the Sun also in a live-wire trine to Uranus and sextile Mars. The latter probably helped by him having an exacting career. There’s a sensible, cool but enduring composite Sun Venus conjunction. The composite Jupiter isn’t much integrated apart from a wide opposition to the Sun.

They picked a Sun Venus conjunction in Leo for the wedding day in sunny Hawaii to make it picture perfect.


Mike Pence – Trump’s cosmetic halo

The holier-than-thou Mike Pence who sold his soul for a seat near the centre of power has been selected again as Trump’s putative VP for 2020.  Born 7 June 1959 he’s another slippery Gemini like Trump with his Moon in Gemini/Cancer (more probably Cancer given his family-oriented leanings and strong wife); a flashy Venus, Mars and Uranus in Leo in a publicity-loving square to Neptune; and a money-attracting Jupiter in Scorpio in a pushily confident square to Pluto.

His relationship chart with Trump isn’t all sweetness and light with a suppressive composite Mars Pluto with undertones of hostility and resentment from a power imbalance; and an uncertain, distrustful Saturn Neptune in a can-be-fanatical square to Uranus.

From later this month till mid this November their connection will be wreathed in a sea fog of confusion with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune. With further uncertainty and discouragement from Neptunian hard aspects to two Saturn midpoints through this autumn into February 2020. Where it runs into real problems with sinking morale between them is from late March 2020 as tr Neptune starts to square the composite Sun, repeating late August/September and just after the Inauguration. Plus a separating, chilly tr Saturn opposition the composite Venus in March and on and off through the year.

Pence’s own chart does have tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter from February 2020, on and off till late 2021, which is mildly successful and confident; and is there exactly at the Inauguration. Although he has running concurrently tr Pluto square his Saturn/Uranus midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘harm through force majeure, rebellion, violence or brutality’ which even given Ebertin’s somewhat gothic descriptions doesn’t sound like an all-singing-and-dancing win. Across the election itself he has tr Pluto square his Neptune/Node which hints at a breakdown in relationships; and across the Inauguration he has an irritable tr Saturn square his Mars for a setback; with a neurotic, worrisome tr Saturn square his Neptune immediately after.

There’s not much illuminating from Karen Pence’s chart – she certainly dislikes Trump with her Scorpio Sun Venus (in an immoveable opposition to Mars in Taurus) square Trump’s Mars in Leo; and her self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun. Their relationship chart has a bad-tempered composite Mars square Saturn in an explosive conjunction to Uranus. Mind you her relationship to Mike Pence is no cakewalk with a composite unkind, one-sided Mars opposition Saturn square Venus; and a controlling Sun Pluto. Insiders say she wears the trousers.

Stephen Miller – pulling Trump’s strings


Stephen Miller, Trump’s 33-year-old senior adviser, is now the lynch pin of his presidency, driving the narrative about immigration which will supposedly win him a second term. His power is at its peak according to two long pieces in the Washington Post and New York Times which publicity won’t go down well with the narcissist-in-chief, though Miller downplays his role and boosts up his devotion to the maestro.

Born 23 August 1985 4.53 pm Santa Monica, California, he has a darkly obsessive chart with Pluto in Scorpio on the MC midway between an 8th house Sun and a 12th house Neptune; with Mars in Leo also in the 8th in an unsentimental, hard-edged square to a 10th house Saturn in Scorpio. He’s Fixed, fanatical, more than slightly off-the-wall and scary.

His trajectory is undergoing a radical change at the moment into early 2020 with tr Uranus opposition his MC and Pluto, some of which suggests success but not totally. His relationship with Trump will be nerve-stretched and uncertain late August to mid November and agitated with losses mid November to mid December. And it looks increasingly separated in 2020 with tr Saturn opposition Venus, Mercury, Sun in February, August till late November 2020.

Miller’s own chart looks dismayed and disappointed in the aftermath of the 2021 Inauguration.

Miller swears, despite rumours to the contrary, that his relationship with Jared Kushner is friendly and supportive. That’s hardly true with a composite chained-together and resentful Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and a competitive, argumentative Sun Mars in the relationship chart. It’ll be bouncing along unhappily through mid 2020 with tensions and eruptions.

See previous post April 11 2019

Pic: Gage Skidmore.

Prince Andrew & Sarah – a smokescreen of sorts


Prince Andrew is quite rightly being nailed to the wall by the Daily Mail, with a punishing and relentless series of stories about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, including unbelievably after his prison sentence for under-age sex. Ex-wife Sarah has been roped in as a prop accompanying Andrew to Balmoral and then fleeing with him to Spain when the rancid publicity became too much even for his devoted mother, HM Queen. There was talk of him perhaps remarrying Sarah, though that looks like a stretch.

Sarah, 15 October 1959 9.03 am London is in a distinctly trapped, frustrating and scary phase until early 2022 with tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and Sun/Mars midpoint now, before moving on to square her Mars in Libra in 2021/22. She’s also got a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Neptune exact in six months’ time and a jolting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun in 2020, which will then bump across her Sun/Mars in 2023 and Mars in 2025 – so a long patch of extremely stormy weather, none of which looks like a second honeymoon.

Princess Eugenie, who is the younger daughter and was most affected by the ruptured parental marriage, is sagging badly vis a vis her father from late this September, on and off into early 2020; and looking agitated mid 2020 onwards in relation to family matters. Both Sarah and Beatrice will find mid this November to mid December the more difficult to cope with in relation to Andrew; as will Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

The Queen’s relationship chart with Andrew is stressed this year, but in major disaster-zone in 2020 from May onwards.

The catastrophic influences Andrew has at the moment of tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Saturn and his Venus/Saturn lift temporarily from the 24th of this month but then return November 11th to December 18th this year. Into 2020 he faces the reputation damaging tr Pluto square his Midheaven running for two years.

For more astro-details on Prince Andrew see post July 21 2019.

Elizabeth Montgomery – try, try, try again at the altar


Actress Elizabeth Montgomery was best known for Bewitched, a multi-award winning 8 series television run in the late 1960s/early 70s. She was married four times – the first lasted under a year, then seven years and ten years and finally she hitched up with actor Robert Foxworth whom she was with for over 20 years. Practice makes perfect.

She was born 15 April 1933 4.38pm Los Angeles, to film star Robert Montgomery and a Broadway actress mother.

She had a feisty, charming and unpredictable Sun, Venus, Uranus in Aries in her 7th house of close relationships square a controlling Pluto in the 10th. A Sun Uranus conjunction finds close relationship tricky because of the compromises they require; and that is doubled up by having Uranus in the 7th. But a 7th house Sun needs a relationship and Venus there would be good at attracting affectionate connections. Once in a committed relationship her 10th house Pluto would pose problems since she would dislike sharing the driving seat.    NB. Much married Liz Taylor had Venus Uranus in Aries square Pluto as well.

Elizabeth’s final partner, latterly husband, actor Robert Foxworth, 1 November 1941 11.23 am Houston, Texas, was an unlikely match for a triple Aries with control issues, since he had a Scorpio Sun square Pluto, so would be pretty unbudgeable. But his Venus in Sagittarius was in an affectionate trine to her Sun, Venus, Uranus with his enthusiastic and light hearted Jupiter sextile her Aries planets. And his Aries Moon was in her 7th house of relationships, admittedly alongside his Mars, which would offer support and make it argumentative at times.

Their relationship chart had a power-couple composite Sun opposition Pluto Jupiter which was sextile/trine Saturn. As long as they focussed on pulling together in their public image all would be well; but if Pluto Jupiter turns inwards into the relationship there’d be a struggle for the upper hand. Jupiter would help smooth rough edges; and Saturn gives longevity. There was also a supportive and affectionate Moon Venus in a sparky trine to Mars.

I’m not surprised it took so long to find what she needed and it’s often said of Aries they need to mature and have the rougher edges knocked off before they get sensitive to the requirements of relationships.

Peter Fonda – struggling to forge his own identity


Peter Fonda has died aged 79. He was scion of an acting dynasty he rebelled against, and an icon of the hippie culture of an America in social upheaval in the late 1960s. His drug-dealing biker-flick Easy Rider which he wrote, produced and acted alongside Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson, while high on LSD, shot on a miniscule budget, became a huge success in 1969 leaving him rich. It was the first counterculture movie to be a major hit and its anti-establishment ideals touched a nerve for America’s youth as it depicted “two cats just riding across the country … ” – a modern version of the Western. It was also his revenge against his cold father Henry Fonda and his superstar sister Jane, and his dysfunctional childhood, during which his mother committed suicide when he was 10 and he afterwards injured himself in a gun accident. His later film choices were uninspired but he was again nominated for an Academy Award thirty years later for Ulee’s Gold.

He was born 23 February 1940 12.09 pm Manhattan, New York, and had a creative Pisces Sun exactly on his midheaven with a collection of communicative Mercury in Pisces and enthusiastic Jupiter Venus in Aries also in his 10th. His Virgo Moon was opposition his Sun sitting on his IC and he had Neptune also in his 4th – so he’d struggle to find his own identity away from the famous family name. He would carry a good deal of anger with his Mars in Taurus square his Pluto and trine his Moon as well as sextile his Sun.

His father Henry Fonda, 16 May 1905 2pm Nebraska, had a controlling Pluto on the midheaven with a talented but fanatical Half Grand Sextile from Uranus opposition Neptune sextile Saturn and Mercury. Henry’s Saturn was conjunct Peter’s midheaven and Sun, so he’d have a discouraging effect on his son; and Henry’s Uranus was in Peter’s 7th so his erratic presence in his life would grate as well.

His older sister Jane had her problems with her father and it wouldn’t always be an easy relationship between herself and Peter, but her Sagittarius Sun fell on Peter’s Descendant which would help and her Jupiter fell in Peter’s 8th which would be supportive at a deep level.

Greenland – hidden treasure

Offering to buy Greenland is clear sign that Trump has lost the plot altogether according to the Washington Post. Although evidently wikileaks indicated the USA is highly interested in investing in the resource base of Greenland and in tapping hydrocarbons off the Greenlandic coast.

Greenland is the largest island in the world, an autonomous Danish territory, with a population of 56,000 people living around the coastline. Almost 90% are indigenous Greenlandic Inuit people. It has a limited self-government and its own parliament. More than 80% of the island is covered by an ice cap. Global warming is feared to be causing the ice cover to melt increasingly quickly but has also increased access to its mineral resources. In 1941 the USA occupied Greenland to defend it against invasion by Germany who had already taken over Denmark and handed it back in 1945. Following World War II, the US developed a geopolitical interest in Greenland, and in 1946 offered to buy it from Denmark for $100,000,000. Denmark refused to sell.

Greenland was granted home rule on 1 May 1979 which gives a Taurus Sun trine Saturn in Virgo; with Mars in Aries opposition Pluto. The Greenland Pluto is exactly conjunct Trump’s 2nd house Jupiter – so it clearly sets his cash register bells ringing. The Greenland Neptune opposes his Sun sending him off into an Aladdin’s Cave dreamworld of endless wealth.

His astrocartography put his Sun MC line through the middle of Greenland which will spark off his ambitions – not that he’d want to park himself in an igloo, but perhaps when climate change has done its maximum damage he could build a holiday resort where the ice cap used to be.

His relationship chart with Greenland 1979 has an affectionate composite Sun Venus in an adventurous and expansive square to Jupiter Uranus. Clearly it sets his juices racing. Though it ain’t ever going to happen.

Jade Goody – an unlikely agent for change


Jade Goody was an early reality TV star in the UK and phenomenally popular – thick as a brick, semi-educated, but given her own shows after her first Big Brother appearance and was adept at attracting publicity and earning from her own product lines. She latterly blotted her copybook by making racist remarks about an Indian actress on a subsequent Big Brother but was regarded more sympathetically after she contracted cervical cancer from which she died aged 27. A three part documentary TV series airing now is titled The Reality Star who changed Britain.

Born 8 June 1981 she was brought up by a single mother, her half-Jamaican, drug-addict and habitual criminal father having baled early on. She was a Sun Gemini trine Pluto and widely opposition Neptune; with Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Libra trine Mars in Gemini. She should have been intelligent with all that Air and was certainly street smart enough to succeed. Mars Jupiter would give her enthusiasm; Mars Saturn, toughness and a degree of self-discipline. Her Mars was also in an explosive opposition to Uranus. Her Moon was probably in late Cancer; and she had a leadership, rags-to-riches North Node in Leo.

When she died, leaving 2 young children behind, the country went into mourning. In the latter stages of her life she campaigned to publicise the risks of cervical cancer and need for smears.

At her death, tr Saturn in Virgo was hovering around the square to her Sun; tr Pluto was opposition her Venus Mercury in Cancer; and her Solar Arc Uranus was exactly conjunct her Neptune.

Pic: Keira76

Ghislaine Maxwell – drawn in by wealth ** and sex: update * More

With Epstein gone, the focus has shifted onto Ghislaine Maxwell, his confidante and alleged facilitator. Stories are that she has deliberately disappeared or alternatively is splicing a deal with the feds in return for spilling the beans. (Though the Daily Mail has just announced she’s in a boyfriend’s multi-million dollar oceanfront house outside Boston. He now denies it and the Daily Beast says she could be in France where some of her siblings have houses.) She certainly looks cheerful enough for another ten days with tr Pluto conjunct her confident Sun/Jupiter midpoint; but there’s a calamity awaiting her from late September with tr Uranus opposition her Mars/Pluto midpoint for a few weeks and returning in early 2020.

There’s much talk of her having been under the thumb of her dominating and crooked father Robert Maxwell which made her more susceptible to falling under Epstein’s spell. She was seventh of nine children, her father’s favourite and evidently fell completely to pieces when he suicided/was murdered off the back of his yacht The Lady Ghislaine leaving behind billions in debts and murky tales of having been a Mossad and Russian agent.

I don’t quite buy the theory of Epstein being a father substitute. Maxwell senior was a Gemini with a brutal and ruthless Mars Pluto in Cancer square Saturn. Epstein was nowhere near as heavyweight a personality. There is a slight similarity in that Maxwell senior’s Airy Gemini Sun was trine Saturn and sextile Neptune; and Epstein’s Airy Aquarius Sun was square a Saturn Neptune conjunction – so both reasonably slippery.

What does connect the two men and Ghislaine is that both their money-attracting Jupiters, in Scorpio for senior and Taurus for Epstein, were tied into her focal point Neptune. Her Neptune squared her Jupiter and probably her flashy, five-star-lifestyle Leo Moon. She lived in a dreamworld with her father where money was no object and anything she wanted landed at her feet. When he died in debt, she needed a replacement money pot and Epstein filled the bill as well as having certain of the devious traits her father had.

Her relationship chart with her father is fascinating with a composite Sun opposition Neptune square Jupiter possibly opposition Moon – living in an illusory/delusional dream world of grandiosity. Emotionally a mess with a chilly and unpredictable Venus square Uranus and square Saturn but the Jupiterian bounty flowed regardless.

Her relationship chart with Epstein is nothing like that, with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars opposition Uranus which does admittedly square onto Neptune for a dash of deceit. But the composite Jupiter, so prominent with her father, is barely integrated.  He definitely stirred her Venus which on the synastry was trine his Pluto.

This saga is likely to run and run.

See previous post on Ghislaine Maxwell, July 8 2019 with more details on her transits ahead.

Add on: What is a noticeable theme running through several associated charts is a Venus Mars conjunction, exact in Pisces in Epstein’s chart; in Capricorn in Prince Andrew’s; in Libra in Bill Clinton’s; and conjunct in Capricorn/Sagittarius in Ghislaine’s. It repeats, obviously, in all the relationship charts – as it does in Ghislaine’s relationship chart with her mother Elisabeth.

Mars conjunct Venus, whether in a relationship chart or an individual hints at a powerfully enthusiastic energy, usually quite sexualised. Sakoian & Acker remark that Venus Mars is one of the primary aspects concerned with sex, though it also indicates a passionate enthusiasm for any activity which interests. Feelings run very high when it occurs in a relationship chart and needn’t indicate a homosexual relationship if both are same gender. Where it is expressed sexually there will be a strong physical component to the connection. Ebertin associates it with a ‘strongly sensual nature, lack of tenderness and tact, a strongly emotional and sexual life coupled with disharmonious tendencies; masturbation.’

Elisabeth Maxwell, 11 March 1921, married Robert Maxwell when she was 24 and had nine children. She was a downbeat Sun Pisces opposition Saturn in Virgo; though with an adventurous Jupiter opposition Uranus. Her relationship with Robert wasn’t all negative with a wide affectionate Sun Venus and an upbeat Jupiter Mercury; though there was a trapped Pluto square Jupiter Saturn.

In many ways her relationship with Ghislaine was much more controlling than daughter with father, with Elisabeth’s Pluto opposition Gh’s Mercury Sun; with E’s Venus in Taurus trine GH’s Sun Mercury Mars and trine Uranus Pluto – so there would be a good deal of emotional intensity between them.

The relationship chart has a possessive and controlling composite Sun Mercury opposition Pluto; and a Venus Mars conjunction square Jupiter Saturn – which is half manically up and half hard-edged and unkind. Which may reflect the situation with the bullying father ruling the roost and presumably mother fitted in and facilitated him.

But based on this, mother makes more sense – at least on the astrology – of the Epstein connection. Though I’m struggling to disentangle the psychology of it. Weird family, weird cross currents.

Late Extra: For additional background on the weirdness of Mama Maxwell, snippets from a review by Jenny Diski of her autobiography A Mind of My Own. It explains a good deal and gives a hint that Ghislaine with Epstein to some extent mirrored her mother’s behaviour in the parental marriage.

‘For all the berating on his part and the grovelling on hers, Betty Maxwell comes across, not as a domestic doormat, but as a fully collusive partner in a very complicated relationship, which, right from the start, is powerfully sexual. But the power is not, as it appears or as it is portrayed, entirely one-sided.’

‘The key to this kind of partnership is not actually the dominant member’s demands, but the submissive one’s power to elicit those demands while seeming to remain docile. ‘I never felt belittled by deferring to his authority … He was forever searching for that indefinable “something” which he sensed I was holding back. For my own part, I was convinced it was precisely that very chasse au bonheur – the chase for love so clearly depicted in Stendhal – that would keep him interested in me.’

‘In addition to the nature of the hankerings, the prose style holds an important clue to Betty Maxwell’s character. There is a marvellous mixing of respectability and libido. She is the perfect suburban lady honeycombed with dark subterranean desires.’

‘Betty could play the dominance/submission game from either end of the pitch.’

‘The relationship between the two of them was all-consuming and it seems odd that they chose to have so many children (there were nine in all, of whom seven survived) to clutter their self-absorption. Perhaps hostages are necessary in such a relationship, so that notable sacrifices can be made as test and proof of sincerity of intent. When a choice was to be made between her husband’s overweening needs and her children, there was never any contest.’

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