Transactivism – bullying society

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions

which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. 

Most people are incapable even of forming such opinions”. 

Albert Einstein

In the aftermath of the Cass report which effectively undermined much of the damaging nonsense around the transgender argument, pinpointing inadequate medical evidence for intervention, there are understandable calls for consequences for those who added fuel to the toxic debate and shut down dissent. JK Rowling has been targeting the young Harry Potter actors as well as Mermaids.

  Trying to track an astro-timeline and reason for the hysteria which drove the movement, inflating a genuine though demographically small issue of the number of people suffering from genuine gender dysphoria, the mid 1990s was probably the start.  Mermaids, the Susie Green charity for transgender children, started then on the Uranus Neptune conjunction, which is a recurring theme in arguments which allow for no middle ground. See previous post 1 March 2024, Transactivism stalls.

 Uranus Neptune does have its inspired side but in negative mode can lead to extremism, rigid, unreasonable opinions and fanaticism, tending to force people into choosing sides rather than thinking through nuances. The young Potter actors were born with Uranus Neptune conjunct. Susie Green, if a Company Check is sound, was born 1 December 1957 with a pronounced Uranus square Neptune tied into the Scorpio North Node.  Even the Labour Party whom the Tories are now attacking for ‘shutting women up’ and stoking ‘atmosphere of intimidation’ for a decade over trans issues has a Uranus opposition Neptune from 1906. 

  Those who worked with Susie Green and observed her said she she could be ‘tone deaf’. “I thought she was that most dangerous thing, a person utterly certain of their own rightness.’ After her surprise resignation, she is reportedly working for GenderGP, a private referral service based in Singapore.

 Mermaids became a registered charity on 20 February 2015 on the exact, defiant, status-quo upsetting Uranus in Aries square Pluto with a Sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

  Stonewall which threw its not inconsiderable weight behind the argument in 2014 on the Uranus square Pluto as the fight against same sex relationships was finally won and it was looking for a cause to give it a raison d’etre, was started on the 1989 conjunction of Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

  Ruth Hunt, now Baroness, took over as CEO of Stonewall in 2014 and steered the organisation  towards transgender issues feeding propaganda into a wide array of government and other bodies, to the dismay of a large section of the membership. Dennis Kavanagh, lawyer and director of the Gay Men’s Network, points to a 2012 survey of Tavistock patients which found that 90 per cent were same-sex attracted. He says: ‘The concern is that Mermaids are medicalising homosexuality, taking vulnerable, different children and putting them on a path to sterility.’

 Ruth Hunt, 12 May 1980, Cardiff, is a Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus square a leadership North Node in Leo – certainly a heavyweight personality – though lacking in the tell-tale Uranus Neptune. What she does have is her Sun opposition her Neptune/Pluto midpoint which is as un-Taurus as can be. According to Ebertin – impressionable, can be obsessive, and pursue fantastical ideas, prone to outside influences.

 JK Rowling deserves praise for her robust stance. She was in the fortunate position of being too successful to damage. Graham Linehan, on the other hand, the Irish comedian and writer, effectively wrecked his life in his obsessive anti-transgender activism.

 He was born 22 May 1968 8pm in Dublin, with a Sun Mars in Gemini in his 7th house and an Aries Moon in his performing 5th. He has a rebellious, mould-breaking Uranus Pluto in Virgo in his 10th. With two yods onto Saturn in Aries and Neptune in Scorpio in his 1st house. It is not exactly clear from his chart what drove him to such extremes though his emphasized Mercury in his 8th would give his arguments an edge of intensity. And Mercury square Pluto Uranus would not help. His Solar Arc Jupiter is now catching the Solar Eclipse and will soon oppose his yod focal point Saturn which may help to lift his fortunes.

OJ Simpson – emotional overload

OJ Simpson, the celebrated former American football star, made infamous by the ‘trial of the century’ in which he was found not guilty of the murder of his divorced second wife Nicole Simpson and her friend despite a history of his spousal abuse, has died. He subsequently served a prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery and paid little of the $33.5 million in damages that the victims’ families won in a civil suit against him.

  He was born 9 July 1947 8.08am San Francisco, CA, into a poverty stricken, broken home and developed rickets from malnutrition forcing him to wear steel braces. His father was reportedly a well-known drag queen who later announced he was gay and died from AIDS.

 He had a Water Grand Trine from an 11th house Cancer Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter on his IC in Scorpio trine an 8th house Pisces Moon, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition his Midheaven. Water Grand Trines tend to produce impressionable and sensitive temperaments, vulnerable and escapist who have ‘an exaggerated need for dependency and general mothering and a tendency to live in a bubble of their own (un)reality.  His Moon was also square Uranus and Venus exacerbating his women/mother issues. Plus a determined, though inclined to depressive mood swings Saturn Pluto in his 12th square Jupiter. His ambitious, competitive Mars was in his 10th in a publicity attracting trine to Neptune.

  When the crime occurred on 12 June 1994 which left Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman dead his Solar Arc Saturn Pluto conjunction was hovering around the opposition to his 8th house hyper-sensitive Pisces Moon which seems significant and his Progressed Mars was almost square his Neptune.  When he was found not guilty in the murder trial tr Jupiter was opposition his Solar Arc Midheaven.

His fall-from-grace 10th harmonic is marked by an illusory Neptune and a destructive Mars Saturn. He also had a marked, ultra-determined but can-be-self-defeating 16H, a sacrificial 12h, as well as a global star 22H.

Ascendant – mask or essence?

  The Ascendant (rising) sign is our first introduction to the world at birth. Modern astrology has tended to view it as a mask or persona we wear on first meetings and dictating appearance – the real person being hidden behind it. Whereas traditional astrology regarded the Ascendant as a fundamental key to the individual – the Ascendant and Ascendant Ruler being deemed the most important factors in determining personality. In a world ruled by the will of the gods, it was hour zero in the individual’s entanglement with fate – a moment in destiny.

  It is crucial since it sets up the entire structure of the chart by establishing the house layout and which planets fall where.

  I would have to confess to paying less attention to the Ascendant (than maybe I should) and focusing more on the subsequent houses which derive from it – plus Sun, Moon signs and aspects.

 What does interest me are planets that fall on the Ascendant indicating the experience around the time of birth. Caesarean or difficult births were always associated with Pluto on the Ascendant, signifying a difficult struggle to enter the world leading to a secretive, defensive personality.

  Neptune on the Ascendant used to be associated with a drug-induced birth and to producing a mesmerizingly attractive appearance.  [It struck me the other day that actor Cillian Murphy who has no birth time possibly has Neptune on his Ascendant. He has those Neptunian eyes.]

 Saturn on the Ascendant – defensive on first meeting.

  Taking an example of Greta Garbo, 18 September 1908 Stockholm, Sweden 7.30pm – Jupiter in Gemini on the Ascendant. Would her enthusiastic Gemini Ascendant define her more accurately than her self-sufficient Virgo Sun or hidden 12th house Moon square Saturn?

  Queen Elizabeth 11 was defined in terms of her outward appearance by her Capricorn Ascendant – status, conservatism, tradition, not overtly touchy feely. Yet those who knew her said her quick wit and mischievous sense of humour surprised them. Her 3rd house nature-loving Taurus Sun would seem a better guide to who she was, tempered by an overloaded Saturn on her Midheaven.

   Relocating charts does shift the Ascendant. Capricorn Ascendant Sean Connery became Venus on Libra Ascendant when jetted over to Los Angeles to boost him to superstar status, Though I would tend to look first at his Jupiter Pluto conjunction which landed on the midheaven in LA as being more to the point.  

  Meghan Markle moves from her natal Cancer Ascendant to a Libra Ascendant when in London which looks sociable enough but clearly did not work for her. More significantly it moved her  Moon, Jupiter, Saturn from the 3rd into the 12th along with Pluto which made her feel trapped and buried part of her personality. It did put her Leo Sun in the 10th in the UK which should have worked but obviously was not enough.

  Barack Obama was born an Aquarius Ascendant for his Hawaii birthplace but became a communicative Gemini Ascendant in Washington DC – which kind of makes sense but Washington, DC put his Uranus and Pluto in the 4th so it was clearly an unsettled domestic area for him.

  I remain to be convinced that the Ascendant has an overwhelming importance more than other planets/aspects/houses in a chart. If anything I would veer towards seeing the Sun sign as becoming more pronounced with age.   But I am sure there will be differing views so do pitch in.

Peter Higgs – at the heart of matter

Peter Higgs, the theoretical physicist, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the “God particle” as it became known much to his irritation as an atheist, has died. His work on the mass of subatomic particles had a profound effect on our understanding of matter and how the universe was formed.

From The Times “ In layman’s terms, Higgs’s theory suggested that all space is permeated by a “field” that interacts with the particles within it, giving them mass. One analogy is to imagine a room with people milling round. A celebrity (the particle) enters and people cluster around — suddenly the celebrity particle has mass. Higgs developed the idea that particles had no mass when the universe began, but acquired mass a fraction of a second afterwards when they entered a theoretical field. Higgs proposed that this field, now known as the “Higgs field”, permeates space, giving mass to all elementary particles that interact with it.”

 From an astrological point of view what is intriguing is that he had his “eureka” moment on July 16, 1964. He then spent years touting his theory to scientific journals with little interest initially and was totally vindicated in 2012 when Cern researchers in Switzerland were able to isolate the Higgs boson.

  He was born 29 May 1929 Newcastle on Tyne, had asthma as a child and was home schooled for a while, then went on to study mathematics and molecular physics.  He had his Sun in Gemini on the focal point of an inventive mini Grand Trine of Uranus in Aries trine Mars in Leo. What is notable is his Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Algol and conjunct his North Node which was square Neptune and inconjunct his Saturn. His Saturn trine Neptune trine Venus made up an inspirational, attention-grabbing Fire Grand Trine which usually harbours little self-doubt. And that focused onto a Kite driving planet Mercury in Gemini.  

 A marked experimental Mars trine Uranus, a Fire Grand Trine and an emphasized Mercury and Jupiter would give him the potential and self-belief to succeed.

 When he had his “Oh shit” moment as he put it in 1964, transiting Jupiter then in Taurus, heading for a Jupiter Return was conjunct his North Node with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Node. Trailblazing tr Uranus was square his Sun. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars tugging on his SA Uranus. Transiting North Node was hovering around his SA Jupiter and his Progressed Mars was conjunct his Progressed Neptune. A conflagration of luck, transformation under pressure opening up new horizons, having an impact on society and attracting publicity.

  When the proof was finally published on 4 July 2012 tr Jupiter was heading to conjunct his Gemini Sun for a morale boost, his Pluto was on a Half Return; and his Solar Arc North Node was conjunct his Mars, emphasising his experimental mini Grand Trine.  

  His global influencer 22nd harmonic is notable as was his creative, get-it-together 5H. His breakthrough-genius 13th harmonic was his strongest.

  The staging posts in his remarkable life were well marked by his astrology.

South Africa – on the brink of major change

South Africa is heading for a general election on 29 May, with polls suggesting the governing African National Congress (ANC) could get less than 50% of the vote for the first time in 30 years. There has been increasing criticism of the party that led the fight against apartheid under the late Nelson Mandela with the possibility of a coalition government ahead.

  High unemployment, economic inequalities, high levels of violent crime – on average 130 rapes and 80 murders a day in the last three months of 2023, corruption allegations and frequent power cuts have reduced its popularity.

  The next president will be elected by the new assembly within thirty days after the general election. That will decide whether the present president Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC goes or stays.

  The South Africa 27 April 1994 11am chart is certainly due for an upheaval this year with tr Uranus opposition the Scorpio North Node in May and at the end of the year into 2025, as well as tr Uranus opposition the Pluto (conjunct Algol) from August onwards into 2025. It looks an unsettled road thereafter with major setbacks in 2025 from SA Saturn conjunct Mars and SA Uranus square the Pluto in 2026. With SA Neptune following behind through to the end of the decade.

 The ANC chart, 8 January 1912, which has its Mars conjunct Algol opposing the South Africa North Node, Pluto, Moon, Algol, was always going to be an uneasy fit. It does have the highly-strung, can-be-fanatical Uranus in Capricorn opposition Neptune which is a similar energy to the South Africa 1994 Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn but it will double up on the negative aspects of confusion and lack of emotional balance.

 The ANC do look in for a serious jolt of insecurity over the election itself with tr Uranus conjunct their Mars in Taurus – and that repeats on and off into early 2025. There’s also a diminishing-influence tr Neptune square their Pluto, not exact again until the autumn but stretching out to early 2025 as well.

 Cyril Ramaphosa, 17 November 1952, is a Sun Scorpio opposition Algol and square Pluto so a considerable heavyweight. But tr Uranus will square his Pluto this May (and again New Year to March 2025) and oppose his Sun in June (and into 2025). So he is definitely into a period of major jolts, jangles and disruption. Though he is exceptionally fixed so won’t budge easily.  

  It is such a tragedy for Nelson Mandela, given that all he suffered, to see his legacy in tatters. His posthumous chart has Solar Arc Mars opposition his Cancer Sun (conjunct Procyon) this year and tr Uranus is heading to square his Uranus by July. Not resting easily.

Piet Oudolf – gardens to soothe the soul ++ inconjuncts – healing 12th harmonic

Gardens are a healing space in a chaotic and stressful world with Dutchman Piet Oudolf called the “Rembrandt of gardens” leading the way in designing and planting urban parks in New York, Chicago and London. He is now redesigning the Glasshouse borders at the RHS’s flagship Wisley garden in England. He is one of the most influential gardeners of modern times  bringing a sense of wilderness into cultivated settings with  grasses and structural plants. He believes design is about the “movement, the flow of colour, the light ­filtering through” the grasses, the “energy of growth”, but also the cycle of life and death. He leaves the “skeletons” – the seedheads – to provide strong visual interest throughout the winter.

  Surprisingly, for a creator who is drawn to willowy grasses and a misty, soft focus look, he has a hard, determined chart. Born 27 October 1944 in Haarlem, NL, he is a Sun, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and trine Saturn. He does have a flowing Pisces Moon probably square Venus; and his Neptune is heavily aspected attracting him to sweeping images.

 Several prominent gardeners have early Scorpio planets which fits with Charles Carter’s degree equivalences in which he lists 6 degrees Scorpio as love of soil.

 Many other gardeners’ charts have Taurus planets which is the sign most often associated with nature and design.  TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh, 2 May 1949, has his Sun, Venus and Mars in Taurus.  Interior and garden designer David Hicks, 25 March 1929, had Venus Jupiter, North Node in Taurus.

   Susana Walton, 30 August 1926, wife of composer Sir William, who designed the famous La Mortella gardens in Ischia, Italy, had Mars in Taurus opposition a Scorpio Moon Saturn square Neptune opposition Jupiter. Like Gertrude Jekyll, she had Jupiter in Aquarius, in her case, doubly emphasized being on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Sun sextile Pluto.  Alan Titchmarsh also has Jupiter in Aquarius on the focal point of a yod to Saturn sextile Uranus.

 Trying to trace similarities in gardeners’ charts there are several with inconjuncts – and three in particular Susana Walton, Beth Chatto and Vita Sackville West had Uranus inconjunct Neptune. With two others also having strong Uranus Neptune aspects.

  Pluto features strongly as well which makes sense of trying to exert control over plants and designs.

 Many of the gardeners’ charts have challenging aspects suggesting they are/were high stress personalities who found an outlet in gardening. The TV gardener and author Monty Don, 8 July 1955, has often talked of his mental health problems and how much gardening has been his saviour. He, like Beth Chatto, is a Sun Cancer with Venus also in Cancer and Uranus Mars in Cancer square Neptune. His Mercury in chatty Gemini is trine Neptune and sextile Pluto.

 Susan Walton took up gardening to give her an occupation when her much older (and none too faithful husband) shut himself away composing. Vita Sackville-West found solace in gardening in the midst of and after a tumultuous love life. See post 17 March 2024. She had Uranus inconjunct Pluto Neptune; a revved up Mars – and significantly a Taurus North Node which would appreciate the calming influence of nature and plants.

A respite from a depressing world.

ADD ON: Inconjuncts and yods are reflected in the 12th harmonic which is the victim/healer harmonic. It is strong in doctors charts. The 150 degree angles are constantly trying to find a way of merging incompatible elements to reduce discomfort. Definitely a healing drive.

  Christopher Lloyd is a case in point (thanks Jane), 2 March 2021 since his natal chart has Sun Jupiter in Pisces inconjunct Neptune in Leo. Mars in Aries inconjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Venus in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Virgo.

  He had an exceptionally strong and successful 12th harmonic with an emphasised Jupiter – and a Sun Neptune Venus link.

Russ Cook – his astrology kicked him into gear

A fat teenager with alcohol and gambling problems was on the skids and descending into depression when he had a flash of enlightenment in a realization he had to do something with his life and make a difference. He started running, entering his first half  marathon when he was 21.

  Now at 27 he is a hardened endurance runner, recently going from Istanbul to London, averaging 46km per day for 66 days. Today he is expected to complete his most ambitious run yet from the southern tip of South Africa the entire length of Africa to Tunisia. For more than 10,190 miles (16,400km), 352 days, 16 countries, he endured food poisoning, back and health problems, sweltering heat, being taken hostage and being the victim of armed robbery. In all he has raised more than £550,000 The Running Charity, which supports the mental health of young people with complex needs or who are homeless, and Sandblast which educates people about Sahrawi culture.

 Russ Cook, 13 March 1997, Worthing, England, no birth time, is a Sun, Mercury in Pisces opposition Mars in Virgo North Node, sexile/trine Neptune. Although it seems counter-intuitive Pisces is a surprisingly common sign amongst explorers and a strong Neptune occurs frequently in the charts of top athletes and sportspersons. He also probably has an Earth Grand Trine of Neptune trine Mars North Node trine a Taurus Moon. Plus a tough-minded Saturn in self-reliant Aries trine Pluto, sextiling onto a lucky, adventurous Jupiter Uranus conjunction combining endurance with an aptitude for risk-taking.

  What brought the revelation that pushed him onto a better track in life?  When he was 17 his Solar Arc Pluto was square his Sun, forming a T Square to his Sun opposition Mars – a longish process of six years when he could have felt totally trapped and boxed in – and he sounds as if he sank into a trough at the start. What kicked him out of it was his Solar Arc Jupiter Uranus sextile SA Saturn moving to inconjunct his Mars, forming a travelling yod.

  His Jupiter Uranus is lucky – his Mars gives him drive, practicality and aptitude for hard graft. His Mars on one leg of a talented Earth Grand Trine gives him the potential to achieve great things but clearly needed a shunt from the universe to click it into gear.

  So his natal Saturn trine Pluto, sextile Jupiter Uranus configuration moving by Solar Arc to collide with his Sun opposition Mars did provide a life changing crisis – by kicking him out of his rut and making him find his niche. And off he went.

  He could have so easily gone the way of many lost druggy teenagers and never found his way. It is fascinating and uplifting to see how the astrology shifted to give him the insight and motivation he needed to find his very singular path.

  He started this trans-Africa run on 22 April 2023 in Agulhas, South Africa. On a 6.30am sunrise chart that puts Jupiter on the Aries Ascendant conjunct a Taurus Sun with both square Pluto just into Aquarius in the 10th, which seems apt.

Eurovision 24 – activism and terrorism threats

Eurovision is “not the arena to solve a Middle East conflict” say the organizers, valiantly trying to stave off criticism about Israel’s inclusion after its invasion of Gaza, when Russia was banned after the Ukraine incursion. Their banner “United by music” is unlikely to make an impact against a backdrop of heightened terror alerts across Europe, the Ukraine conflict and Russia’s ire about Sweden joining Nato, Eurovision 2024 looks to be the most politically contentious ever. What is worse, the location in Malmo, an international city with a young and diverse population (around a third born outside Sweden) with a strong Palestinian community is likely to throw up its own problems.

 Activism and terrorism are the twin threats for locals and the 100,000 visitors, who will be entertained not just at Eurovision but in club nights and drag shows across multiple venues.

 The competition kicks off at 9pm on 7 May 2024 just before the Taurus New Moon; with a divisive Uranus in the 7th house of neighbourly relations and Mars in pro-active, assertive Aries in the performing 5th house. Plus a downbeat Saturn in the 4th as well as Neptune hinting at an uncertain mood on the home territory.

  With eerie syncronicity the final on 11 May occurs just as tr Uranus moves to 23 degrees Taurus to conjunct the Israel 8th house Sun.

 The Sweden 6 June 1523 JC 11.30am Stockholm chart, has tr Saturn almost opposition an aggravated Mars over the song contest and just after as well as square the Midheaven (start time being accurate). Plus a handful of tough Pluto transits to midpoints but nothing too dramatic.

 The Sweden 7 December 1856 3.30 pm chart is on its Nodal Half Return with the SA Pluto catching this month’s Solar Eclipse and tr Uranus connecting with the 23 Taurus SA Sun.

  Relationship charts between both Sweden charts and Russia and Israel hint at some disruptions in May but more across the July/August period and beyond.

  Sweden does not have its problems to seek even without a fractious Eurovision. An open-door migration policy in the past with no accompanying policy to help the newcomers integrate has led to the emergence of neighborhoods with all residents immigrants, unemployment rates are high and where the children are often not proficient in Swedish. ‘This has served as an incubator for crime, as gangs take over where society fails.’ ‘Present-day Sweden carries the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of gangland killings in Europe. It boasts the lowest average age of serious offenders, with children in their low teens being arrested for murder.’

  Foreign-born citizens now account for 20 percent of the nation’s population. If this includes those born in Sweden with two foreign-born parents, the number rises to 26 percent.

Among residents aged 25-34 years, one-third presently has a foreign background, and among those aged 35-44 years, it is 38 percent.

Robin Williams – one of the comic greats

Robin Williams is being remembered in a BBC celebration ten years after his death. Known for his improvisational skills, he was regarded as one of the greatest comedians of all time with an award strewn career in Good Will Hunting; Good Morning, Vietnam; Dead Poets Society; and The Fisher King amongst many others. During his career, he suffered substance abuse issues and phases of severe depression though his eventual suicide was attributed to the debilitating effects of Lewy body disease, akin to dementia, which induces sudden and prolonged spikes in fear, anxiety, stress and insomnia, worsening into memory loss, paranoia and delusions. His wife later said “Robin was losing his mind and he was aware of it.”

  He was born 21 July 1951 1.34pm Chicago, Illinois, into a wealthy family and was a quiet child until he found drama. He had a communicative, thoughtful 9th house Cancer Sun sextile hard-working Saturn in Virgo. His Pluto in the 10th conjunct Mercury in Leo would make him influential though with a strong need to be in control. What drove his mischievous, anarchic sense of humour was Uranus Mars in Cancer on the focal point of a T square to Jupiter in Aries opposition Neptune – volatile, excitable, could be fanatical in his obsessions, a risk-taker, uncompromising, unrealistic. His 12th house Neptune would incline him towards escapist addictions. His sensitive Pisces Moon on the cusp of his performing/entertaining 5th house was in a soft-hearted opposition to Venus.

  A strong Uranus often appears in comedians charts – Lionel Shriver’s satirical bent comes from there. James Gillray, the 19th Century caricaturist has Uranus on the focal point of a yod square Pluto – it gives an ability to think outside of the box and take a quirky view of life.

  When the first symptoms of his illness appeared he had his Progressed Moon moving through his 8th house; with his Solar Arc Sun just over the conjunction to his Saturn. Probably more significantly his Progressed Mars was conjunct his 10th house Mercury conjunct his Progressed Pluto – so enormous pressure on his ability to think clearly and communicate. No 6th house influences at all.

A lovely man, fondly remembered.