Olympian heights for mid- spot Aquarius

Records appear to be tumbling at a record rate at the Olympics with the latest being in the women’s 800 metres. There are too many athletes and sporting prodigies to go over by name and event but one thing continues to fascinate me – which sounds obscure but has turned up over the years – which is the concentration of key midpoints or planets/Solar Arcs at mid Aquarius degrees in top class competitors’ charts. It seems strange with Aquarius not being a sign much associated with physical prowess.

  The Japan Olympics chart itself has a Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at 12 Aquarius – see post July 24 2021. Elaine Thompson-Herah, 28 June 1992, the fastest woman alive after her 100 metres win, a Sun Venus in Cancer has her Mars/Pluto midpoint at 15 Aquarius and her Saturn at 17 Aquarius.

  Emma McKeon, 24 May 1994, the multi-medalled swimmer (4 gold, three bronze here), a Sun Gemini has her Mars/Pluto at 13 Aquarius and her Mars/Node at 11 Aquarius.

 Keely Hodgkinson, 3 March 2002, the 800 metres runner, Sun Pisces, has her Mercury at 17 Aquarius, Mars/Pluto at 24 Aquarius and her Uranus/Neptune at 17 Aquarius.

  Lamont Marcell Jacobs, 26 September 1994, sun libra, the 100 and 60 metres winner, has two of his Saturn midpoints in mid Aquarius.

 Adam Peaty, the Brit swimmer, 28 December 1994, a Capricorn, has the same two Saturn midpoints almost on the same degrees as Jacobs in mid Aquarius.

  All of which may not add up to much but the fixed quality may help, giving endurance and staying power for the punishing training schedule. Sydney McLaughlin, who has just broken the world record for 400 metres hurdles, 7 August 1999, has a seriously Fixed chart with a Sun Leo opposition Uranus in mid Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio opposition Saturn.

Usain Bolt, the former world champion sprinter, and Mo Farah, the long-distance runner, both have their Mars/Jupiter midpoint in mid Aquarius; with Mo Farah having his Sun/Neptune and Mars/Uranus there as well.

Kamala Harris – sliding down the polls

Kamala Harris’s standing is flagging as she becomes the most unpopular US vice president for decades. She ticks more disapprovals than approvals having not shone in her two assignments of immigration and voting rights. She managed to alienate some Hispanic voters by telling those from central America not to come and equally upset others by not visiting the border sooner. And there are persistent reports of an unhealthy environment in her office with staff morale plummeting.

  What is keeping her afloat and did so into the election is tr Pluto trine her Jupiter and that repeats for a final time this December. It is usually successful but can also breed arrogance. Her relationship with Joe Biden is going through a confused, disappointed and unsettled phase with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune again till late this December; and the ratchety tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Sun. There will be some disappointments between them in 2022 and 2023 with tr Neptune square the composite Jupiter.

  But she should have a career boost from this New Year throughout 2022 with successful Jupiter moving across her 10th till spring 2023. At the same time she will be under considerable pressure with a challenging must-change tr Pluto square her Libra Sun from early 2022 to late 2023 followed by tr Pluto square her Moon in 2023/24. Also her Progressed Moon will move into her 12th house almost exactly now till mid 2023 which can be discouraging, a time of endings and inner reflection.

  She’s probably too unbending, outspoken and over confident for her own good with a Fixed Grand Cross of Mars in Leo in the 3rd in a hard-edged opposition to Saturn square Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune. Though she would have assisted Biden in his win with her Jupiter trine his Midheaven and her can-be-charming Venus Pluto conjunction his MC.

  From a previous post: May 20 2021:

Kamala Harris has the same uplift as Joe Biden with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter until late this November and tr Jupiter is moving through her 10th till March 2023 which is generally successful. But also like him she runs into more obvious problems from next year onwards when she picks up the challenging tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and her Aries Moon and conjunct her Sun/Moon midpoint. The latter could suggest marital tensions but in a politician it can also point to a popularity dent. But one way and another she’ll be under huge pressure. Plus tr Neptune will square her Ascendant and oppose her Sun/Mars midpoint from April 2022 onwards till late 2023 – which suggests an undermining of her image, low vitality and failed-plans. During this period tr Uranus will make a high-anxiety opposition to her Neptune.

  Late 2023 sees a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn opposition her Sun and from April 2024 onwards for two years she picks up another Neptunian sinker to her Sun/Saturn midpoint.

  Her Progressed Moon will move through her 12th house from the middle of this year to mid 2023 which is usually a time of endings, inward looking and not too upbeat. Then she’ll experience some uplift as it moves across her Ascendant and that coincides with tr Saturn being conjunct her Midheaven in March 2023 and starting her career peak of eight years thereafter with heavier responsibilities.

Boris Johnson – adding to the brood

Dishevelled, chaotic, prolific, the Boris spinning-top twists and twirls ever onwards, unimpeded by the karma that forces most to pay the price for their actions. Happy news for the UK – to add to a bucketload of Olympics medals – as Carrie is expecting her second child in December, after a miscarriage earlier this year.

  Boris is on to his 7th offspring, at least that’s what’s written in the record – four from second wife Marina Wheeler, the first of which arrived five weeks after his divorce from Wife No 1; one from an art consultant, and this will be a pair. One of his other great loves Petronella Wyatt admitted to a termination and a miscarriage during their affair during which he promised to leave his wife and didn’t; and he had to resign in 2004 from the shadow cabinet for lying about it.

  Word has it that Marina Wheeler was the stiffener in his spine career-wise during their years together. She was born 18 August 1964 in Berlin, daughter of BBC correspondent Charles Wheeler and his Indian Sikh second wife.  Boris does seem to have a penchant for ladies from connected and multi-divorced families since Petronella Wyatt’s father was a prominent Labour MP and her mother, the 4th wife of her father, was a Hungarian.  Boris’s first wife was the daughter of a well-known and wealthy art historian and an Italian mother. Odd to be so anti-EU when his connections have been so global and fluid.

  Carrie Symonds also comes from a complicated family lineage which may track back to an illegitimate daughter of Herbert Asquith, prime minister in the early 20th Century. And down the line there were other illegitimate offspring of journalists until Carrie herself was born out of wedlock on 17 March 1988.

  Marina is a Sun Leo in a downbeat opposition to Saturn and an upbeat square to Jupiter in Taurus. What’s relevant to her chart is her enthusiastic and ambitious Mars Venus in Cancer falling on Boris’s Midheaven so she would throw her considerable energy behind his ambitions.

  Carrie’s connection to him, surprisingly given her personal political ambitions, is of a different order. Her ramped up Mars Neptune in Capricorn sits on his IC with her Uranus Saturn close by. It does suggest a confused and argumentative home life and she will unsettle him at quite a profound level, the IC being the foundations of his chart and life. Her Pluto in his 2nd conjunct his Neptune and opposition his Jupiter suggests a compulsion on her part to get a grip of his muddled approach to his finances and there will be a fair amount of gameplaying between them for the upper hand with Pluto on Jupiter.

  Their relationship chart does have a lucky and mutually supportive composite Sun Jupiter conjunction but it also has an unpredictable, needs-space opposition to Uranus and an erratic and can-be-downbeat square to Saturn, so there will be highs and lows. With tr Neptune conjunct the composite Mars from late this May on and off till early 2023, not everything will feel in tune between them. Mars Neptune brings a droopy sense of failure. The tr Uranus square tr Saturn is also rattling the composite Sun this year into early 2022, so not a smooth path ahead.

  Boris’s Moon is coming in for a considerable amount of jangling ahead. His Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Moon about six months ago; and his Solar Arc Saturn will oppose his Moon in a year’s time. Plus his Progressed Moon is opposition his focal point (afflicted) Mars exactly now and moving on to square his Saturn come December, with hitches and glitches in 2022 as it squares his Uranus and Pluto. So his lunar life won’t be exactly settled. 

Which fits in with the wedding chart – see 30 May 2021; and other indicators, see also posts May 24 2021 and July 22 2021.

  I’d hazard a guess that Carrie was getting to the age where the now-or-never question about children came up and she was keen where he might not have been so enamoured of the idea.  He’s been moaning abut being short of money since he lost his lucrative column writing fees on becoming PM and has to contribute to past children. My impression is he would not be that unhappy to move on from No 10, having been-there, done-that, and on to greater wealth and security. But Carrie presumably won’t want to budge from a position where she can pull political strings. And there no real indication – see previous posts – of a sudden exit. All remains to be seen.

Piers Morgan – making a success of being offensive ++ wife Celia

Piers Morgan, famously outspoken and abrasively confident, has made a car-crash career out of being a professional provocateur.  Rupert Murdoch, his former boss at the News of the World, where he was editor described him as having “balls bigger than his brains”. And it’s not that he’s always wrong, having blown his US TV presenting career by refusing to back down over his opposition to the lax gun laws which slumped his ratings. But he is addicted to getting into fights with no sense of where to stop.

  His not-altogether-inaccurate but seriously over-the-top and unhinged attacks on Meghan Markle led to his UK morning breakfast show reign ending last year, despite him having boosted the ratings threefold in his time there.  He’s also had spats in the past with Madonna and this recent one over gymnast Simone Biles.

  Born 30 March 1965 in Sussex, UK, he’s a pro-active Sun Venus in Aries, which explains his rubber-ball resilience in bouncing back from whatever self-inflicted career disaster he has created. Money isn’t an issue with him since he owns the rights to his formats that are broadcast in the US, and is on a seven-figure salary for the Daily Mail group. He lives by his grandmother’s happy thought that: “One day you’re cock of the walk, the next a feather duster.” Which he appears to have turned into a career plan.

  Where his explosive trouble making streak comes from is a volatile Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn (Moon) in Pisces square North Node in Gemini. He will have an exceptionally short fuse,(Mars Uranus + Saturn), and will get easily enraged (Mars Pluto). And undoubtedly won’t play well with girls having his Moon tied into Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Pluto which is a considerably afflicted Moon.  He’s also got Boris Johnson’s Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune giving him a liking for money and indulgence and a lucky, slippery streak.

  Tr Pluto is trine his Jupiter exactly now and again in December for a successful push. The next three years won’t be as upbeat with banana skins galore and some frustrating slog. But he’ll bounce again by 2024.  

   He certainly doesn’t have good chemistry with Simone Biles with her self-reliant Saturn in Aries conjunct his Sun Venus and her Pluto trine. Her toughness bred from surviving a horror childhood may rub him up the wrong way and their relationship chart is truly aggravated with a composite Venus Saturn opposition Mars square Neptune.

 Madonna and MeghanM are less marked as astro-hot spots for him with only their Virgo Moon and Venus respectively hitting his combustible Virgo planets and T square. But he does seem overly sensitive about them not sticking by his side as BFFs which clearly brings out his vengeful streak.

  Partly what will drive him on is (at the moment) earning his Daily Mail seven figures which will require him to grab attention by being offensive or outrageous; and in the past, it will have given an outlet for his less-than-stable temperament which needs to vent and rant about something or anything to release the pressure inside him.  

On his age: He started as a freelance for Murdoch papers when he was 23 and became the youngest editor in Fleet Street in his late 20s.

He’s married to Celia Walden former gossip columnist and novelist, daughter of long-time former MP George Walden. Her wiki entry suggests she’s come in for a fair amount of criticism in her time for her musings.

  She was born 8 December 1975 in Paris and is a Sun Mercury Neptune in Sagittarius so communicative and vague with her Mercury opposition a straight-speaking and argumentative Mars in Gemini, with a pushily confident Jupiter in pro-active Aries opposition Pluto; and an excitable Uranus Venus in Scorpio in a can-be-autocratic square to Saturn in Leo.  So she’ll be no slouch when it comes to standing up for herself.

   Her   self-assertive Jupiter is conjunct Piers’ Sun Venus with her Pluto opposite; and her Sun Neptune square his volcanic Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo and his Moon Saturn in Pisces and her Sun is conjunct his South Node. Her Neptune may calm some of his more combustible moods at home but it’s an oddly scratchy combination – and the South Node connection suggests she pulls him back into bad habit patterns that he needs to move away from. Her Aquarius Moon may square his Jupiter which will help.

  Their relationship chart is upbeat with a composite Sun square Jupiter though also competitive and argumentative. Together they won’t always make sensible decisions with a composite Mars square Jupiter egging them on to take risks. There is also an Earth Grand Trine tying them together, so money and status will be important.

   Her father came up through the diplomatic corps and then Westminster was born 15 September 1939 and is a Sun Neptune Venus in Virgo. But he also has the extraordinarily difficult Mars opposition Pluto square Saturn of the time, so she would be used to demanding men.

  The wedding chart to Piers Morgan, 24 June 2010, indicated a roller-coaster ride ahead with a Sun opposition Pluto square Saturn opposition Jupiter Uranus – so a pot pourri of great fun and adventure, luck, hard work and tension.

Malta: Galizia murder – high level humiliation

The car-bomb killing of investigative reporter Caruana Galizia in 2017 – “a one woman wikileaks” – who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta sent shock waves through the government. Joseph Muscat was eventually forced to resign as prime minister as several with close ties to himself, senior government officials and senior police officers were implicated.

  A damning independent inquiry has found that the state had to bear responsibility after creating a “culture of impunity” which led “to a collapse in the rule of law.” The judges called for immediate action to rein in and regulate the links between politicians and big business.

   Three men suspected of setting off the bomb were arrested in December 2017 – one plead guilty in a plea bargain, resulting in a 15-year jail term. Two others await trial. The self-confessed middle man turned state witness and was granted a pardon. Muscat denies any involvement in the murder.

 Caruana Galizia was born one month before Malta became independent and was – as befitting a journalist – a serious Sun Virgo opposition Saturn; with a defiant Uranus, Pluto, Mercury in Virgo on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Cancer trine Neptune. Idealistic and keen to push back the frontiers of knowledge. Her Mars sextile Pluto would give her courage though that was severely blocked when she was murdered with tr Pluto opposition her Venus Mars and her Solar Arc Mars Venus was in an explosive conjunction to her Uranus.  

  Malta’s natal Virgo Sun was badly shaken in the aftermath with a Solar Arc Mars conjunction and tr Saturn in Sagittarius square both. Tr Pluto was also on the Malta Descendant provoking strong hostility from across Europe for the atrocity and the lack of government/police action before or after. Tr Neptune was also opposing the Malta Uranus exactly and Mercury for panic and high-anxiety.

  Joseph Muscat, the former prime minister who denies all and any involvement, was born 22 January 1974, and is a Sun, Venus, Mercury in Aquarius trine Pluto, sextile Neptune and square Mars in Taurus – not short of super-charged ambition and a liking for material wealth. He also has an Air Grand Trine of Jupiter in Aquarius trine Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus – seven planets in Air making him communicative, but emotionally detached. His stressed Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars is being rattled around this year with tr Saturn square tr Uranus colliding with the focal point Mars. He’ll have problems from that Yod with rash, overly assertive actions which can be self-defeating. When Galizia was killed his Solar Arc Pluto was in an over-confident square to his Jupiter which can lead to tangles with authority figures if a line is crossed and rules are transgressed.   His Yod was always going to be sent off onto a different trajectory this year.

  The Malta chart isn’t saying much that is illuminating apart from tr Uranus square the Venus this year – and an undermining tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun in 2023/24 – but that could be for other reasons. There is a Yod of Mars sextile Sun inconjunct Saturn on the natal chart which will exert a heavy karmic price for transgressions but they may not come home to roost with full force until 2025/2026 when tr Uranus will square the focal point Saturn and tr Pluto squares the Mars. All three legs of the Yod will be under attack between 2023 with Neptune first and then Pluto and Uranus – so it will be a phase of rolling wake-up-calls urging a new direction and outlook.

Simone Biles – a gymnast like no other

Simone Biles, the peerless American gymnast has pulled out of another final at the Olympics citing mental health issues. In a statement she said she was off form and likely to risk injuring herself. “We have to protect our minds and our bodies and not just go out and do what the world wants us to do. I don’t trust myself as much anymore. Maybe it’s getting older. ”

  At 24 she’s already older than Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut, two other world class gymnastic Olympians who took the world by storm when they performed years back. They retired at 20 and 22, having started very young.

  There’s not many similarities between the three charts. Olga Korbut, 16 May 1955 in Belarus, is a driven and determined Sun Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto; with a creative Venus in Aries opposition Neptune square an adventurous and lucky Uranus Jupiter in Cancer.

  Nadia Comaneci, 12 November 1961 in Rumania, is a Sun Scorpio conjunct Neptune on one side and Mars on the other, sextile Saturn – so has a streak of Korbut’s determination. Her Jupiter is inconjunct Uranus and trine Venus Mercury in Scorpio.

  Simone Biles, 14 March 1997 maybe 12.30 am Columbus, Ohio, is a Sun, Venus, Mercury in Pisces opposition Mars in Virgo; with a tough-minded Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries trine Pluto sextiling onto a lucky, adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Aquarius.

  Last Olympics she ignored a kidney stone, refused to be operated on and couldn’t be drugged to ease the pain, and still managed to win her thirteenth gold. Her signature vault – ‘the Biles’ – has never been attempted in competition by any other woman. Nadia Comaneci said of her: “You have somebody who can do something we cannot even design on a paper.” Her superstar 22nd Harmonic stands out as tough and unique; as well as super-confident.

  Simone had an inauspicious start in life with a drug and alcohol addicted mother and never knew her father. She was rescued from foster care by her grandparents, who despite their modest circumstances indulged her drive to succeed. Earlier this year, she came forward to testify that she, like so many of her fellow gymnasts, had been sexually abused by the US team doctor Larry Nassar.

  Jupiter Uranus appears to be the only common factor between all three gymnasts which is best described as the ‘power of positive thinking’.

  Simone’s Pluto is exactly conjunct her exuberant Mars/Jupiter midpoint. Olga Korbut’s Sun and Pluto are also in aspect to her Mars/Jupiter midpoint; and her Jupiter=Sun/Mars. Nadia’s Sun is conjunct her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. So a fair sprinkling of confident and high-spirited connections, with two of them having their enthusiastic Venus Mars midpoint also in play.

  If Simone’s 12.30 am birth time is sound then tr Saturn is moving down through her lower profile, less successful first quadrant at the moment; and tr Neptune is hovering around her IC opposing her midheaven which could explain her lack of motivation with tr Neptune conjunct her Sun this year or next depending on birth time and moving onto oppose her Mars in 2023. We may have seen her peak and she’ll have a tricky transition into retirement and her next phase of life/career.

Piers Morgan in his usual crass, brash fashion is berating her withdrawal. But there’s a real risk of serious spinal and other injury if complicated mid air twists go wrong.

Add On: In late May this year she was executing a move so awe inspiring no one else would attempt it. That was when tr Uranus was square her focal point Jupiter giving her the confidence to take a risk and succeed. Then evidently she had problems in training running into the Olympics – that was when tr Saturn had retrograded to conjunct her Jupiter dampening her confidence and causing her to doubt herself. Tr Saturn is now moving to conjunct her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from August 4th – so she’s stuck in a patch where her self-esteem will be low and her mental attitude not as strong as usual, which for this particular sport is crucially important, if life-changing injuries are to be avoided.

New Zealand & Australia – no easy answers ahead

New Zealand on the statistical front appears to be weathering the Covid economic storm but there’s no doubting the challenges ahead. The NZ 4th house Sun Mars in Capricorn is catching tr Pluto conjunct the Sun this year and next and moving on from early 2022 to conjunct the Mars which will be aggravating, trapped and frustrating till late 2023 on the domestic discontent front. The Solar Arc Saturn is also in a discouraging square to the NZ Sun this year and pointing towards considerable setbacks by 2023 when it squares the NZ Mars.

  From a previous post: New Zealand always was facing an exceptionally tough decade starting on its Uranus Return in 2019, followed by a series of heavy, challenging transits right through the 2020s. Tr Pluto moving into the 4th house this year and staying for many years ahead bringing internal disquiet and strains, will conjunct the NZ Capricorn Sun Mars and square the NZ Pluto from early 2021 to 2023; with the economically destabilising tr Uranus in Taurus square tr Saturn in Aquarius in 2021 hitting on the NZ (Uranus) Saturn. The Solar Arc Saturn will square the Sun in 2021, then Mars in 2023, then oppose Pluto in 2026 bringing a series of setbacks. By which time tr Pluto has moved into Taurus and will form a disruptive (revolutionary) conjunction to the Uranus and in a tough-slog conjunction with Saturn up to the end of the decade.

  There will be jolts, upheavals and upsets in 2023/2024 economically which show on the Bank of New Zealand, 1 August 1934 chart, but it isn’t as stressed ahead as the USA, UK or EU Central bank charts. It may be ripples from a global crisis or it could be the knock on from a deteriorating relationship with China – or maybe earthquake connected.

  This decade was always going to be one which changed New Zealand in a profound way.

  The Bank of Australia, 14 January 1960, is hinting at more obvious aggravation similar to USA, UK etc between 2023 and 2026 – with a devastating and confused Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune late 2022/early 2023; then a panicky failed tr Neptune square the Mars in 2024/25; a dead-halt, scary Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto in 2025 and a shock Solar Arc Sun square Mars in 2026.

  The Australia 1 January 1901 chart has an enthusiasm denting tr Neptune square the AU Jupiter in 2023/24 and a muddled square to Mercury in 2024. Tr Pluto will also cross the Midheaven, depending on the accuracy of the start time from 2023 to 2025, which can be a time of blocks on progress, necessitating a complete rethink of direction thereafter. It can sometimes accompany a loss of reputation or status as well. So tough times.   

Anti-vaxxers – ranting rebels losing traction

Anti-vaxxers are falling out of favour in the USA with infection rates spiralling and even the Republicans have now gone into fast reverse on the subject. But there are still a hard-core of fanatical activists, in the UK and France as well, objecting vociferously to being told what to do, as they see it.

  What is striking about four of the top screamers – Robert F Kennedy Jnr, Christiane Northrup, Joseph Mercola and UK’s Piers Corbyn – is how similar their charts are. Sun in hard aspect to Uranus for a contrary, rebellious and uncooperative streak. An afflicted angry Mars most often in aspect to Pluto, so hyper-sensitive to being bullied because of childhood experiences though, au naturellement, that’s what they turn in. And Uranus Neptune hard aspects which can give a fanatical streak and a tendency to hang on to batty ideas even when all the evidence points against their beliefs.

  Robert Kennedy Jnr, 17 January 1954 Washington is a Sun Venus in Capricorn opposition Uranus square Neptune. With Mars in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and square Pluto.

 Christiane Northrup, 4 October 1949, Sun Neptune mercury in Libra square Uranus; with a Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo square Venus.

Piers Corbyn, 10 March 1947, is a Sun Pisces square Uranus; with a focal point Mars in Pisces on a Yod inconjunct Saturn Pluto sextile Neptune; with Neptune trine Uranus.

  Joseph Mercola, 8 July 1954, is a Sun Cancer conjunct Uranus square Neptune; with Mars in strident Sagittarius trine Pluto Venus in Leo.

  There may also be an element of jumping on a bandwagon to grab the spotlight but a goodly chunk of it is venting their rage against an unfair world/daddy/big government and this just happens to be a convenient issue for them to sink their teeth into. And for some there may be the alternative medicine dislike of putting foreign substances into the body. A touch of the Jehovah Witness fervour against medical interference.   

See previous January 16 2020 post.

Kitty Spencer – a wedding Diana would be proud of

An over-the-top socialite-marries-billionaire wedding on Saturday saw Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of Princess Diana, married to South African fashion-mogul Michael Lewis, who is twice her age and five years older than her father. She dazzled in a series of gowns made for her by Dolce & Gabbana, for whom she is a brand ambassador.

  The wedding chart for 6pm Frascati, nr Rome, has, not surprisingly, a frivolous, indulgent and extravagant Jupiter opposition Venus and Mars in flamboyant Leo – as befits a high fashion event. Though the Mars is also on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Pluto which will be tricky to balance. There’s also a cool, workmanlike Moon Saturn in Aquarius widely opposition Sun and on the other side square Uranus – so their domestic life is likely to be a touch ratchety and changeable. There’s also an intense Mercury opposition Pluto.

  She was born 28 December 1990, the eldest child of Earl Spencer, though not in line to inherit Althorp because of the weirdly behind-the-times aristo rules which hand it over to her younger brother. Her mother Victoria suffered from eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse during her six year marriage to Spencer, so Kitty would not have an easy start.

  She’s a rebellious and highly-strung Sun, Uranus Neptune in Capricorn with a sophisticated though cool Venus Saturn also in Capricorn. Plus she has an aggravated Moon Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto suggesting a more than difficult relationship to both parents.

  Her crossovers with her father are especially fraught with her determined Mars in Taurus conjunct his Sun and his unpredictable Uranus Pluto in Virgo trine her Sun Uranus Neptune.

  I have a birth date of 27 January 1959 for her husband Michael Lewis though I can’t remember where it came from. If accurate, he’s a Sun Aquarius opposition Uranus square Neptune; with Mars in Taurus opposition Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio square a charming, good-for-frivolous-fashion Venus in Aquarius.  It sounds feasible.

  Her next two years look challenging and quite an uphill push with tr Pluto trine her Mars and Solar Arc Saturn square her Mars.

  A life out of the ordinary for sure.