Trump tower crumbling at the base

“Trump taxes show chronic losses and years of tax avoidance” ran the New York Times headline as it claimed to have sight of Trump’s tax returns for the past 15 years. The revelations will damage Trump’s claim to be a successful businessman, capable of stewarding the US economy. He could be due a possible $100m bill if he loses a decade-long IRS audit battle. Plus other debts which are due to be repaid in coming years. There are also question marks about how his businesses have continued to function if they have constantly lost vast sums of money.

  Trump’s astro-timeline below from a previous post. What is worth highlighting is his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his slippery 2nd house Neptune, exact in a year’s time, though possibly in triggering earlier which was always going to have a poleaxing effect on his finances – a sharp reality check for evasive practices; with a highly-strung (nervous meltdown) Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus, exact at the same time = reputation damaging. His Progressed Moon is moving into his 2nd house in the middle of 2021 to stay for two years plus, which always bring up cash concerns. Then he faces a grind-to-a-dead-halt, enraged and high-risk catastrophe by late 2022 with Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto; with 2023 being restricted every which way and feeling a very cold draught from Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn. Plus a great deal of Neptunian dissolution from spring 2021 onwards.

The house of cards starting to topple, validating the acerbic description from years back by another businessman of Trump – “a con man with credit.” Another question being who supplied the credit – the Deutsche Bank et al revelations may fill in a few blanks.

  His adult children, heavily involved in his businesses all look stressed ahead. Donald Junior has a completely-blocked, deprived and depressed Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn now; a neurotic, panicky, uncertain tr Pluto square his Saturn/Neptune midpoint late this November to late December; and a scarily trapped tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars over this New Year and on and off through 2021. 2021 looks insecure, jangled, uneasy as he heads for another deprived, discouraging road block in 2023 from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Pluto.

  Eric is looking forward to 2022 being his year of cataclysm with a hugely disruptive Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus and Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Venus; with a nightmarish 2023/24 and even worse 2026.

  Ivanka does have a bullishly upbeat tr Pluto square her Jupiter across the New Year and on and off through 2021; but she also has depressed patches making heavy weather of progress with major glooms from late February on and off through 2022 as well with tr Pluto square her Sun/Saturn midpoint; plus her slippery Venus Neptune in Sagittarius may well shake loose a few undermining secrets through 2021 as well as it comes under aspect from a run of tr Neptune squares. Her nadir looks to be 2022 with Solar Arc Pluto square her Mars which is trapped and scary; and 2023 with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Uranus which will upset her applecart.

Methinks losing the election would be the least of their worries and even another WH stint wouldn’t protect him. It’s all going to build from now – but 2022/23 look to be the real disaster years for the Trump and family finances.

August 31 2020 post:

From 5th July he picks up the catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, to which Ebertin ascribes accidents, illness or tests of nervous strength. At the same time he has the disruptive tr Uranus square his Pluto. Both keep running till late September, and return in April 2021 along with a blocked tr Saturn in opposition to both his Pluto and Mars/Saturn, and those run on and off till early 2022.

   July 6 to August 18 he has the discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn, returning late November till late December.

   He will get some uplift mid August to late November from tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint though that’s minor and it won’t outweigh the fraught tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus running at the same time which will bring a struggle for survival and a real test of nerves, and the other influences.

  He’s got an extended run ahead of Neptune transits which tend to lower energy and undermine ego-driven ambitions, and can also indicate underhand and deceptive tactics. He’s nerve-stretched at the moment and not thinking clearly with tr Neptune square his Sun/Uranus midpoint late April to late August. Tr Neptune squares Uranus/Node through September; and opposes his Progressed Moon over the election.

  Into 2021 from late March 2021 tr Neptune squares his Moon and then his Sun, on and off till early 2023.

  The June Lunar Eclipse this year will be opposition his Uranus for a shake up; and more significantly the December 23 Sagittarius Eclipse will conjunct his Moon and oppose his Sun.

  A Solar Eclipse opposition a natal Sun usually brings a realisation of not always being right and needing to acquire a fresh perspective. A Solar Eclipse conjunct the Moon brings up the past and tests the foundations of life in a major way. It can bring public image under scrutiny. Robert Jansky says: ‘If society considers you a valuable person it will let you know.

Add On: I’ve been so focussed on the election and immediate aftermath I completely overlooked the cataclysmic state of Trump’s chart moving ahead.

  In addition to the Neptunian low energy/low confidence swamp he moves into courtesy of transiting Neptune from next spring for two years he has a run of disastrous Solar Arcs. Mid to late 2021 his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his 2nd house Neptune which will bring a significant panic and rising neurosis possibly around his personal finances. In addition his has Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus which may have a dissolving action on one of the planks of his career – and could also have a neurological component. Worse by far is Solar Arc Mars square his 12th house Pluto come late 2022, followed swiftly by Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn, both of which are likely to run him into a dead-halt meltdown. These Solar Arcs are not dependent on his birth time – but what it does mean in the unlikely event of his re-election that he would almost certainly not see out the term.

BBC under siege on the right flank

Boris in full-Trumpian spate is, according to reports, attempting to shoehorn two right-wingers into key broadcasting jobs, which should be put out to tender and a selection process. The prospect of Charles Moore, ex-Telegraph editor, as possible BBC chairman will invoke shudders of horror amongst the inmates. As will Paul Dacre, former Daily Mail editor, in as head of Ofcom (the government regulatory body for broadcasting) – which latter has been described like putting Genghis Khan in charge of social care in the community.  

  Both men are oddly enough Sun Scorpios as is the BBC, Dacre born on the same day as Prince Charles.

  Charles Moore, who once employed Boris Johnson as a journalist and described him as a nightmare to work with, was born 31 October 1956 and is a Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Scorpio in an innovative and can-be fanatical square to Uranus and trine Mars in Pisces. If he is confirmed, he’ll upset the applecart at the BBC and it’ll be a noisy term.  His ambitious Mars in Pisces falls in the BBC’s 10th conjunct its rebellious Uranus and his Uranus opposes the BBC’s stubbornly opinionated 9th house Mars. His self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius is square the BBC Uranus for sharply differing agendas; and his Pluto sits in the BBC’s 4th which will prompt him to put an iron hand on internal matters.

  He is looking more satisfied than usual come late November into December with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter after an acutely frustrating October/November as the civil service mandarins dig in their heels about due process. Across the New Year and January he’s into disaster territory, with more later in the year; and there’s nothing that looks either easy or too successful over the next three years.

  Paul Dacre, 14 November 1948, has the same blip upwards late November to late December; but will have an exceedingly messy, discontented three years after that. If he does get it, he won’t enjoy it. Though he’d have more than just the BBC to contend with since the rest of the TV network and social media would also come under his remit.

  His crossover with the BBC if anything is worse than Moore’s with his Pluto conjunct the BBC Neptune and opposition the BBC Mars with his Venus Neptune conjunct the BBC Saturn and his Mars square the BBC Moon etc.

  The BBC chart is hitting its roughest patch in 2022 with tr Saturn square the Midheaven; a shocking collision Solar Arc Mars opposition the Sun and tr Neptune opposition the Moon. And that’s the juncture when Moore is having his greatest impact in turning the place upside down.

   It’s not that the BBC shouldn’t be reined in – the bloated and obscenely expensive, top-heavy bureaucracy needs a slash-and-burn, scorched-earth policy; and the left-wing, London-centric approach needs rebalanced. But a Boris vengeance spree handing on the baton to Moore could be a step too far.

Amy Barrett – a decision Trump may regret

Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated and will almost certainly be confirmed as the Supreme Court replacement for Ruth Ginsberg. Barrett is reckoned extremely intelligent and capable though tainted by her association with a charismatic Christian, essentially Roman Catholic though also ecumenical, group known as People of Praise. It excludes women from its higher leadership and was thought to be one of the inspirations behind Margaret Atwood’s the Handmaid’s Tale.

  Born 28 January 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, she’s a Sun Aquarius conjunct the North Node sextile Neptune and trine Pluto – and tied into an out of element Grand Trine, with North Node trine Saturn in Fixed Taurus trine Pluto, turned into a Kite by Saturn opposition Neptune. Sun Neptune Pluto indicates soaring ambition. An Aquarius North Node is associated with devotion to a cause. Neptune is both spiritual and in aspect to Saturn both socially-aware and slightly paranoid. Saturn Pluto gives grit and perseverance.

   She also has Mars in upfront Aries in a volatile opposition to Uranus square Mercury in practical Capricorn; with a Cancer Moon also tied into what could be a Cardinal Grand Square. A Cancer Moon will be home-focused (seven children) but she hardly looks the submissive wife type – those are fairly explosive aspects.

  Her Sun will catch the tr Uranus square late November to mid-December this year and again next February for a major life’s change. This is a point which affects many of the main players and may well be when the confirmation hearings are held. [See previous post September 19 2020]. She has a ‘lucky break’ tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter/Uranus at the same time late this November to late December, though that’s mild. She looks stressed across the New Year till late January with tr Pluto conjunct her Mercury, which will involve her in toxic arguments. And has a fair few disaster influences through 2021.

   She half fits into the Supreme Court since both have Aquarius Suns and her Jupiter in Sagittarius works with the SCOTUS Jupiter Mars in Leo. But her Saturn squares the SCOTUS Mercury and her Mercury square Mars collides with the SCOTUS Neptune – so she will have a dampening and restricting effect on certain decisions and will fight against what she regards as ‘soft’ judgements.

   Her relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts, another Aquarius, is half friendly; and half fraught due to a composite Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars. This could tie them into life-or-death decisions (Mars Pluto) with irrevocable repercussions for both of them.  A composite Yod can have fated consequences for both parties.

  What is strange – maybe not – is that her relationship with Donald Trump is anything but cosy with an outright-dislike composite Mars Saturn conjunction. By 2022 tr Neptune starts three years of squaring and undermining that; as well as upending the composite Uranus also from 2022.  So if he wins or even if he doesn’t, cases that involve him which appear before the Supreme Court may find him regretting the day he appointed her.  

  And now that I look, Trump’s relationship with John Roberts while not quite as starkly at odds, is hitting a rough patch with panicky fears and disappointment from late April 2021 onwards for a year and upsets in 2022.

  The fates may get their revenge, though at some cost beforehand to America’s reputation and integrity. What a travesty.

Pic: Rachel Malehorn

Juliette Greco – passion born out of pain

Juliette Greco, the singer who became the muse of bohemian postwar Paris, the musical embodiment of the existentialist movement, has died aged 93. She was the darling of philosophers, poets, intellectuals and critics – Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir and others. Jean Paul Sartre, who composed lyrics for her, said “Gréco has a million poems in her voice. It is like a warm light that revives the embers burning inside of us all. In her mouth, my words become precious stones.”

  The composer Ernest Lubin praised her “deep, throaty voice that ranges from a near whisper to raucous abandon,” and her ability to “create a mood of astonishing intensity and conviction.”

  Her talent and emotional resilience were all the more astonishing given the trauma and horrors of her early life. She was born 7 February 1927 9pm Montpellier, France with an absent Corsican father and distant mother. According to wiki her mother referred to her as a child of rape and abandoned her and her sister to her maternal grandparents. When they died, during the war in Paris she and her sister rejoined her mother who was working for the Resistance. All three were captured by the Gestapo and tortured with her older sister and mother being sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp.  She was let out of prison after several months; and after the war found her sister and mother who had survived though in bad condition. Her mother subsequently left the sisters to live in Indochina. Juliette, not yet 20, lived alone in Paris, taking acting classes paid for by a family friend.

  She had a Sun Aquarius, as befits a bohemian icon, in her entertaining and performing 5th alongside Mercury opposition musical Neptune and squaring an intense and dark Mars in Taurus in her 8th house. Mars in Taurus is ultra-determined especially as a focal planet and buried in the 8th would give her a sense of the evils of the world. She also had an influential and controlling Pluto in the 10th with her Cancer Node conjunct her Midheaven trine Venus Jupiter in Pisces, sextiling onto her Moon in Taurus. Taurus rules the throat so is often found in singer’s charts. She also had a tricky, karmic/fated Yod of Moon sextile North Node Midheaven inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius which would indicate a life of struggle and frustration. Though as with all Saturnine burdens, it would ease through life. But it’s a really tough chart.

  Her Venus also squared Saturn, which given its connection to a highly-sexed approach to life, is interesting. She was married three times and had countless lovers, including Miles Davis whom she knew throughout her life; Quincy Jones, Sacha Distel, Albert Camus, Darryl F Zanuck amongst others.

An extraordinary woman.

Sasha Swire – A ++ for betrayal and character assassination

A rollicking political diary described as “a merciless memoir“ has been slicing through the pervading gloom as a former minister’s wife took payback for being ignored by the Cameron clique. Sasha Swire, heretofore unknown to all but few, is now a household word for indiscretion and betrayal. One reviewer said her “diaries are treacherous, socially contemptible, rude – and gripping.”

David Cameron is portrayed as honourable but lewd (obsessed with penis size) and essentially shallow.

George Osborne is amusing but vengeful. She relates he rushed off to beat then Deputy PM Nick Clegg to the grace and favour house of Dorneywood and plant his toothbrush there, as if it is a flag. (Petty and pathetic.)

Boris Johnson is “desperately lonely and unhappy on the inside”. ‘Yes, he’s an alley cat but he has a greatness of soul, a generosity of spirit, a desire to believe the best in people, a lack of pettiness and envy which is pretty uncommon in politics and, best of all, a wonderfully comic vision of the human condition.’

Michael Gove is “slightly bonkers”, and dishonest about his ambition. “He’s always lied about that. I think he’s quite dangerous.”

Dominic Cummings is “stark raving mad”. “It will all go tits up with him, it always does,” she says. “He’ll explode.”

Theresa May “didn’t have an original idea in her head. And no friends, either.”

  The closeness of Cameron’s circle is “unprecedented… a very particular, narrow tribe of Britain and their hangers-on”. It’s “enough to repulse the ordinary man”.  

  Her reflections are less about the destiny of history and more about houses, seating at state banquets, rivalries, ministerial cars and perpetual plotting. “It is modern-day Hilary Mantel.” What is all the odder is she seemed to have no clue about the likely repercussions of her musings which incensed Sarah Vine, Michael Gove’s wife and embarrassed the Camerons.

  Born 18 January 1963 in London, the daughter of Sir John Nott, a former Tory Cabinet Minister, Sasha Swire has a late Capricorn Sun, a flamboyant Mars in Leo, a cool Saturn in Aquarius with her Mercury in Aquarius inconjunct Uranus, which last would make her a blurter out of the truth as she saw it. More significantly she has a pushily-confident, and by all accounts entitled, Jupiter opposition Pluto and Uranus squaring onto Venus in Sagittarius. Venus Jupiter is superficially charming; Venus Pluto manipulative – and a focal point Venus is fickle in relationships, a social butterfly, who is reluctant to commit in relationships and lacks emotional depth. Her Moon may be late Libra or early Scorpio.

  Her attention-demanding Mars in Leo is heavily aspected by midpoints – opposition Sun/Jupiter, conjunct Pluto/Node, square Jupiter/Node and square Mercury Pluto. So she’s a mix of super-confident, angry and resentful and the last one Ebertin describes as “sharp critic, the desire to attack others, a blackmailer”. She’s not a blackmailer in the ordinary sense since she spread compromising and damaging information without demanding hush money. Though she did reportedly get £250,000 for her book.  And there are more to follow.

   Of the ones in her former friendship circle she has always grated with behind the saccharine smiles were George Osborne, Sarah Vine and Samantha Cameron.  Sasha’s chilly Saturn was in a ratchety conjunction to Osborne’s Mars with her Neptune square – no love lost there. Sarah Vine’s Aries Sun opposition Mars square Jupiter clashed with Sasha’s Capricorn Sun.

Samantha Cameron’s Fixed Saturn in Taurus squared Sasha’s Mars skewering her chances of the spotlight and Sasha’s Sun was trine Samantha’s Saturn and Pluto and conjunct Samantha’s Mars – not much chance of cosy girl nights in with those crossovers.  Dinner parties and holidays must have been rife with snippy comments, with barely concealed aggro running below the surface.

   Michael Gove and wife Sarah Vine look distracted by her now, ramping up in angst across the New Year and through 2021, presumably with the concern she may damage his chances since he’s still in the ring.  Osborne also, who is evidently keen to return to politics if he can, is similarly off balance. The Camerons strangely look concerned over this New Year and into next spring – so there may be more to come.  The publishers no doubt being keen to keep on a roll when they can.

  She was also suitably acerbic about Prince Andrew who she said gave an ‘excruciating’ diatribe about ‘how brilliant he was’ at an official dinner. ‘’It is clear there is a power struggle taking place between him and Prince Charles. A lot of Andrew’s embarrassing friendships with oligarchs, and his imploring anyone who will listen to bail out his wife, has strained their relationship.’ The Sasha/Andrew relationship chart is explosive through 2021.

   She may turn out to be the poor man’s diarist of the age.

Meghan and Harry rocking the Queen’s boat

Heading into her twilight years the Queen must be heaving a sigh of exasperation with her newly-transformed ‘woke’ grandson Harry as he heads (or is dragged) into a political minefield of a variety that will have courtiers screeching. He and lady wife intoning pious words about voting in the US election won’t fool anyone about their intentions and interfering in politics damages the monarchy. Tr Saturn is heading downwards across the Queen’s Capricorn Ascendant into her lower-profile First Quadrant for many years ahead which will undercut her workaholic tendencies, lower her energy and make her yearn for a peaceful existence with her feet up. It can also, unfortunately for those whom duty chains to their post, be a time of banana skins, setbacks and mishaps.

  Her relationship with Meghan always was tricky with Meghan’s emotionally-eruptive Mars in Cancer conjunct the Queen’s controlling 6th house Pluto. In the monarch’s ambit, there is only one crown, a strict pecking order and an expectation of submission from those close. None of which suits Meghan’s spotlight-demanding, ambitious Leo Sun or her allergic-to-control 4th house Pluto. And Meghan’s rebellious Uranus in her performing 5th house is conjunct the Queen’s deeply conscientious, duty-comes-first Saturn and Midheaven – even more than Diana she’s out to rock the boat.

   The Queen’s relationship with her is confused this year, and in a state of disarray and disappointment in 2021/22.  Not going to get easier any time soon. Meghan’s relationship with pa-in-law Prince Charles is on a downward slide for several years ahead; and jangled and jittered where Prince William is concerned especially 2023/24/25.

   Harry’s relationship with his grandmother will be under a sombre cloud late this November/early December; and fairly devastated in 2021/22. With his father Prince Charles, if anything, its in a more parlous state with emotional upsets now, and in spring 2021; serious dissatisfaction now till late November and continuing swampy for several years ahead.  Ditto with brother William, though perhaps even more volatile – with a blocked mid this November to mid December between them; and then eruptions late December to February 2021, with more jolts, jangles and setbacks from April 2021 onwards for more than a year.

  Harry, like his grandmother, has tr Saturn heading into his low profile First Quadrant now for years ahead, so if he were honest he’d prefer to disappear into a comfortable corner and keep his head down. If he pushes ahead, he’ll short-circuit himself. In 2022 tr Uranus moves across his IC into his 4th house for six years thereafter, which will start with family upheavals or sudden changes and usually coincides with a house move or several in the ensuing years. Plus tr Uranus is conjunct his Moon come 2023 which will bring more significant family issues and disruptions to a head – part of which may be ageing relatives rather than his present domestic circumstances, though it will undoubtedly have an impact. And he is increasingly stressed by difficult Solar Arcs through till 2025.

   His relationship with Meghan will be stressed this year across the US election and again late November/early December with tr Saturn in hard aspect to their composite Pluto square Moon. And more so in 2022/23 when tr Pluto opposes the composite Moon and is conjunct the composite Midheaven, posing them gigantic questions about their joint direction in life. Tr Saturn will oppose her Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage significator, in 2024 which will at least bring a coolness to their connection and could be a split.  Where his Sun/Moon midpoint is under most strain is exactly now till late November with tr Pluto in opposition bringing a sense of internal conflict and anguish about what he really wants.

   He’s not a happy bunny, for sure. And they haven’t even got to the Daily Mail lawsuit scheduled for January which is a stupendous and self-inflicted mistake. No matter who wins or loses, they’ll lose in the long run.

See previous post: September 3 2020 Netflix.

Singapore – pluses and minuses ahead

Singapore like everywhere else is in a panic over the economic hit from the virus. Tourism, international trade, travel, construction and offshore engineering sectors (migrant workers) are all experiencing a sharp downturn. But there are also areas of expansion – in electronics and precision engineering, biomedical manufacturing as well as finance and insurance, with a strong demand for digital payment processing services, as well as IT and digital solutions. So not all negative.

   The Singapore 9 August 1965 10 am chart is trapped till late this November; and experiencing financial disappointment in 2021; and some high-tension upheavals in 2022/23 over the economy and future plans.  There is also tr Uranus moving into the 8th house of international and business finances exactly now and staying there till late decade – much like the UK and EU/Germany. So everyone in the same boat.

  The Singapore 6 February 1819 6pm chart – if accurate – is slipping and sliding uncertainly ahead for three years but picking up confidence and attracting success by 2023 onwards.

  The Bank of Singapore, 1 January 1971, isn’t anywhere near as challenged as it was in 2015 when there was a slowdown. But will be facing a shock or two in 2022/23; and financial angst in 2024.

  Not great but survivable.

SCOTUS pick – risk of a reverse

There is concern that a right-wing, religiously-oriented replacement for Ruth Ginsberg could upset Roe v Wade and Obamacare.

  Roe v Wade was signed 22 January 1973 at 10 am Washington, DC which gives a stalwart Aquarius Sun trine Pluto sextile Neptune in Sagittarius; with an optimistic Uranus square Jupiter Mercury; and a destructive Mars opposition Saturn. There are tremors of an upheaval this year until late December though nothing would be decided that quickly. Though an anti-abortion choice for SCOTUS might send shivers of fear through the chart. Where the major debate comes is 2023/24 with tr Pluto conjunct the Mercury with a seriously rattled and insecure Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars in 2024/25. Tr Pluto will also be conjunct the Sun in 2024 so that looks the most challenging time.

   Obamacare was signed in on 23 March 2010 at 11.56 am Washington, DC, and is a Sun Aries opposition Saturn in fair-minded Libra, trine Mars in Leo; with an emotionally intense and nurturing Cancer Moon on the Ascendant opposition Pluto square Sun Mercury.

  There’s a lucky, relief-bringing Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Uranus in 2021; although there’s also a directionless tr Neptune conjunct the Solar Arc Midheaven next year as well. A major pressure point could be 2022 when the Moon opposition Pluto connects with the 7th house North Node – which will test its mettle. 2023 will be nerve-stretched with tr Neptune conjunct the Uranus 

 Just when you think the USA can’t sink any lower. Sigh.  Why any sane, civilized country is still angst-ing about either abortion or universal health care is beyond my understanding. A true-believer Roman Catholic shamefully shoehorned onto the Supreme Court who might upset both would be a travesty – all the more so since initiated by a man with the moral calibre of termite.  

Breonna Taylor – home was a dangerous place

Anger has erupted in Louisville, Kentucky which is under a state of emergency after a grand jury decision not to charge any police officers over the killing of Breonna Taylor. A black hospital worker, she was shot multiple times as three officers raided her home on 13 March without knocking and her boyfriend thinking they were being attacked fired his gun. One officer has been charged with “wanton endangerment”

Cases of killings of unarmed black people by police have fuelled anger across the US and beyond, triggered especially by the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

  Louisville, 1 May 1780, has a Taurus Sun in a controlling square to Pluto with a North Node in Taurus conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol; and a hard-edged Mars opposition Saturn. 

  Breonna Taylor, 5 June 1990, was a Sun Gemini, maybe Moon Sagittarius, Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Libra – so some chart placings similar to Trump. But more significantly she had Pluto in Scorpio in a high-risk and trapped square to Mars in Scorpio. Ebertin ascribes one meaning of ‘the misfortune of having to suffer violent assaults’ to it.  And her Pluto was almost exactly conjunct the Louisville South Node opposition Algol, tying her into the negative, unevolved and fearful energies of her place of birth. Her Saturn in regretful Pisces was also square the Louisville afflicted Mars. Not a good connection.

   When she was killed tr Saturn was exactly conjunct the Louisville Solar Arc Mars, the classic astro-signature for murder or assassination.

  Whatever the outcome instantly, 2021 looks agitated for Louisville with the Taurus Sun in the line of fire of the economically challenging tr Uranus square tr Saturn all year; and a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Neptune; and a highly-strung and anxious tr Neptune opposition Uranus.