Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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Royal weddings – the dream and the reality

Wedding charts can be surprisingly informative about the course and nature of the marriage that follows.   Charles and Diana’s wedding, 29 July 1981, bizarrely six days before Meghan Markle was born, had the same flamboyant Leo Sun conjunct the North Node but also the emotionally volatile Mars in Cancer conjunct Moon square Saturn Jupiter … Read more


Dave Hollis – a social media obsession gone rogue

The bizarre and tragic tale of Dave Hollis, who quit his job as a high-flying Disney executive to join a self-help empire with his influencer wife Rachel, ended when he spiralled into depression as she collected more fans. He struggled with her over-sharing about their inadequate sex life and her role as breadwinner. His social … Read more


Hall & Oates – a messy divorce

Hall & Oates, the most successful musical duo of all time, has ended up in a heap on a Nashville court room floor as Daryl Hall sued John Oates for breaching their half century partnership by trying to sell half of their joint operation. The aim was to make long term gains from streaming royalties, … Read more


Ukraine – stalemate causing cracks in support

War weariness has hit Ukraine with the counter-offensive not producing the expected results and international backers being distracted by their own internal problems. EU leaders are facing deadlock over a promised €50bn lifeline for Kyiv with Hungary digging in its toes and Germany being forced to curb borrowing. At a time when the flow of … Read more


Sandra Day O’Connor – a Justice of the old school

Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman Supreme Court Justice and regarded generally as a shining example of a past that has gone, has died. She was a trailblazer not only in rising to the top but in giving the casting vote to the Roe v Wade ruling, and she was also believed to be pivotal … Read more


John Byrne – wit, art and dark family secrets

Playwright and artist John Byrne, who wrote the BBC series Tutti Frutti, Your Cheatin’ Heart and plays including The Slab Boys, has died. He had a prolific career, writing comedy as well as painting and designing; and married actress Tilda Swinton whom he met while she was performing in one of his series.   He … Read more

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Europe – embroiled in a clash of cultures

  Growing concern in Germany and France about an influx of immigrants from cultures at odds with western democracy and individual freedom especially for women have led one German  national newspaper to print a list of house rules of how to behave, in the wake of violent pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic demonstrations. In France Michel Houellebecq’s novel … Read more


Meghan & Kate – desire and duty

You have to hand it to the Markle effect for its talent (unerring instinct, spooky capability) in grabbing the headlines with a relentless ground hog repetition. Saturation point gets reached, everyone sighs with bored exasperation,  looks the other way and up it pops again.   Harry having vented his spleen over brother Will, it is … Read more


Charles Munger – opinionated with no self doubt

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s famously frugal long-time business partner, has died aged 99. His net worth was an estimated $2.2 billion, decreasing over the years as he donated much of his money to universities. In a partnership that spanned six decades, the two men grew Berkshire into a colossus valued at about $785 billion (£617 … Read more


Shane McGowan – not a fairytale life

Lyrical reviews of the the rambunctious life of the late, much lamented, Shane McGowan marvel at his rackety lifestyle while eulogising his songwriting talents. He was celebrated as leader of the folk punk pioneers The Pogues in the 1980s and went the way of many rock wild men down the drink and drug abuse route, … Read more