Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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Emmanuel Macron – firestorms on all sides

Emmanuel Macron is fighting battles on several fronts in true Gallic fashion, revving up his four fiery Sagittarius planets and a 7th house Mars in Leo to fend off attacks from the Arab world, from Brussels and from his unhappy voters.      He has been pushing back, almost single-handed in the international community, against … Read more


Amy Coney Barratt – nothing simple or stress-free ahead ++

Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in to the Supreme Court at 9.17pm in Washington yesterday. This puts Moon Neptune in Pisces in the 10th which can suggest a caring approach though Neptune’s religious zealotry can also be chilling, as well as its slippery indecisiveness. There’s a divisive and rebellious Sun Mercury in the grandstanding 5th … Read more


India – a secular democracy no more

There are increasing fears that India has slid into autocracy with PM Narendra Modi’s increasingly despotic and Hindu nationalist policies stifling dissent by labelling any anti-government comments as seditious, leading to incarceration for terrorism without trial. Amnesty International has been forced to leave after its bank accounts were frozen and staff harassed and intimidated after … Read more


Katie Holmes – a hot and strong romance

Actress Katie Holmes’ love life is a matter of consuming interest to the tabloids, more because of her long defunct marriage to Tom Cruise, than much to do with her career.   Having lately parted from a long and private relationship with actor/musician Jamie Foxx, she’s now out and about in public with a New … Read more


The Vaccine Wars – victory in sight

The leading vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies – Novavax and AstroZeneca – look revved up and raring to go from this New Year or just after.   Novavax, the US company, was founded 18 June 1987, with a Gemini Sun opposition an innovative Uranus; a go-ahead Jupiter in Aries in a risk-taking and opportunistic square to … Read more


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Kamala & Doug – cresting a wave of confidence

Power-couple-to-be Democratic style are hopefuls Doug Emhoff and Kamala Harris. He’s taken leave of absence from his job as a successful Hollywood entertainment lawyer to campaign for her and is reportedly looking forward to being “Wife-guy” after the election.   Born only a week earlier than Kamala on 13 October 1964, he has a relatively … Read more

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Anna Wintour – relationship puzzler in troubled year

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s year keeps getting worse and worse, lurching from economic problems to a scathing memoir by a former colleague, to a row over her approach to racial diversity and now a split relationship. She and her long-time partner, Shelby Bryan, 21 March 1946, a telecommunications millionaire, together for 20 years since both … Read more

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Elaine & Mitch – the gravy train may derail

Power-couple Senate leader Mitch McConnell and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, married since 1993, are heading into a troubled few months ahead.   Elaine Chao, born 26 March 1953 in Taipei, Taiwan, was under investigation for conflict of interest involving her father and sister’s considerable business interests in China which have extensive ties to the … Read more


Don McLean – starry image, tormented reality

Singer Don McLean has been talking about his iconic 1971 “American Pie” mega-hit which has spawned an army of fanboy codebreakers . Who was the jester who sang for the king and queen in a coat he borrowed from James Dean? What exactly was revealed the day the music died? The Vietnam war, social revolution, … Read more

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