Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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Solar Arcs – from terrorism to dressage

Solar Arcs in action can be a key indicator of life-changing events. Two cases in point in the news – one is radical preacher Anjem Choudary who has been found guilty of directing a terrorist group al-Muhajiroun banned under UK law. Seen as a radicalising network its former members were involved in the London Bridge … Read more


Venezuela – is it the end of an era?

Venezuela is heading into an election this weekend which if played fairly would see the downfall of autocrat Nicolas Maduro, who took over in 2013. His administration has overseen a wrecking of the economy of the oil-rich state with GDP down 80% and has precipitated the emigration of eight million people, a quarter of its … Read more


Kamala Harris – a shaky replacement

Kamala Harris has been endorsed by Joe Biden in his belated withdrawal from the presidential campaign with other senior Democrats pitching in support.  But the delegates of the convention  on 19 August are not legally bound to back Harris. If one candidate steps forward to oppose Harris, the dam could break and several others could … Read more


Bangladesh – student Gen-Zers say enough

In Bangladesh, student protestors are  embroiled in violent demonstrations against the government over corruption and unemployment. The army has been deployed with at least 105 reported dead so far, a curfew has been imposed and the internet shut down. The protests began this month as students demanded an end to a quota system that reserves … Read more


Crowdstrike – the problems of interconnectivity

Cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike says a “defect” in one of its software updates hit Windows operating systems, causing major IT outages across the world with flights cancelled and banking, healthcare and shops affected. 9bn was wiped off the firm with CEO George Kurtz, losing nearly £250million of his personal fortune. Many thanks to Hugh for tech … Read more


Bob Newhart – raising a smile

Bob Newhart, the American comedian, who won fame through deadpan monologues that reflected wry bewilderment at everyday aspects of 20th-century life, has died. One award described him as “a person whose gentle satire and wry and irreverent wit waft a breath of fresh and bracing air through the stale and stuffy electronic corridors”.  Born 5 … Read more


Helen Pitcher – unrepentant Pisces

‘Unfit to fulfil her duties’ is the damning judgement of the Justice Secretary on Helen Pitcher, the head of the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which has been found in an independent barrister’s report to be ‘a broken safety net’, guilty of serious failings. Pitcher has astonishingly said she  believes she is the “best person for … Read more


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Ukraine – on tenterhooks about Trump ++ Zelensky and DT

Ukraine’s agony drags on with the additional concern about Trump getting elected, blocking US aid and cosying up to Putin. The one chink of sunshine on the Ukraine 24 August 1991 2.31pm chart is tr Uranus square the Jupiter running through this November but disappearing before the month’s end and returning in April 2025. This … Read more


Strictly Come Dancing – scrape off the glitter

The lid has come off complaints about certain former Strictly Come Dancing professionals apparently bullying their celebrity partners in training for the television show. Contractual confidentiality agreements have evidently made it difficult to speak out before now. Strictly Come Dancing is a hugely successful asset and the format has been exported to 60 different countries. … Read more