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  • Trump’s wall rabble rousers – Hannity and Miller

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             Congress don’t want it, two thirds of voters in a poll are against it, the Republicans wish it would go away, illegal immigration has diminished over recent years and illegal drugs don’t come across the border but through ports. In the face of resistance and reality Trump sails full steam ahead, declaring a national emergency to railroad through his wall. It’ll run into myriad legal challenges and almost certainly won’t happen but then he’ll be able to blame the rest of the universe for him breaking his campaign promise. Sean Hannity, the Talk Show host on Fox News, has been egging him on of late which given the endless non-working hours he sits glued to the channel, …Keep reading »
  • Princess Diana – and her daughters-in-law

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         The poignant absence of Princess Diana from her sons’ lives as they marry and have children always brings questions about how she would have related to their spouses. A Sun Cancer with an Aquarius Moon, she gave the impression of doting on her boys but could be fickle and emotionally unpredictable with friends. Her Moon opposition Uranus hinting at the loss of her own mother through divorce in her childhood would make her less trusting of women. She’d almost certainly have found Kate easier since Kate’s Cancer Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio chimed with Diana’s Sun; and Kate’s Mercury Venus in Aquarius would have resonated with Diana’s Jupiter. Meghan would have been more problematic with her Mars in …Keep reading »
  • Ryan Adams – less than a perfect gentleman

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           Ryan Adams, one of the US’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters has been accused of unpleasant and manipulative behaviour towards women. Seven women, including his ex-wife, have asserted he dangled career opportunities in exchange for sex and if they didn’t let him have his way he allegedly harassed them. His ex-wife, actress and singer Mandy Moore says his ‘controlling behaviour’ blocked her from growing in the music industry. Born 5 November 1974 8.17 pm Jacksonville, North Carolina (astrotheme) he grew up in a dysfunctional family with his father abandoning ship early on and his grandparents stepping in to effectively raise him. He has an intensely emotional Scorpio Sun conjunct passionate Venus with Mars in ultra-determined and vengeful Scorpio close by. …Keep reading »
  • Olly Robbins – a Mars Uranus gaffe

           An astro-quickie on Olly Robbins, Theresa May’s favourite civil servant, who’s been spearheading the Brexit negotiations in Brussels. In an extraordinary lapse of judgement (or was it?) he gossiped about the UK government’s strategy over a late-night drink in a bar earlier this week and was overheard by the ITV journalist Angus Walker. He said the strategy was to force agreement of her unpopular and inadequate deal or face a long delay, since No Deal was effectively off the table. All since hotly denied. Two things are interesting about his chart. One is his Sun, almost certainly an Anaretic = last degree Aries. Theresa May herself has three planets in the final degree of a sign. The characteristics …Keep reading »
  • Michelle Obama’s mom – made of stern stuff

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           Michelle Obama’s mother – Marian Robinson – wasn’t about to let the former FLOTUS’ spotlight appearance at the Grammy’s go to her head with a distinctly off-hand series of texts suggesting the ‘real stars’ weren’t her daughter. Born 30 July 1937 in Chicago, she’s a tough cookie with a formidable and unyielding Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries; and her Pluto in a confident opposition to Jupiter. Her Leo Sun squares a Taurus Moon and Uranus – making her independent-minded and stubborn. It’s not the easiest relationship with Michelle since her Leo Sun opposes Michelle’s Mars; and her Pluto opposes Michelle’s Sun; with her Mars square Michelle’s Saturn in Aquarius. Lots of gritty edges …Keep reading »
  • Brie Larson – carrying her generation’s mark

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         Actress Brie Larson is using her status as a Marvel superhero to insist on diversity amongst interviewers and film critics who tend to be overwhelmingly white males. Her ‘Captain Marvel’ is due out next month. Born 1 October 1989 6.41pm Sacramento, California, she had homeopathic practitioners as parents who split when she was young. She was home schooled and started acting early, making the transition into adult roles with great success, winning an Oscar playing a kidnap victim in Room. She said she suffered social anxiety as a child and remains private about her personal life. She has a complicated chart which homes into on the generational and highly-strung triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn which …Keep reading »
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  • Meghan and Harry – family tangles writ large

             Meghan’s celebrity friends may be well intentioned but they are not making things better by spouting off in all directions. Of all people they should know that the less said, the sooner peace is restored as the media switches focus elsewhere. Feeding the flames will only spread the damage, especially when resentful family members exploit any opening to get their adrenaline shot of publicity. Her father Thomas Markle, 18 July 1944 has his Cancer Sun exactly on Meghan’s Ascendant which suggests a powerful connection with him being drawn to her outer persona – her public image. It can also be competitive. That’s all the more likely given his controlling Pluto conjunct her Sun; and his Sun is also …Keep reading »
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