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Samantha Morton – Fire & Jupiter gave her hope

‘I dedicate this award to every child in care, or who has been in care and who didn’t survive’ was the heart-wrenching declaration of actress Samantha Morton as she was awarded the BAFTA Fellowship at the weekend.  After unlikely beginnings she has had an award-strewn career with recent credits for The Walking Dead, Harlots, Rillington … Read more


Yulia Navalnaya – bold in the face of fear

Yulia Navalnaya, known as the “first lady” of the Russian opposition, widow of the almost certainly murdered Alexi Navalny, has vowed to take on his struggle. Although avoiding the spotlight for years she was always there. She said in a video address this week “I was by Alexei’s side all these years: elections, protests, house … Read more


The Trump Tribe forced to face reality

Donald Trump has brushed aside a judge’s seering comments about his company’s fraud in inflating the worth of his properties as he was landed with a fine of $350m plus interest. The frauds the judge said “leap off the page and shock the conscience”. “Their (Trumps) complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological.” … Read more


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Gaza charts – 1917 best on test

Gaza – I have waded through various possible dates for Gaza matching them against subsequent events – the 2008 Gaza War (Operation Cast Lead, also known as the Gaza Massacre) and the Hamas attack last October.  The 9 November 2017 9am chart. The ceasefire after the Six Day War of 11 June 1967 when Israel … Read more


Edward Said & Barenboim – music bridging the gap

Celebrated as a moderate Palestinian twenty years after his death, Edward Said, the American academic, literary critic and political activist who co-founded with Daniel Barenboim the West-Eastern Orchestra composed of young Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab musicians, has been extensively quoted recently.  ‘His ability to articulate a moral position with a sophisticated historical sensibility’ according to … Read more


Torvill & Dean – a fiery Leo calming Libra mix

Ice dance skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have announced their swansong tour in 2025 which will be the fiftieth anniversary of their partnership.  They got together as teenagers in 1975 and rose to become British, European, Olympic, and World champions. Their sizzling Bolero routine which won them a gold at the 1984 Winter … Read more


Alexei Navalny – dying for Russia ++ Putin’s presidency chart ++ Saros cycle ++ Vladimir Kara-Murza

Alexei Navalny, Putin’s most prominent political opponent has died in a Siberian prison colony to which he was sent on what are described as trumped up charges. For many years he has been a lawyer and an anti-corruption activist, with six million YouTube subscribers in 2021. He has described Russia’s ruling party, United Russia, as … Read more


Keir Starmer – one step forward, two back ++ Rachel Reeves, Andy Burnham etc ++ Starmer biography/exploring the enigma

Keir Starmer, the UK Opposition leader, who should be rights be delirious with joy, benefitting from government stumbles and Tory divisions, has tripped into yet another sinkhole over Israel-Palestine and anti-Semitism. Labour polls are dropping and his policies are no clearer than they were, apart from some abrupt U-turns on green hopes. Backroom Svengalis, Blair … Read more


Robert Badinter – shining a light into darkness + R J Lifton, Scott Peck, Simon Weisenthal ++ more on Scott Peck

Robert Badinter has died, the former French justice minister, who went up against considerable public opposition to ban capital punishment in 1981, which was then still carried out by guillotine. Emmanuel Macron said he had been the “moral conscience” of the nation. He also scrapped a law that discriminated against same-sex relationships on the age … Read more