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East India Company – the glory of England in its day

The East India Company formed in the final years of Queen Elizabeth 1’s reign grew into a formidable enterprise which seized control of large parts of the Indian subcontinent, colonised parts of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. At its peak, it was the largest corporation in the world and had its own army of 260,000 … Read more

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Susan Hussey – setting off a Royal racist timebomb

Prince William looks fit to explode as his much punted Boston Earthshot trip is knocked sideways by the furore over unbelievably crass questions from a close Royal intimate at a London charity function. Lady Susan Hussey, a former lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, managed to make one black invitee feel as if she didn’t belong after … Read more


Christine McVie – surviving success and excess ++Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie, singer and songwriter of the stratospherically successful, 100 million record-selling Fleetwood Mac, behind hits including Little Lies, Everywhere, Don’t Stop, Say You Love Me, and Songbird, has died at the age of 79. She stayed for two decades through an era of wild excess, heavy cocaine addiction and romantic tangles as she married … Read more


The Georgian era – life was a good deal worse

The world is going to hell in a handbasket – the worst it has ever been – is a frequent cry of every generation so it is illuminating to consider the gin-sodden, violent, addiction-addled times of Georgian England in the 18th Century. Jane Austen glossed over the dark side and left the impression of an … Read more


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Elon Musk – the super-brain trips up ++ Tesla

Elon Musk has dented his super-genius, miracle-maker reputation to turn into a blundering Don Quixote who by gross misjudgement may sink Twitter altogether. Since he took over a month ago the platform has dropped two-thirds of its workforce; lost half of its top hundred advertisers; seen the introduction and abrupt cancellation of a subscription-payment scheme; … Read more


Ghislaine Maxwell – calamitous choices ++ hostage Betancourt

Ghislaine Maxwell appears to be lurching from one catastrophe to the next with reports that her appeal against her 20-year jail sentence for sex trafficking will collapse after her estranged husband has refused to pay her legal fees. Scott Borgerson apparently controls her fortune after she transferred £20 million into a trust fund before her … Read more


Belarus – trust between friends a casualty of war

In the fog of war paranoia runs rampant but the sudden, inexplicable death of a high level Belarus minister, allegedly talking to the west, has raised legitimate suspicions of Russian dirty tricks. Vladimir Makei was occasionally critical of Moscow but supported President Lukashenko’s decision to allow Russia to attack Ukraine with missiles, aircraft and ground … Read more

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George Takei – shining a light on past wrongs

George Takei of Star Trek renown is bringing his musical Allegiance to London, inspired by his childhood as a Japanese intern after Pearl Harbour in 1941 which he says remains the defining experience of his life. He has kept his profile high  as a LGBTQ+/anti-racist campaigner with a huge social media following and a best-selling … Read more


Edward and Sophie – new order, new rules

King Charles’ slimmed down monarchy appears (according to heavily leaked rumours) to include withholding the title of Duke of Edinburgh from Prince Edward, despite it being promised by his parents, in favour of Princess Charlotte. The argument put forward being that she is second child to the heir and could even conceivably accede to the … Read more