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  • Gentleman Jack – a woman before her time

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      Gentleman Jack is a new BBC drama series about the extraordinary life of Anne Lister, a businesswoman, who entered politics, climbed mountains, dressed as a man and adored women, falling passionately in love time and again. She wrote a detailed diary in code of her promiscuous and predatory lesbian exploits from childhood onwards. Born 3 April 1791 in Halifax, England, she was an “unmanageable tomboy” and sent to boarding school aged seven, where teachers feared she would influence the other girls with her rebellious behaviour so from her teens, she was confined to an attic bedroom, where she lived in virtual seclusion. There was a calculating and ruthless side top her since she dreamed of being rich but despite …Keep reading »
  • Zelensky now Ukraine president – few jokes ahead

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      Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky who won 70% of the vote in the recent Ukraine presidential election, despite having no previous experience, has been sworn in. He campaigned strongly against official corruption and said ending the conflict with Russian-backed rebels in the east since Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in 2014 would be his top priority. Russian state TV said no Russian official had been invited to the inauguration. Zelensky said Ukrainians must “become Swiss in our ability to live happily with each other, despite any differences” and for dialogue with Russia to start there must be a return of all Ukrainian prisoners.” He was born 25 January 1978 at 2pm Krivoj Rog, Ukraine and is a charming, maverick Sun Venus …Keep reading »
  • Heinz-Christian Strache – far right tripping up

      A corruption scandal involving Heinz-Christian Strache, Vice Chancellor of Austria, has led to a snap election being called for September. He was videoed along with a colleague from his far-right Freedom Party talking to a woman who claimed to be a wealthy Russian national looking to invest in Austria. She offered to buy a 50% stake in an Austrian newspaper and switch its editorial position to support their party. Strache said he wanted to “build a media landscape like [Victor] Orban”, a reference to Hungary’s authoritarian prime minister. In exchange he could award her public construction contracts. Strache, born 12 June 1969, maybe 5.45am Wien, Austria, has an ego-centric Gemini Sun on the point of a scattered Mutable T …Keep reading »
  • Conrad Black – friends in high places

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      Disgraced media mogul Conrad Black who was convicted of fraud and obstructing justice in 2007 and jailed for more than three years in the US has been granted a full pardon by Trump, about whom Black wrote a glowing biography last year. Trump describes him as a “friend” and mentions others who had vouched for Black’s character – including Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, and Henry Kissinger. Black’s co-defendants, who were convicted by the same jury, at the same trial, of the same fraud crimes did not receive any pardon consideration from President Trump. Black born 25 August 1944 6.15 am Montreal has his Sun conjunct a lucky Jupiter in communicative Virgo which falls conjunct Trump’s Ascendant so he will …Keep reading »
  • Prince William – it’s good to talk about emotional pain

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      The Duke of Cambridge has said he felt “pain like no other pain” after the death of his mother, Princess Diana, during a BBC TV documentary about mental health. He said the “British stiff upper lip thing” had its place when times were hard, but people also needed “to be able to talk about our emotions because we’re not robots”. He was 15 when his mother was killed and having his Sun and Moon both in Cancer he would have been especially badly hit by her sudden death. He did have a catastrophic set of progressions at the time. His Secondary Progressed Mars was conjunct his Saturn exactly. And his Mars had moved by Solar Arc to conjunct his …Keep reading »
  • IM Pei – a talented Taurus

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      IM Pei, one of the 20th Century’s most prolific architects, has died. His iconic buildings are all around the world with Qatar’s Islamic Museum of Art one of his most famous designs; as is Paris’s glass pyramid Louvre Museum, now one of the city’s most famous landmarks. He also designed the John F Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston and Dallas City Hall. His style was described as modernist with cubist themes, and was influenced by his love of Islamic architecture. He was born 26 April 1917 in China into a well-to-do family who moved to Hong Kong when he was a year old. His mother, to whom he was close, died when he was in his early teens …Keep reading »
  • Lady Gabriella Windsor – a brainy Royal with an independent streak

        Lady Gabriella Windsor, the 38 year old daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is marrying her long time beau financier Tom Kingston today at Windsor with the Queen in attendance. Way down the succession at 53, she’s still in favour, despite her wild child youth. Brainier than most Royals, she has several degrees from prestigious universities; has written for magazines and kept her face out of the tabloids. The exception being a Vanity Fair piece last year by a former boyfriend (now married to a man) who spilled the alleged beans about the Kents’ lifestyle and opinions. Gabriella was born 23 April 1981 3pm London (newspaper report so presumably circa). She has a charming and indulgent Sun Venus …Keep reading »
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