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Killer couples – attracted to the darkness

A grim trial is on in France to establish whether the widow of the late Michel Fourniret, France’s most infamous murderer known as the “Ogre of the Ardennes”, was a participant in his crimes or just an enabler. He was eventually caught and jailed for life in 2008 for the murder of seven girls and … Read more


New Zealand – new PM in for a rocky ride

New Zealand has a new government after six weeks of wrangling to form a coalition. Christopher Luxon, the new PM is former CEO of Air New Zealand, an evangelical Christian and social conservative, against abortion, euthanasia, legalising recreational cannabis, against affirmative action for Māori and co-governance, for strong government, low taxes and establishing military-style boot-camps … Read more


The Falklands – an expensive outpost

500,000 sheep and 3600 inhabitants on the UK colonial outpost the Falkland Islands cost the UK £60 million a year to defend, roughly £2.5bn for the 40 years since the war with Argentina. What is all the more idiotic was that a diplomatic handover was in the works in the 1970s which would have saved … Read more


Oscar Pistorius – the dream that shattered

Oscar Pistorius, once lauded as a hero, the ‘blade runner’ who overcame birth defects to six Paralympic gold medals, is to be freed from prison after serving nine years for shooting his girlfriend on St Valentine’s Day in 2013. It became the trial of the century in South Africa as he claimed he was firing … Read more


Leonard Bernstein & Felicia – a remarkable bond

Leonard Bernstein, the great American composer, conductor and humanitarian, renowned for West Side Story as well as classical pieces and his orchestral career, is under the spotlight in Bradley Cooper’s Maestro.  Less of a biopic, it is more a study of the unknowability of celebrity with the focus being on his complicated marriage to Felicia, … Read more


JFK – a Saturnine exit with double Mars Pluto trouble

JFK was shot on 22 November 1963 sixty years ago this week, an event which shook the USA and the world and gave rise to innumerable conspiracy theories. Astrology won’t solve the mystery but the aspects of the moment were extraordinarily apt.   The previous Solar Eclipse in July 1963 at 27 degrees Cancer was … Read more


Geert Wilders – outlier moves centre stage

A political earthquake in the Netherlands may see far-right, anti-Islamic, anti-migrant, pro-Putin Geert Wilders in power. His Freedom Party has doubled its previous record to win 35 seats though he will have a long drawn out struggle to form a coalition to rule in the 150 seat parliament.  In the run-up to the elections, he … Read more


Sam Altman – a pioneering, uncompromising Taurus

Ousted OpenAI chief Sam Altman will return to run the company he co-founded under a new board days after he was sacked. Greg Brockman, the co-founder and president who quit the company after he was fired, will return alongside him. OpenAI is the leading generative artificial intelligence start-up whose brainchild ChatGPT kick-started a new era … Read more


Sarah & her Prince – an astonishing spectacle

All families have them – the embarrassing relative who can’t stop blundering around causing chaos or worse. Sarah Ferguson, having proclaimed her miraculous money-earning powers would swoop in to save the day for-not-quite-hubby Andrew in dire need of many millions to upkeep his grandiose Royal chateau appears to be stumbling at the first fence.  Invited … Read more


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