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Philip Green – what goes up must come down

  Philip Green, known alternatively as the King of the High Street and the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ has seen his flagship company Arcadia go bust with the loss of 13,000 jobs. He and his wife Tina live tax-free in Monaco and were heavily criticised for the sale in 2015 of department store BHS for … Read more


Aquarius squelching Pisces’ victimised yowls

There are straws in the wind of the coming of the new age of Aquarius – part of which will be tolerance of difference, an acceptance of a rainbow not just of ethnicity but also of opinion. Aquarius is not all a beacon of perfection but it does have its merits.      This is … Read more


Jupiter Saturn – swing high, swing low

A resume of what the conjunction can mean and its fated associations. Jupiter—expansive, idealistic, high-minded, a soaring energy —is usually described by astrologers in glowingly positive terms. It brightens, keeps optimism high, boosts confidence, smooths rough edges and produces pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. The downside is a tendency to impracticality, … Read more


Michael J Fox – the struggle between Jupiter and Saturn

Actor Michael Fox has announced his retirement due to health concerns. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease thirty years ago and started drinking heavily and suffered from depression. He then pulled himself together and started a foundation to advocate for sufferers of the disease. He’s still leaving the door open for the possibility of an … Read more


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Covid progress report – no fast relief

The groundhog day of coronavirus lockdown may extend till spring according to the UK government, thereby obliterating Christmas. In laissez-faire USA, the number of cases is spiralling with an increase likely after Thanksgiving. France having seen a spike in early November imposed a second full-scale set of restrictions which is now easing slightly but will … Read more


Kylie & Louthain – women facing oppression

Two women in the news this week for raising the ire of dictatorial regimes are both of the Pluto in Scorpio generation.   Kylie Moore-Gilbert, 28 May 1987, an Australian academic has been released after 804 days in Iranian prisons. She attended a conference in Iran and was arrested on espionage charges which she has … Read more


Jake Haendel – mind over matter, willing a cure

A locked-in patient who returned from a twilight non-existence has been telling his extraordinary story. Jake Haendel is a former opioid and heroin addict who wreaked catastrophic brain damage on himself. Expected to die, he remained in a non-communicative state, with his father describing him as ‘a houseplant’ although he was aware of everything going … Read more


Diego Maradona – having it all became too much

Diego Maradona, acknowledged as the greatest footballer of all time has died aged 60. He was described as ‘dazzling, infamous, extraordinary, genius, outrageous and a flawed football icon.’ ‘He boasted a rare combination of flair, flamboyance, vision and speed which mesmerised fans.’   Born 30 October 1960 7.05 am in the slums of Buenos Aires … Read more


Suzanne Moore – victim of the madness of the age

  Suzanne Moore, the Guardian columnist, winner of last year’s Orwell Prize for journalism, has resigned over the paper’s lack of support for her when she was attacked by transgender zealots, who threatened her physically and her children. After she wrote a piece in which she said gender was a biological classification, ‘not a feeling’ … Read more