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Arlene Dahl – a sixth time lucky Leo

Actress Arlene Dahl, a 1950s screen icon whose fiery red hair, blue eyes and porcelain white skin made her a natural for the early years of Technicolor, has died. She was hardly ever seen with a hair out of place though she had a turbulent love life, including six marriages and an affair with John … Read more

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Mars Pluto – turning fear into courage

  The mind-numbing details about the life and death of six year Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, beaten, starved and tortured by his stepmother and father, have a ring of sickening familiarity. Both the perpetrators now face long prison sentences for murder and manslaughter respectively and social services are being hauled over the coals for their incompetence. Previous … Read more


Barbados – into a new era though China dominates

Barbados became a republic at midnight on 30 November after several centuries of being colonised by the British (following the Spanish and Portuguese) in the 17th Century. It gained  independence on 30 November 1966 with the Queen remaining as head of state and she has now been replaced by President Sandra Mason.   The Republic … Read more


Frank Williams – driving optimism

Sir Frank William, who has just died, rose above adversity to make an extraordinary success of his Formula 1 racing team. Early on in his career after he ran out of money, he was making business calls from a public telephone box. And he came back after a catastrophic car crash in the 1980s which … Read more

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Josephine Baker – a Gemini with class and grit

Josephine Baker, the American Folie Bergere dancer, who started life as a street kid in segregated Missouri and went on to become a World War II spy for France and resistance fighter; as well, later, as a civil rights activist in the USA, is being given an honoured spot in the Pantheon, a monument to … Read more


Alice Sebold & Anthony Broadwater – bound by bad luck

The stranger-than-fiction and horrifying tale of how a rape that produced a best-selling book also led to an innocent man having his life ruined has finally been told. Student Alice Sebold was raped in 1981, thought she saw her rapist months later but didn’t identify him at a lineup. The prosecutor then coached her into … Read more


Prince William – provoked by the Algol Lunar Eclipse

Cancerian Prince William took the full brunt of the recent Taurus Algol Lunar Eclipse sitting on top of his Venus in Taurus. He has gone to war on the BBC, fully supported by the other senior Royals, to object to Amol Rajan’s two part documentary on The Princes and the Press. Part One last week … Read more


Neptune into Aries – Fire softened by Water

Neptune, planet of spirituality, illusion, delusion, deception, creativity and vision moves out of its own sign Pisces, where it has been since 2011, into Aries in 2025 staying till 2038. Looking back on historical events linked to its stay in upfront and pro-active Aries, not an easy combination, there are some constants but there will … Read more


Stephen Sondheim – creativity rooted in hurt + Hammerstein dream-team

Stephen Sondheim, the composer and lyricist, who elevated stage musicals to a new level has died aged 91. Over a celebrated 60 year career he co-created Broadway theatre classics such as West Side Story, Gypsy, Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods, all of which also became hit movies.   He was born 22 March 1930 … Read more