Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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Boris Johnson – the witching hour still in play

Whatever fairy godmother or wizardess stood over Boris Johnson’s crib, she’s had her work cut out through decades of disgraces, scandals, lies, indolence, irresponsibility, negligence, unprincipled and dishonourable behaviour. Teachers at school complained of his sense of entitlement in expecting results with no effort, which continued later through a car-crash journalistic career, rife with complaints … Read more


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Turkey – grabbing a chance for leverage

Turkey’s unpredictable and authoritarian president Recep Erdogan has thrown a spanner in the works of Finland and Sweden’s desire to join NATO which require a unanimous agreement from all 30 members before it can go ahead. He is aggrieved by what he sees as Sweden’s failure to crackdown on members of the Kurdistan Workers’ party … Read more


Mark Rutte – Jupiter’s undeserved good luck

Teflon Mark Rutte in for a fourth term as prime minister of the Netherlands despite a string of scandals, is relying on his winning Jupiter to see him through this year. It may not hold him up through 2023 but will be back with more unmerited bounty by 2024.  Whoever said life wasn’t fair?    … Read more


Selma Blair – surviving a monstrous mother

Actress Selma Blair has written “a jaw-flooring memoir of alcoholism, suicide attempts, being raped, multiple times” and getting a late diagnosis of multiple sclerosis which explained symptoms she had suffered for decades. Titled Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up she describes herself as arriving in the world scowling. Having been landed with the family … Read more


UK economy – heading into the hurricane ++ worst G7 inflation

Apocalyptic warnings about inflation and the cost of living in the UK should theoretically involve a punishing of the wicked and rewards for the faithful. Given that the last bout of high inflation in the 1970s resulted in Margaret Thatcher’s election to power, it might seem to some a misnomer.   Inflation now stands at … Read more


David Milgaard – Pluto South Node and an unfair fate

David Milgaard’s chilling story of being imprisoned for 23 years between the ages of 16 and 39 for a crime committed by someone else stands as one of Canada’s most egregious wrongful convictions. He was living a hippie lifestyle when he was banged up in 1970 for the sexual assault and murder of a nursing … Read more


Tom Cruise – finally seeing sense

The unstoppable Tom Cruise is picking up rave reviews for his latest mega-blockbuster Mission Impossible 7 (Part One) – “thrilling, moving and gloriously Cruisey —- the best studio action film in years.” He also managed to collect the top billing for the Queen’s Jubilee feste for reasons no one can fathom. Most interestingly of all … Read more


Kenton Cool – defying the odds to succeed

Recovering from a potentially crippling injury to become a record-breaking Mount Everest guide is an inspirational tale of mind over matter. Kenton Cool shattered both heels when he was 22 in a climbing accident and was told he would never walk again without a cane. He had a year of surgery and therapy and went … Read more


Buffalo shooting – guns and extremist conspiracy theories

The double sickness at the heart of the USA – guns and racism – re-emerges with a mass shooting by a deranged teenager with an AR-15 at a supermarket in a predominately Black neighbourhood. 10 were killed with three injured. Despite having a mental health evaluation last year for making threats of shooting he was … Read more