Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Caroline Flack – reckless and sensitive to criticism

      Caroline Flack, the Love Island presenter, tragically killed herself just hours after hearing the domestic assault case against her for an alleged attack on her boyfriend in early December was to go ahead. He called the police, then withdrew the complaint and was forbidden by the judge from having contact with her. There appears to have been evidence of her self-harming that night as well as indications that she might commit suicide later. She was born 9 November 1979 1.30am Enfield, England, and had a packed 3rd house with a Scorpio Sun Uranus square a 12th house Mars in Leo; with Venus Mercury also in the 3rd. The Sun Uranus Mars would make her volatile and impulsive, prone to …Keep reading »
  • Trump’s harem – showing varous degrees of strain

      Trump’s female acolytes – Melania, Ivanka and Hope Hicks – are in a year of fluctuating fortunes and events. Melania’s five degree Taurus Sun and Ivanka’s seven degree Scorpio Sun will both be elbowed into sudden changes by tr Uranus hard aspects in April and May respectively, with Ivanka having a rerun from mid November into December this year and early 2021. Hope Hicks, a late Libra, has a downbeat tr Saturn square her Sun on and off all year, with a series of jolts from tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Pluto midpoint in April; and as that influence finishes in late April she picks up an emotionally disappointing and unhappy tr Neptune opposition her Venus in Virgo, running till …Keep reading »
  • Dominic Cummings – ends justify means

      Dominic Cummings has become the transatlantic equivalent of Steve Bannon – the scary and unelected puppet-master who stands behind the political throne. There are various mysteries about him and his speedy elevation to the centre of power, not the least of which is his disjointed and fractious relationship with Boris, who appears to give him free rein. Cummings’ Saturn in Gemini is conjunct Boris’s focal point Mars with DC’s Sun Neptune opposition Boris’s Mars; and square his Uranus with Cummings Pluto trine Boris’s Mars. Cummings’ Mars in Pisces is conjunct Boris’s Saturn and opposition his Uranus Pluto – and that is some heap of aggravation and potential for resentment. The relationship chart does little to clear up the puzzle …Keep reading »
  • Boris’s chameleon cabinet – more of the same ** updated

    The Boris Cabinet reshuffle has brought in even more malleable, jitterbug Mutable types. Like attracts like. From the Latin mutabilis “changeable,” from mutare “to change. Of which Boris is the walking example with a Sun Venus Mercury in Gemini and a T square to Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces square Mars in Gemini. Such an imbalance leads to extreme restlessness, an inconsistent and unmethodical approach, poor concentration, indecision, nervous strain. A focal point Mutable Mars is even more so – scattered, disorganised, easily bored, overly impulsive, taking no heed of consequences. [Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. As opposed to Fixed Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. And Cardinal (initiative) Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.] Boris’s Rasputin sidekick …Keep reading »
  • Inauguration omens – friends and enemies ** Add On

    The 2021 Inauguration chart has an explosive and disruptive Moon Mars Uranus conjunction in the hidden 12th house square a Sun Saturn Jupiter conjunction (assuming 12 noon swearing in). The theme of these administration start charts can indicate internal political challenges or external events. George W Bush’s First Term, 20 January 2001, which kicked off after a deeply flawed election result, and led into 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars had a dirty-dealings behind-the-scenes 8th house Moon Pluto; with an explosive Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus Mercury – so reflecting internal and external events. Abraham Lincoln’s Term chart, 4 March 1861 which led into the Civil War and then his assassination had a brutal Mars Pluto in Taurus trine Saturn; …Keep reading »
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  • Democratic marathon – hurdles and mud holes

      This is only a flying look at the near future of some of the Democratic top candidates as they trail round the endless and stultifyingly tedious campaign trail. Bernie Sanders appears to be leading just at the moment. Tr Neptune square his Jupiter from late March and through April may puncture his enthusiasm since it tends to deflate over confidence. He’ll have some ups late April but he’s struggling against tr Pluto square his Mars all year and indeed his Solar Arc Pluto opposing his Mars on the same degree within weeks – both of which are blocked. Peter Buttigieg has the usual swings and roundabouts of a long and punishing campaign with a disappointing tr Neptune square his …Keep reading »
  • William Barr – Pelosi’s ‘rogue’ AG at it again

      The US Department of Justice appears to be heading deeper into the White House sink hole with interference in the sentencing of former Trump adviser Roger Stone, causing four federal prosecutors to resign. They had requested a sentence of seven to nine years in prison which evoked a stream of hysterically condemnatory tweets from Trump after which the DOJ sought to lessen the sentence. The Stone case was one of the most high-profile criminal prosecutions emerging from the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller. Barr’s downhill trajectory picks up a head of steam from later this month. From February 27th to March 24th, and again October 3rd to late January …Keep reading »