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  • Christopher Steele – opting for a life on the high tight-rope

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    Christopher Steele, the former Brit intelligence officer, author of the controversial ‘dirty’ dossier on Trump’s alleged Russia connections, is back in the firing line. Trump is calling for his extradition since he blames him for instigating the Russia probe – though the Republican Congress report found there were other reasons. A recent court case found Steele’s firm guilty of data breaches with respect to two Russian oligarchs mentioned though they received miniscule amounts and the judge said it had not been Steele’s doing to make the report public. Steele has said he only became embroiled overall because he was alarmed at what he was hearing about Trump and Russia (all hotly denied). As ever it was a standard secret intelligence …Keep reading »
  • Brooklyn and Nicola – a match made in Instagram heaven

    A glitzy treat is in store for 2021 for any still enamoured of obscenely wealthy displays of opulence as photographer Brooklyn Beckham announces his engagement to billionaire’s daughter actress Nicola Peltz. A UK and a Florida double wedding extravaganza is promised with his parents, former footballer David and fashion designer Victoria, both major tabloid celebrities, wanting to chip in and saying they are  delighted at his choice. In the present climate I’d ignore it but the relationship chart is interesting. Brooklyn was born 7 March 1999 7.48pm London and has a hard-working Pisces Sun (sign of the photographer) which is trine a heavyweight and emotionally mega-intense Moon Mars in Scorpio in his financial 2nd – there’ll be nothing of the …Keep reading »
  • Naya Rivera – a family in mourning

    Naya Rivera, the former Glee star, is missing presumed dead after she went swimming from a boat on Lake Piru north of Los Angeles leaving her four year old son asleep on board. The lake is known for hazardous conditions including whirlpools and there have been several deaths in recent years. She was born 12 January 1987 1.56 pm Santa Monica, California to a fashion model mother, started acting when she was 4 and had also released albums. She had a 8th house Capricorn Sun and Mercury with Neptune also in the 8th – so she would be intense with the ability to project an aura. Her restless Gemini Moon opposed a 7th house Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius, not …Keep reading »
  • Trump – taking a wrecking ball to US justice

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      Trump’s pardon for his old compadre Roger Stone comes as a knee jerk reaction to distract from his calamitous failure to handle the pandemic crisis, with cases and deaths rising again, and – from his viewpoint worse – the Supreme Court indicating that his tax returns should, after delays, be handed over. The Washington Post described Trump’s decision to free Stone as “an unforgivable betrayal of his office”. Even William Barr had described the case in which Stone was convicted of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering as a “righteous” prosecution. All of this as tr Uranus has moved for the first time to square Trump’s 12th house Pluto which indicates a time of turmoil, disruption and upheaval. …Keep reading »
  • Phyllis Schlayfly’s Mrs America – a female throwback

      A committed anti-feminist who mobilised an army of fellow homemakers fifty years ago to campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment that would have offered women protection from discrimination has been dramatised in a Cate Blanchett FX mini-series – Mrs America. Phyllis Schlafly was no sock-knitting, apple-pie baking, stay-at-home mom, but a frustrated defence and nuclear policy expert, a mother to six children with an unsuccessful bid for Congress under her belt, who fell on the happy notion of using ‘feminine’ issues to further her political ambitions. She had all the usual hair-raising right wing views – anti-abortion,  anti-same-sex marriage, didn’t think marital rape existed, was anti-arms control with the USSR, against WTO and globalization, criticized a Supreme Court judge …Keep reading »
  • Rishi Sunak – generous to a fault up to a point

    Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, is the man of the moment, making himself popular (pro tem) by throwing money out of his chopper and spreading largesse far and wide though not always hitting the right targets.  But in the mare’s nest of clashing egos that is Westminster getting more positive coverage than the boss and other rivals for the top seat isn’t always career-friendly. Sunak, born 12 May 1980, has an Oxford University, Stanford, Goldman Sachs background, and is a stalwart Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus squaring onto a leadership North Node in Leo; with his Sun in a sensible trine to Saturn in hard-working Virgo. His Saturn is further emphasised being on the point of a T Square …Keep reading »
  • Johnny Depp & Amber Heard – the gloves are off

      Tearing the scab off a bad marriage to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp went into graphic and sordid detail on the first day of his libel suit against The Sun newspaper, who had labelled him a ‘wife beater’ and branded those accusations ‘sick and completely untrue’. He called his former wife  a ‘calculating, narcissistic sociopath’ who married him to further her career, denies ever hitting her and his defence listed a string of incidents in which she had allegedly attacked him throughout their marriage. He was born 9 June 1963 8.44am Owensboro, KY and she 22 April 1986 in Texas. Both have their Venus in late Taurus conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol which kinda fits.  He’s a Sun Gemini …Keep reading »