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Robert Durst – stranger than fiction

The weird and macabre tale of multimillionaire real estate heir Robert Durst has come to a fitting end with a murder conviction for the killing of a long-time friend Susan Berman twenty years ago, who was about to tell police she helped him cover up the killing of his wife Kathy. He is suspected of … Read more


USA, AU, UK versus France and China

Fur and feathers are flying with the surprise announcement of a secretly-negotiated USA, Australia, UK deal to sell nuclear powered submarines to Australia. The French are upset since it scuppers a $66 billion contract to sell diesel-submarines to Australia. The Chinese have their nose out of joint since it is widely seen as an effort … Read more


Patrick Dempsey – from hero to Nero

Patrick Dempsey, ‘McDreamy’ of the long-running TV medical series Grey’s Anatomy until he parted company in 2015 with rumours of producer spats has been accused in an upcoming book of ‘terrorizing’ the set and upsetting certain cast and crew members.    At the time he said he’d done 11 years of 15 hour days and … Read more


Boris J government – plus ca change

The day of the long knives reshuffle has turned out to be distinctly vanilla flavoured with a muted reception even from the right-wing media. The two key appointments of Michael Gove to Housing and Liz Truss to the Foreign Office are deemed to be Boris strategies for seeing off rivals. Truss had the highest approval … Read more


Libra Ingress – improvements come gradually

The next Ingress falls next Wednesday the 22nd as the Sun moves into Libra. Only Cardinal Ingresses – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – are regarded as proper ingresses; and there are mixed views about how useful they are or indeed which should take priority.   The previous Cancer Ingress this year in late June did … Read more


John Mulaney – his image takes a beating

Comedy fans have been outraged by nice-guy and devoted-husband John Mulaney falling off his pedestal, divorcing his wife, finishing his second stint in rehab for alcoholism, cocaine and prescription drug abuse and becoming a baby daddy in a celebrity romance.    Aah the Hollywood gap – between the image and the reality.   Mulaney, 26 … Read more


Charlotte Wahl Johnson – a class act

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, a gifted painter and mother of Boris Johnson, has died aged 79.  She is described as the moral authority in the family, warm and intelligent with a radical outlook and came from a distinguished family of ‘rich socialists.’ Her father was a legal academic who helped to draft the Universal Declaration of … Read more


China – commerce running into a bubble

China’s micro-managing and communist government still oversees an astonishingly capitalist economy. Regulators have pledged to clean up the corporate sector by letting “debt bombs” like the sprawling Evergrande Group collapse. It grew lush on the epic property boom of the late 1990s, over-diversified into multiple businesses and ran into trouble. It is now a rickety … Read more


Britney Spears – looking for a fresh start + Frances Farmer

Britney Spears appears to be celebrating the prospective conservatorship split from her father by getting engaged to her five-year boyfriend Sam Asghari, an actor and fitness trainer.   She clearly dislikes her father and while he has filed to ratify the split it won’t be an easy matter for a complete break to be accomplished. … Read more