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Coronation jitters – and family distractions

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, will be upfront and centre stage at the Coronation on May 6th, which he says is already giving him nightmares. His spiritual though highly strung Mercury opposition Uranus square Neptune (Moon) in Scorpio will be under considerable pressure from tr Pluto opposition his Uranus and square his Neptune – so … Read more


Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley – mourning and money wrangles

Priscilla Presley is contesting the will of her late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, claiming a document which removed her as trustee was never witnessed or notarized and is therefore invalid. If she wins, she will be sole trustee and if she loses, Lisa’s daughter Riley Keough will be in sole charge.   Lisa Marie who … Read more


Biden’s new chief of staff – not for the faint hearted

Joe Biden has appointed a rottweiler to be in his new Chief of Staff. Described as the worst job in government – relentless, gruelling, thankless – the incumbent can expect the blame when things go badly and get none of the credit when things go well. Dick Cheney, who served Gerald Ford, blamed the job … Read more


Jay Leno & Flintoff – petrolheads and speed freaks

Jay Leno, the US TV host, comedian and writer, is not slowing down despite two horror accidents one after the other. In November  he suffered second-degree burns over his upper body and part of his face while repairing a 1907 vintage car. Then in mid January he ran his motorcycle down an alley and got … Read more


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Pope Francis – struggling to modernise the Vatican

Pope Francis will be facing a momentous decision about his path ahead with Pluto moving to square his Midheaven as it enters Aquarius in late this March. This usually accompanies a significant career change and being Pluto can also involve a tussle for control which will extend into and across 2024. As the traditionalist Pope … Read more


Brendan Fraser – a mammoth performance

Actor Brendan Fraser has had a heart-warming comeback after a decade in the movie wilderness with his role in The Whale about reclusive and morbidly obese English professor who wants to reconnect with his estranged daughter. He has been nominated for an Oscar and for a Bafta as well as picking up the best actor … Read more


Trump – a worthy opponent racking up the pressure ++ tho’ still a GOP poll fave

Trump may be back on Facebook under strict surveillance but he’s not winning against NY Attorney General Letitia James who is wielding a sledgehammer legal weapon against him and his company.  The law empowers the state’s prosecutors to stop any business from engaging in “repeated fraudulent or illegal acts,” seeking potentially lucrative damages, and cancelling … Read more


UK Tory malaise – keeps getting worse ++ Rishi Sunak’s failures keep mounting

The stench of decay if not advanced death watch beetle and rampaging termites are afflicting the UK Conservative Party and government. Staggering from a litany of Boris Johnson misjudgements, misspeaks and dodgy financial dealings with yet more emerging vis a vis the new BBC Chairman and a potential conflict of interest as Boris negotiated a … Read more


Julian Sands – the lure of the mountains

Actor Julian Sands is still missing 11 days after going solo hiking on a trail in the San Gabriel Mountains, about 40 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. His family have thanked rescue workers for their “heroic” efforts as the search to find him continued with the rescue operation complicated by bad weather and delays … Read more