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  • Saudi Arabia & OPEC – oil is becoming so last century

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        The much vaunted ‘privatisation’ of Saudi Aramco has failed to come anywhere near reaching its target, with the modest sums raised barely covering the Kingdom’s fiscal deficit for six months. It was supposed to fund Crown Prince MBS’s Vision 2030 plan to break oil addiction and diversify into everything from car plants to weapons production. With the climate backlash mounting, electric cars coming down in price and shale showing no signs of a downturn, the oil producing exporters are in trouble ahead. The Saudis especially need revenue to pay for the cradle-to-grave welfare system, which keeps the political lid on domestic discontent; fund the world’s fourth biggest military budget and the war in Yemen and bankroll Egypt. It …Keep reading »
  • Alex Salmond – facing a swampy Neptunian trial

      Alex Salmond will face trial next March on charges of carrying out a series of sexual offences against 10 women while serving as Scotland’s first minister. He denies all the allegations, which include one attempted rape, one intent to rape, 10 sexual assaults and two indecent assaults on dates between 2008 and 2014. The trial is expected to last about four weeks. As a politician, he was a formidable orator and led the pro-independence campaign. He has been married since 1981 to a wife, seventeen years older than himself. Since retiring as first minister he has fronted a chat show for RT (Russia government funded) which has attracted criticism Born 31 December 1954 4.30 pm Linlithgow, Scotland, he has …Keep reading »
  • The Monarchy – errant son, over-indulgent mother

    Sympathy and respect for the Queen are still holding firm as she ‘retires’ Prince Andrew from public duties. Protecting the monarchy as an institution has  always been her guiding light, over riding all emotional considerations, except perhaps where Andrew is concerned. Parallels are being drawn with the abdication of Edward V111 which is a stretch since he was on the throne and Andrew is now way down the pecking order. But her Coronation chart, 2 June 1953 11 am London, does have a jolting-change and high-tension Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct Uranus now so it is a significant moment. Questions about the stability of the monarchy remain given that Andrew should have been cast into outer darkness in 2011 when he …Keep reading »
  • Jose Mourinho – fickle football fortunes at the top

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        Jose Mourinho has returned to the sporting headlines to much jubilation with his appointment as manager of Tottenham Hotspur. He’s considered one of the greatest managers of all time though he’s had a chequered recent past with Chelsea and Manchester United. Born 26 January 1963 7am Setubal, Portugal (birth certificate). He has Sun, Saturn, Moon in Aquarius in his 1st house so is serious, focussed and stubborn. His Saturn Moon oppose Mars in Leo square Neptune Midheaven in Scorpio – so he can be short tempered but will be disciplined, idealistic, visionary, good at attracting publicity. He’s also got a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto (Uranus) in the 8th square Venus in sporting Sagittarius giving him a good …Keep reading »
  • Pete Buttigieg – peaks and troughs ahead

      Pete Buttigieg appears to be forging ahead as a potential Democratic presidential candidate with a surprise top showing in an Iowa poll at the expense of Warren and Biden. From being an unknown he’s shot into the front-runner stakes and is fund-raising successfully giving him the resources to flood television with campaign advertisements. But his poll numbers are much less encouraging at a national level. Criticisms have been levelled at him for his lack of experience; and former Obama cabinet member Julian Castro said: “It is very risky to nominate a candidate that can’t attract black and Latino voters.” His astrology is swings and roundabouts ahead – with successes late this December and through January with tr Uranus opposition …Keep reading »
  • Hong Kong – David and Goliath standoff

      Hong Kong demonstrators show no signs of letting up and appear to have strong support from the population concerned about Xi Jinping’s increasingly authoritarian rule. More than a million people have been interned in re-education camps in China, prominent figures disappear supposedly because of an anti-corruption drive, HK booksellers were kidnapped and detained on the mainland, free speech is increasingly restricted and civil rights lawyers imprisoned. In general, Xi has turned the clock backwards politically towards a Mao-ist thuggishness. So no surprises that Hong Kong which was promised ‘one country, two systems’ lasting till 2047 has decided it’s time to take a stand. Chinese troops have appeared to help clear the roads but there’s obviously fear that another Tiananmen …Keep reading »
  • Frank Sheeran – blackhearted anti-hero

    Frank Sheeran, the central focus of Scorsese’s The Irishman was by all accounts a monster. A corrupt labor union official with links to the Bufalino crime family, he started his adult life with a long stretch in combat in World War 11 where he admitted involvement in several massacres and summary executions. He then moved onto murder for hire for organized crime, was set up as muscle in the teamsters union with Jimmy Hoffa whom he was later accused of assassinating; said he supplied guns for the Bay of Pigs anti-Castro forces; and further claimed he supplied rifles for the killing of JFK by the Mafia. He was convicted of labor racketeering, given a 32 year sentence but let out …Keep reading »
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