Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Mel Brooks – not always a laugh

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           Comedians are notoriously tortured souls and Mel Brooks – a brilliant and successful filmmaker, comedian, composer, actor – Blazing Saddles, Robin Hood: Men in Tights etc – is no exception. A biography just out by Patrick McGilligan according to the Times review is “is a damning chronicle of narcissism, mental cruelty, prejudice, treachery, moral bankruptcy, financial impropriety and chronic shouting.” Brooks harboured insecurities, especially self-loathing and fury at the world, partly due to his father dying when he was two and learned to survive by making people laugh. But without an audience he evidently became sullen, passive aggressive and worse. When his pregnant first wife, who bore him three children, attended the premiere of one of his musicals she …Keep reading »
  • Prince Harry and Meghan – a possible Africa idyll

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           Prince Harry and Meghan may move abroad after the birth of their baby, perhaps to Africa to combine their Commonwealth role along with charity work for two or thee years. Harry has links with several African countries including Lesotho, Botswana and Malawi; and Meghan has charity connections out there also.  It’s normal practice for young married Royals to have several years in semi-obscurity to settle into a personal life before embarking on a gruelling round of public duties. The Queen and Prince Philip spent years in Malta; William and Kate disappeared off to Wales while he undertook his search and rescue work. Meghan’s chart relocated to Africa has Venus on the Midheaven through eastern Africa and her Sun …Keep reading »
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  • Adele – setting fire to the rain

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           Adele has split from her financier husband Simon Konecki. They’d been together since 2011, had a baby a year later but only married in 2016. According to reports they had been living separately for some time. She was born 5 May 1988 at 8.19 am London and has a friendly 11th house Sun Jupiter in Taurus. But she also has the unpredictable and changeable triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn straddling her Descendant which rules close relationships. Her Uranus is also conjunct her Sagittarius Moon so magnifying her tendency not to stand still in relationships.  Her 12th house Venus in light-hearted Gemini also opposes her Moon, Uranus and Saturn – so she’s emotionally fairly fickle. Simon …Keep reading »
  • David & Louise Turpin – an unthinkable folie a deux

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           A truly depressing tale has ended up with life sentences in California for parents David and Louise Turpin for starving and torturing all but one of their 12 children. They were chained to their beds, severely under nourished, were taken occasionally to Disneyland but were only allowed to shower once a year and had never seen a dentist or a doctor. It’s a bizarre story with few sensible explanations as to why they behaved as they did. David Turpin, 17 October 1961, is a Sun Libra in a wobbly up and down square to Saturn Jupiter in Capricorn with a Capricorn/Aquarius Moon. He does have a can-be unpleasant Mars, Neptune, Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto, which suggests a …Keep reading »
  • Lyra McKee’s death puts Northern Ireland back on full alert.

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           “Violent dissident republicans” are being blamed for the death of a Northern Ireland journalist Lyra McKee during riots in Londonderry. She was standing near a police vehicle which was under attack after the police had carried out searches for weapons and ammunition. Masked attackers appeared to throw petrol bombs, fireworks and other debris at police Land Rovers. The unrest comes ahead of the Easter weekend where republicans mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, a time when dissidents are traditionally active. Her death is being treating as a “terrorist act” probably by the New IRA. Crowds gathered today to mourn her. She was born 31 March 1990 and was an upfront Sun Aries square a highly-strung Uranus …Keep reading »
  • Emma Thompson and a misdirected XR campaign

         ‘The brain-dead eco snobs’ otherwise referred to as ‘eco pagan pixies’ or ’well-heeled social parasites’ at the forefront of Extinction Rebellion have laid themselves open to satire as well as irritation as they cause havoc on the streets of London in the name of climate change. Plastic bottles and bags proliferate; careless talk is thrown around about workers, who have to earn a living, abandoning their jobs to join them on the streets; and luvvie Emma Thompson has swept in – by air from Los Angeles – to give them succour. The reality is that the UK is way ahead of most countries in reducing CO2 emissions. The UK has made some of the largest reductions in the …Keep reading »
  • Barr & Mueller Report – whitewash turning grey

           Even a Fox news presenter accused the Attorney General William Barr of acting as if he was Trump’s defence lawyer rather than the nation’s senior law officer, when he gave a press conference effectively in support of Trump before releasing a redacted copy of the Mueller Report. What’s interesting despite all the hollers of ‘no collusion’ and ‘no obstruction’ is how dire Barr’s chart looks. He’s walking into a shedload of misery from May 1st till mid-August with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘waning powers, self-torment, a grievous loss’. And more woes and depression from mid May onwards. He may have health issues due to strain. These influences repeat on and off till …Keep reading »
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