Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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Mark Rutte – unsettled start for new NATO head

Mark Rutte, the former “Teflon” prime minister of the Netherlands for 14 years, adept at ducking scandals, will be the new head of NATO from October 1. He won praise for building a rapport with Donald Trump during his presidency and calming his aggressive outbursts about European defence spending. He is known as an effective … Read more

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Summer Solstice – Cancer Ingress

 The Cancer Ingress which is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere occurred last night with the Cancer Sun close to Venus and Mercury. It is a pot pourri of contradictory influences. Charm from Sun Venus; ruthlessness, risk and frustration from Pluto square Mars; confidence and success from Pluto trine Jupiter; disappointment and confusion from … Read more


Donald Sutherland – an astonishing versatility

 Donald Sutherland whose extraordinary range as an actor glided him smoothly from Fellini art house dramas, through Sylvester Stallone prison lockup fare, Jane Austen adaptations to raunchy slapstick, has died. He started with eccentric parts in war films, like the “The Dirty Dozen”,  as Sgt. Oddball in “Kelly’s Heroes” and then his breakout part in … Read more


Justin Timberlake – a sticky midlife crisis

Justin Timberlake, the erstwhile Prince of Pop, hugely influential in his day is having a problem segue-ing through his midlife crisis. His recent album is not selling well, he was arrested a day or so back for driving under the influence and last year Britney Spears fessed him up as persuading her to have an … Read more

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Anouk Aimee – a New Wave icon ++ Albert Finney

French actress Anouk Aimee, best known for the European cinema classics La Dolce Vita with Mastroianni, Fellini’s 8½ and a Un homme et une femme (A Man and a Woman) with Jean-Louis Trintignant, has died at 92.  She was nominated for an Oscar and known for “her enigmatic beauty”. “Her look combined the playful seductiveness … Read more


Beckham – for richer and richer

David and Victoria Beckham, the UK’s answer to the Kardashians (almost) are finding their brand image is ricocheting from the upswing of last year’s Netflix documentary boost to a definite downer in a snidey Tom Bower unauthorised biography about the couple, known unkindly as ‘Thin and Thick.’ Reviews suggest it is not one of Bower’s … Read more


The two faces of India – Modi and Arundhati Roy

Despite suffering a dip in popularity at the recent elections forcing him into a coalition Narendra Modi shows no signs of easing up his totalitarian grip. India’s most famous author Arundhati Roy is to be prosecuted under the controversial new anti-terrorism law over remarks she made in 2010 about Kashmir. In recent years she has … Read more


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Alex Jones – intentionally cruel for profit

Rabble-rousing, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones amplified the appalling suffering of the parents of the 20 Sandy Hook children killed by a mass shooter in December 2012 by claiming it was a “false-flag operation” and the parents were paid ‘crisis actors’. What was worse was that he did not believe a word of his hoax claims … Read more


South Africa – struggling to realise the dream ++ Ramaphosa sworn in

The South African election setback for the ANC, which has held power since 1994,  has led to a national unity coalition government to the relief of most voters, tired of high levels of poverty, inequality and crime, power cuts and corruption in party ranks. Though Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC will remain president which is … Read more