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  • Koo Stark – a tumultuous life

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      Koo Stark, actress and photographer, former girlfriend of Prince Andrew, has lost her court battle to claim substantial sums from the father of her daughter born in 1997. The judge called her ‘evasive and combative’ and her former partner banker Warren Walker insisted that she was a “gold-digger”. She always seemed a sensible sort though her reputation was sullied early on by her appearance in the film Emily, which was avant-garde but written off by the tabloids as pornographic. She was widely deemed to be the serious affair of Andrew’s life, and after they split she went on to have a one year marriage to a gallery owner, before getting together with Walker. Her life has been fairly drama-filled …Keep reading »
  • Keir Starmer nails it without a run off

      Keir Starmer has been elected Labour leader after the first round with 56% of the vote; with Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Corbyn choice, coming in second at 26%. He was Opposition Brexit spokesman and before becoming an MP in 2014 was formerly a defence lawyer with an interest in human rights and Head of the Crown Prosecution Service. He is reputed to be the inspiration for Colin Firth’s character in Bridget Jones’ Diary. Born 2 September 1962, he does have an influential and powerful chart with a ‘healing’ and private Water Grand Trine of Mars in Cancer trine Neptune trine Jupiter, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition a Sun Pluto (Uranus) conjunction in Virgo – so he’s not short …Keep reading »
  • Jared Kushner – brass neck and unshakeable arrogance ++ family traits

    The epithets describing Jared Kushner’s elevation to a senior role in masterminding the USA coronavirus response are excoriating, the most pungent calling his squad a “frat party” that “descended from a U.F.O. and invaded the federal government.” Politico said “This is dilettantism raised to the level of sociopathy.” It follows on the heels of his much vaunted and long-awaited Middle East Peace plan which was dubbed “the Monty Python version of Israeli-Palestinian peace.” His biographer said time and again people who’d dealt with Kushner told her that whatever he did, he “believed he could do it better than anybody else, and he had supreme confidence in his own abilities and his own judgment even when he didn’t know what he …Keep reading »
  • Oil – on a slippery slope

      Despite Trump’s happy-clappy claim that he had fixed the Saudi-Russia oil clash which has sent prices to an eighteen year low of $20, there seems little indication that either Putin or Bin Salman are going to budge. Demand has dropped because of transport restrictions during coronavirus and the two countries can’t agree on a production cut. Oil economies like Algeria, Nigeria and Libya need prices to be close to $100 per barrel to balance the government’s books. Saudi Arabia also could face a funding shortfall of more than £100bn. Russia is less vulnerable to a price drop. OPEC, 10 September 1960 Baghdad, is looking shell-shocked this year with Solar Arc Mars conjunct its Uranus; and tr Neptune just over …Keep reading »
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  • Joe Exotic – a tale for our time

      Stir-crazy times demand a weirdo celebrity to match the mood and right on cue an eccentric anti-hero has popped out of the woodwork, or the penitentiary to be exact, courtesy of Netflix’s docu-series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. Joe Exotic, a self-described “redneck” queer who once owned 200 tigers, is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for 17 counts of animal cruelty and for conspiring to murder a big-cat activist Carole Baskin, who had won a million-dollar lawsuit against him. He dabbled on the fringes of politics, yearned for reality TV stardom and has been married four times, to a total of five men – a 2014 marriage was polyamorous to two men, one of whom subsequently accidentally …Keep reading »
  • Triple conjunction – USA and Saudi Arabia are on the bullseye

    Triple conjunctions of any of the four outer planets are rare occurrences – only ten in the past 2000 years – and coincide with massive shifts in the power centres on the globe and in the aftermath there are usually significant migrations of people, often for decades after. The last triple conjunction – of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn in the late 1980s coincided with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the USSR amongst other events. The Russia 1917 chart has a controlling Pluto in its 10th which was under assault from tr Saturn Neptune and Uranus in opposition in the late 1980s, so found its grip on power wrenched away. The year’s triple conjunction is …Keep reading »
  • Sweden – marching to a different drumbeat for now

      Sweden, unlike most countries, has not closed its borders, schools, non-essential businesses or banned gatherings of people. They have instead adopted voluntary, softer measures to delay the spread of the virus. Its approach, spearheaded by epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, has come in for criticism both internally and elsewhere. More stringent measures will be put in place if there is a sharp increase in cases. At present Sweden has 3,700 confirmed cases with 110 deaths, low compared to other countries. The Sweden chart, 7 December 1865 3.30pm Stockholm is showing up high risk as this year goes on with a scary, grind-to-a-halt Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Sweden Pluto, exact in six months but in effect before then.  And even more …Keep reading »