Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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Humza Yousaf – first win, then make it work

Humza Yousaf won the leadership of the SNP in the second round with 52.1% of the 50,000 member votes after Ash Regan had been knocked out. Kate Forbes who had lambasted his record saying when he was transport secretary, the trains were always late; when he was justice secretary the police were in crisis; as … Read more


Brooke Shields – rising above the chaos and exploitation

Child actress Brooke Shields miraculously survived an alcoholic stage mother who turned her into the family breadwinner from aged 11 months onwards as an advertising star. Then agreed for her to pose nude for Playboy aged 10 and signed up for her role as a child prostitute a year later in Louis Malle’s Pretty Baby. … Read more


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Israel – Pluto in Aquarius clashes with the old guard ++ Palestine

Turmoil in Israel with 600,000 on the streets protesting, the military up in arms and threats from the largest union to paralyze the economy by striking, look likely to force Benjamin Netanyahu to back down on his controversial judicial reforms. The Israeli government, the most right-wing ever, wants to take full control over the committee … Read more


Brian Cox – a thespian with clout

“Cantankerous. Opinionated. Big mouth”  is the description actor Brain Cox, born a few days earlier than Donald Trump, applies to himself, though his politics do lean leftwards. He has had a late career resurgence as the Murdochian media patriarch in the dynastic family drama ‘Succession’ which starts its final season.   Cox was born 1 … Read more


Albert & Charlene – for better or worse ++ Princess Caroline

Monaco is aflutter over a magazine story of a split between Prince Albert and his beleaguered wife Charlene with hot denials being issued about ‘the malicious rumours’ and assurances about their joint appearance at King Charles’ Coronation in May. Their relationship chart always was atrociously bad. The explosively unstable wedding chart equally was an omen … Read more


The Sun moving into a firecracker phase

Solar activity is heading for a peak period lasting several years which could result in power outages, grounded flights, and auroras. Solar flares which are powerful bursts of energy can disrupt radio and GPS communications and electric power grids.   Intense geomagnetic storms do appear to occur when there is an astrological parallel though there’s … Read more


Banks in a tailspin of nervous dread

Nerves fraying at fears of a global banking crisis nosedived European banking stocks this morning with Deutsche Bank’s shares down by 14 per cent,  Commerzbank by 9 per cent, Société Générale 7 per cent and the Stoxx Europe 600 banks index, dropped by 5.2 per cent. “Europe is very tilted towards banks, which have been … Read more


Does the universe dance to numbers? 18 is back in play

Uranus moving on to 18 degrees for the final time in a few weeks (April 24 to May 12) is raising anticipation or dread about momentous events occurring. It is true that a planet moving to a sensitive degree can stir up the ether and trigger, in this case, both the Solar and Lunar Eclipse … Read more


London Police – needing a strip down and rebuild

Robert Peel must be turning in his grave as his brainchild of a modern, liberal metropolitan police force of 1829 has been slated as a racist, women-hating and gay-bashing ‘boys club.’ This is only the latest inquiry to issue a set of trenchant criticisms of London’s police force and who knows whether it will have … Read more