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  • Marlon Brando – genius and madness

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      Marlon Brando still casts a considerable shadow even fifteen years after his death. On top form as an actor in ‘The Godfather’ and ‘On the Waterfront’ he was matchless and he lived his life as a full-on drama. When he died at 80 in 2004 he had fathered at least 11 children from a run of spectacularly disastrous marriages. He was often presented as a wasted talent for the stacks of forgettable films he made for the paycheques. But he did good with his social activism, first in support of a post-war Jewish state, then with Martin Luther King and his support of American Indians. A recent biography by William J Mann charts his life in sympathetic detail cutting …Keep reading »
  • Iraq – in the eye of the Middle Eastern storm

      Iraq, fifteen years on from the aftermath of the catastrophic Bush/Blair invasion, appears to have gone backwards. The initial ‘shock and awe’ attack of 2003 was followed in 2004 by what was ironically described as sovereignty. Since then there have been a series of unstable governments. Recent public protests against political corruption and Iran’s influence over Iraqi politics coupled with the government’s violent response in which 400 have been killed led to the recent resignation of the prime minister. The defeat of ISIS has left a vacuum in the country and in Syria, which has been filled by forces linked to Iran, Turkey, the United States, and Russia. New intelligence points to Iran stockpiling of missiles in Iraq, which …Keep reading »
  • France – up in arms, encore

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      Emmanuel Macron’s landmark pension reforms have been met with the largest strikes of his presidency, as French rail workers, air-traffic controllers, teachers and public sector staff took to the streets in resistance to the changes. France has one of the lowest retirement ages and highest public sector costs in Europe; and Macron was voted in on what everyone knows needs done. As per usual pitchforks came out at any hint of a disruption to the ancien regime of generous benefits. 82% of rail drivers are out leading to the cancellation of 90% of regional trains cancelled, half of Paris’s metros are out, with fears it could continue for days. The bullish, bolshie T Square in the France chart of …Keep reading »
  • Ellen Degeneres – smiling through gritted teeth

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    Comedian and television show host Ellen Degeneres who had been a byword for niceness for years appears to be losing her sheen, after several recent missteps. She has admitted her television persona is an act rather than the real her. Born 26 January 1958 3.30 am Metairie, Louisiana, she has a charming Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition an 8th house Uranus so she will like to walk her own road and won’t always be good at compromise. Though since that opposition squares onto Neptune, North Node and Jupiter in Scorpio, she will cover over her stubborn streak with a bubbly Pollyanna-ish veneer. She also more markedly has a gritty conjunction of Saturn Mars on her Ascendant which can be short …Keep reading »
  • Stanley Baxter – a talent for laughter

      Comedian, impressionist, mimic and dancer Stanley Baxter, one of Scotland’s great talents, is still sparkling at 93. He’s been reprised in a TV collage for Christmas with segments from his best-known shows which in their day would get audiences of an unheard of (nowadays) 22 million. They featured pastiches of the musicals he had loved from boyhood and spoofs of Hollywood classics such as Gone with the Wind (Rhett Butler: “I’m going to tear off that fancy dress and smother you with custard, sponge and sherry.” Scarlett O’Hara: “No, I won’t be trifled with.”) He was born 24 May 1926 2.15am Glasgow, the same year as the Queen (and David Attenborough) so blessed with their longevity. Though according to …Keep reading »
  • NATO – internal fractures and ructions

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           NATO is having a low-key and uncomfortable 70th birthday non-celebration this year. There are concerns over the USA’s continued support given Trump’s legitimate concerns over other countries not pulling their weight financially. And deeper concerns over Turkey leaning towards Russia. Emmanuel Macron uptight about both of these then let fly about a ‘brain dead’ organisation. In response Trump over for the UK meeting slammed back at Macron for being disrespectful. So relations there not great and won’t have been improved by Trump threatening to slap 100% tariff on French goods in revenge for a new French digital tax targeting google, apple, facebook and amazon. The world has gone mad. Or at least the tectonic plates are shifting around so …Keep reading »
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  • Prince Andrew and David Rowland, the money man

      More damning information about Prince Andrew’s financial affairs have surfaced in the Mail, exposing his association with property developer and half-billionaire David Rowland. The allegations are that the prince crossed the line and exploited his trade envoy job to further his and the Rowlands’ private financial interests. David Rowland, 16 June 1945, is the son of a scrap-metal dealer, who made his first million by 23, moved up in the world and nearly became treasurer of the Tory Party after giving a massive donation but retreated in a hurry when the Mail started asking questions about his background. It is also claimed he paid off chunks of Sarah Ferguson’s debts. He’s a flexible Sun Mercury and Uranus in Gemini …Keep reading »