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Amy Winehouse – a meteor that faded

Amy Winehouse, the soulful singer and songwriter known for her haunting soul, rhythm and blues and jazz performances, who soared then crashed and burned is being remembered ten years on from her death. Born into a musical family on 14 September 1983 10.25pm (from memory), London, she started performing early and by 24 had six … Read more


Boris Johnson – as welded to No 10 as Tony Blair ++ Carrie ++ Tory Party shenanigans to come

All good things – and bad – must come to an end, so Boris’s long cherished dream of thumbing his nose at his Oxford Uni cronies from the portals of No 10 has to fade at some point. There is no indication of an imminent chute out the door with a lacklustre opposition showing no … Read more


UK – taking a sledgehammer approach to the EU

Boris and his ‘nightclub bouncer’ EU negotiator David Frost have decided on a ‘wholesale change of approach’ to the Northern Ireland problem by eliminating all checks on the Irish sea trade border. The threat is that the UK will suspend the Northern Ireland protocol – which was only signed late last year and such a … Read more


Prince Harry – an obsession with himself ++ father issues

Another teddy is hurled out of the Royal pram with the announcement that Prince Harry is to reveal his thoughts on himself in a ghost-written memoir to be published late in 2022. The UK gave a collective sigh of exasperation and boredom. Enough already.   Wreaking vengeance on everything his 97 year old grandmother has ever … Read more


Boris & co – disorganised Yods and grumbles ++ Sajid Javid

Boris Johnson’s chief of staff Dan Rosenfeld is, according to the Times, facing a mutiny from political advisers who feel their views aren’t being taken into account. He is gatekeeping too rigorously and blocking information from the PM.  Though how much Johnson would read/absorb is questionable anyway.   This is only a passing piece since … Read more


Katie Hopkins – running out of outlets

The ranting, rancid, far right-wing Katie Hopkins has been booted out by yet another media outlet. She has been dumped as a cast member of Australia’s Big Brother VIP after describing Covid-19 lockdowns as “the greatest hoax in human history” and joking about breaching quarantine rules. Last year she had her Twitter account with 1.1m … Read more


Renee Zellweger – a trying life despite success

Actress Rene Zellweger, three decades into a super-successful career, festooned with awards – Oscars, Golden Globes, Baftas and Screen Actors Guild – still has to find a settled relationship. She’s flitted from short-lived liaisons to Jim Carrey, a brief marriage, and thence on to various ports of call but never stopping for long. She is … Read more

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Floods in N Europe – pointed up by the Lunar Eclipse ++ China also

Floods in northern Europe have caused at least 120 deaths with 1300 missing in Germany which has caught the worst of it, with rainfall heavier than seen for a century.   The recent Lunar Eclipse of late May, still in effect, had the Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon sitting across the Midheaven/IC axis located to the affected … Read more


Yods – cogs not quite meshing ++ fated couples (Trump/Kushner)

Yods don’t appear in every birth chart – two planets in sextile which are in quincunx/inconjunct/150 degree aspect to a focal point planet. So it’s worth paying attention when they appear in transit either celestially or in a chart.  The recent Venus Mars conjunction being a case in point – with Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct … Read more


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