Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Beirut explosion – misery upon misery

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    The massive explosion in Beirut leaving many dead and wounded and described as ‘thermonuclear’ in strength happened at 6pm last night. Reports put it down to an accident sparking off a warehouse filled with unstable ammonium nitrate. Although the result in the trial of the accused killers of former PM Rafic Hariri due this Friday has conspiracy theories swirling. It occurred when Mars in aggressive Aries was exactly square Jupiter, which is a high-energy, opportunistic combination – sometimes associated with zealots and those who cosmeticize their anger by turning it into a holy crusade. Though it would also fit with impracticality (and incompetence) leading to a catastrophic misadventure – the nitrate appeared to have been unloaded seven years ago from …Keep reading »
  • James Lovelock – a trail-blazing contrarian

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        James Lovelock, best known for proposing the Gaia hypothesis and for his warnings that greenhouse gases will accelerate global warming, is now 101. While he launched a hundred green and eco-movements, he diverges from most by being pro-nuclear energy – “only nuclear power can now halt global warming” – pro-fracking and anti-wind turbine. He was born 26 July 1919 2 pm in Letchworth England and started his professional life performing cryopreservation experiments on rodents, including successfully thawing frozen specimens. He invented the electron capture detector, and became the first to detect the widespread presence of CFCs in the atmosphere. While designing scientific instruments for NASA, he developed the Gaia hypothesis. He apologised at one point for his ‘alarmist’ …Keep reading »
  • Juan Carlos – karmic payback for hubris + Queen Sophia

    Spain’s former King Juan Carlos, once a shining hope for democracy after he steered the country when Franco’s dictatorship ended, has voluntarily gone into exile in disgrace. He has been linked to an inquiry into alleged corruption surrounding a Saudi Arabian contract worth several billions. He said he would be available if prosecutors needed to interview him, having lost his immunity after he abdicated in 2014. In March this year his son, King Felipe VI, renounced the inheritance of his father and stopped Juan Carlos’ annual state grant. For more detail see previous post June 18 2020: Spain – A Gigantic Royal Scandal. Juan Carlos, 5 January 1938 1.15pm Rome, Italy, is a pushily-confident, rules-don’t-apply-to-me type with a can-be-arrogant Jupiter …Keep reading »
  • Alex Zanardi – driven by an uncontrollable Mars

      Alex Zanardi, the Italian professional racing driver and paracyclist, has had his second near-brush with death. His first serious accident in 2001 on a racetrack, when he lost control, left him fighting for his life, losing 75% of his blood volume and subsequently both legs. Two years later he was back on the track in a modified racing car before moving over to Paralympic handcycling, winning himself several gold medals. In June this year he was again involved in a serious accident while competing in Italy, when he lost control of his handbike and veered into an oncoming truck. He has been treated in intensive care for serious head injuries, had three neurological surgeries and was put into an induced coma from …Keep reading »
  • John Hume – pulling opposites together

      John Hume, widely credited with crafting the Irish peace process which culminated in the Good Friday Agreement, is regarded as one of the most important figures in the recent political history of Ireland. He has sadly died having battled dementia for some years. A recipient of the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Martin Luther King Award, he campaigned tirelessly across the EU, in London, and Washington where Senator Edward Kennedy became one of his most powerful patrons. Over three turbulent decades he influenced the way successive British and Irish administrations handled their common Northern Ireland problem as he pushed for an all-Ireland solution. His guiding principle was that violence compromised the cause and only delayed peace. “Politics,” he once …Keep reading »
  • Brexit – how much fudge is coming?

          Whither Brexit? I’m not sure why I’m embarking on this post since nothing is remotely clear from the astrology. Despite the current mood of paralysis there is no doubt the UK has left the EU and is, thus, not liable for the EU Covid bailout fund or contributions to the EU budget.  But even Boris Johnson’s father thinks he is living in “cloud cuckoo land” if he thinks that the EU will give the UK a free trade deal without adhering to EU rules on, for instance, farming standards; and the European Court of Justice edicts in other arenas of future co-operation. Prepare for a load of Boris bluster and waffle-piffle in the face of the hard …Keep reading »
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  • Lincoln Project – democracy and decency

    The Lincoln Project is a rebel Republican action committee formed to prevent the re-election of Trump, defeat his supporters in the Senate and they recently announced their endorsement of Joe Biden. Founder members include George Conway, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and Jennifer Horn. There are rivers of venom to flow before November and many imponderables – Trump could keel over, by choice, by hamburger or by GOP panic. If he did, he’d be unlikely to be replaced as nominee by Pence.  If he ploughs ahead, the result could be delayed a la Bush/Gore or corrupted. But for what it’s worth – the Project chart itself looks panicked this month and through September; deflated over the few days surrounding the election …Keep reading »