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  • Hillary Clinton – the mask comes off

      Going quietly into the night clearly isn’t in Hillary Clinton’s DNA except that now, stripped of all office, she seems happy to show how bitterly resentful she is. The old anodyne comments of her time in office have been replaced by resentful barbs. ‘Old and angry’ is how one commentator described her as she faces a lawsuit for defamation from Tulsi Gabbard whom she wrote off as a Russian asset; and then dismissed Bernie Sanders, who arguably skewered her 2016 chances, saying ‘nobody likes him.’ Hillary’s Scorpio Sun is just finishing the tr Uranus opposition which ran through last year and it will have opened her up and knocked her off the old track. Her Solar Arc Jupiter is …Keep reading »
  • Isabel dos Santos – Air Fire and no heart

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      Billionaire Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest woman, has been accused of embezzlement and money laundering by prosecutors in Angola. She was controversially appointed head of the state oil firm by her father, then President, who himself was denounced as leading one of the most corrupt regimes in Africa, amassing wealth for his family and silencing his opposition. Angola has vast mineral and petroleum reserves but one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the world, with infant mortality among the highest. Nearly 70% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. She currently lives in the UK and denies everything. Born 1 April 1973 Baku, Azerbaijan, she has an Air Fire chart with an Aries Sun Venus sitting as the driving planets …Keep reading »
  • Terry Jones – quirky and offbeat wit

      Surreal comedian Terry Jones, a driving force behind Monty Python’s Flying Circus and the movie The Life of Brian, has died. He was the most scholarly of the Pythons, writing books on Chaucer, presenting History Channel documentaries about gladiators, the crusades and barbarians. He was born 1 February 1942 11am Colwyn Bay, Wales with a bank clerk father. At Oxford University he met Michael Palin and started his performing career, which after Python success led onto directing two of the movies. In 2005 he left his wife of 26 years to live with and eventually marry a Swedish student, who was 41 years his junior. In recent years he suffered from frontotemporal dementia that impaired his ability to communicate. …Keep reading »
  • Laurence Fox – a slash and burn Mercury

      Luvvie land is all atwitter since a spawn of a revered acting dynasty went off reservation and blasted the new ‘woke’ culture on racism and sexism. Laurence Fox’s eruption on Question Time was not to the liking of the notoriously left-wing union Equity but he has gained sympathisers amongst those relieved that finally someone had the guts to say what they’ve been thinking. Born 26 May 1978, his father James Fox is an actor as is his uncle Edward Fox and cousins Emilia and Freddie Fox. His uncle Robert and grandfather are/were theatrical agents. He’s best known for playing Detective Hathaway in Lewis for nine years till 2015 but has only appeared sporadically since and has dabbled in music …Keep reading »
  • Greta v Trump – no contest

      Climate change is no laughing matter but there is something deliciously funny about Greta Thunberg facing off Trump. Called the ‘tiny Swedish climate change demon’ by Australian cartoonist First Dog on the Moon, she has perfected her death stare for the denier-in-chief’s benefit. At Davos he is decrying ‘the prophets of doom’. She later responded saying the world “in case you hadn’t noticed, is currently on fire.”. And their charts are a masterclass in synastry. Her deeply serious Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto sits on top of and squelches his Sun Uranus opposition Moon. Her reforming Uranus opposes his Mars Ascendant for an explosive chemistry – with her unbudgeable Mars Venus in Scorpio square his Mars and on his …Keep reading »
  • Brexit – doomsday hour aproaches

      The fateful day is approaching at speed as Boris Johnson merrily hums ‘Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.’ 11pm London time on January 31 is when the UK officially leaves the EU (give or take a transition period or several) This puts the Saturn Pluto conjunction on the IC with Pluto in Capricorn exactly opposition the Midheaven, exact to within minutes of a degree. Uncompromising, unco-operative Uranus is close to the final degree Aries Moon in the 7th square Saturn Pluto  for a sombre and unsentimental mood. The Moon Uranus is also on the focal point of a T Square to MC opposition Saturn (Pluto). A final degree anaretic Moon in Aries will exhibit the …Keep reading »
  • Trump’s quills – ready to quell impeachment risk

    In typical braggadocio fashion Trump has gone for two celebrity lawyers to beef up his Impeachment defence team, though how much they will contribute isn’t clear. Alan Dershowitz, 1 September 1938 11.28pm New York, over a long career has defended the likes of Claus Bulow and Jeffrey Epstein, cutting the latter a sweetheart deal that allowed him to treat a brief prison term as a home from home. And Kenneth Starr, 21 July 1946 6.45pm Vernon, Texas, who led the impeachment process against Bill Clinton. A former political counsellor said of him: “Whether it was representing Big Tobacco, obsessing about President Clinton’s sex life or disgracing himself in the Baylor rape scandal, Ken Starr has always been on the wrong …Keep reading »
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