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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Algol’s gift

The fraught Aries Full Moon today is the preceding one to the Lunar Eclipse on 19th November. The Moon opposes Sun Mars and squares Pluto, so no surprises there is a challenging, frustrated, stuck mood this week.     Occasionally Lunar Eclipse events trigger on the Full Moon before or after – and given that … Read more


Steve Bannon – hiding behind Trump’s skirt

Moves to hold Steve Bannon, former aide to Trump, in contempt for refusing to testify before the 6 January Capitol riot congressional investigation committee, are gathering pace. It is the first of several confrontations that promise to test the boundaries of executive privilege — the presidential prerogative to keep official communications secret — and will … Read more

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Selma Blair – fighting back against her body’s woes

Selma Blair, a bubbly, zany, irrepressible actress with a cult following – Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions etc – is starring in a documentary about her struggles with multiple sclerosis, in the hope it helps other sufferers. She was diagnosed in 2018 but has been plagued by odd ailments all of her life – constant pain, … Read more


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Michael Caine – in a never say never profession

Michael Caine despite headlines to the contrary may not be retiring after all as scripts continue to roll in, albeit slower than in his heyday.  Now 88 he’s written successful books recently and had back problems which have kept him anchored for a while. But he’s clearly still keen to see what is on offer. … Read more


Colin Powell – a first but not always right

Colin Powell, Secretary of State during GW Bush’s first term has died of covid complications. He was a professional soldier for 35 years before moving into politics and was known as ‘the reluctant warrior’ for his generally non-interventionist stance. Though his support of the UK Blair/Campbell ‘dodgy dossier’ justifying the Iraq attack did for his … Read more


Lourdes Madonna – complex issues with mom

Madonna’s first-born Lourdes Leon, a 25 year old model, actress, singer and influencer, has been holding forth about what a control freak her mother is. Isn’t that a surprise? Lourdes said: “She has controlled me my whole life. I needed to be completely independent from her as soon as I graduated high school.” She reportedly … Read more


William Shatner – living boldly at 90

Veteran actor William Shatner came full circle today launching across the final frontier as the oldest space traveller yet in the footsteps of his fictional alter-ego, Captain James T Kirk of Star Trek. He was on board a rocket operated by Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin company and returned safely to earth. Born 22 March 1931 … Read more


Paul Merson – ruled and ruined by compulsions

The horrors and misery of a gambling addiction have been laid bare by former footballer and manager Paul Merson in a memoir, who has wrestled with alcohol and cocaine as well. A documentary showed his brain patterns light up when shown gambling images but not looking at happy families.  His habit has cost him £7 … Read more


Judge Judy – a lawyerly lady Libra with attitude ++ Petri Byrd

Judge Judy, the stratospherically successful reality courtroom tv series, which has run for 25 seasons and surpassed Oprah in ratings, is being replaced with a new Judy Justice series from November 1st. Judith Sheindin, who presides on the arbitrations, is a former prosecutor and family court judge, renowned as being tough.   She is a … Read more