Your Starsign


February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Friday January 24th

Nothing will be gained by racing around at high speed when your energy and motivation are low. There will be more benefit to finding quality time for yourself. Ponder, prepare, plan and understand. Companions may want help, but if you're too available, you'll end up being pulled around by their demands so you might as well give yourself permission to do what you want. You'll be surprised in the quiet moments how inspiration suddenly hits you about things that seemed to have no answer.

The Weekly Outlook from 20th January

You will be feeling not at all decisive for a few weeks. This is your time in the year to step back, take stock, recharge your batteries and let others do the running around. Which doesn't mean to say that you shouldn't be beavering away behind the scenes clearing away limitations and whatever you don't need for the time ahead. Uranus will point out clearly where you've got stuck, and where you've been hanging on for security to things or attitudes of mind which you need to let go off.

Your Monthly Horoscope for January

In full-steam-ahead gear you won't allow distractions or obstacles to get in your way. You'll be laying down the law, expecting others to dance to your tune and working exceptionally hard. But what may give you pause for thought is the attitude or situation of certain friends and team mates. They may not be inclined or be in a position to be as helpful and co-operative as in the past, so you will feel group activities to be more of an uphill struggle than usual. You'll also need a fair amount of determination to push ahead with long term planning since circumstances appear to be conspiring to put road blocks in your way. Being a fishy sign you tend to like swimming with the tide and drifting with the currents, but that won't work now. So dig in your heels and stand fast for what you really want. A positive attitude will make more difference than you imagine so keep your hopes high. Charm will also win you arguments and help to defuse tricky situations. Into the final ten days you relax with a sigh of relief into a quieter few weeks.

and Next Month's Horoscope for February

You'll be talking animatedly and finding receptive listeners but you won't always feel you are making the progress that you want with certain pet projects. You won't hold back from issuing orders or putting your foot down but there will be restrictions around, not the least of which may be energy slumps at times. Take a hint and when you can't win or you don't feel you can dredge up the motivation to keep pushing, then retreat into a quiet corner and put your feet up. There'll be surplus money for treats so you'll be spending liberally and enjoying everyone moment of it. From mid month dynamic friends will step in to lend a helping hand so you won't feel it is all down to you. Your birthday Sun from the 19th will turn red lights to green and you'll be off at speed. Circumstances will open up and you'll be both positive and determined so rewards will come thick and fast.

Year Ahead 2020

Your focus for 2020 will be almost exclusively on friends and future plans with such a build-up of planetary energy in Capricorn. You won't always be clear where you are heading or the company you want to travel beside since you'll be critical one moment and enthusiastically supportive the next. In a year of ups and downs and some dramas you'll need to watch not to be too accommodating of other people's wishes or indeed to be swept around by the prevailing wind. If you stick to your vision and keep your goals clearly in mind you'll avoid most of the pitfalls. A new friend will boost your morale and provide just the encouragement and motivation you need to keep you on track.rnHome will be happier with family tensions easing noticeably so you'll have a chance to relax and be indulged especially for a few months after April. During that phase you'll take the chance to mull over your options and decide what needs cleared out of your life. It may be old attitudes of mind that no longer fit with your present situation, old ambitions that no longer hold your interests or even certain friendships that have passed their sell-by date. You won't be making sudden decisions but will gradually see what you need to hang onto for the time ahead.rnTaking the initiative where your personal finances are concerned is the second half year's task. Getting a grip and then staying persistent will pay dividends though there will be a few distractions along the way. But you know you need to get more surplus accumulated if you're to feel secure and have extra for spending.rnBy the year end you'll be aiming high, knowing the only way to succeed will be to draw attention to yourself and your achievements. You'll take courage in both hands and demand recognition.