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February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Saturday September 26th

You'll handle confidential information well, attracting secrets from loved ones and friends without appearing to ask. But you'll be keeping your plans to yourself and will before long surprise close companions with your foresight. Your comments will be perceptive though not always charitable since you are rather more intense than usual. You will stand up for yourself well in discussions with well-argued points to make but you may be inclined to speak sharply when provoked.

The Weekly Outlook from 21st September

Hugely resourceful, you are standing rock solid when everyone else is flapping in coming weeks. Though you may come across as stubborn, sticking to your own plans. You will need to be flexible and compromise where necessary to get agreement. Handle yourself with care, because you're likely to be busy with your mind on red alert. You won't take kindly to anyone telling you what to do, crowding you or disagreeing with you. Not that you'll be arguing, but you won't want anyone pushing you around.

Your Monthly Horoscope for September

Togetherness and co-operation will be the key to getting ahead in a constructive way now. You'll be well supported by close partners if you can compromise and fit in with their plans where necessary. You'll sense that forging new future plans will be what draws you closer. Friends will also be around to keep your morale high and offer upbeat if not always realistic advice. You will have indecisive moments when your energy sags but they will be few and far between. Just take a breather when you feel the need and you'll bounce back in better form. Your personal finances will benefit from a sharp nudge as you put your foot down and insist that your rights are protected and no one gets away with short changing you. Over eating could be a minor hazard with sweet-toothed Venus moving into your chart area of fitness for a few weeks. Make the effort to up your exercise regimes as well. Later you'll be secretive, emotionally intense and keen to sort out better agreements over money.

and Next Month's Horoscope for October

Although your priority will be to push ahead with new long-term plans, you'll be aware the certain old obligations and agreements have to be fulfilled. So you'll be dancing backwards and forwards, feeling at times as if anchors were dragging. Normally you dislike being confrontational and having to stand still. But these are unusual times so keeping your focus steady and not allowing others to tug at your heart strings and cajole you into fitting in with their wishes will be important. Your mood will veer from positive to gloomy and back again. Try to ignore the doom-sayers since they'll almost certainly be wrong. Financial tangles will be slow to unpick but with a well-thought out strategy and some foot-stamping you should make headway. Try to resist the temptation to spend impulsively or rush into cash decisions before you've thought through the consequences. After the 20th there will be fewer irritations and you'll be aiming to broaden your horizons and find more adventure.

Year Ahead 2020

Your focus for 2020 will be almost exclusively on friends and future plans with such a build-up of planetary energy in Capricorn. You won't always be clear where you are heading or the company you want to travel beside since you'll be critical one moment and enthusiastically supportive the next. In a year of ups and downs and some dramas you'll need to watch not to be too accommodating of other people's wishes or indeed to be swept around by the prevailing wind. If you stick to your vision and keep your goals clearly in mind you'll avoid most of the pitfalls. A new friend will boost your morale and provide just the encouragement and motivation you need to keep you on track.rnHome will be happier with family tensions easing noticeably so you'll have a chance to relax and be indulged especially for a few months after April. During that phase you'll take the chance to mull over your options and decide what needs cleared out of your life. It may be old attitudes of mind that no longer fit with your present situation, old ambitions that no longer hold your interests or even certain friendships that have passed their sell-by date. You won't be making sudden decisions but will gradually see what you need to hang onto for the time ahead.rnTaking the initiative where your personal finances are concerned is the second half year's task. Getting a grip and then staying persistent will pay dividends though there will be a few distractions along the way. But you know you need to get more surplus accumulated if you're to feel secure and have extra for spending.rnBy the year end you'll be aiming high, knowing the only way to succeed will be to draw attention to yourself and your achievements. You'll take courage in both hands and demand recognition.