Your Starsign


February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday April 21st

It may be a while before you decide what your next move or plan should be. This is a time of tidying up an old way of being and you are not quite at the point where you can step out into the new phase that is coming ahead. Today you'll be in a self-sacrificing mood, content to put aside your need for frivolity and indulgence just to ensure that everyone else is getting what they want. You'll be polishing your halo and consoling yourself with the thought that you will get your rewards in a couple of days.

The Weekly Outlook from 19th April

The Sun is now moving through your chart area of communication and everyday contacts for the next four weeks, so you will be chatting nineteen to the dozen and skipping around a busy routine. There may be less time for depth or detail than you might since you will be pulled in different directions, with more correspondence than usual to handle. Which doesn't mean you won't fit in space for indulgence, relaxation and finding your place in the spotlight from the weekend onwards.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Getting to grips with your finances is never your favourite task since you're not a practical sign and dislike being weighed down by leaden materialism. But you do like spending so needs must you turn your attention to balancing the books and hopefully finding that your active imagination dreams up a money-making scheme or two to allow you to indulge yourself as it suits you. At home you'll be revved up and in the mood for a spot of spring cleaning or reorganisation. This may lead to the odd heated moment as the family object to being swept into place. But you'll feel better having found an outlet for your energy. You'll be happy at times to relax in your own company though towards midmonth you'll need to rouse yourself to cope with a friend in a pickle. You may not be pleased to be dragged into what isn't your problem but your help will be appreciated. Into the final days you'll be skipping along, chatting constantly and finding your energy and passionate enthusiasm soar.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

Rushing around without a moment to spare you won't be bored but you may get in a muddle, trying to juggle six tasks at once. Writing out to-do lists will help to keep you organised. Apart from a slight setback early on you'll be in good form, getting a grip of recent problems and feeling you can forge ahead in the months ahead. What will help is your high energy and determined enthusiasm. No one will be allowed to stand in your way or prevent you doing what suits you. After the 9th you'll be planning family get-togethers at home and dreaming up ways of improving the d�cor. The astro-headline of the month is expansive, confident and successful Jupiter moving into your own sign midmonth and staying there until late July, returning at the New Year for several months. This will give you a sense of a new cycle of growth and expansion beginning in your life which will boost your confidence and draw resources your way. In the final ten days you'll slow down to spend more time with loved ones and focus on home and family matters.

Year Ahead 2021

2021 will be a year where you'll be determined to prove yourself. Taking courage in both hands you'll get your talents and achievements out on display and demand recognition. Hard work won't be in short supply for a few months but you will be rewarded with praise and respect as long as you stick to the straight and narrow and are conscientious. Not everything will run to plan with an over-packed everyday schedule, differences of opinion and some delays knocking your best laid plans off track. Not flaring up and flying off the handle will cause less trouble, so gritting your teeth and saying less will be the way to go.Overall it will be a year when the world at large is going through some disruptions, economic and other, so you will need to clear space for yourself to wind down and recentre. You all too readily soak in the atmosphere and overload yourself with problems that are not yours. Finding a sanctuary where you can be at peace will help. Gradually you'll find contentment in your own company and sense growing self-esteem. In the quiet moments you'll also mull over what needs pruned out of your life that will not fit in with future circumstances. These won't be speedy decisions and there will be no pressure to make firm decisions for a while. But getting your ducks in a row before the time comes for decisive action will be an idea. Your confidence will rise sharply as lucky Jupiter moves into your own sign for ten weeks after the middle of May, bringing enthusiasm, optimism and good fortune. Even better it returns before the new year to stay for several months in 2022.In the latter months of the year your focus will switch from career or community ambitions to home and family matters. You'll be keen to put down roots and find emotional security. Sitting down with loved ones to work out what adjustments need to be made will be a priority.