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February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Friday December 06th

You'll be the life and soul of the party, roaming around chatting animatedly, flirting like mad but never staying long in one place. Your popularity will not be in doubt, since your bubbly manner will be keeping everyone around intrigued and entertained. However going to one extreme or the other where cash is concerned is not helpful. If you give yourself goodies without limits you unbalance the budget. Moderation is the answer.

The Weekly Outlook from 02nd December

You now have Jupiter in your chart area of friendships for a year to come so all your group activities should be going with a swing. Your sunny self-confidence makes everyone around you feel better, while they in turn give you a sense of better times to come. You will be passionately enthusiastic about almost everything which interests you this week, whether it has romantic overtones or not. If you have artistic and creative talents then here is your chance to get them out on display. Let your imagination have free rein.

Your Monthly Horoscope for December

Why hide away when there's so much attention and recognition wanting to come your way? This is your peak few weeks of the year so there's little point in being a shrinking violet. Take your courage in both hands and showcase your talents and achievements. You'll be working hard and expecting others to follow along behind. OK you'll have the odd slump and moment of uncertainty in the second week but nothing that will last. Your enthusiastic opinions will also want an airing so you'll be promoting your pet causes with gusto. Aim high will be your motto as you make a dedicated effort to get more adventure in your life. Fun-loving and supportive friends and team mates will be particularly helpful as Jupiter moves into Capricorn on the 2nd for a year ahead. They'll keep your optimism and morale high in thanks for your knack of making all group activities go with a swing. Just have a slight care since you will attract fair-weather friends in coming months who'll be there for the good times but may disappear if there are problems. So hang onto old mates who are tried and trusted. Into the final days you'll not be left to your own devices for a moment and will be feeling well supported.

and Next Month's Horoscope for January

In full-steam-ahead gear you won't allow distractions or obstacles to get in your way. You'll be laying down the law, expecting others to dance to your tune and working exceptionally hard. But what may give you pause for thought is the attitude or situation of certain friends and team mates. They may not be inclined or be in a position to be as helpful and co-operative as in the past, so you will feel group activities to be more of an uphill struggle than usual. You'll also need a fair amount of determination to push ahead with long term planning since circumstances appear to be conspiring to put road blocks in your way. Being a fishy sign you tend to like swimming with the tide and drifting with the currents, but that won't work now. So dig in your heels and stand fast for what you really want. A positive attitude will make more difference than you imagine so keep your hopes high. Charm will also win you arguments and help to defuse tricky situations. Into the final ten days you relax with a sigh of relief into a quieter few weeks.

Year Ahead 2019

You much prefer to swim with the currents and drift with the currents, but needs must that you focus firmly early in the year on sorting out practical plans ahead. Certain friendships will be either less amiable than they once were or separated. So you'll treasure the mates around who are loyal and steadfast. They'll offer you advice which won't always be as upbeat as you'd like but they won't be wrong. Team relationships at work will require effort to get them running smoothly. If you are unsettled about a cool atmosphere, then try to break the ice and find a better way of ensuring co-operation. Your everyday schedule will be busy to the point of frantic at times so you won't be bored, but will need to be better organised. Your tendency of leaping out to speak the truth as you see it may not always go down well. Try to tone down honesty and add a little tact. Luckily your efforts should result in several successes or triumphs along the way so you'll be on the receiving end of recognition, praise and admiration from those whose judgement you trust. Neptune, your ruler, will still be in your own sign, making for some confusion or just a foggy state of mind at times. You won't always muster up the courage to be as pro-active as you'd like. In those times it'll be best to go with the flow and see where it takes you. What will waken you up after mid year is the desire to have a more exciting social life. You may be noticing a lack of attention or affection. The answer is to start handing out what you want for yourself. Shower compliments, hugs and kisses around and you'll be revitalised by the response. In December you'll begin to see how future plans can be made to work, with the enthusiastic support of new and upbeat friends.