Your Starsign


January 21 - February 19

Today's Horoscope for Friday April 12th

You will not settle easily to boring chores or routines and will have an urge to get away from from tedious chores, boring people and fly higher. You will want to broaden your horizons however you can. Travel would suit you best but there will be other ways to keep your interest engaged. Tightening your belt may be necessary for a brief while but there is nothing disastrous about cash shortages. You merely have to learn caution, long term planning and a stronger sense of the value of money.

The Weekly Outlook from 08th April

Everyone close knows your heart is in the right place but they may not be clear about what you are driving at. Try to collect your thoughts before you dash into discussions. Over coming months you know you need to get more method and discipline into your everyday schedules. Midweek you will need to make your goals modest. If you aim too high and allow yourself to get over enthusiastic or too exuberant you could come unstuck. It's all a question of attitude and approach.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Skipping along in high spirits you'll be delighted with the thoughtful gestures coming your way from everyday mates. It won't be grand passion but will be heart-warming and reassuring. You will be scattering your energy in several directions at once, multi-tasking and talking constantly. It will be helpful if you manage your time efficiently and start out each day with a to-do list otherwise you'll end up running in circles and not completing anything sensibly. What will occupy your attention is your finances since you will be redoubling your efforts to improve your situation and long term security. Perseverance and taking the initiative will pay off so even if there is a setback or problem around the 10th staying positive and determined will see you through. Good news on the home and family front around the 20th will arrive suddenly and lift your spirits. In the final days you'll be happy to wind down and spend happy hours with your feet up at home chatting to loved ones.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

In a charming, but ultra-determined mood, you won't let obstacles stand in your way when it comes to getting domestic reorganisation plans moving ahead. For three weeks your focus will be on home and family matters, as you alternately relax with your feet up, having heart-to-heart chats with loved ones and race around making changes. You will want to be rooted and secure but also to have your close space designed to suit you with freedom and elbow room. Your new found insights will help you be persuasive and to understand past muddles, thus helping you avoid tripping into the same potholes in the road ahead. You will be expressing yourself bluntly in a speedy everyday schedule and will get impatient with slowcoaches and delays. Just before and just after the middle of the month you will be jolted, jangled and then enlivened by sudden turns of events which may initially seem unwelcome but the outcome will offer more fulfilment in the longer term. In the final ten days you'll be singing, dancing and flirting, keen to enjoy every moment of a busy social whirl.

Year Ahead 2024

2024 will be a transition year for you as slow-moving Pluto, the planet of transformation, shifts from the sign before yours into your own for a considerable number of years ahead. Changes always bring uncertainty alongside an excited anticipation of better times to come. You will be keen to get behind the driving wheel and steer your life in the direction you want to go. Deepening your understanding of yourself and how you fit into your environment will be one gift of this new phase. Getting to grips with your finances will bring you peace of mind and a hope-for-the-best approach won't bring results. Getting realistic and taking the initiative will. Managing your time well in a busy few months and communicating clearly means you won't get into a muddle. From midyear you'll set sail into a lively social few months with your confidence soaring. Your positive approach will bring luck at work as well so everyone around will be putting a higher value on your presence. Broadening your horizons and aiming for adventurous plans and more travel will be your urge come October onwards. Keen to follow your vision and your dreams you won't settle for humdrum sameness.