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January 21 - February 19

Today's Horoscope for Monday May 23rd

You will be happier with your feet up at home reading books, or involved in family discussions in the days ahead than racing around in the outside world. Try to unload heavier commitments and don't feel guilty. Give yourself permission to be laid-back and unbothered by what chores are left to one side. You will rely on a wing and a prayer to sort out problems. If you can be be persuasive, you'll find that those close will pick up the slack allowing you to drift along.

The Weekly Outlook from 23rd May

In a hyper-active mood you may over spend or go off in 75 directions at once, chasing goals that are not sensible. Expansive Jupiter will be nudging you to develop your potential in one area of your life. The only thing to watch is it magnifies even negative tendencies and makes self-discipline and self-control tricky. Your everyday schedule will speed up from midweek with short distance trips and running discussions on the go. At times you may be too blunt or argumentative.

Your Monthly Horoscope for May

Your main focus will be home and family for three weeks as you aim to put down roots, snuggle up close and give yourself a chance to relax and reflect. Getting perspective on recent events will help to clear your thinking about what is best ahead so don't regard it as wasted time. You will be pleased with better financial news early as as certain of your schemes bring in better results than you expected. Even if a family member is out of sorts or causes a minor upheaval in the first few days you won't blink. Your charming ways with words will iron out wrinkles and as the month proceeds you'll be enchanted at hoe well you are communicating. Suddenly a new positive approach will take over and your broad-minded acceptance of alternative viewpoints will do wonders for your popularity, running on for months to come. Mid month and just after may throw up a cash confusion or two so double checking and not being overly generous will be sensible. A sociable, fun-loving final ten days will bounce you out onto the party circuit and loved ones will be making you feel adored. A speeded up everyday schedule will keep you on your toes as well.

and Next Month's Horoscope for June

A happy-go-lucky Gemini Sun for three weeks will find you on bubbly, outgoing form, keen to be the centre of attention at parties and with loved ones. Settling down to chores or fitting in with instructions or other people's wishes won't be high on your agenda but your charming smile and light-hearted manner will mean you can slide out from under without causing offence. You'll be keen to take time out from enjoyment to upgrade the d�cor at home since being surrounded by elegance and colour will lift your spirits. Then you'll invite family members and friends round for cosy get-togethers. Midmonth keep an eye out for a cash muddle since you may get careless with detail or be taken in by a sob story. Don't let sentiment or generosity over rule common sense. Into the final ten days you'll be juggling a busy social life with an increasingly heavy workload. Staying fit will be a priority.

Year Ahead 2022

Despite the ups and downs, stop-start feel as 2022 gets under way, you'll at least have the satisfaction of knowing your finances are in better shape. The winds of good fortune will be blowing behind you for several months ahead and again at the year's end bringing money your way. You'll be spending liberally so may not end up with much surplus but you'll be happy to spoil yourself.rnJust have a slight care since Neptune is still hanging around in Pisces which tends to make you careless or overly generous and taken in by sad stories. So you'll need to protect yourself.rnThe year will be divided between phases where you push work and outer ambitions ahead, early and late, and the middle months where you focus on home and family matters. Putting changes in place in your domestic life and family relationships to bring you more comfort and contentment will be a priority. There will be disruptions and unsettled patches so you'll need to steer a middle course and try to keep loved ones in good humour.rnYou'll sense you are slowly coming to the end of an old cycle in your life. The new phase won't get underway just yet, but this is a phase for tying up loose ends and getting prepared. Getting a grip of certain situations which seemed out of your control will be important but you'll need to tread softly and not expect overnight results.rnFrom August onwards till the New Year you'll be on a roll with high vitality and passionate enthusiasm sending you into a pro-active, spirited few months. You won't be holding back, will want your own way and be throwing yourself into enjoying yourself in a major way.