About Marjorie Orr

marjorieorr_about3HI… I’m Marjorie Orr, a Celtic Virgo – an odd mix of mystic and hugely practical. I’d like to tell you something about my passion for the stars.

Astrology was a complete revelation for me more than 20 years ago when I first had my birth chart read. As a complete non-believer, a BBC TV documentary producer with a philosophy degree and a scientific bent, I was the least likely convert imaginable. Yet here was an information source which could not be discounted. From the time, date and place of birth, the astrologer tell me in detail about my talents, temperament, strengths and challenges, and life’s pattern. It shook my belief in a rational universe and set me off on a learning curve which is still ongoing. (See Astrology FAQ) .

When I gave up my television career to become a full time astrologer, what was intriguing were the number of people coming for consultations with a genuine interest in astrology, who were embarrassed to admit it publicly. More people believe in the influence of the stars than in any of the world’s four main religions, yet few feel confident enough to say so. My fervent wish over the years has been to overcome that credibility gap – and help even the sceptics grasp that astrology is a highly useful tool, providing information on personality and life events, not easily available elsewhere. The fact that science cannot explain astrology is not a good enough reason for saying it does not exist.

Reading birth charts and writing astrological profiles is a skill, requiring knowledge not just of astrology but also of people. So along the way I did a Jungian psychotherapy training to extend my understanding of how individuals relate not just to others but also to themselves.

For many years I have been a media astrologer writing columns for newspapers and magazines in five continents, and broadcasting on television and radio. Now in the exciting new world of the net, I am able for the first time ever to bring personal in-depth astrology to a wide audience. You can read your daily horoscope, which is fun and based on sound astrology, but by its nature fairly general. Thanks to the wizardry of the new technology, you can now also find out about your very own, highly individual birth chart and your prospects for the year ahead – instantly. (Coming soon) In the autumn, you will also be able to get the astrology of your significant relationship.

My own special interest, as an ex-current affairs journalist, is in political astrology which studies the horoscopes of world leaders and countries, so I will be updating you on how the planets are affecting nations and those in positions of power. (See Political & World Astrology and Astrology: Fascinating Facts).

I do hope that in star4cast.com there is something for everyone from the light hearted to the informative, highlighting global issues and revealing to you personally what in-depth astrology can tell you about your life’s path.


Marjorie Orr