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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Friday January 18th

You will be diplomatic and tactful, yet still be assertive where it matters. If you do happen to stir up a little trouble by being too aggressive, then you'll just as quickly smooth and calm it all down. You also have a great love of mystery, wanting to find out what's going on in secret corners. So you'll be drawn to the hidden places in life. But it's important that you sort out your own secrets before probing into anyone else's.

The Weekly Outlook from 14th January

You may not be very practical but you will certainly be charming all the right people in all the right places. Flattery will get you almost anywhere and it certainly beats hard work. The right people will be impressed by your dynamic approach so you should see some gratifying results. There are likely to be challenges around later in the week. It may be in your job, to do with bosses. So watch health wise that you don't get over-stressed.

Your Monthly Horoscope for January

You may be overly serious as the New Year turns, determined to resolve confidential problems, financial and emotional and asking yourself probing questions about fundamental matters. What riles you is that you should be having fun, kicking up your heels and attracting attention. But those close will be demanding and breathing excitement into your social life will feel like hard work. Content yourself with plotting and planning how to attract more affection and enjoyment in coming months. Be persevering. Loved ones won't always be on your wavelength but there's no sense in hanging on too tightly. Handle your love life with a light touch, even if it takes an effort. There'll be chances to relax at home and snuggle down in familiar surroundings. You'll contemplate sprucing up the decoration to give you a lift. In the final days you'll be settling into a sensible practical rhythm, cracking on through the chores and staying fit. Good news will come about one family or domestic matter.

and Next Month's Horoscope for February

Your social life will bounce back to life with a sparkle as invites pour in and loved ones rally round with affectionate attention. Though you'll still be wrestling with secret, highly personal matters for the first two weeks. Try to be accommodating to what's being demanded of you. Not submissive or giving up what's your due, but not expecting to get everything you want. Have a care with money since there will be an unexpected turn of events towards mid month which will need to be budgeted for.rnKnuckling down to chores and getting organised is never a hardship for you and you'll be pleased at the modest progress you make, even if others aren't rushing in with praise. Looking after health and fitness will be important so grab every chance you get to wind down at home or in familiar surroundings. You will notice a growing sense of inner contentment so outer hitches and glitches will make less impact on your state of mind.rnFrom mid month you'll be ready for lift off, with a million bright ideas and lively opinions to keep your life humming along. You'll be yearning for travel or other ways to broaden your horizons. Close partners will pitch in with more practical assistance later so you won't feel you have to do everything yourself.

Year Ahead 2019

The good news is you'll feel happier at home, more content within yourself and be contemplating how best to improve your domestic set up. Relationships within the wider family will be easier as well with a generally hopeful mood about sharing ideals and hopes for the future. Which isn't to say you won't feel weighed down at times by the responsibilities that loved ones are landing on you. There'll be less time and energy for kicking up your heels socially. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to inject more adventure into your leisure activities and demand more attention for yourself. Your heart will yearn for more exciting trips and travel so make the effort to move out of your comfort zone once in a while. You'll be exploring new ideas and belief systems and opening your mind to a new view of the world. If those close scoff at your unconventional interests you won't care. April to June will find you battling ambitiously ahead, determined to make your mark and gain recognition for your talents. Though it'll be all too tempting to withdraw into your intimate surroundings and stay in your comfortable shell. After mid-year, you'll gear yourself up to sort out a long-term plans that gives you sensible goals to aim for and a practical strategy for making it work. A wider circle of friends will be around to keep you company and offer advice. In general you'll need to manage your finances with an eye to prevailing circumstances which won't be favourable for anyone. Tightening your belt and cutting out extravagances will boost your security and give you peace of mind. From December you'll move into a more buoyant, enthusiastic, sociable and confident phase which augurs well for 2020.

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