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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday November 30th

You will have a critical of one situation but it may not endear you to close companions. If you continually point out to them everything that's wrong, you will end up standing by yourself. Try adding a few compliments first if you have to be honest. You'll be turning your attention to becoming efficient and better organised. There sometimes feels as if there is no let up from toil but you must also understand when to say no. You cannot afford to over push it as you once did, but must treat yourself sensibly.

The Weekly Outlook from 28th November

Those close will be inclined to moan and groan for a day or so. Life won't be perfect. But what can you do? Get real for one thing. This is the way it is and once you accept the bottom line, then everything becomes much easier to handle. Be solid, down-to-earth, be dutiful and you will emerge with your halo polished. After midweek you'll be lively, upbeat and throwing yourself with gusto into whatever interests you, whether it's social, romantic or creative. Don't hold back from telling someone you fancy them.

Your Monthly Horoscope for November

An exceptionally busy everyday schedule will keep you in the run, multi-tasking like mad, talking constantly and just the way you like it. Thoughtful gestures from friends, neighbours or workmates will make you feel appreciated and you'll return the compliments. The Solar Eclipse will nudge you into streamlining your organisation and managing your time well since the next few months will be jam-packed. Communicating clearly will also help if you're to get your views across to the right people. What is important is not to push past your limits physically or in any other way. Recognise you can only pack so much into each day and give yourself rest and relaxation periods as well. Your mind will be open to alternative opinions and beliefs and your tolerant, broad-minded approach will be appreciated. But you won't allow anyone to crowd you or tell you what to think. You'll slow down after the middle of the month, content to put your feet up at home and snuggle up close to loved ones. Home will be where your heart is for a few weeks into December.

and Next Month's Horoscope for December

Keen to be in charge, take the lead and issue orders, you'll be flying ahead but also aware that you want a chance to relax at home, or at least put your domestic life up as the priority. Roots, belonging and comfort will all be important to your peace of mind. Having loved ones around and forging stronger family ties will also be on your wish list. If you can hold back on demands and soften your approach, sweeping those close up in your enthusiasm, you'll make faster progress towards your goals. One partner may be evasive or uncertain so you'll need to forgive and forget if they aren't on your wavelength and giving you straight answers. Your sparkle will be out on display at parties and your mischievous line in witty comments will send your popularity soaring. There'll be no shortage of invitations or compliments, even more in the final ten days with the Sun moving through your chart area of entertainment and enjoyment. Generous support, even money, will come your way.

Year Ahead 2022

2022 will be your year of blossoming close relationships with Jupiter casting an expansive glow over your one-to-one bonds as well as your social interactions. After a few months this planet of good fortune will also attract money your way in windfalls, bonuses or acts of generosity. There will also be a definite shift from May onwards with positive changes ushering you away from the past into a new phase.rnYou'll still be sorting out everyday details and having to stay on top of practical chores early and late in the year. Your imagination will soar across the middle months as you aim higher and will be keen to broaden your horizons and find adventure and challenge. Throughout you need to keep an eye on fitness and health since you will be continuing to learn lessons about where your limits are. Over pushing yourself with work will run you out of energy, so pacing yourself and being sensible will be wise.rnOne close partner may be elusive, evasive or just vague and inclined to lean rather than offer solid support. Being caring and sympathetic will be the best way to cope. You won't be sure how much commitment and togetherness you want anyway, so standing back once in a while will make you feel better.rnFrom August onwards with Mars at your midheaven you'll be firing on all cylinders, pushing ambitious projects ahead and insisting that everyone close wakens up and toes your line. You may be accused of being bossy, but you know that a general wake-up call is needed if you're to make progress.