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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Friday April 12th

You'll be pushed and pulled between your outer activities at work or in the community and a wish to stay close to home and ensure your domestic arrangements are running smoothly. Finding time to relax is not just idleness it will give you a chance to mull over the next step in your closest relationship. You have been tending recently to look at the flaws and perhaps exaggerating them. What you need to do is accentuate loyalty and the positive benefits.

The Weekly Outlook from 08th April

Your feelings will be intense and that tells you what you need to know about one close relationship. If you can lay your cards on the table in private, firmly but tactfully, then you are likely to get better understandings in future. Leaping recklessly into telling those close what you think of them, while all too tempting, could backfire. But with Mars close to Saturn in your opposite sign midweek it won't be easy to moderate what you're trying to say. You either under-do it or overdo it.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Slow and steady needs to be your motto as you negotiate your way through three weeks when agreements may be slow to come. You won't get it all your own way but will need to compromise to ensure fair deals for yourself and those close. Whether it is over finances or your emotional life, remember that what you are aiming for is security and stability ahead. Close partners will be heated at times and critical at others so you will need to stay calm through their storms and be understanding. There will be no sense in get provoked into snappy responses. You are going through a phase of reassessing certain relationships wondering whether the minuses outweigh the pluses. Remember you're likely to be focusing on flaws and the downside and forgetting the positives. Your emotional reactions will be overly intense all month so you're likely to exaggerate or get obsessed by trivial matters. If you keep your sense of humour handy you'll laugh off what doesn't matter. Relief will come after the 19th when restrictions lift and you can be light-hearted and mischievous again. You'll be keen to broaden your horizons in the final days and inject adventure and challenges into your life.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

An adventurous Sun moving through your chart area of grand plans and broadening horizons for three weeks will have you in a high-flying, enthusiastic though not always realistic mood. This is your time to allow your visions to flourish and you can always sort out later what is practical and what is not. Travel plans will be in the forefront of your mind or taking up new hobbies and studies. You will need to watch not to overpack your schedule since your workaholic tendences may be in overdrive. Looking after fitness and stamina will be important which means remembering to put limits on your hopes. Your outlook will change before midmonth with Uranus popping up and offering an encounter with a friend who has an alternative outlook on life. You will ponder and savour the possibility of embracing new beliefs. Good news coming in from a distance away on the 18th will make you smile. Into the final days you will be at a peak, finding appreciation and praise comes your way. You will be working hard but it'll be worth it as success crowns your efforts and the right people will be rallying around with support and appreciation.

Year Ahead 2024

Your head will be bubbling with grand plans and adventurous schemes as you step boldly into 2024. Your dreams and visions may have to stay that way for a few months but after midyear favourable circumstances will open new doors and provide opportunities to test several of them out. Let your enthusiasm carry you along and you've no idea where you might land. The only proviso is not to over-push yourself by taking on too many commitments. Review your lifestyle and work out physically what will keep your stamina at optimum levels and your vitality in good shape. Then you will be in a position to tackle any area of your life that feels stuck or broken down and fix it. Close relationships will continue to be confusing and a touch cool at times. Part of the problem being that you really don't know what you want to commit yourself to in the time ahead. But tried and trusted partners will remain loyal. Taking the initiative with money from April onwards will bring results where ambling along hoping for the best won't. Be pro-active and aim to improve your security. After late May you'll be delighted by the admiration and appreciation coming your way. Almost anything you tackle will work out better than you expect and that will continue to be the case well into 2025 as well. By the time the October Eclipse comes round you'll know the time to alter the way you share, care and cooperate whether over money or with emotional partners has come. It won't happen overnight but taking small steps in that direction will pay off.