Your Starsign


December 23 - January 20

Today's Horoscope for Sunday June 20th

You'll manage to smooth down rough edges and will be putting those close at their ease. Your confidence in communicating what you want to say is growing and as a result your everyday encounters are easier. You'll be amazed at your new found tolerance and will see that what has been holding you back in the past has been too narrow an outlook and not bad luck or life being difficult. In peaceful moments you will mull over old memories. You'll be settled if you think things through carefully.

The Weekly Outlook from 14th June

This will not be a time to hang on to security at all costs and insist on keeping life the way it always has been. Open up to new experiences, be less stuck in a rut. If you do dig your heels in too much you will prevent progress. Certain relationships may be tense since you'll be more critical and focusing on flaws and inadequacies. Your best bet is to get into a hard-working and self-disciplined gear. Then you'll be grateful because you will achieve substantial results.

Your Monthly Horoscope for June

Knuckling down to chores and practicalities will be your lot for three weeks. It won't all be glamorous or fun but you will clear essential tasks out of the way. What's important is to ensure you put as much effort and attention towards staying fit as you do towards duty. Boosting your stamina however you can will be crucial. Happily the love and affection of a close partner will keep your morale high and you'll be in demand out on the social scene. Though there may be an aggravating set of circumstances up to the 5th which will upset the agreeable mood. If you let it wash over you, and say less, then it'll pass by. From the 11th you'll recognise that perseverance and flexibility will be needed to resolve confidential financial or emotional stalemates. Answers won't come quickly so you'll need to be patient as well as firm. More help and support in the final ten days will take the weight of your shoulders.

and Next Month's Horoscope for July

Togetherness will be all important with the Sun in your opposite sign until the 22nd which means fitting in co-operatively with partner's wishes and expecting them to return the favour. There will be tussles behind the scene since there will be dilemmas and differences about financial and emotional matters. Getting uptight and stamping your foot won't work nor will hoping to magic away problems. A slow, steady, persistent push will be needed which won't always be comfortable but you will be pleased that you stood your ground by the end of the month. Your tendency may be to keep too much under control on the surface which may not make for easy relationships. But after the 22nd your mood will lighten and brighten with more fun on the horizon.

Year Ahead 2021

A resourceful, ambitious sign, overflowing with initiative, you won't find it easy to sit on the sidelines and wait in 2021. But the Eclipses overseeing the first few months hint that doing less, pulling strings behind the scenes and giving yourself a chance to put recent events into perspective, is the way to go. You will benefit from having deeper insights into your past or yourself to explain how you've ended up with certain dilemmas. Only by getting down to the roots will you be able to untangle muddles and find solutions for the future. Practical matters such as money will still have to be handled sensibly but they are never a problem for you. There will be patches where more flows through allowing you to indulge. But overall the prevailing mood will be one of caution and putting long term security up as a priority over instant extravagance. Emotionally you'll be moving through unpredictable times when your mood will be on a roller-coaster ride. Early in the year you'll insist on others toeing your line and be impatient when not everything runs to plan. Later you won't care what loved ones do or say, you'll suit yourself. Just try not to put certain securities at risk by being too defiant or rebellious.From middle of May for a few weeks, you'll be communicating confidently, finding your new found tolerance makes for easier relationships at work and with everyday neighbours and friends. That happy state of affairs will return late in the year. In the later months you'll be working exceptionally hard and needing to boost your stamina and fitness to cope with the pile of chores, perhaps extra jobs being landed on you. It'll only last a few months and you'll be pleased at how much you achieve, but will be equally as content to wind down as the New Year approaches.