Your Starsign


December 23 - January 20

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday February 27th

In an indulgent and pleasure seeking mood, you'll reckon that good food, drink, beautiful clothes and house are vital for your sense of well-being. Watch you are not being too materialistic in your approach since that could slow down your progress. Dynamic and energetic Mars across from lucky and confident Jupiter could be a combination for success but what they lack is commonsense. You will be tempted to to charge into action recklessly without considering the consequences assuming you can't lose.

The Weekly Outlook from 26th February

Your cheerful way of picking others up in your enthusiasm will produce results. You'll be in high spirits, full of vitality and those close will pick up your enthusiasm and be happy to move your way. It'll be a fast slow week since Saturn, your ruler, then appears making it plain that duty and responsibility are a priority. If you can make up your mind to that for a few days, you will crack on through a pile of chores and achieve more than you expect.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

A speedy start to the New Year has found you in a go-ahead, dynamic and decisive mood, impatient with delays and trivial distractions. Your determination to make fast progress will keep you running till mid month but you will also divert your attention towards improving your financial situation. First you need to get informed about the detail of agreements, put in emergency plans for unexpected surprises and then stand firm when you run into a challenge or two midmonth. Getting wound up and argumentative won't help. Nor will digging in your toes. Work out a strategy and stick to it. After a few days the heightened tensions will ease and you'll be back to spending happily on indulgences and treats. Loved ones won't always act as you expect so stay on your toes and be flexible. Into the final ten days you'll be into a busy, varied everyday schedule will little chance of being bored. You may have to be persistent in getting one of your views across and when companions appear to be ignoring what you say you will need to redouble your efforts.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

Skipping along at speed, chatting constantly, you'll be skimming the surface and cutting corners in order to fit in a variety of visits, trips and fun activities. Your confident, positive approach will go down well with enthusiastic responses from everyone you encounter. And OK you won't appreciate being tied down but will skip off at the first opportunity since you'll hate being bored or controlled. Putting time aside to focus on your finances will pay off. Determined effort will improve your situation as long as you curb your spending. After the 10th you'll be pleased to have a chance for heart-to-heart talks with loved ones at home. The more you open up to them the better will you understand yourself. A softer mood will make for happier connections and you'll be persuasive. Into the final ten days you'll be pushed and pulled between a desire to relax, put your feet up, focus on home and family affairs. And an acceptance that an ultra-busy everyday schedule won't let you slow down completely. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th hints that finding a balance will be important.

Year Ahead 2024

Capricorn is known as the two-faced sign, not because you are duplicitous but because your birthday comes at the year end, a time of nostalgia looking backwards over what has been and forward to what is to come. Even more so than usual in 2024 you will be aware of making a significant step into a different future. Pluto is tidying up the final loose ends from its 25 years in your own sign and about to move into Aquarius full time. Your focus will shift towards new interests and a revisioning of your lifestyle. Getting your finances knocked into better shape will be one priority since your values are changing and security will be high on your wish-list. Just try not to be too controlling where financial matters and negotiations are concerned. Your everyday schedule will continue to be varied, with a few communication glitches emerging and a need to be clear in getting your message across. But your confidence will be high as you attract compliments at work and in your social life. Your positive approach will bring you luck and opportunities as new doors open. From midyear you will find chores and practical matters easier to handle with enthusiastic support on hand. Your fitness regimes will be producing results though you may be tempted to over indulge. By October you will be aiming high and keen to demand the recognition your talents deserve. This won't be a time to be a shrinking violet or hide in a corner. Be bold and make your mark.