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December 23 - January 20

Today's Horoscope for Thursday August 06th

No one will catch your attention for long but you will throw out entertaining titbits as you race past. You will thrive on interesting, varied conversations so you've got to be clear in your own mind about the message you're trying to get across. In a scattered, busy time, you'll have too many loose ends flying around your head, too many people to chat to or visit. So you could spread yourself too thin but you'll be coming across as enthusiastic and confident, so you'll be forgiven for cutting corners.

The Weekly Outlook from 03rd August

Don't over-tax yourself, bite off more than you can chew or over-commit yourself. If you can keep yourself under a certain amount of control, put down a few limits, then you will be pleased with the end results of your activities. You will be in a high flying, dynamo of a mood. But it'll be wise not to get ahead of yourself and miss out on opportunities. After the middle of the week you'll be intense and stubborn in discussions as you confront those who share joint responsibilities to sort out better agreements.

Your Monthly Horoscope for August

You may be like a cat on a hit tin roof at home but slow and steady needs to be your motto when it comes to making progress. Especially when tackling confidential financial and emotional tangles. Perseverance and compromise will move you towards a solution to dilemmas but there won't be quick n' easy answers. You will be racing around reorganising like mad determined to sweep the family and furniture into place. You may let your enthusiasm carry you away early on and then find it isn't as easy getting agreement on your plans as you'd expected. So it'll be a stop start month with a few surprises along the way which will send you back to the drawing board. Luckily one close partner will be particularly affectionate and you'll be much in demand out on the social scene after the 7th so there will be light-hearted distractions. If you refuse to rise to provocation before mid month then one difference of opinion will be quickly forgotten. Into the final week you'll be less intense with broadening horizons in front of you and the chance of adventure.

and Next Month's Horoscope for September

Your adventurous spirit will send you looking for broader horizons, exciting companions and new projects into which you can sink your teeth. Your schemes may not always be practical but you'll let your imagination soar. Good luck will be with you largely because a combination of positive thinking and determination on your part is guaranteed to bring rewards. There may be a few muddles and communication glitches since you won't always concentrate on detail. But on the whole you'll be getting on top of problems and as the month wears on planning sensibly. There may be arguments at home with loved ones since not everyone will want to move at your speed. Try to sweep them up in your enthusiasm. Your emotional reactions will be intense so you'll tend to magnify your likes and dislikes. Into the final days you'll be flying high, attracting attention and ensuring that what you want goes.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 for you will start the way it intends to go on, with challenges to your resourcefulness and determination as you stand at a crossroads in your life. You know that leaving the past behind, clearing the decks of what is no longer essential for the future is crucial now. So you'll set to with a will and ensure that you are not letting sentiment stand in the way of common sense. At times you'll be a touch discouraged about the consequences of the decisions you've made but that won't last long. You know like a gardener pruning bushes, you will be stimulating new growth ahead. The difficulties will come first and the rewards will follow not far behind with March, June and November seeing you on a successful and confident track.rnYou will have to take care financially for a few months after March and again in December which needn't mean disaster, just that circumstances will prompt you to save rather than spend and put long term security above short term indulgences.rnYou'll be more independent for the first few months but from May onwards lending a helping hand to loved ones will come easily and they'll be appreciative of your efforts.rnAn action-packed second half year at home will find you racing around, not always patiently, getting everything knocked into shape. You will be frustrated since certain projects are on a go-slow so you need to keep pushing or backtrack to unpick mistakes before forging ahead. It'll be a stop-start year, with fast progress at times and then obstacles will start to pile up. Luckily you're a sign overflowing with initiative and good at thinking your way round dilemmas and finding inventive solutions.rnThe eclipse cycles gradually move away from your own sign so by the year end you'll be less stressed and into a more reflective phase. Money will roll in faster through December though your savings campaign needs to continue at the same time.