The first Solar Eclipse of the year falling on 30 April at 10 degrees Taurus is conjunct Uranus; with the Taurus North Node square Saturn, trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter Venus Neptune in Pisces. It’s in a Saros series, around previously in 2004, 1986, 1968, 1950, 1932, 1914 and is associated (according to Bernadette Brady, The Eagle and the Lark) with the relationship to father figures and the need to take responsibility and accept commitments due to another’s indisposition or unreliability.

  Uranus will throw up a few surprises, maybe upsets and prompt innovation and change. Jupiter Neptune hints at financial bubbles bursting and delusions or over-optimism leading to disappointments, financially and emotionally. Saturn in Aquarius in square is chilly, can be selfish and self-righteous.  New Zealand and Australia may be unsettled locations – NZ with an argumentative Mars on the MC; and AU with the New Moon Uranus on the Ascendant.

 The Total Lunar Eclipse following on 16 May at 25 degrees Scorpio in many ways is more powerful, as is often the case with Lunar Eclipses. The Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun and North Node squaring onto Saturn in Aquarius, trine Pluto and sextile Mars Neptune in Pisces. Stubborn, controlling, attention and publicity seeking, emotionally chilly and intellectually arrogant. Europe and the EU may be more than usually affected along with the UK as forced-change Pluto sits on the Midheaven.  Saturn sits on the Midheaven through Kiev which suggests a sobering reality check.

  The second Solar Eclipse of the year, also a Partial like the first, is on 25 October 2022 with the New Moon at two degrees Scorpio conjunct Venus inconjunct Jupiter; and Mercury trine Mars trine Saturn, square Pluto. It was around before the same years as above and is in an emotionally intense, slightly manic series, affecting relationships and group activities with effects ranging from falling in love to having to make a great effort.

 The Venus Jupiter aspects may mellow what looks to be an argumentative, if not dogmatic and intellectually bullying mood. Saturn in Aquarius will be showing its un-empathic and obstinate face. This Eclipse is the final one to be catching the disruptive Uranus Saturn square which bedevilled 2021 – as Uranus will conjunct the Taurus Node and square Saturn for a final time. Mars Saturn can be violent or accident-prone.

  The Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 November 2022 at 16 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus opposition Venus square Saturn will magnify the Saturn square Uranus effect which can be dictatorial as well as unpredictable and contradictory.  There’s also an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune in Pisces square Mars.

  They all look like a mish mash of minuses and pluses with the May Lunar Eclipse being the most difficult.  

Effects for each sign. Eclipses are challenges to develop potential in one area of life. If change is not volunteered for and embraced, it can sometimes be forced on the individual which is more difficult. The Eclipse effect can start before the due date and lasts for roughly six months until the next one.  The Solar Eclipse always occurs either two weeks before or after a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon).

ARIES: The late April Taurus Eclipse will focus your mind on your finances with a hint not to throw cash around to impress but instead take the initiative to improve your situation long term. This will require that you involve close partners in your planning and the earlier the better. By late October you will need to share, care, relate and cooperate in a new way over money and your emotional life.

TAURUS: This is a key year for you at the crossroads with the Eclipse in your own sign. You will be faced with significant decisions about which path you want to follow in future and for a few months ahead this will make you more independent, knowing the choices have to be yours. The late October Eclipse will put close relationships up as a priority so you’ll need to be adaptable and less self-sufficient into 2023.

GEMINI: The late April Solar Eclipse in the sign before yours is hidden so you’ll be more inward-looking, seeking answers in the past or within yourself. Understanding yourself better will be crucial. The late October Scorpio Eclipse will turn your attention to keeping fit and improving your general health in order to keep up with the pile of chores in front of you.

CANCER: Playing away the day and expecting tomorrow to look after itself won’t be an option with a Taurus Solar Eclipse in late April prodding you into making sensible long-term plans. Friends may be more helpful in giving you advice and support than loved ones. From October you’ll get a chance to reboot your social life and include those close in your enjoyment. If you want more love and affection you need to give it so start handing out hugs and kisses and compliments.

LEO: The late April Taurus Solar Eclipse at your midheaven hints it is a time to get your talents out on display and demand recognition. Being a shrinking violet won’t do. Find courage, be bold and don’t hide away in a corner. You will need to find a balance with home and emotional matters, but the main priority for six months will be your outer ambitions. Then from late October you can focus on your personal life and domestic affairs.

VIRGO: Setting your sights higher, spreading your wings and broadening the scope of your life will be your priorities from April onwards for a few months. Your enthusiasm will soar as will your sense of adventure. Travel could and should be on your agenda or at the least finding new hobbies and interests. From October you’ll be concerned with sorting out your everyday schedule, managing your time well and communicating clearly. It’ll be a few months thereafter of focusing on the little things.

LIBRA: Getting a grip of joint finances and all cooperative agreements will be vital from April for a few months ahead. You’ll need to alter your approach to sharing, caring, relating and handling money you share with others and your emotional life. Leaving behind the habits of a lifetime is not easy but taking the initiative now will save problems later on. From October onwards you’ll be able to put your own interests first and ensure you are building up your personal security. Throwing money around to impress won’t be wise.

SCORPIO: Like Taurus, this is a significant year at the crossroads for you when major decisions about your path ahead need to be made. From April for a few months you will be focusing on close relationships and cooperative agreements. You will need to be less self-sufficient, more adaptable and prepared to compromise when necessary. Then from October onwards you’ll be more independent, knowing it is your life and needs to be your choices.

SAGITTARIUS: Getting practical may not suit your adventurous spirit but with the April Eclipse in your chart area of work and fitness, you will need to get your feet on the floor, boost your stamina and prepare for heavier responsibilities or at least a rising pile of chores. The October Eclipse will be more hidden so in the months after you need to take the chance to reflect. Being inward looking for a while will allow you to put the past into perspective and to understand yourself better.

CAPRICORN: The time has come to shake up your social life and have more fun from a few months from April.  If you want more attention then you need to give it. Love, affection and compliments will come back to you if you sprinkle good feelings over loved ones and friends. Then from October you will be focusing on widening your circle of acquaintances, seeking new friends and sorting out long term plans. By that point you’ll know you can’t play away the day and let tomorrow take care of itself.

AQUARIUS: Home and family matters will take priority from April onwards for a few months as you’ll be keen to be rooted and secure, and keen to make whatever adjustments are necessary to establish a solid foundation for yourself and those close. Once you have that sorted then from October you’ll set your sights higher and embark on an ambitious few months. You’ll want to get your talents out on display and get the recognition you deserve. Be bold and it will happen.

PISCES: Managing your time well, improving your efficiency and communicating clearly won’t sound like a bundle of laughs but for six months from April you do need to streamline your everyday schedule. By ironing out wrinkles now you’ll save yourself problems later. Then from October onwards you’ll be keen to broaden your horizons, travel more or involve yourself in promoting your pet causes. You’ll be aiming high and spreading your enthusiasm around.

For charts see post: 16 April 2022.