Your Starsign


November 23 - December 22

Today's Horoscope for Sunday February 05th

In a lively and upbeat mood you'll be creative as well as affectionate. You will reach out to make better contacts but you could go sailing into flirtations and later you wonder whether it was such a hot idea. Find productive ways of getting out of a rut to broaden your horizons and fill your life with more challenging activities and friends. Along the way don't forget to attend to the nuts and bolts of everyday life. Try to see the big picture without losing sight of vital details.

The Weekly Outlook from 30th January

You'll be busy with a great deal of variety in your everyday schedule, on your toes with no room for boredom. You will be inclined to zap around at top speed, but take time out to be reflective and consider others' needs as well as your own and be tactful. Luckily your enthusiasm will encourage loved ones and friends and sweep them along with you. What you need to watch is not get yourself too wound up. Uranus keeps you on your toes but can land you with too many demands.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Racing around a busy everyday schedule you won't be bored for a second though you will need to concentrate otherwise you'll get distracted and nothing will be done properly. You'll be keen to bring in new methods for chores as well as your fitness regimes, so you'll be testing out different approaches. Close partners will continue to be revved up and if you can move with them and not argue then you'll make fast progress together. Luckily there will be peaceful moments at home with the close family with harmony reigning. You'll want to entertain more in your intimate surroundings and will be planning on improving the d�cor to bring a mood of elegance and taste. Not all of your ideas will be practical but you'll enjoy dreaming and planning. Slowing down late in the month you'll put your feet up and stick close to loved ones.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

Home will be where your attention is focused since you know you need to get better organised at a practical level. You'll also be addressing any issues with family members where there may be differences of opinion. If you stay calm and tackle discussions in a dispassionate way you'll reach agreement faster. One close partner will be wound up and raring to go as they have been for several months. Throwing your energy and cooperation behind their plans will reduce strain and make joint projects move ahead faster. Affectionate friends and team mates will rally round after mid month as you head into a sociable, fun-loving final few days. You'll sparkle in the spotlight of attention at parties and be putting on quite a performance. Encounters in your everyday relationships at work and in the neighbourhood will bring profound insights in the final days. You'll be persuasive and get your views across if you stay light-hearted. Getting too intense or forceful won't work.

Year Ahead 2023

Your sunny self-confidence will stand you in good stead socially as well as at work. As you put a higher value on yourself with your self-esteem soaring, others will respond well and your popularity will rise. Loved ones will rally round with support and generosity. One close partner will be revved up until March but you'll know how to sidestep differences and keep the peace. Getting your finances knocked into shape will be a continuing project since you need to be in control and on top of details in order to feel secure. Just try not to micromanage everything since it could backfire if those close feel you are taking decisions away from them. Co-operate where possible and compromise if necessary so that you can share responsibility. At home you'll be tackling practical tasks from April onwards as you decide to reorganise or even move. There could be tensions surfacing with family members since they won't always appreciate the upheaval or transition. Regard airing differences as helpful since you can clear them out of the way once and for all. You'll approach chores with enthusiasm from May onwards and since you'll be feeling fitter and raring to go, will crack on through a pile of essentials. Over eating may be a minor hazard but not a major problem. There will be additional pressure on your everyday schedule as commitments pile up which may make you overly intense or dogmatic in your conversations. If you can lighten up and be tolerant, you'll cause yourself less aggravation. Late in the year your thoughts will turn towards widening your circle of friends. Your optimism will soar as you look ahead.