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November 23 - December 22

Today's Horoscope for Monday April 22nd

Watch you don't get too headstrong. You need to take responsibility for the long-term consequences of what you decide to do. You may dash into something and then later regret your actions. Now you must find a way of working which suits your real individuality. You won't put up with the compromises you have been making, nor will you want to fit in with other people's orders or instructions. You must find yourself a niche where you have more elbow room.

The Weekly Outlook from 22nd April

Maybe you are feeling resentful because you are not given higher rewards for your labours. But you will be better pleased doing a good job for its own sake, rather than gaining glory in the world. Give yourself more elbow room this week .If you are around other people too much you could get edgy. With Uranus around you can suddenly leap to conclusions, go off and do something too wild, and that of course may get you into trouble.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

With plenty of chances to shine in the spotlight at parties and with loved ones rallying round, you'll be in your element for three weeks. Enjoyment, entertainment, sport are all high on your priority list and you'll be demanding what you fancy. An amiable mood at home and within the family will make for relaxing and indulgent moments when you slow down enough to put your feet up. Improving the d�cor will also grab your attention since you'll want beauty, elegance and colour around. Not that everything will be possible since a couple of financial dilemmas will need to be resolved before you go throwing money around. Save where you can and try not to get overly obsessed by always being in control. Your lucky touch will pull a few rabbits out of hats by mid month and you'll be on your way. Later you'll be balancing duty with pleasure, work with indulgence since you won't escape a pile of chores but there'll also be a stream of fun social invitations. Close partners won't always be calm so you'll need to keep the peace.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

Sorting out the nitty gritty and dotting i's and crossing t's isn't exactly your strong point, but needs must for a few weeks as practical matters take up your attention. Your personal finances will benefit, not spectacularly but modestly, from a steady approach. Putting as much attention to staying fit and healthy as you do towards the chores will help to keep you buzzing along. Close partners will be wound up and raring to go and they will also be argumentative so you'll need to keep the peace. Throwing your energy behind their schemes in a co-operative effort will pay dividends and save wasting time on bickering. Over eating could be a minor hazard after mid month as you'll be tempted by richer and sweeter food. Try not to get obsessed when a financial or emotional dilemma appears to have no solution. If you keep pushing and use your ingenuity, then eventually you'll make headway. In the final days close partners will be prepared to lend a hand and more support.

Year Ahead 2019

With lucky, expansive Jupiter, your ruler, in your own sign for eleven months, you'll have moments of soaring confidence. Better relationships in general and resources coming your way are the gift of Jupiter, and also the message that what you give out comes back to you ten-fold. For all that you'll be preoccupied with tedious matters like money. Tightening your belt and cutting out indulgences will need to be the order of your budget as you instil more order into your finances with an eye to your longer-term security. It'll take perseverance and grit to move ahead with your plans but where there's a will there's a way. At work you'll notice a new spirit of defiance as you opt for a niche where you can follow through on your own ideas and not always be feeling others' instructions. You'll want to spread your wings and be free to suit yourself which may cause a few waves, but you won't care. Where health is concerned, you may be a touch nervy or highly strung so finding ways of winding down and re-centring will help your physical stamina. At home there may be a few muddles or disappointments since not everything will be coming up to expectation. Try to accept that perfection isn't possible and reality takes a bite out of every dream. Be happy with what you have and be forgiving if loved ones are sometimes preoccupied or evasive. Finding a new way of sharing, caring, relating and co-operating will be key to the second half year with the Cancer Solar Eclipse shining a light on all joint ventures, financial and emotional. Old habits die hard so it won't all be easy but if you can make a super-human effort to change then you'd find more fulfilment and satisfaction as the months go on. Money will finally start to come in faster towards the year end, setting you up for a more prosperous 2020.

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