Your Starsign


November 23 - December 22

Today's Horoscope for Sunday March 07th

If you spend money which you will do in style, since you want to pleasure your senses with what you buy. It has to taste, smell, look, or feel good before you will be satisfied. More and more you are finding that a different and less restrictive life style is what you need. Settling into a secure, traditional environment does not sit well with your restless spirit. You need a space where you have the freedom to operate as you like without too much direct supervision.

The Weekly Outlook from 01st March

If you like totally secure relationships and are possessive, Uranus will unsettle you, since it never likes anything trapped. If you're feeling edgy, give yourself a shake and aim to take a small risk. If you change your attitude to your emotional life and let fresh air in your close connections will sparkle. Over coming weeks you'll be attracting yourself to highly energetic companions. You will achieve a good deal in joint efforts if you can stop from arguing between yourselves.

Your Monthly Horoscope for March

However much you're yearning for far distant shores, you'll need to content yourself with home and family matters and to focus on your domestic environment. Putting down roots, giving yourself a chance to snuggle down and have a chance to get recent events into perspective will get you prepared to bounce back revitalised later in the month. Your closest relationship will be lively, not to say argumentative and while keeping the peace would make for a quieter life, you're unlikely to hold your tongue for long. If you can co-operate, then together you'll make fast progress. You'll be planning to spruce up the decoration since you'll want a hint of elegance or colour around you. Though not all of the household will be on your wavelength so you could feel let down just before the middle of the month. Try not to be discouraged. By the 16th you'll be back in control and heartened by better cash news. Your social peak for the year starts on the 20th for a few weeks, so fun invites and compliments should be pouring in.

and Next Month's Horoscope for April

Sociable, fun-loving and in the mood for entertainment, you won't hold back when it comes to demanding your own way. Luckily loved ones will rally round with votes of appreciation and affection so you won't be short of good company. Allowing your inner spark to shine out will be more important than knuckling down to chores. Close partners will be revved up and raring to go. As long as you can avoid getting dragged into arguments which will be easier if you throw your energy behind their plans, then all will go well. A family member may be elusive or evasive which could leave you feeling let down. Forgive, forget and move on. You'll have encouraging encounters in your everyday routines to let you know that the right people are open to hearing your opinions and rate you highly. Although there may be a financial dilemma mid month which it will take effort to clear, you won't let that stop you getting a new scheme under way. A mix of positive thinking and determination will be all that is needed to create luck. Hard work will restrict your enjoyment a touch in the final days as duty calls. Getting your fitness regimes running will help to boost your stamina.

Year Ahead 2021

You'll be standing at a crossroads in your life in 2021 poised to make significant decisions about your path ahead. Being an adventurous and restless sign, you always relish the prospect of change and embracing the new. So you won't shy away from mulling over different alternatives and planning with enthusiasm. You'll be more independent-minded for a few months since you know you have to make your own choices. Your everyday schedule will be jam-packed and unpredictable with chance encounters, fun conversations and the odd sticky moment where you feel cold-shouldered and have to find a new approach if you want to get your views across. Managing your time well will be vital if you're not to end up running round in circles. Money won't be quite the pressing concern it was last year though you'll still be pushing mightily hard to ensure you stay in control of your finances and in a position to upgrade your long-term security. And since the world at large will be going through an erratic economic phase you'll need to take care. Jupiter, your ruler, moving into Pisces, your chart area ruling home and family matters, from May for ten weeks and again over the New Year into 2022 will make you more contented at home, with improving contacts with family. You'll plan how to expand your intimate surroundings to allow for more entertaining and give yourself space.From the middle of the year onwards you'll be less self-sufficient and turning your attention to your close relationships. Being more adaptable and sitting down with partners to work out what adjustments are needed to give both of you more fulfilment will help, if you can manage it. By the year end you'll be on track for new beginnings.