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September 24 - October 22

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday February 28th

With the Sun close to Mercury you'll be in mental overdrive, zipping on so quickly that you miss out on opportunities. It may go against the grain, but if you can pause to collect your scattered wits you will achieve more. Rushing ahead too fast you will get careless. Don't let others criticise you and avoid coming across as negative yourself. You may imagine you are being realistic when in fact you are looking only at flaws. Keep an eye to the upside as well as the downside.

The Weekly Outlook from 26th February

If you normally don't have faith in yourself, you will suddenly get a surge of courage to tackle tasks and situations which normally you would not back away from. Luck will seem to be on your side though truth to tell, it'll be more due to your dynamic approach, making it happen for yourself. Relationships with the right people will be good. They will respect the way you're handling yourself. They will remark on your sensible judgment because you're not flying heedlessly ahead into actions you haven't thought through.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Home and family have loomed large through last month and though you will still be involved in a fair amount of domestic reorganisation for the first two weeks, your thoughts will turn to zipping up your social life. Your mischievous comments and fun approach will bring you popularity and invitations galore. OK at times you may come on slightly strong and too attention demanding but on the whole if you keep up an entertaining line in chatter you will be well received. There may be a financial surprise or two early and late in the month but you should end up on the right side of the profit line. Be wary towards the 14th since a loved one will be wound up and inclined to create problems. Mars close to Pluto always brings a blocked, aggravated mood and often the best way to handle relationships when there is too much heat around is to back off and keep smiling. The mood will pass. Within a few days you'll be flirting and charming everyone you meet. Fitting in time for work and being helpful will be necessary in the final days. If you are burning the candle at both ends, playing and being dutiful, you will need to boost your stamina.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

Hard work brings its own reward so they say but in your case the end result may also include money, generosity and good fortune coming your way. Your lucky patch will run on but so will the demands on your time and energy. You'll need to turn your attention to keep fit plans and look closely at your lifestyle to see if it is the right one for your changing circumstances. Eating well, resting when you can and changing your exercise regimes will help. Your emotions will be fairly roller coaster which may confuse partners who will never know quite what you want. After the 11th if you can open the channels of communication and keep them in the loop you won't end up with so many problems. Your vitality will stay high so you won't have a problem moving ahead. You may be tempted to eat too much but it won't show. Around the 17th take a break when you feel the need to rest and relax. More help and support will come in the final days though you will be reviewing one close relationship to see how you can give yourself the freedom you want when you want as well as keeping them on side.

Year Ahead 2024

Moving into 2024 you will sense a significant change coming with a revived social life and growing attention and admiration coming your way in general. Your wish to be seen as a person of substance, achievement and talent will be gratified and you will be a commanding presence out and about in your leisure hours. You will be tying up the final loose ends of domestic projects which have occupied you in recent times and be ready to step out boldly knowing your efforts have built solid foundations for you to use as a springboard. Your relationships with family members and those close have mellowed and although you may be a touch overly possessive of certain loved ones ahead, you will be handling your emotional life with skill and tact. More money should roll in for several months as the generosity of the universe will ensure you are given the opportunity to be more secure. You will be leaving the past behind and moving easily into a better future with your old defensive emotional attitudes softening. From June onwards you'll be upwards and onwards, broadening your horizons and pursuing adventurous plans. None of this will happen without hard work and effort so you will need to watch not to over commit yourself or over stretch your stamina. The October Solar Eclipse in Libra will be your cue to make a definite choice about your path in life ahead. You will be at a crossroads and able to choose which direction will suit you best.