Your Starsign


September 24 - October 22

Today's Horoscope for Monday June 17th

In a pleasant, easy-going and laid-back mood with Venus, your ruler across from dreamy, sympathetic Neptune, you will deal gently with everyone you encounter. Making good connections will be important. Your ability to keep the peace and boost morale will, in coming weeks, be useful in gaining you prominence at work or out in the community and help smooth your path to promotion. Your charm may have a hidden agenda but it will bring the desired result if you keep schmoozing in the right places.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th June

Your thinking will be running along practical lines in coming days and you will want to see a tangible result from your discussions and efforts. Your disciplined approach and a vision of what is possible should make projects run smoothly. Keen to be noticed you will aim for a prominent position where you can be applauded by everyone around. Recognition is likely as you strive hard to get your talents out on display.

Your Monthly Horoscope for June

In your element with a clutch of enthusiastic, upbeat planets moving through Airy Gemini, your chart area of adventurous plans, travel and lively conversations, you will be broadening your horizons however you can, contemplating taking up new studies or hobbies and actively seeking out more stimulating, challenging conversations and discussions. You won't always be realistic but you will allow your visions to flourish. After the 9th you will be distracted at times by confidential matters, financial and emotional, which require your attention. Over coming weeks you will need to be firm and flexible, compromising where you can since you won't get it all your own way. It'll be a struggle at times but your persistence will pay off and you'll emerge next month feeing more secure. After midmonth you'll find your social status soars as you are invited out to special occasions with the right people bowled over by your charm. This is your peak in the year in the final days as far as reputation and status are concerned. You'll be working hard and getting noticed.

and Next Month's Horoscope for July

The Sun crossing your midheaven for three weeks makes this your peak in the year for work or community activities, when you can expect attention and praise for your achievements and talents. You will be sensible, practical, planning effectively and putting a few inventive schemes into gear. Warm-hearted affectionate friends will rally round to make you feel appreciated and your knack of making everyone feel special will make group activities run smoothly. Behind the scenes you will be pushing hard to resolve confidential financial and emotional tangles. You won't get it all your own way or find instant answers. But if you stay persevering and be flexible at the same time, you will win through, having improved your security ahead through your stalwart efforts. Into the final ten days your mood will lighten with less struggle in coming weeks. Into a friendly, forward looking phase you'll be adventurous and keen to spread your enthusiastic views in all directions.

Year Ahead 2024

Moving into 2024 you will sense a significant change coming with a revived social life and growing attention and admiration coming your way in general. Your wish to be seen as a person of substance, achievement and talent will be gratified and you will be a commanding presence out and about in your leisure hours. You will be tying up the final loose ends of domestic projects which have occupied you in recent times and be ready to step out boldly knowing your efforts have built solid foundations for you to use as a springboard. Your relationships with family members and those close have mellowed and although you may be a touch overly possessive of certain loved ones ahead, you will be handling your emotional life with skill and tact. More money should roll in for several months as the generosity of the universe will ensure you are given the opportunity to be more secure. You will be leaving the past behind and moving easily into a better future with your old defensive emotional attitudes softening. From June onwards you'll be upwards and onwards, broadening your horizons and pursuing adventurous plans. None of this will happen without hard work and effort so you will need to watch not to over commit yourself or over stretch your stamina. The October Solar Eclipse in Libra will be your cue to make a definite choice about your path in life ahead. You will be at a crossroads and able to choose which direction will suit you best.