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May 21 - June 21

Today's Horoscope for Sunday February 05th

This is when you need to let your affections be seen. Don't hold back or feel too timid. The lighter-hearted, flirtatious side of life is well starred. It may not be deeply significant but it should keep you entertained in passing. Later the Full Moon moving through your chart area of everyday communications may get you bogged down in trivia. You could come across sounding biased. If you can stand further back to see the full picture without losing sight of the details, you will reach better judgements.

The Weekly Outlook from 30th January

You could be cool and clinical about other people's inadequacies. Needless to say they won't react well. Soften your approach. Stop and think about the consequences of your words and actions on others. Mars has a tendency to push you straight for what you want and where you want to go without considering anyone else. A little tact will go a long way. After midweek there will be a sudden surprise event which will provide an opportunity for you to take a new direction.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

An Airy Aquarius Sun will keep you aiming high, planning adventures and keen to spread your wings in various directions. This is not time to be stuck in a rut or staying silent. Give yourself leeway to spread your enthusiastic opinions in all directions. As long as you stay open minded and tolerant of other views you'll be persuasive. Travel will be high on your wish list but if you are stuck you'll broaden your horizons in other ways, whether in taking up new hobbies or widening your knowledge with new studies.rnInvitations to special occasions will give you a chance to put on a sparkling performance and impress the right people. You'll be sprucing up your appearance and putting your best foot forward. Recent restrictions will ease so you won't be holding back and will be airing your opinions in all directions.rnIf there are a few delays just after mid month or if mistakes surface, don't panic. Be persevering. Find another way round obstacles and you'll be on your way upwards and onwards into a high flying final few days. You'll be attracting attention and p[raise for your talents and achievements to boost your optimism.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

Warm-hearted friends will rally round to boost your morale and make you feel appreciated. But your main priority will be work since you'll know the best way to attract respect is to produce results and have long lasting achievements to show for your efforts. This will need to be your approach for some time ahead as Saturn will stay at your midheaven for two years plus. It brings rewards for past preparations but also tends to bring old mistakes to the fore to be sorted out. You may have a minor let down on a cash matter midmonth but you won't let that distract you from tidying up loose ends and getting to grips with the budget. This will be a month of fairly momentous changes and with Pluto moving into Aquarius in the final days you'll be rethinking your beliefs, opinions and philosophy of living. Discussions will be intense but keeping an open mind will help.

Year Ahead 2023

Slowly but surely through 2023 you'll be pulling away from a restrictive phase in your life when you were held back by old obligations and circumstances beyond your control. Financially and emotionally it has not all been easy but now you are about to embark on a new journey where you will have more freedom to express yourself and not feel so crowded. Your optimism will be high and as you look ahead you'll see rosy glows on the far horizon. Your friendship circle will be wide with interesting and enthusiastic new companions to keep your spirits high. They may not always be realistic but they will boost your morale. You won't avoid hard work or extra responsibility and will need to stay organized to gain the respect and recognition which are your due. If mistakes become obvious then fix them and move on. This is when you reap what you've sown in the past, the good and the not so great. After a few months you'll be happy to take time out to ponder and reflect, giving yourself a chance to get in touch with your innermost feelings and wishes. As you nurture yourself, you'll find your self-confidence grows and you'll be understanding of other people's problems. First you need to listen to yourself and then you can offer a sympathetic ear and be of help. After midyear you'll be keen to waken up your social life and find time for fun. If you are lacking love and affection then you need to give more. Hand out the compliments and hugs and they will come back to you.