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May 21 - June 21

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday February 27th

With a head filled with adventurous schemes and strong opinions you will be racing around with enthusiasm trying to rope in support for what you are planning or promoting. You will be so exuberant you feel almost that everything you touch will work. Sometimes you can trust your instincts but at the moment you need to take some of your wilder schemes with a pinch of salt. You need to check and re-check that what you are aiming for is realistic and sensible.

The Weekly Outlook from 26th February

If you don't over-tax yourself, bite off more than you can chew or over-commit yourself early on you'll do well. But you will need to keep yourself under control and put a few limits on your hopes. When you get into a high flying mood, you can get get ahead of yourself and lose out on good opportunities. Knuckling down to be responsible and dutiful will take an effort but if you can manage it you'll find you are remarkably pleased that you did.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Slowly but surely the intense, restrictive atmosphere of last month will lift as you head into open pastures, with the chance to broaden your horizons and fly higher. You will have a head full of adventurous schemes and enthusiastic opinions you will share with anyone prepared to listen. You won't always be practical or realistic but your exuberance will strike a chord with those close and you'll speed ahead. There will be a few differences since not everyone will share your outlook which could become a problem towards midmonth since you are unlikely to back down. Try to tread softly. If travelling make plans for delays and hitches since not everything will run to schedule. Your social life will move into a lively and varied phase after midmonth as you mix with the fun crowd and try out new venues and leisure activities. Though your ambitions will take priority from the 19th onwards with the Sun moving across your midheaven. You'll work hard, take the lead and demand recognition for your achievements and talents. Hard work will be unavoidable but will pay off.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

Feeling confident and flying high, this is your time to reach for the stars, get your talents out on display and demand recognition and respect. You will be taking the lead at home and elsewhere insisting others follow behind. Clearly you won't be skulking in a corner trying to look anonymous. Your restlessness will keep you on the move though you may not always be clear what is driving you. Friends will keep you on the right track and after the 11th you'll be out and about socially, putting on quite a performance and looking great, attracting compliments from the right people. There will be a minor sag towards the 17th when a fit of indecisiveness and dither slows you down. Let yourself drift and you'll soon be forging ahead with determination. The Lunar Eclipse in the final days will find you pushed and pulled between loved ones on the one hand and friends on the other. You'll need to spread your attention in both directions.

Year Ahead 2024

Slowly but surely you will move into a brighter, less restricted phase ahead in 2024. Pluto moving away from the confidential, financial and intensely emotional area of your chart into communicative Aquarius will suit your quick-witted, chatty spirit. Recent years have given you depth of understanding but you reckon enough is enough and now you intend to fly higher, broaden your horizons, aim for adventure and campaign for your favourite causes. You will be keen to spice up your social life and attract more attention and appreciation as well as widen your circle of friends. What will make all the difference is Jupiter moving into your own sign in late May for twelve months to start a new cycle of growth, expansion and good luck. You'll attract positive responses and find your popularity soars. Hard work will still be needed since discipline and practicality will pay off in substantial achievements and in attracting the respect of those whose judgement you trust. There will be moments of indecision and dither along the way since these are uncertain times for everyone but you will be in better spirits than most and more fortunate.