Triple conjunction – USA and Saudi Arabia are on the bullseye

Triple conjunctions of any of the four outer planets are rare occurrences – only ten in the past 2000 years – and coincide with massive shifts in the power centres on the globe and in the aftermath there are usually significant migrations of people, often for decades after.

The last triple conjunction – of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn in the late 1980s coincided with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the USSR amongst other events. The Russia 1917 chart has a controlling Pluto in its 10th which was under assault from tr Saturn Neptune and Uranus in opposition in the late 1980s, so found its grip on power wrenched away.

The year’s triple conjunction is of a lesser variety since it includes the faster moving Jupiter alongside Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. But it will still have a significant effect. The two countries which spring instantly to mind as being on a collision course – one is the USA with its Pluto in Capricorn opposition Mercury catching the hard aspects. And Saudi Arabia with its Sun Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn being ground down by the triple conjunction.

To a lesser extent China with its 12th house last decan Jupiter will take a financial and confidence hit.   Germany also with its 10th house Uranus in Cancer may spring a surprise or two as it swings in a radically new direction from 2021 onwards.  Other countries more affected than most will be Turkey, Australia and New Zealand, all with late Cardinal planets.

If the early 19th Century Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction in Pisces is anything to go by – although there were differences being more spread out and in an unstable square to Uranus as well – there will be a financial collapse followed two or three years later by a shift over to a different economic model and a resurgence. Though as ever with major planetary aspects it is likely to home in on a limited number of specific targets, so to speak. You see it with accident prone influences – there are usually one or two headline-grabbing crashes around the globe – but not everyone is affected.  It’s a weird phenomenon  as if the planetary vibe needs to be acted out by a designated mark and then it moves on. The ripple effect will be felt elsewhere but not the bullseye.


Sweden – marching to a different drumbeat for now


Sweden, unlike most countries, has not closed its borders, schools, non-essential businesses or banned gatherings of people. They have instead adopted voluntary, softer measures to delay the spread of the virus. Its approach, spearheaded by epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, has come in for criticism both internally and elsewhere. More stringent measures will be put in place if there is a sharp increase in cases. At present Sweden has 3,700 confirmed cases with 110 deaths, low compared to other countries.

The Sweden chart, 7 December 1865 3.30pm Stockholm is showing up high risk as this year goes on with a scary, grind-to-a-halt Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Sweden Pluto, exact in six months but in effect before then.  And even more significantly the Solar Arc Uranus will move to form an insecure and high-stress conjunction to the 6th house (health) Mars in Sagittarius – on the same degree within weeks and will remain in place for months thereafter. This will test the country’s confidence.

The June Solar Eclipse will elbow the Sweden Uranus in Cancer hinting at a shock and need for a change of approach. Plus there will be a jolting, change-direction tr Uranus opposition the Sweden Saturn in Scorpio starting late May and running on and off into early 2021. No matter what the final numbers are the country along with everyone else globally will take a financial hit.

Anders Tegnell, 17 April 1956, has a super-confident and uber-determined chart with a pro-active Aries Sun in a visionary though can-be impractical opposition to Neptune and trine a might-makes-right Jupiter Pluto in Leo. His Saturn in self-righteous Sagittarius is in an unyielding and obstinate square to Pluto; his Mars in contrary Aquarius squares a stubborn Mercury in Taurus and his Sun. And last but not least his Neptune is in a can-be fanatical square to Uranus. He’ll be pretty impervious to feedback or viewpoints which are different.

Tr Saturn in Aquarius will conjunct his Mars for a car-crash setback from April 6th to mid June which may cause him to rethink his strategy. Tr Saturn back in Capricorn will starting colliding with his Neptune and Uranus from early July till late year; and his Solar Arc Sun will almost certainly catch the June Cancer Solar Eclipse for a crisis and forced change.

Apologies to all Mars in Aquarius types, but I’ve tripped across one or two who were hair-raisingly irritating and impossible to budge, as well as way off beam in their ideas. Being different for the sake of being different may make you stand out from the crowd. But sometimes everyone else is right.

Hungary – not heading anywhere good

Hungary’s Viktor Orban has tightened his autocratic grip by exploiting the coronavirus crisis to pass legislation allowing him to govern by decree for an indefinite period of time. He’s already at loggerheads with Brussels over his refusal to take in migrants as per the EU quota scheme and his stamp-down on the media, the judiciary and academic institutions. This latest move has raised disquiet within the EU and given that Hungary is the fourth largest net recipient of the EU budget after Poland, Romania, Greece, there should be considerable leverage. But it appears not to make a dent on Orban’s inexorable passage towards total dictatorship.

Orban, born 31 May 1963, 2pm (memory), is a slippery and controlling Sun Gemini square Pluto Uranus in Virgo; with his Uranus in an explosive, brook-no-interference conjunction to Mars in bombastic Leo. In turn his Mars is in a hard-edged and tough opposition to Saturn in can-be-cold Aquarius squaring onto a stubborn Mercury in Taurus. He’s also got a Yod of Jupiter in Aries sextile Sun inconjunct Neptune – so can be delusional, following a dream.

There’s not much showing on his chart instantly apart from tr Saturn in Aquarius in 2021/22 blocking his Fixed planets. Then there’s a confident uplift or a pro-active push from Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Sun in 2023, followed by a dead-halt Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Pluto (birth time being accurate) in 2024 with sharp reversals and setbacks also in 2023/24 from tr Uranus square his Mars and Saturn.

His Term chart, 10 May 2018, always did look fairly brutal and repressive with a Taurus Sun in an over-confident opposition to Jupiter and trine a ruthless Mars Pluto in Capricorn. There’ll be a few financial panics this year understandably from tr Neptune square Venus; but the pressure really builds in 2022/23 with a trapped, enraging, frustrating tr Pluto conjunct Mars which could spark violent opposition; with instability in 2023 from tr Pluto square the Uranus and tr Uranus conjunct the Sun. But as usual with demagogues there’ll be an undeserved streak of luck from Jupiter.

The modern Hungary chart, 23 October 1989, has tr Saturn square the Scorpio Sun exactly now; with a blocked and angry tr Pluto square Mars all year; and an undermining tr Neptune square the financial Venus also this year. 2021 will see jolting changes and challenges from tr Uranus opposition the controlling 10th house Pluto.

The Hungary EU Accession chart, 1 May 2004, indicates disappointment and an undermining of ties from 2021 through till 2023; with tr Saturn exactly square that Midheaven at the moment. There’s also a blocked Solar Arc Pluto opposition Saturn in late 2021/22 – so it may come to a total impasse ahead. The relationship chart with the EU also points to 2021 being a flare-up point extending into 2024.

It’s always head-scratching when countries with as rich a cultural history as Hungary manage to get themselves embroiled with control-freak dinosaurs, determined to put a deadening hand on the lifestyle.

EU – the moment of reckoning fast approaching

Angry warnings that the EU could collapse altogether if there is no solidarity over the economic plight of countries like Italy and Spain in the aftermath of the pandemic have erupted. At the recent summit it was made clear that Germany and the Netherlands would not countenance any rescue plan that was the equivalent of a transfer union. The Latin Front of the Mediterranean countries has come together united to face the EU down, with even pro-European Italian leaders questioning the point of membership.

The fundamental flaw in the EU and euro project is being stress-tested to its limit and beyond, as was always predicted it would be in the event of another recession. Merkel at the summit by videolink said even if she agreed on the equivalent of a coronabond Marshall Plan that the Bundestag would block it.

That the EU was going to be under immense stress from this year onwards was never in doubt – see previous post March 8 2020. The EU chart is dominated by Fixed sign planets forming a Grand Cross and that is being thrown into total disarray this year and on till 2023 with explosive tr Uranus hard aspects. Then tr Neptune squares the midheaven for a directionless and undermining drift of indecisive lack of direction in 2024/25 just as the Solar Arc Pluto has moved to oppose the 8th house economic Moon and square the Uranus causing a total snarl up on the financial front.

The various internal relationships between Italy and Spain and the EU, Germany and France – are messy at the moment, in particular where Spain and the EU is concerned. But the major upsets look more congregated around 2022/23 and onwards with even ructions between France and Germany.

Germany this year has the June Solar Eclipse opposition its Saturn and square its Mars so won’t be having an amiable summer, with significant setbacks in the offing, not the least of which is a run of financial bubble-bursting Neptune transits and Solar Arc to its Jupiter in 2020/2021/22. Tr Pluto opposes the 10th house Uranus in 2021/22 for a sudden, forced change of direction. With a hugely disrupted 2022 as tr Uranus is conjunct its 8th house Pluto.

Germany will undergo a fairly violent (in diplomatic terms) reset of its relations to France, Italy and Spain through these 2021 to 2023 years. All in complete turmoil until at least mid decade.

Aquarius – Mars collides with Saturn and Uranus


Saturn has now been in Aquarius for a week and is joined tomorrow by Mars which makes a conjunction on Tuesday. So this is the first hint of what the long, slow slide over to Aquarius might bring. Saturn stays there till early July, Mars till mid May. Then Saturn and Jupiter together move in late December – Saturn staying for two years, Jupiter for one year; and Pluto moves in by 2023 for two decades.

Aquarius is an inventive, innovative, inquiring, scientific sign which likes to upset the status quo; and, particularly in Mars, dislikes being told what to do. No surprises if it starts on Tuesday’s conjunction with outbursts of anger or accidents. Mars Saturn can be disciplined but it tends to be passive aggressive, gritting teeth for so long and then letting fly. It’s associated with broken bones – Saturn’s rigidity meeting with Mars’ hash and crash approach. And with the military, which is being called out in various countries to deal with the crisis.

April continues with a fair sprinkling of the same energy with a volatile, explosive, argumentative Mars square Uranus on the 7th which can also bring equipment break downs, in particular with computers or high tech; and a Taurus Sun square Saturn on the 21st.

But along with the hitches and glitches there will be upbeat moments – a Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 5th might bring some cheer and confidence. Though thr Sun opposing Jupiter Pluto on the 14th/15th might lead to excessive behaviour since the combination is none too good at sticking to rules and regulations. Arrogance or over confidence can backfire.

Aquarius is associated with friendship and team or humanitarian activities and can also be stubborn and unyielding.

Francis Urquhart – Pluto plumbing the depths

A quickie. Tristan Garel Jones isn’t a name to spark much recognition but he was the inspiration for Francis Urquhart in House of Cards, the Machiavellian Tory whip and consummate backroom fixer in the original book and Brit TV series who morphed into Kevin Spacey in the US version.

The Times obituary says: ‘A whip’s job is to keep backbenchers in line, by fair means or foul, and Garel-Jones was certainly good at it. He was an astute judge of character and political moods, ran a formidable intelligence network, hoovered up gossip and dispensed patronage. He could be foul mouthed or charming, as required. “There was no staircase so twisting, no trapdoor so concealed, and no footfall so silent that Tristan didn’t know of it,” his ministerial colleague, Kenneth Baker, once wrote of him.’

Born 28 February 1941 in Wales, he was a Sun and Mercury in Pisces with a disciplined and hard-edged Mars in Capricorn trine Saturn Jupiter in Taurus. What is more to the point he had Pluto on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Mars sextile Mercury (Sun). This is a classic signature for manipulation and coercion, and often sends the individual to a prominent position – J Edgar Hoover also had a Yod focal point Pluto inconjunct Saturn and Sun.

Pluto revelling in grubbing down the sewers.

Garel-Jones never sought high office but his leaving-a-legacy 17th Harmonic is exceptionally strong, as his doppelganger lives on.

Boris & Matt – CV19 no respecter of VIPs + Carrie

The UK PM Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have both got coronavirus.

Boris has tr Saturn exactly square his Scorpio Moon which only picked up a few days back and sticks around till April 6th, returning mid June to early July. The Moon can represent the body and Saturn is a depressing influence. He’s also got his Progressed Moon  on top of his Neptune, in effect for two or three weeks, which is also energy-lowering and muddle headed. Plus tr Pluto opposition his Solar Arc Mars which is frustratingly blocked, on and off for another two years ahead.

Late March into mid April also sees tr Uranus square his Sun/Pluto midpoint, which Ebertin describes as ‘sudden adjustment to new circumstances (arrest).’

He’ll be cheered up come late May to mid June with tr Uranus square his Moon/Jupiter midpoint so he may get his energy back for a brief patch. Though he’ll sag again mid June into early July with tr Saturn back on his Moon.

His Moon is under a fair amount of stress later in the year with his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct, exact in nine months’ time. That may produce an emotional shock or surprise of sorts. Birth time being accurate he’s also got his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Uranus at the moment. Tr Neptune has been ambling through his 6th house of health, since 2016 and on for all of this decade which does suggest he needs to look after his health better,

His pregnant lady Carrie Symonds,17 March 1988, is living separately for the time being. She does have tr Saturn square her Jupiter in Taurus from April 6th to mid June which will damp her enthusiasm but that may just be late pregnancy blues. She looks in bouncing good form from July onwards; and will be firing on all cylinders in 2021/22.

Matt Hancock, 2 October 1978, Chester, is a Sun, Mercury, Moon, Pluto in Libra with a determined Mars, Uranus, Venus in Scorpio. He’s up and down ahead with a couple of splashes of Jupiterian cheer but also a dead-halt, accident-prone Progressed Mars square his Saturn in Virgo, which will get in the way of duty; and tr Neptune square his Solar Arc Mars all year which is droopy and undermining. Mind you that may not all be personal health since he’d be under huge stress anyway given the pressures on the health service.

Meghan & Harry – Beverley Hills here we come


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, proclaims herself ‘free’ since she moved from the UK in which she felt trapped and claustrophobic, according to a friend. She and Prince Harry are now, plus baby Archie, in Los Angeles, having skipped their multi-million dollar Canadian hideout before the border closed.

I wonder about – various things, which in this time of CV19 obsession is a welcome distraction. First the negative vibes about the UK. Relocating her chart to London puts her Leo Sun and Mercury on the midheaven which would allow her to shine in a public role. Admittedly it also puts her Pluto and Jupiter, Saturn Moon in the 12th. But that is a mite less-trapped than her birth chart with Pluto in the 4th and Mars in the 12th. She’d have more of a chance to glitter in the spotlight in the UK than elsewhere.

Methinks she over-reacted because of her own (clearly little understood) psychology from a trapped, scary childhood with Pluto in her 4th. Marriages often bring up old unresolved issues. And it would be exacerbated in this instance since her relationship chemistry with Harry is reflected in their composite Moon square Saturn Pluto. What happens with Saturn Pluto in relationship charts is that external circumstances are blamed for what is an inner dynamic in the bond itself.

Harry’s Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio (not conjunct) both fall in her natal 4th house and square her Sun, Mercury, North Node – so it’s not an easy interface.

Taurean Baby Archie, 6 May 2019 5.26 am London, has Saturn Pluto conjunct his Midheaven in his 10th house which represents career but also mother – and a Saturn Pluto mother is tough, disciplinarian, controlling, not warm. His hidden 12th house Venus and Mercury also square his Saturn Pluto, suggesting a lack of nurturing. His Gemini Moon is very sparsely aspected only in an out-of-sign trine to Pluto, so he’ll not be well connected from his feelings and perhaps hyper-sensitive as a result.

Meghan in Los Angeles has an exuberant First House Sun Mercury in Leo so it will bring out her enthusiastic streak. In contrast Prince Harry relocated to Los Angeles has a behind-the-scenes Sun and a deeply buried 8th house Moon, so he won’t be as outgoing.  It does put his charming Venus on his Ascendant so he will smile prettily but be more private.

Harry and Archie will resonate well with Meghan’s mother Doria since she’s a Sun and Jupiter in Virgo; though she’s also got the tough-minded Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto in her chart. Her relationship with Meghan isn’t entirely seamless Since Doria’s Uranus is conjunct Meghan’s Sun; while Doria’s obsessively conscientious Pluto square Saturn collides with Meghan’s emotionally wayward 5th house Uranus.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus Mercury conjunction in a steady sextile to Saturn which will help. But there’s an elusive, evasive composite Venus square Neptune; and can-be-troublesome-in-the-long-run composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction.

I wish them well and I was very much in favour of Meghan at the start but there’s a smell of something very self-willed, I-know-better-than-anyone-else about the whole set up which won’t end well. She/they haven’t left themselves much wiggle room for if and when the grand plan all goes wrong. Hollywood and the LA celeb culture can be brutal once the initial gloss wears off.

Nicolas Maduro – a darker shade of political corruption


In a highly unusual move, Venezuela’s Head of State Nicolas Maduro has been indicted in the USA in a decades-long narco-terrorism and international cocaine trafficking conspiracy in which, prosecutors said, he led a violent drug cartel even as he moved up the political ladder. The State Department announced a $15 million reward for information leading to his arrest. He has pushed Venezuela’s economy into meltdown which has forced millions of people to leave.

Maduro, born 23 November 1962 9.03 pm Caracas (birth certificate), has an ego-centric and grandstanding 5th house Sagittarius Sun and Mercury on the point of a scattered T Square to an 8th house Jupiter opposition Uranus (Pluto). He’s a risk-taker, lucky and a narcissist. His Neptune Venus in Scorpio is square a flamboyant Mars in Leo on one side and widely square a paranoid Saturn in Aquarius on the other. His Mars, Uranus and Pluto are all in his 2nd so money will be a driving force.

His most recent term of office (after a heavily disputed election) kicked off on 9 January 2019 at 11.10 am Caracas, which puts Saturn, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th with Sun Pluto square Uranus – tough-going and prone to rolling crises. There’s also an ‘unlucky’ Mars in aggressive Aries square Saturn; plus an over hopeful Jupiter square Neptune. This year the Sun has moved by Solar Arc to close the conjunction to Pluto to exact which will create blocks and high tension. Then by 2022/23 tr Pluto squares the Term Uranus for peak instability.

Venezuela, 5 July 1811 3pm Caracas is in a car-crash year with Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn, exact late 2020; with an undermining and devastating tr Neptune conjunct Pluto and a financial bubble-bursting square to Jupiter also throughout this year into 2021.

Trump’s relationship chart with Maduro is particularly hair-raising with a power-struggling and hostile composite Mars Pluto in a one-upmanship trine to Jupiter. Tr Pluto is in a confusing, calamitous and disruptive square to the composite Neptune now and then square Uranus running on till late 2022.