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Nazanain Zaghari-Ratcliffe – the agony drags on with a sliver of hope ahead

Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe, the Iranian-British prisoner in Teheran, on trumped up charges of spying, has been moved to a psychiatric hospital after going on hunger strike. Initially it was thought this might be positive but she appears to be held by the Revolutionary Guard and is out of touch with her lawyer which is not good news.

Her husband believes her release is dependent on the interest on a £450 million debt the UK has owed to Iran since the 1970s for a cancelled arms deal. The UK Ministry of Defence is reportedly unwilling to release settlement funds because it believes the Iranian Government would use the money to extend Iran’s military activities in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

Boris Johnson when Foreign Secretary instead of helping made her situation worse by suggesting she was training Iranian journalists, when in reality she was there with her daughter on holiday visiting her parents.

Born 26 December 1978 (wiki), she looks uncertain and worried now until late August with tr Neptune opposition her Saturn/Node midpoint; but in better spirits from late August to mid November. The one really bright spot is tr Uranus square her Jupiter from early May 2020, on and off into 2021, which could suggest a hope of release – so there is a sliver of hope.

The Eclipses this year are bouncing off her Mars in Capricorn now and her Capricorn Sun in December so it will be a critical turning point.

Emanuela Orlandi – a Vatican mystery


Emanuela Orlandi was a young Vatican State resident who disappeared in 1983 aged 15. She left behind not just a bereft family but also a string of fantastical theories ranging from kidnapping by the group supporting the Turkish would-be assassin of Pope John Paul to her murder after a sex orgy involving Vatican police and foreign officials. Recently there has been an attempt to exhume some Vatican tombs in the thought she might have been buried there but to date nothing has been identified as her.

Born 14 January 1968, she was a Sun Capricorn trine Uranus Pluto sextile Neptune and thus not without ambition; she also had an adventurous, risk-taking Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter square a social-butterfly Venus in Sagittarius.

When she disappeared on 22 June 1983 three days before a Lunar Eclipse there was a high-risk, ruthless Mars trine Pluto Saturn in Libra with an attracted-to-glamour Mars opposition Neptune. The Lunar Eclipse had that can-be-perverse Mars opposition Neptune trine Saturn (Pluto) all three in exact aspect so very strong.

There wasn’t much going on visibly in her chart, with no birth time, apart from tr Neptune square her Mars/Node midpoint suggesting falsehoods were around – and she had a fairly susceptible nature with her Sun square her Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Tr Saturn was also conjunct her Uranus/Neptune midpoint which can suggest loss of consciousness and great confusion.

I’m not sure why investigations have re-started this year after so long but for what it’s worth tr Pluto is conjunct her Sun and trine her Pluto (Uranus – indicating some shift in her ?? – story.

Ursula von der Leyen – a rough ride ahead



Ursula von der Leyen has been confirmed by a slim vote to replace Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the EU Commission, though it has left a sour taste – at home in Germany amongst her critics and in Brussels at yet another Franco-German stitch-up.

Her term starts 1 November this year which gives a divisive Sun opposition Uranus on the Midheaven, hinting at a radical change of direction. But there’ll be a stream of setbacks, mishaps and missteps with an argumentative Mars in the 3rd square Saturn Pluto in Capricorn. Plus an over-hopeful, head-in-the-clouds Jupiter square an 8th house Neptune which might point to financial mismanagement.

Born 8 October 1958 (see previous post July 3 2019) she’s a Sun Libra on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to an innovative Uranus trine Saturn; with an ultra-determined Mars square Pluto. She is widely thought to be a European federalist and anti-Brexit but her policies are difficult to pin down.

Her chemistry with Boris Johnson will be exceeding scratchy since both have the never-say-die Mars in Gemini square Pluto with, in Boris’s case, Uranus and Saturn added in. Her Saturn is also opposition his Sun Venus – so his boyish charm won’t work. Their relationship chart has a differing-agenda, disruptive composite Sun Mercury Uranus conjunction; and the hostile Mars square Pluto.

Her relationship chart with the UK is no better with a power-struggling composite Sun Pluto and a combative Sun opposition Mars which is being stressed by tr Pluto till late 2020. Mind you it’s not as complicated and aggravated as her interface with Donald Trump – with another tussle-for-the-upper-hand Sun Pluto and an explosive Mars Uranus square Saturn and Neptune.

The EU don’t look too charmed either with a composite Mars opposition Pluto in that relationship chart so there will be objections to her control-freakery.

Her own chart indicates one major triumph around 2021 when her Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct her Jupiter; but there’s a run of Neptunian disappointments and swamps between now and then; and Saturnine setbacks towards the end of her term.

Her term chart looks exceedingly jangled in 2020 with tr Uranus opposing the Sun and moving towards a major blockage around 2022 as the Mars moves to close to the square to Pluto by Solar Arc.

Scotland – alarming rise in drug deaths


Scotland has overtaken the USA as the drug death capital of the developed world. Fatalities rose in 2018 after a 27 per cent increase to almost 1,200, three times the UK average, and 50 times higher than Portugal, which decriminalised drugs in 2001. The biggest increase was in users aged 35 to 54 with the sharpest increase in the intake of benzodiazepines known as “street valium”. Amazon evidently sell pill presses which can churn out thousands of pills an hour.

Unemployment in Scotland at 3.3% is close to the lowest on record and 0.5 lower than the UK.

Scotland has never been the healthiest of places especially in Glasgow, part of which is the effect of economic deprivation, but that alone won’t explain higher levels of heart disease, cancer etc. Alcoholism and depression tend to be associated with countries in the northern climes – Russia, Scandanavia etc – and Scotland. Scottish teeth are fairly rotten (to which I can testify) and I always assumed it was too much sugar in the diet along with less calcium in the water.

Of the charts for ancient Scotland:- the 16 March 842, 25 March 1005 and 25 November 1034 all have strong Neptunes. The 842 chart with Mars opposition Saturn Neptune square Uranus (Moon) in Aries with the Sun at zero degrees Aries. The 1005 chart has an Aries Sun Venus square Neptune. And the 1034 has a Sagittarius Sun, Mercury Jupiter square Neptune; with Neptune on one leg of a Yod sextile Mars (Pluto) in Capricorn inconjunct Saturn. Neptune can explain some of the tendency to escape through the bottom of a bottle or off on a drug high. But the UK also has a strongly aspected Neptune and isn’t affected in the same way. Though admittedly the UK Neptune is not tied into the UK Sun.

The rise in Scottish drug deaths has come since the late noughties when Pluto moved into Capricorn and has since been wending its way round all the Cardinal planets, so it has been a strenuously challenging time on the Scotland charts. But that’s just a wild guess.

The Portugal experience is clearly the one to pursue.


Trump – racism panders to the base

That Trump is racist is hardly new news given his track record from way back being sued by the Federal Government for discrimination against persons of colour in rental properties with his father; and more recently his Charlottesville reactions and pandering to white supremacists. The silence from the Republican Party has been deafening and shaming over this recent spat telling congresswomen of colour they should go ‘home’. It’s reckoned because the GOP share similar views and they also think they are a vote catcher.

It’s a pact with the devil which will start to unravel in 2020/21. Trump’s relationship chart with GOP February 1854 has tr Neptune squaring and dissolving the ties-that-bind Pluto from late April into 2021; followed by a confused, disastrous tr Neptune square the Saturn in 2022/23 – so a long drawn out phase of counting the cost of the tainted deal. His relationship chart with the 1856 GOP also hints at an undermining of the connection and aggravation from early 2020 onwards with tr Neptune square the composite Pluto and tr Pluto trine the Mars through 2021 as well.

Trump’s relationship with the USA chart is stretched to breaking point with underground rage surfacing with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars right through 2019 till December 2020.

Of the four Congresswoman who make up The Squad, whom he suggested should go back from whence they came, three were born in the USA and the fourth is a naturalised American. All are feisty and well capable of looking after themselves. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Sun Mars in Libra with Jupiter in Cancer opposition the triple conjunction in Capricorn. Ilhan Omar is also a Sun Libra conjunct Saturn Jupiter and Pluto as well, with Mars in flamboyant Leo in a volatile square to Venus Uranus in Scorpio. Ayanna Pressley is a Sun in Aquarius square an immoveable Mars in Taurus, with an Air Grand Trine of Jupiter in Aquarius trine Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus. Rashida Tlaib is a Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus in Leo.

They are all strong women unlike the submissive Trump wives, two of them also immigrants. His relationships charts with all The Squad are at cross purposes with inflammatory and argumentative composite Mars strongly marked, especially with AOC and Rashida.

Nancy Pelosi has also had her problems with them as she attempts to pull the Democrats into line not always successfully. Pelosi is not that easy a personality herself with an Aries Sun Jupiter. Four planets in Taurus including Mars on Algol and an unyielding Saturn square Pluto. She does have a tussle for the upper hand with AOC but the interface with Ilhan is more scratchy and won’t get easier. Both Ayanna and Rashida chafe at the bit and dislike the controls Pelosi exerts over them.

Alan Turing – a belated 80 years late tribute


Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing will feature on the new design of the Bank of England’s £50 note. He was the technical genius behind Britain’s successful efforts to break German codes in World War II and was a mathematician, logician, computer scientist. His “Computable Numbers,” 1937, is considered one of the outstanding scientific papers of the 20th century, a blueprint for what would become the electronic digital computer and his “Universal Turing Machine” was an ancestor for the entire information age.

He got a posthumous apology from PM Gordon Brown for his treatment as a homosexual. There is now a suggestion that his supposed suicide in 1954 might have just been a chemical accident.

Born 23 June 1912 at 2.15 am London (his mother told Charles Harvey) he did have Uranus in its own sign, scientific Aquarius, exactly conjunct the Midheaven which sounds spot on. Though others placings in his chart are marginally puzzling. He had Cancer Sun, Mercury and Gemini Pluto Venus in the 2nd which rather suggests an obsession with money which doesn’t emerge from biographical details.

Genius-level mathematicians usually have very strong Neptune oddly enough and his Neptune in the 3rd house of thinking and communication was on the focal point of a T Square to a Moon opposition North Node. But it still seems strange to contemplate a fuzzy 3rd house Neptune as being the driving force to world-changing ideas. His only earth planet is Saturn in Taurus in the 12th sextile Uranus MC (= inventive) and sextile Neptune (= intuitive and creative).

His seminal paper on computable numbers would be written during the highly creative Saturn opposition Neptune of the mid-1930s. His time at Bletchley Park during WW11 saw him in his first Saturn return and had tr Uranus and Saturn trine his Uranus Midheaven, conjunct his Gemini Ascendant, square his Solar Arc Uranus MC and opposition his Jupiter. So good for flashes of intuition and a significant moment for him in his career.

When he died from cyanide poisoning on 7 June 1954 it was thought he made his suicide look deliberately accidental to protect his mother, though media stories are now promoting the notion that he mistakenly ingested the cyanide from a sloppy experiment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was suicide since he had tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint that year which can be pretty anguished plus tr Uranus conjunct his very emphasised Neptune which would make him exceptionally highly strung; and tr Saturn in a career-setback square to his MC Uranus. On top of that he had tr Neptune, tr Uranus and tr Saturn all hitting Mars midpoints which would make him feel undermined, highly aggravated and depressed.

There’s no way of knowing but the fact that he appeared together to friends and colleagues is hardly a guide. People have an extraordinary way of hiding their deeper agonies from those around.

He had a good many creative quintiles and septiles in his chart. His craftsman 5th Harmonic is especially strong and talented with an Air Grand Trine formed into two Kites. His ‘wild genius’ 7th Harmonic is also rock solid with a Fixed Grand Square involving his Midheaven and the North Node – so tying him into the zeitgeist. His obsessional-idea 11th Harmonic and making-a-mark-on-history 17th Harmonic (like Steve Jobs) are also strong.

Leonard Cohen & Marianne – his absent muse


The great love affair between Leonard Cohen and Norwegian Marianne Ihlen, which marked both their lives, though they weren’t physically together for long or faithful to one another, has been immortalised in a new cinema-release documentary Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love, directed by English film-maker Nick Broomfield. She was the inspiration behind many of his songs – So Long, Marianne; Hey; That’s No Way to Say Goodbye; Bird on the Wire – his muse and lifetime love, yet their relationship was chaotic and painful and ultimately short-lived.

They met in the early 1960s when Cohen was writing poetry on the Greek island of Hydra which was home to an émigré community of bohemians, artists and lotus eaters, with everyone having affairs with everyone else. Cohen then moved to New York to start a musical career which took off. She ultimately went back to Norway and married into a settled bourgeois life, though the Cohen connection was always there. They died within three months of each other in 2016.

Cohen was born 21 September 1934 6.45am Montreal, Canada and she 18 May 1935 in Norway. Her Taurus Sun was a good earthy fit with his Virgo Sun; and her Scorpio Moon was probably trine his Pluto for a possessive crossover. But there is less of a connection than I would have expected to find.

Their relationship chart did have a composite transformational Sun Pluto conjunction which makes for an intense connection and one that changes both of them, though it needn’t necessarily last for ever. There was also composite Sun and widely Venus opposition a North Node square Jupiter which would bring luck and good feelings.

Pic: Gorupdebesanez

Barack Obama, a lightning rod for Trump’s spite


Petty spite drives so many of Trump’s decisions and none more so than when setting out to destroy Obama’s legacy – what Kim Darroch, the former UK Ambassador, described as ‘diplomatic vandalism’ in the case of the Iran deal.

Whether Trump is motivated in this instance, by naked racism or by envious resentment or bitter enmity – or a mix of all three – it’s a character flaw that dominates his life and actions.

There’s no doubt that Obama presses all his hot spots especially his can-be-malign 12th house Pluto on which Obama’s Leo Sun sits. Obama’s reforming Uranus is also conjunct Trump’s bombastic Mars in Leo and square his Midheaven; and Obama’s intense 8th house Mars squares Trump’s Sun Uranus and Moon – so it is a volcanic, inflammatory interface.

There can be positive aspects to having a 12th house Pluto but in an unenlightened personality it is a dark energy, obsessive and driven by primitive emotional responses.

Their relationship chart has a high-tension, disruptive, differing-agendas composite Sun Mercury Uranus square Saturn opposition Neptune – which will bring out knee-jerk and fanatical responses. Obama must have the self-control of a saint not to respond. There’s also a chained-together by circumstance Saturn trine Pluto; and an emotionally ratchety Moon opposition Mars square an exaggerating Jupiter.

There’s no indication that the sour feelings will die down anytime soon. If anything they will gear up in 2020/21 as Trump attempts to emulate Obama’s two terms.

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