UK v EU – will Biden bury the hatchet? ++ 1999 Eclipse

Faint hopes exist that Joe Biden may manage to exert enough pressure on Boris Johnson at the G7 summit to move the intractable Northern Ireland Protocol dispute towards a compromise. Biden has an Irish background and is alarmed at anything that would upset the Good Friday Agreement. Northern Irish businesses have called on UK and EU leaders to stop the Brexit “blame game” and end growing tensions over the checks on food and goods crossing the Irish Sea into the region. Though its difficult to see where the solutions will come from.

 ‘Nightclub bouncer’ David Frost, the UK negotiator, has weaselled out excuses about the government underestimating the problem though their own internal documents spelt out the consequences clearly in 2019 and he has been attempting to bully the EU, who have responded by threatening a trade war, including banning sausages going into Northern Ireland, if the UK acts unilaterally as it has done once in breach of its international legal obligations. Brussels has said they were prepared to make compromises but warned that “patience is wearing thin” and the EU wouldn’t be made a fool of.

  To say that Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are not natural buddies would be understating the hostility, suspicion, doubt and aggravation that exists in the chemistry between them.  Boris’s tinderbox Mars in Gemini is conjunct Biden’s Uranus with his Uranus Pluto square Biden’s Saturn; plus Boris’s slippery Neptune is conjunct Biden’s Mars Mercury. Their relationship chart has a bitter, power-struggle-to-the-death composite Mars Pluto and a differing agenda, undermining composite Saturn opposition Neptune square Uranus. There is admittedly a faint sheen of icing sugar from Sun Venus square Jupiter but it won’t make much inroads against the heavier negativities.

  Tr Neptune will be tugging away at their connection through 2021/22.  

  This has all been said before but just to reiterate. Frost’s relationship with the EU will be ratchety this year and worse in 2022/23. It really is 2022/23 to which everything points for a major escalation – maybe over Northern Ireland or maybe other toxic differences. Though the Good Friday Agreement chart does indicate the problem being unresolved as it is under heavy strain from early 2022 to late 2023.

   Frost is facing outright failure from April 2022 onwards with tr Neptune opposition his Mars. His relationship with Boris is under strain from this August onwards till late November with tr Pluto square the composite Mercury Venus but it is March 2022 onwards where it really backs into a very dark corner with tr Pluto opposition their composite Mars.

  The Johnson Government chart, 13 December 2019, is slipping and sliding this year and next with tr Neptune square the Sun and Solar Arc Sun – more so than the polls would indicate. And it is moving into logjam territory from May 2022 onwards with high insecurity, rash decisions and less wiggle room than has been on offer before with the pandemic obscuring the economic problems to come.  

And so it goes on. There are limits to how far Boris’s blustering obfuscations can get him. On the evidence pretty far, unbelievably, so far. But reality has to kick in somewhere down the line. The Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses are making a valiant effort to get him to face up to his missteps and moving into 2022 and 2023 the shift to Taurus/Scorpio will highlight his slither-round-the-truth, Teflon-coated Neptune and Jupiter.

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Lilibet – a name to conjure with ++

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor arrived on Friday at 11.40 am in Santa Barbara, California. She has a public-career oriented and communicative 10th house Gemini Sun in a sensible, hard-working trine to Saturn in her 6th house, sextile a secretive, intense 8th house Moon in Aries. Her Saturn is in an erratic, can-be-dictatorial square to Uranus in the 9th, hinting she’ll be pulled between alternative philosophies and conventional ways.

   Both her Saturn and Uranus hard aspect her Sun/Moon midpoint so marriage and close relationships will not be easy despite her laid-back, expansive Jupiter conjunct her Descendant. She’s also got a megaton Mars in Cancer opposition Pluto which may initially make her bury her anger and assertiveness though once/if she gets the right end of it she’ll have driving determination.

A 10th house Sun is associated with a public career and points to a need to fulfil the mother‘s ambitions rather than her own. Though with Lili’s Saturn and Uranus clashing with Meghan’s Leo Sun, and Lili’s Mars squaring Meg’s controlling 4th house Pluto it won’t be an easy combination.

  It’s a different chart from her older brother Archie, 6 May 2019 5.26 am London, who has a Taurus Sun conjunct his Ascendant trine an overly-dutiful and gloomy 10th house Saturn Pluto conjunction. His Gemini Moon isn’t well-integrated into his chart.

  Lili’s 8th house Moon is a hint of more than normal grandparental ties and the name selected is no doubt a nod in that direction. Though my first reaction was it was a crass choice, designed to curry favour/smooth over family hurt/set the Royal connection in cement.  If it was intended as an olive branch it isn’t working, with the close family relationships going from bad to worse ahead.  See previous post April 24 2021 below.

Add ON: In some ways Harry should be a better fit with Archie since H’s Taurus Moon chimes with A’s Sun. But Harry’s relationship chart with Lili is expansive, easy-going and supportive with a composite Sun opposition Jupiter and square the Moon.

  What is intriguing is that Lili’s ferociously determined Mars opposition Pluto falls across both her parents’ 1st/7th houses which looks argumentative and then some.

Justin Trudeau – a shape shifter

Justin Trudeau has called for the Catholic Church who ran 60% of the residential schools in Canada to “step up” and take responsibility for its role in the deaths of indigenous children. In 2017 he asked the Pope to consider an apology for its part on the government-sponsored establishments but that hasn’t been forthcoming. Though Trudeau himself has been ducking questions about fully implementing all the recommendations of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation inquiry which condemned the treatment as ‘cultural genocide.’ Ditto and ditto for the 1996 Commission into the same.

  His latest Term, sworn in 20 November 2019 at 1.30pm, has a sugary-sweet and lucky Jupiter Neptune in the 10th. Though there’s a slippery, elusive, evasive, smoke-screening Neptune on the Pisces Ascendant. Plus a tough Saturn Pluto in Capricorn. And more significantly Mars Mercury in Scorpio in the 8th opposition Uranus, hinting not just at financial disruptions but also behind-the-scene manoeuvrings, some of which may come to light when there is a car-crash exact Mars Uranus opposition by Solar Arc in late 2022. Before then, the shine and optimism will be wearing off with tr Neptune square the Midheaven and Venus this year and next, then forming a bubble-bursting square to Jupiter.

   His personal chart, 25 December 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, is also Neptunian with an Air Grand Trine of Saturn in his 10th trine Pluto trine Venus, with Saturn opposition Neptune, making it the driving planet. Charming when it suits him, a good organiser, can-be-neurotic, not always realistic or decisive. What belies his lighter side is a do-or-die-determined Pluto opposition Mars on the cusp of his 8th. That Mars Pluto may be why he’s attracted three ethics investigations so far. He’s also got a third opposition of Moon to Uranus – so he’ll be constantly on a see-saw, torn by internal struggles, desperate to find balance but never quite succeeding.

  His Solar Arc Midheaven will square his Uranus exact in four months which will be a career wake-up call with more than a hint that a change of direction is needed. Then tr Uranus will reach his Midheaven by 2024 which is when a whole new vocation may be beckoning, whether by choice or the whims of fate. That is when tr Neptune is conjunct his Mars as well, so it may accompany a financial scandal.  

Russell Brand – running on high-octane fuel

Russell Brand, the controversialist and comedian, morphed into political activist, has been mouthing off about lack of transparency in government about coronavirus. After a chequered career on radio, stage and TV marked by scandals over promiscuity, drugs and his bad behaviour, he has taken up arms in recent years about wealth inequality, addiction, corporate capitalism, climate change, and media bias.

  He was born on 4th June 1975 at midnight according to his biography though it isn’t clear whether start or finish of the 4th. Either time leaves the chart axis and planetary positions much the same and both with an Aries Moon.  It gives a Gemini Sun on the cusp of the performing 5th house opposition a creative 10th house Neptune and trine an 8th house Pluto.

 He was born the same day as Angelina Jolie so has her ferociously difficult and angry Pluto opposition Mars Moon Jupiter widely square Saturn in Cancer. Like Jolie he had a messy childhood with his parents splitting when he was a baby and his mother was ill for a period when he was young. He was abused at school – diagnosed ADHD and bi-polar, had drug problems and self-harmed. Which is similar to Jolie’s experience and reactions.  

  However difficult the astrology was, there are quite a cluster of go-getters born around then – Marissa Mayer (Yahoo etc) May 30; Mel Brown May 29; Jamie Oliver May 27; Shilpa Shetty June 8. What probably makes a difference apart from the obsessive, make-or-break determination of the Mars opposition Pluto, is the Sun opposition Neptune trine Pluto. Neptune and Pluto carry associations of megalomania or at a mundane level soaring ambition and that plus a pro-active Jupiter in Aries would make a difference.

  In Brand’s case his 8th house Pluto would make him feel held back by circumstances beyond his control but it also, if handled well, gives him an ability to influence the masses. The two central oppositions in his chart of Sun Neptune and Pluto Mars form a (misnamed) Mystic Rectangle which is difficult to balance. A hard Mars Pluto aspect, he shares with David Icke and others who are driven to tilt against the establishment as a way of expressing their deep-seated anger, stemming from father and authority issues. Uranus in the 9th will give him a leaning towards alternative ideas or rebel movements. Money will be an issue for him with strong 2nd and 8th house emphasis.

  The Eclipses last year and this will be prompting him to re-evaluate his direction and with tr Pluto aiming to square his Uranus from early 2022 to late 2023, he’ll be heading into another major life’s transition which may involve a significant emotional event. His Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Venus next year which coincides with tr Pluto opposition his Venus so his relationships could get steamy. If his birth time is accurate tr Saturn is also disappearing into his lower profile First Quadrant for several years so whether by choice or not he will be less visible if not instantly then over time.   

F Lee Bailey – a circus master in court

Flashy showmanship in court gave F. Lee Bailey, the celebrity criminal lawyer, an infamous reputation for bamboozling juries into reasonable doubt which allowed many to walk free including  O.J. Simpson, the army commander at the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, Dr Sam Sheppard (The Fugitive) and the Torso Murderer (later convicted of another killing). He failed in his defence of Patty Hearst and the Boston Strangler.

  His New York Times obituary said: “He was a riveting courtroom performer, a stocky badger-like man with a cleft chin, intimidating blue eyes —. He had the ventriloquist’s trick of directing questions at the witness box but throwing his points at the jury box. He had an actor’s voice, by turns bullying, cajoling, sarcastic or sympathetic, searching for seams of doubt. Under his reductions, a prosecutor’s “fact” could be whittled down to a probability, then to a mere possibility or just a silly idea.”

  He flew warplanes, sailed yachts, wrote books, touted himself on television, was profiled in countless newspapers, ran a detective agency, married four times, carried a gun, courted trouble and was finally disbarred in 2001 for misappropriating millions from a drug-trafficker client.

  He was born on the 10 June 1933 at 2am (from memory) in Waltham, Massachusetts, just days after Joan Collins, the actress. His communicative Gemini Sun in his 3rd house was revved up by a square to a super-confident and risk-taking 6th house Mars Jupiter in Virgo. His Mars sextile Pluto, attracting him to danger and the darker side of humanity, was in a tricky fated Yod inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius. His Saturn was also trine his Sun. Despite his devil-may-care reputation he was obviously a hard-worker.

“Behind every performance lay enormous preparation: a gathering of facts by his private investigators, hours of legal analysis, all crammed into the encyclopaedic Bailey memory.”

  He was also a status-quo-upsetter with a 4th house Pluto opposition a 10th house Capricorn Moon square Uranus in his 1st. He was designed for a public role as a trailblazer and rebel.

  Oddly enough he had no 9th house planets which is the legal arena so he was arguably not driven by a thirst for justice but more for a platform to display his verbal skills and cause chaos.

  His can-be-self-defeating 10th and 16th Harmonics were strong as was his money-making 9H.

A tornado of a personality for whom winning was the only goal.

Pic: John Matthew Smith.

Prince Edward & Sophie – a moment to savour

The shifting sands of Royal favour have thrust Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward into the foreground after the death of Prince Philip and Megxit. But the reasons behind their elevation may tell against them when the Queen hands over. Sophie has become the Queen’s trusted support and Edward was evidently (oddly) Philip’s favourite. Whether they will stay as popular when the next generation steps up is questionable. Charles is notoriously prickly and the younger two Royals, Andrew and Edward, undoubtedly received more of their parents’ attention which will have stoked up more than a hint of sibling animosity.

   Edward’s relationship chart to his father was affectionate, supportive and exceptionally close; with his mother much the same though to a lesser extent. Sophie’s bond with the Queen is supportive, enthusiastic and emotionally close.

  On the other hand Edward’s relationship with his elder brother Charles is edgy, explosive, power-struggling for the upper hand, and will come under immense pressure with considerable upheavals in 2024/25 and on.  Edward’s relationship with Prince William is part friendly and part aggravated with bad feelings underling the polite smiles – and will sag from this year onwards for several years.  Sophie gets on even less well with William, which may not be obvious on the surface, but there is an undertow of hostility – which again may become more obvious in 2024/25.

  Edward and Sophie’s marriage, of all the Royals seemed the oddest match and yet it has been the only one to survive.  They were married on a Uranus square Saturn and their relationship chart is very Saturnine – with a composite Sun Saturn and Venus Saturn conjunction and Saturn square the composite Moon. Saturn puts work first, emphasises duty and gives longevity if cutting down on warmth. The composite Venus is also opposition Uranus Pluto so it will be emotionally changeable.

  But there are reasonable crossovers with her Aquarius Moon chiming with his Aquarius Moon and her Venus in Capricorn trine his Venus in Taurus. Though it will be argumentative since both their Mars oppose the other’s Sun and Moon respectively.

  Their two children see them as very different personalities. Lady Louise (8 Nov 2003 23.32hrs, Surrey) , was born on a Full Moon of a 4th house Scorpio Sun opposition a 10th house Taurus Moon. James, Viscount Severn (17 Dec 2007 16.20 hrs Surrey), who is a powerhouse of confidence and probably arrogance and a risk-taker, has his Sagittarius Sun square his Moon. He’ll be one to watch.  Lady Louise has Uranus and Mars in her 7th as well as a Full Moon and two Yods in her chart so won’t settle easily or quickly into a settled marriage; and will need to carve out her own unique path in life.

Japan Olympics – an unlucky prize

Despite strong public disapproval in Japan the Olympics appear to be going ahead for a July 23rd kick-off without international spectators. The suspicion is that the IOC, arrogant as ever, and the sponsors, have backed the Japanese Government into a corner. Cancelling would cost it is reckoned $17 billion, but that is less than the cost of the economic damage if an infection surge leads to another state of emergency.

  The start date is fraught with a blocked, high-tension Sun opposition Pluto and, in many ways worse, a strained and aggravated Yod from Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars in Leo. Though it would have to be said all Olympic charts from the past have had hair-raising aspects and mainly managed to totter through unscathed – with the exception of Munich.

  The Japan country chart, 11 February 1889 10.44 am Tokio, will be discouraged and on edge with tr Saturn exactly square the composite Jupiter and tr Pluto sextile the Japan Mars.

  The IOC, 23 June 1894, Lausanne, Switzerland, has an argumentative Sun Cancer square a pro-active Mars. There’s the signature Pluto Neptune conjunction in Gemini of the time close to Jupiter. That Gemini trio is being rattled at the moment by the recent May Lunar, this June’s Solar and the December Solar eclipses – so is having a bumpy year with the risk of over-confidence or inflexibility attracting problems. The IOC Uranus which is on the focal point of a sort-of Yod to Pluto Neptune sextile Node is also getting a severe shaking up from tr Saturn in square to the Uranus and tr Uranus in opposition this year and next. A change of direction may be indicated.

  Though the president Thomas Bach, 29 December 1943, is Sun Capricorn sextile Saturn Mars in Scorpio, so doesn’t look too easily moved.

Not sure what all this adds up to – except that modern sport has become too embroiled with money and in danger of strangling itself.

Hungary & Poland v EU – rebellious late entrants

Hungary has lost its attempt in the European Court of Justice to reverse the outcome of a vote by MEPs that could lead to a country being stripped of voting rights in Brussels. Red flags have been raised over recent anti-democratic reforms curbing the independence of Hungary’s judiciary, central bank and media. In reality, the risk of losing voting rights is slight since it would take the support of 26 of 27 member states to agree and Poland has pledged support. Though it will still be possible to suspend funding to a member state found to be in breach of fundamental EU values.

   Poland is also in the frame for similar.

  What’s intriguing is the Enlargement chart from 1 May 2004 which welcomed in Hungary, Poland, several other former eastern bloc countries, Malta and Cyprus was always a fraught affair – with a hostile, power-struggling Mars opposition Pluto and an evasive Sun square Neptune. It is in trouble this year and over the next two – with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Taurus Sun and then Neptune in 2022; with tr Neptune square the Pluto and Venus this year into 2022, followed by an even more undermining tr Neptune square Mars in 2022/23.

  The Hungary/EU relationship chart was hit amidships by the late May Lunar Eclipse being conjunct the composite Sun setting up a critical few months ahead. Tr Uranus will be in an explosive, no compromise opposition to the composite Mars from July onwards into 2022.

  The Poland/EU relationship chart looks equally rattled by the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses this year and a road blocked tr Pluto square the Mars.

  Much depends in Hungary on the political fate of the authoritarian Viktor Orban. His Third Term chart, 10 May 2018 – only three days after Putin dug in for another six year stint –  has a ruthless, control-freak Mars Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus and trine Sun, which suggests a crisis-ridden administration. There will be acute frustration and aggravation from a blocked tr Pluto conjunct the Mars in 2022/23 as well as bitter arguments and with obvious instability as tr Pluto moves to square the Uranus in 2023/24, with further major road blocks approaching then as well. All with the caveat that there is a helpful Jupiter in there opposition the Term Sun which may get him out of a few tight corners.

   Orban is another populist demagogue Gemini with his Sun in a controlling square to Pluto; and a callously unpleasant Mars in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius.  His Neptune in Scorpio is being rattled by the tr Uranus opposition and tr Saturn square this year into next and tr Uranus then proceeds to upend his Fixed planets over the next several years. If his birth time is accurate there may be a total road block in three years as his Solar Arc MC is conjunct his Pluto.

  His relationship with Hungary is sagging badly from 2022 onwards.

   It was too much to hope that Trump having been – more or less – seen off that his Gemini bro-romancers might have been dragged off stage with him. The two Polish leaders are also Gemini, never mind the UK. Sigh.

Hungary see previous post November 17 2020.

Poland see February 22 2021

Israel – on the brink of the unknown

An improbable coalition of far-right, secular centre and Arab-Israeli have formed with the intention of outing Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israel’s longest serving prime minister, after four elections in two years failed to form a government. It will need parliamentary backing to take office and Netanyahu is throwing his considerable political skills and weight into blocking it.  If it goes ahead Naftali Bennett, pro-settler, a religious nationalist and against a Palestinian state, will serve as prime minister until 2023. If it holds together that long, he will be replaced for the remaining two years by Yair Lapid, a centrist and standard-bearer for secular Israelis.

   Netanyahu is certainly sagging through this year with tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Midheaven and tr Saturn still crawling through his low-profile First Quadrant – so not his shining hour.  But he still has tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter aiming for a final exact aspect mid August to late November which will give him a lift. So who knows what he’ll get up to as he faces corruption charges ahead. His Solar Return from this October looks high-risk, trapped and threatening as well as directionless.  Tr Pluto square his Libra Sun in 2022/23 will also put him under considerable pressure. The composite Sun of his relationship chart with Israel at 10 degrees Leo certainly looks to indicate a relationship at separation point this year.

   Naftali Bennett, 25 March 1972, a controlling and super-confident Aries Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter, was born only four days before the much criticised UK Home Secretary Priti Patel.  He also has his Mars in bulldozer Taurus in a hard-edged, angry conjunction to Saturn opposition Neptune.

 Yair Lapid, 5 November 1963, is a Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius – with Mars in Sagittarius square Pluto Uranus.  He’s equally determined though in a different way. His prospects are changeable to put it mildly in 2021/22 with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on his Scorpio planets and his natal Saturn.

  There’s also a new president in for a seven year term, Isaac Herzog, 22 September 1960, son of a former president and grandson of Ireland’s first chief rabbi, before becoming chief rabbi of Palestine, and then Israel. He is seen as less conservative.

  All of this is internal Israeli minutiae and will no doubt end up in churning political chaos ahead. What struck me as significant given that all of them will likely be involved in the fate of Israel over next few years, no matter what their role. Their charts all reflect to a great degree the upheavals and disruptions on the Israel country chart up to and across the middle of this decade.

   Herzog in particular looks undermined in 2024 with tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun; in a state of high anxiety in 2025 with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Saturn; and totally trapped and in a high-risk situation in 2026/27 with his Solar Arc Mars and Sun hitting his Pluto.

  Bennett will be facing a collision in 2024/25 with his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Mars just as tr Uranus squares his Mars; and tr Pluto and tr Uranus will tug at his Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune for three years after that, never mind tr Neptune conjunct his Sun in 2026.

  Lapid, will be jolted and jarred up to and across mid decade as well with his Solar Arc Uranus Pluto crossing his Scorpio planets.

  So whatever happens, the face of Israeli politics will be changing radically though that will be in the context of a country undergoing massive changes as tr Uranus moves across in hard aspect to the Israel Pluto, Saturn, Mars in Leo in the 10th until mid decade, never mind tr Uranus conjunct its Taurus Sun in 2023/24.

   See previous post May 11 2021.