Coronation jitters – and family distractions

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, will be upfront and centre stage at the Coronation on May 6th, which he says is already giving him nightmares. His spiritual though highly strung Mercury opposition Uranus square Neptune (Moon) in Scorpio will be under considerable pressure from tr Pluto opposition his Uranus and square his Neptune – so not an easy time for clear thinking or clear speaking.

  If reports are true, he may also have the added challenge of trying to act as mediator between Prince Harry and the Royals, especially Prince William, since Charles seems to think a Harry absence would be more distracting than his presence – not a view I imagine shared by many.

  Welby purportedly gets on well with Prince Harry, though I’m not sure if that isn’t wishful thinking. Welby’s Neptune is conjunct Harry’s opinionated Pluto so he could soften him down but Welby’s Uranus is also square Harry’s Pluto and in Harry’s 7th. Plus Welby’s Mars Saturn in Scorpio falls in Harry’s 10th opposition Harry’s Moon which is pretty severe and not exactly sympatico.

 At the Coronation Harry’s Pluto is catching the conjunction to his Solar Arc Sun and both in square to transiting Pluto so it will be a loaded time for him with a downbeat tr Saturn exactly opposition his 8th house Mercury. Tr Pluto is also square his Venus/Saturn midpoint leaving him feeling unloved and unappreciated. And tr Neptune will have been square Harry’s Solar Arc Midheaven from the middle of this February to mid March which will be dithering and undermining.

Tr Saturn at 5 degrees Pisces at the Coronation is having a dampening effect on Harry and Will’s relationship chart as it forms an edgy, high-tension square to the composite Uranus over the Coronation. It will also undercut the composite Jupiter in the Kate/Harry interface, squashing good feelings. Kate and Meghan’s already troubled bond will have tr Pluto square the composite Sun to contend with, which can usually be a complete-break influence.

Camilla looks highly anxious about Harry over the coronation with tr Neptune opposition their composite Saturn and tr Uranus opposition their composite Neptune, moving on to square the Sun from mid year, rocking the boat and widening the split still further.

  Rolling back a few coronations – George IV’s on 19 July 1821 was memorable since he forbade entry to his estranged wife Queen Caroline because of her wayward ways when Princess of Wales. There was a late Cancer Sun trine Pluto and square Jupiter Saturn in Aries; with Pluto square Uranus Neptune in Capricorn – so more turbulent times even than now.

  There is a syncronous oddity about 5 degrees Mutable for Royal Coronations. George IV’s had the North Node at 5 degrees Pisces. Queen Elizabeth 11 had Jupiter at 5 Gemini. The Hanoverian Monarchy start 1 August 1714 has Pluto at 5 Virgo square North Node at 5 Sagittarius. Charles 1 Coronation in 1626 North Node at 5 Virgo.  Not all of them but an interesting repeating theme.

Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley – mourning and money wrangles

Priscilla Presley is contesting the will of her late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, claiming a document which removed her as trustee was never witnessed or notarized and is therefore invalid. If she wins, she will be sole trustee and if she loses, Lisa’s daughter Riley Keough will be in sole charge.

  Lisa Marie who became heir to her father’s fortune when she was nine, never had an easy relationship with her mother and was reportedly abused by one of her mother’s boyfriends when in her teens.

 None of the Presley tribe have/had easy charts. Priscilla’s 8th house controlling Pluto opposed LisaM’s 7th house Aquarius Sun, setting up lifelong tensions with mama desperate to keep a grip on LisaM’s image with money being centre foreground as an issue.

 What is an eye-opener is their relationship chart with a competitive composite Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunction with a fated Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars. Neptune Pluto hints at megalomaniac levels of ambition all focused onto a warring Mars.

 Riley Keough, LisaM’s daughter and sister to Benjamin who suicided two years ago, 29 May 1989 8.15 pm Santa Monica, CA, has a charming Sun, Jupiter, Venus in Gemini but also a challenging 8th house Mars in Cancer trine Pluto and opposition Saturn Neptune (Uranus) in Capricorn.

 Grandma Priscilla’s Pluto falls in her financial 8th and Pris’s Saturn in Cancer, also in her 8th conjunct her Mars, trine her Pluto and opposition her Uranus, Neptune, Saturn – not an easy interface with again money a key issue.  Their relationship chart with be stressed and strained, jittered and jangled through this year and into next with transiting Neptune, Saturn and Uranus all tugging and undermining their bond.

 Money and families.  Never a good combination.

Biden’s new chief of staff – not for the faint hearted

Joe Biden has appointed a rottweiler to be in his new Chief of Staff. Described as the worst job in government – relentless, gruelling, thankless – the incumbent can expect the blame when things go badly and get none of the credit when things go well. Dick Cheney, who served Gerald Ford, blamed the job on triggering his first heart attack. The Chief of Staff is head of the executive office of the president, manages the West Wing staff, from policy advisers, to cabinet secretaries, to press officers. Most don’t see out two years never mind a full term.

 Jeffrey Zients, 12 November 1966, a former Facebook executive and government pandemic adviser, has a Scorpio stellium like Joe Biden so they are fairly alike. In his case Sun, Venus, Moon and Neptune are in ultra-determined Scorpio.  He also has a megaton collection of Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo sitting on Joe Biden’s Midheaven. And his confident Jupiter in Leo is conjunct Joe Biden’s opinionated 9th house Pluto.

  There will be potential for some major head-butting in private and tussles over who has the last word in decisions. The chief of staff and president are not always in lockstep – indeed shouldn’t be since the chief of staff is there to provide an alternative viewpoint.

  Their relationship chart is friendly and tied firmly together with a composite Sun, Venus, Mercury square Pluto – but that will be stress tested by tr Uranus opposing the composite Sun, Venus, Mercury from this August onwards into 2024.  There’s also a lucky, though muddled composite Saturn opposition Neptune square Uranus Jupiter which will be under severe pressure from tr Pluto hard aspects right through till late 2024.

   In some ways it is a better relationship than the departing Ron Klain who was a Sun Uranus in Leo which sat oddly with Biden’s Scorpio planets though they had worked together for years.

  Zients’ own chart hints at a slipping and sliding 2023 as tr Neptune is conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Uranus will late year – so not much of a honeymoon. His confidence will get a few boosts and he’s a gritty personality at best, used to tough conditions. He’s got a run of luck through October 2024 and more in 2025 so something will be going well but it may also coincide with a major sigh of relief.  

Jay Leno & Flintoff – petrolheads and speed freaks

Jay Leno, the US TV host, comedian and writer, is not slowing down despite two horror accidents one after the other. In November  he suffered second-degree burns over his upper body and part of his face while repairing a 1907 vintage car. Then in mid January he ran his motorcycle down an alley and got snagged by an unflagged clothesline knocking him to the ground with a broken collarbone, two broken ribs and two cracked kneecaps. None of which has stopped him returning to work in La Vegas.

  He was born 28 April 1950 2.03am New Rochelle, NY, and has a Taurus Sun on the cusp of the communicative and busy, busy 3rd house. He has a confident, self-assured Jupiter in his 1st house; a maverick Uranus in his performing 5th, a determinedly hard-working Pluto in his 6th and Mars in Virgo in his 7th opposition Venus.

  Over the fire tr Neptune was opposing his Mars exactly which would produce panic. Both tr Uranus and his Progressed Moon are moving through his over-speedy 3rd house and tugging on his Pluto in his chart area of health and work. The fire also happened when tr Pluto was in a devastating opposition to his Sun/Neptune midpoint.

   It may also be that Pluto moving into his 12th house with Saturn also there added a hint that slowing down might be advisable, which advice he clearly ignored.  Saturn is now dipping below his Ascendant so in coming years he will be prompted to slow down and step back.

  Former cricketer and TV presenter Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is also recovering from a crash last December as he filmed for Top Gear. He avoided serious physical injury in the collision, suffered a cut face and a broken rib. It came three years after he narrowly cheated death following a shock 125mph crash.

 He was born 6 December 1977, and is a super-optimistic Sun, Neptune in Sagittarius trine Mars in Leo, sextile Pluto (Moon) in Libra. With his Mars in a needs-risk square to Uranus.  There’s nothing much showing around his Mars at the moment but his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Pluto for a sense of stuckness and blockage as his family pressure him to stand down for a while. Having had a second look tr Pluto is trine his Solar Arc Mars which won’t have helped.

For previous accidents Jeremy Renner etc see post January 3 2023.

Pope Francis – struggling to modernise the Vatican

Pope Francis will be facing a momentous decision about his path ahead with Pluto moving to square his Midheaven as it enters Aquarius in late this March. This usually accompanies a significant career change and being Pluto can also involve a tussle for control which will extend into and across 2024. As the traditionalist Pope Benedict dies,  three books have emerged critical of Francis’s liberal stance on homosexuality, communion for divorcees and support for migrants.

  There is talk of Francis resigning though he dismisses it in public. One book is by Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Benedict’s former personal secretary and there was a highly critical open letter circulating anonymously last year which was written by the scandal-prone Australian cardinal George Pell who described Francis’s papacy as “a catastrophe” and a “toxic nightmare”.

 Francis, born 17 December 1936 9 pm Buenos Aires, Argentina, also has tr Neptune square his 6th house Sagittarius Sun through this year which will lower his energy, already affected by intestinal and knee problems. His Solar Arc Midheaven is fast approaching the conjunction to his Pluto which might indicate a halt in his career- on this birth time in 2024.

  When he was elected in 2013 tr Pluto was just over his Descendant and has been moving through his 7th house for the years thereafter of intense, often bitter relationship conflicts over a variety of Vatican scandals and theological differences.

  His Election chart, 13 March 2013 7.06pm also shows up undermining Neptune transits to the Pisces Sun exactly now and returning through the year and moving on to square the Mars in 2025 – so a longish phase of confusion and diminishing vigour.

 The Vatican chart, 7 June 1929 11 am Rome, is rattled at the moment though the key shifts look to be coming after great uncertainty in 2024 with tr Neptune square the Saturn, and then 2025 with tr Uranus crossing the Midheaven (assuming the start time is accurate to the minute otherwise the timing may be out slightly).

  Georg Ganswein, the German Archbishop, may be amongst the forefront of the critics and his relationship chart with Francis does indicate bitter debate also from late this March onwards through 2024.  

  The politics of the Vatican are a viper’s nest. If it’s not knee deep in money, sex and power struggles, it is a vicious fight between the upholders of the historical status quo versus the reformers.

Brendan Fraser – a mammoth performance

Actor Brendan Fraser has had a heart-warming comeback after a decade in the movie wilderness with his role in The Whale about reclusive and morbidly obese English professor who wants to reconnect with his estranged daughter. He has been nominated for an Oscar and for a Bafta as well as picking up the best actor prize at the Critics Choice Awards.

  He was born 3 December 1968 3.28pm Indianapolis, Indiana, moving frequently in his childhood. He emerged as a major screen star playing George of the Jungle in 1997, then heartthrob Rick O’Connell in the hit Mummy action trilogy with other roles in Gods and Monsters, The Quiet American, Crash, Bedazzled and Journey to the Center of the Earth. His film work slowed from the late 2000s, amid years of injuries sustained while performing stunts, resulting in operations on his spine, knee and vocal cords; the breakdown of his marriage with a child support payment legal battle (forcing him to keep paying $600k a year) and the kickback from making a sexual assault allegation against a leading Hollywood figure.

He has an intense 8th house Sagittarius Sun and Mercury and a Taurus Moon in an Earth Grand Trine to a charming, creative Venus in Capricorn on his Midheaven trine Pluto in Virgo in his performing 5th house, formed into a Kite by his Moon opposition Neptune in his 7th house. He has a strong, talented and influential chart but not one which is easy on the relationship front. He also has a hard-edged, can-be-a-victim Mars in Libra opposition Saturn square his Venus Midheaven.

   His creative 7th harmonic and his actor’s 15H are strong; as is his rise-and-fall 10H and victim/healer 12H.

   He does have tr Jupiter heading for his Ascendant from the middle of this year boosting his morale and setting him onto a better path ahead. Tr Pluto will square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint this year and his Jupiter in 2024/25 for success, luck and rising confidence. Though he will always be prone to a stop start in his career.  With more jolts and jangles as tr Uranus opposes his Neptune and conjuncts his Moon in 2025/26 which will trigger his Grand Trine and Kite bringing a considerable shift in his life.  

Trump – a worthy opponent racking up the pressure ++ tho’ still a GOP poll fave

Trump may be back on Facebook under strict surveillance but he’s not winning against NY Attorney General Letitia James who is wielding a sledgehammer legal weapon against him and his company.  The law empowers the state’s prosecutors to stop any business from engaging in “repeated fraudulent or illegal acts,” seeking potentially lucrative damages, and cancelling its official business certificate. Her lawsuit seeks $250 million-plus and wants to revoke the Trump Organization’s business credentials as well as bar it from borrowing from banks.

  Trump is finally being forced to come up with a defence to explain why he lied relentlessly about his real estate portfolio and of inflating the price of the properties to snag better bank loans under false pretenses. In court, the AG’s attorneys have laid out how banks and insurance companies were defrauded while taxpayers were left on the hook. She could use it to claim every penny Trump has made based on false representations, which includes the $10 million he made selling the Trump International Hotel Washington in the nation’s capital; and $200 million — the value of the non-existent penthouse space Trump benefited from lying about. This law has already been used twice to shut down Trump University, a for-profit education scam and forced him to shut down his charity, the Trump Foundation.

  The case is heading for trial, scheduled for October this year as Trump is set to ramp up his campaign for the White House.

  Letitia James, 18 October 1958, is a Sun Libra, fittingly for a lawyer, with a ferociously determined Mars in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo. And oddly enough a Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. Her Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct Trump’s Moon and opposition her Sun which will make him feel cut down to size. Her Mars in his 10th squares her Pluto on his Ascendant – so her ruthlessly determined temperament and talents are focused exactly where it hurts him – career and image.

 She won’t be winning everything with tr Saturn opposing her Pluto and square her Mars this year but that may be because of other matters.

  Her relationship chart with Trump is in for a disruptive few months from mid 2023 onwards with tr Uranus square the power-struggling Sun Pluto conjunction.

    Trump will have some luck in June, late November and early 2024. But he’s also facing a cataclysmic disaster at the moment with his SA Mars exactly square his Pluto; and another catastrophe late April/early May this year.  2024/2025 look exceptionally discouraging.

 The Trump Organization LLC chart, 27 July 1999, is sagging with anxiety from this March, with October being a swamp, continuing into early 2024. But it is 2024 onwards which show up as devastation time with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune and opposition the Mercury.

  Never say never when it comes to Trump escaping justice – his Houdini qualities are as well developed as fellow Geminian Boris Johnson’s. But maybe the lady might actually do it.    

Add On: In the latest poll Trump is winning 49 percent of the GOP field, which gives him a 19 percentage point lead over his nearest rival, Ron DeSantis. These results are mirrored in nearly every recent poll of GOP voters as Trump continues to garner the support of 40 to 50 percent of Republicans.

  When pollsters ask GOP voters about multiple presidential candidates, Trump is well ahead. But in a mock head-to-head matchup with DeSantis, it’s the Florida governor who emerges as the winner.

UK Tory malaise – keeps getting worse ++ Rishi Sunak’s failures keep mounting

The stench of decay if not advanced death watch beetle and rampaging termites are afflicting the UK Conservative Party and government. Staggering from a litany of Boris Johnson misjudgements, misspeaks and dodgy financial dealings with yet more emerging vis a vis the new BBC Chairman and a potential conflict of interest as Boris negotiated a near million pound loan to keep him afloat during his No 10 tenure. Plus the Tory Party Chairman Nadhim Zawahi and his tax hiccup, not to mention Michelle Mone and the covid/pandemic multi-million pound contracts-for-buddies brouha. Mainly denied with a nothing-to-see-here dismissal apart from Mone who is in real trouble.

  The Tory Party 12 November 1867 and 9 May 1912 charts have their Sun Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and Taurus respectively at almost the same degrees. So both are in the firing line of the tr Uranus hard aspects from this February onwards with a roller coaster two years to follow.

  Rishi Sun has his Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus at similar degrees so he will be shaken from pillar to post until after mid 2024. Possibly escaping with relief at some point for sunny (flood, mud slide, fire and earthquake prone) California

  Both BJ and Zawahi have their Neptune in Scorpio impinging on the Tory Party – and Sunak’s – stalwart Taurus/Scorpio planets – so a slippery interface. Boris’s Sun Venus is also conjunct the Tory Party 1912 Pluto for a strong connection.

  Michelle Mone has her pushy 1st house Mars in Aquarius crashing into the Tory Party respective Suns.

  Richard Sharp, the new BBC chairman who is denying any conflict of interest, was appointed, having been Rishi Sunak’s boss at Goldman Sachs, economic adviser to BJ when he was London Mayor and allegedly responsible for connecting BJ with a backer allegedly offering a loan of up to £800,000. A card-carrying Tory, he has given more than £400,000 to the Conservative party and voted for Brexit. Never mind the ins and outs of maybe facilitating a loan, it’s hardly a dispassionate background for the head of a public broadcasting corporation.

  Sharp, 8 February 1956 London is a super-confident Sun Aquarius opposition Jupiter Pluto in Leo with his Sun at that familiar 18 degrees which keeps popping up and will be knocked sideways by the tr Uranus square late April/early May. It is an odd connection to BJ since Sharp’s Saturn opposes BJ’s hyper-active Mars in Gemini for a scratchy irritable, prone-to-setbacks chemistry. Sharp’s Neptune is exactly conjunct BJ’s Moon so both will be affected/afflicted by the tr Pluto square from late March onwards till June.

  All a maze and a muddle but there looks to be a maelstrom brewing.  

ADD ON: Rishi Sunak’s Term chart is sagging badly this month and cascading faster downhill from mid March onwards as tr Neptune squares the Mars which continues on and off into early 2024 – which is failure writ large alongside high uncertainty  and indecision. With another hiccup late April to mid May.

  Maybe Pluto into Aquarius in late March brews up a global financial crunch as well as other ripples.

PS. Forgot in the above Tory rot to mention Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, now facing 24 bullying complaints in the ongoing investigation.

Julian Sands – the lure of the mountains

Actor Julian Sands is still missing 11 days after going solo hiking on a trail in the San Gabriel Mountains, about 40 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. His family have thanked rescue workers for their “heroic” efforts as the search to find him continued with the rescue operation complicated by bad weather and delays over  avalanche fears.

  Julian Sands, born 4 January 1958 Otley, England, renowned for his performances in The Killing Fields, A Room with a View, Warlock, Arachnophobia, Boxing Helena, and Leaving Las Vegas is an experienced hiker. He once told an interviewer that he was happiest up a mountain.

   He is a Sun Capricorn with (probably) a Gemini Moon – plus an adrenaline-junkie and risk-taking Mars square Pluto and Mars trine Uranus; and a sometimes-over confident Jupiter Neptune conjunction.

  His high-octane Mars has moved by Solar Arc to catch the tr Uranus square as he went missing, which can be accident prone. Tr Saturn was also square his Mars/North Node midpoint which hints at much the same.

  That apart there is not much showing without a birth time.  His 16th Harmonic which can be self-destructive is strongly aspected but it can also endow superhuman strength to overcome danger. Hopes must be fading but until there is a definitive news there may be the slimmest of chances.