Nicholas Sarkozy – speedy stuck in home confinement

Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President has been sentenced to three years in jail, two of them suspended, for corruption. He was found guilty of trying to bribe a magistrate by offering a prestigious job in Monaco in return for information about a criminal inquiry into his political party. He can serve the term at home with an electronic tag which rather takes the sting out of the conviction, barring the ego-dent and reputational damage. He may appeal.

  There’s a rerun below of a November 24 2020 post since it was fairly spot on. And looking at it again his Progressed Mars (conjunct Algol) exactly square his Pluto couldn’t be more descriptive; plus tr Uranus square and tr Saturn conjunct his attention-demanding 5th house Sun Aquarius.   

  His wife Carla Bruni, looks rattled as well with her Sun/Moon midpoint catching the tr Uranus opposition and tr Saturn square this year which will do nothing for marital harmony.

Nov 24: Nicholas Sarkozy, the former ‘bling-bling’ president of France, is facing a raft of charges, and maybe the first of separate trials for corruption and influence-peddling. He allegedly tried to bribe a magistrate in return for information about an investigation into his party finances. Prosecutors also suspect that he and several associates received millions of euros of Libyan cash to fund his 2007 presidential campaign, at a time Gaddafi was in power. All hotly denied.  

  Jacques Chirac, another former right-wing president, was given a two-year suspended prison sentence in 2011 for diverting public funds and abusing public trust during his time as mayor of Paris.

 Sarkozy, born 28 January 1955 10pm Paris, France, has a grandstanding 5th house Aquarius Sun sextile a hyper-assertive 7th house Mars Moon in Aries, so a full-on personality. He has a lucky Uranus Jupiter in his career 10th; an unrealistic and slippery Neptune in his 2nd house of finances trine Mercury, sextile Venus in flamboyant Sagittarius. His Mercury opposes Pluto on the cusp of his 12th square Saturn in obsessive Scorpio – more than a bit stubborn.

  What’s most telling at the moment on his chart is his Progressed Mars which is moving to square his Pluto, exactly in three months, but in effect now – scary, trapped, powerless. Tr Saturn is also in an uncertain and worrisome square to his 2nd house Neptune in the final days of this month and the first week of December over the duration of this immediate trial. His Progressed Moon moving through his 12th for almost a year ahead will be discouraging, a time of endings and soul-searching. Tr Pluto opposing his Uranus from late January 29021, on and off till late 2022, will be unsettling, a time of his ambitions turning upside down.

  His wife Carla Bruni looks less than delighted from late March 2021 onwards with tr Neptune opposition her Virgo Moon and then Pluto for more than a year, which will undermine her domestic security. Plus her Solar Arc Sun is moving to a confused and discontented square to her Neptune within months as well.

   He does have a lucky Jupiter in his 10th so may escape the worst of adverse judgements. Though it’ll be a sweaty few months ahead.

  He has a strong get-it-together 5th harmonic; a ‘rise-and-fall’ sometimes self-induced 10H; and a marked 9H, which is pleasure and money-seeking.

Gina Carano – punching out on social media backfires

Gina Carano, lead actress in the sci-fi series “The Mandalorian” has been fired for her ‘abhorrent and unacceptable’ social media posts. She suggested that hating people for their political views is as bad as the persecution of the Jews by Nazis and is similar to the start of the Holocaust. Previously she mocked the wearing masks during the pandemic, supported voter fraud allegations in the recent election and is being cheered on by Ted Cruz.

  Born 16 April 1982 she’s a former Mixed Martial Artist turned TV personality, actress and fitness model. She has a 7th house upfront Aries Sun opposition Pluto Saturn in Libra and trine a 3rd house Neptune – unyielding, ambitious, controlling, evasive.  More significantly in terms of her mouthiness is Mercury in obstinate Taurus on the focal point of a Yod to a volatile Mars sextile Uranus which will tend to make her fly off in all directions, throwing out random comments. She also has a wide Yod of Venus sextile Mercury inconjunct Mars, which will give her anger issues and a firecracker temperament.

    And her Mercury is in an exaggerating opposition to Jupiter square a loves-to-shock and inflexible Aquarius Moon.  Her Mercury also opposes Pluto squaring onto her Moon which will ramp up her conspiracy-theory tendencies.

  A very intense lady and not one for backing down.  Though with tr Pluto square her Sun and Pluto this year and next she will be forced to let go and reassemble her life  

Trump – striding confidently towards a quagmire

Trump will sally forth today at the Republican CPAC to cement (he hopes) his stranglehold on the GOP, aiming for a comeback in 2024. His braggadocio will be undiminished though his popularity is sinking. He left office with just 39% approval and is now hovering at 34% and a majority believe he incited an insurrection against the USA. Neither of his relationship charts with the GOP show much in the way of enthusiasm ahead, with disappointments looming large and 2022 being the nadir.

  What’s intriguing the never-Trumpers is what happens next with the Manhattan DA Cy Vance federal investigation into the Trump foundation finances now that the Supreme Court has OK’d eight years of tax returns and associated accountants’ documentation to be handed over.

  Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien, one of the few journalists who has seen the tax returns, said in a recent interview that Trump “is very afraid of what’s in these documents because they put him in serious criminal jeopardy.” He thinks it likely Trump’s chief accountant, Allen Weisselberg, will flip on Trump. The criminal investigation is likely to also include Don Jnr, Eric and Ivanka.

 Trump’s chart certainly indicated major financial panic in six months’ time and after. Firstly from a highly uncertain and neurotic Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune and his Progressed Moon at the same time (from this July) starting a two year plus trek thorough his 2nd house, which, while not necessarily disastrous, will give him cash concerns. There’s not much cheer for him either from undermining Neptune transits as they square his Sun and Moon and several midpoints from late March throughout this year and extending through 2022 as well. Plus a catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint mid April to early May, and again through January and early February 2022. And mid August to this year’s end he has the enraging, trapped and scary tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars and feeling-unloved Venus/Saturn. Plus the Eclipses this year – and the hangover from last December’s – shaking up his Sun and Moon.  The worst will be 2023 with two completely pinned- down and nowhere-to-run Solar Arcs of SArc Mars square Pluto (similar to Sarkozy at the moment, tho’ not necessarily indicating imprisonment, just totally trapped). And SArc Pluto square Saturn which = deprived, tough conditions, struggling through thick mud, stuck. Then 2024 to 2026 he has his Solar Arc Neptune opposition his North Node, then conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun which will be undermining.

  Cy Vance, 14 June 1954 New York, is a Gemini Sun, only one degree from Trump, so he’s facing the same Eclipse-challenges and Neptunian dips as his quarry. Though these investigations can take forever and he’ll get his mojo back to some degree in in 2022 and be steaming ahead in 2023. [I now gather he’s almost certainly retiring from the DA job this year.]

  Allen Weisselberg, 15 August 1947, for many years Trump’s accountant is a tough-minded Sun, Venus, Saturn Pluto, Moon and Mercury in Leo with a confident square to Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio.  He does look rattled this year with tr Uranus starting to square his early Leo planets with tr Saturn in opposition and that discouraging and unsettled process will extend through 2022 as well. His relationship chart with Trump has been stressed in the past two years; more so through this year with a major jolt from this May onwards and will be logjammed and infuriated in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars.

  Trump may be gone but he’ll not be forgotten while this drama rages.

See previous post December 13 2020 for the Eclipse effect on Trump.

Andrew Cuomo – slings and arrows dent his luck

New York State flag

Andrew Cuomo, New York governor, has slid precipitately from his early pandemic high, when he was lauded as a hero, and is now facing a second sexual harassment allegation (denied), charges of bullying and of hiding the true number of Covid-related deaths in NY care homes.

  Born 6 December 1957, he has been governor for more than a decade, a role his father held before him. He’s an upfront Sun Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus – can-be-self-righteous and bluntly outspoken but is also innovative. His Uranus squares a do-or-die determined and vengeful Mars in Scorpio which will give him a short-fuse and a disinclination to compromise or give way. His Gemini Moon may oppose Saturn or square Pluto. His Mercury in ambitious Capricorn is in an intense trine to Pluto and a slippery sextile to Neptune.

  His problem at the moment is a car-crash Solar Arc Sun square his Mars bringing him significant setbacks. The Tr Uranus square tr Saturn will also be tugging on his Uranus within weeks for jolts and jangles, running on into 2022. And the Eclipses, Solar and Lunar, this year in aspect to his Sun Saturn and Moon – will be throwing up additional crises and challenges and facing him with the need to take full responsibility for mistakes and misdeeds (Saturn’s karmic kickback).

  His Sun Saturn are conjunct the New York State’s Sagittarius North Node (26 July 1788) so it is an important relationship for both, though again Saturn will always exact its due for transgressions and bring chickens home to roost at some point.  His relationship chart with NY State is mired in suspicion, doubt and confusion this year and 2022/23 as tr Pluto squares the composite Mercury Neptune and then is conjunct the composite Saturn. It won’t be a comfortable time for either.

  Cuomo’s rise-and-fall 10th harmonic is notable and strained; as is his enduring though self-destructive 16H.

South Node – stuck in the past ++

Odd thoughts on South Nodes in synastry since it has come up twice in the past week – Saudi MBS’s South Node in Scorpio conjunct Joe Biden’s Mars and Woody Allen’s South Node conjunct Dylan Farrow’s Sun Mars. Additional examples more than welcome.

  The South Node is about the habits of a lifetime, our familiar comfort zone, old baggage, our overdeveloped character traits that are all too easy to fall back on, but will undermine development if hung onto for security.  Fear and discomfort is associated with South Node issues and it is often a point of great insecurity. The North Node is the unknown to which we must strive if we want to be fulfilled. But not everyone wants to develop or is capable of it and the pressure to pull away from bad habits often gives rise to resentment.

  Where the South Node on one individual chart is conjunct another person’s planet, the result is often a strong sense of a ‘meant’ connection but it can be draining as the South Node has a tendency to drag back into the past or into ingrained behaviour patterns and refuses to allow for growth in the relationship.

  So A’s Sun conjunct B’s South Node can feel draining for A, although the connection may feel strong.

With a Moon conjunction there will be a marked difference in values with the Moon seeing the South Node as negative and anti-social. 

A Mercury South Node conjunction across two charts produces an intellectual rapport. But it also tends to make the South Node type unreceptive to the Mercury types ideas, so they have to work extra hard. And it will give rise to miscommunications.

If Venus is involved the Venus type feels restrained and can find the South Node type cold. Victoria Beckham’s South node is conjunct David Beckham’s Venus and although they have a strong connection there have been many ups and downs in their relationship. Her fashion business has also been a financial drain on him.  

Mars – the South Node person will restrain the Mars individual so it tends to end up in a cold, indifferent, resentful or angry connection. The Mars type sees the Node individual as stuck in the past and as holding them back. 

Saturn – there’s a sense that the South Node individual is restrictive and the relationship is likely to be heavy as well as unbreakable. Each tends to reinforce the other’s negativity. Liz Taylor’s Saturn was conjunct Richard Burton’s Capricorn South Node and they divorced and remarried twice.

  Across the zodiac, the North Node connection can be a powerful one. The Queen’s Taurus Sun is conjunct Prince Charles’ 10th house North Node Moon; and her relentless-work-ethic Pluto is conjunct Prince William’s so she arguably pushes both of them on to develop. On the other hand Meghan Markle’s Mars is conjunct Prince William’s North Node which clearly riles him, though her overly assertive stance may well have prompted him to develop his caring Cancerian side during the Covid months.

 A few more Node contacts – Hillary Clinton’s North Node in Taurus is conjunct Bill’s Moon in his 8th – a strong connection. Michelle Obama’s Aquarius Moon may be (birth time allowing) conjunct Barack’s South Node in Aquarius. Trump’s bombastic Mars in Leo is conjunct Obama’s North Node for a combustible interface.

Saudi Arabia – a diplomatic dilemma

The influential young Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has been pointedly left off Joe Biden’s call list on moving into the White House as a rebuke for his complicity in ordering the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Analysts are asking how far the reset in diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia will go since implicating the kingdom’s de facto leader in an act of premeditated murder is a high-risk strategy.  Biden has already suspended weapons sales and military assistance to the open-ended and inhumane Saudi-led offensive in Yemen, known to its critics as “MBS’s war” so he clearly means business in a way that Trump and Jared Kushner didn’t – including raising human rights issues. Even before Trump, Saudi Arabia was handled with kid gloves because of oil and intelligence interests – it took 14 years for the 9/11 commission report’s missing pages exploring Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the hijackers to be released and even then they were heavily redacted.

  There’s no doubt that Joe Biden and MBS clash badly with JB’s Mercury, Sun, Venus in Scorpio conjunct MBS’s Saturn in Scorpio with MBS’s Mars Mercury in Leo in square. Not a happy mix.

  Joe Biden’s chart relocated to Riyadh has Mars in the 7th so he won’t be backwards about putting his foot down.  

  But the relationship chart between Saudi Arabia and the USA always an enthusiastic one and well-knit together isn’t showing much apart from a few intense discussions in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square the composite Mercury then.

  MBS is the heir presumptive which could change but is thought unlikely though Biden is thought to be pressing for the release of other Princes imprisoned by MBS in his scorched-earth drive for supremacy. 2021 will dent his arrogance a touch with more pressure building in 2022 but nothing too disruptive (without a birth time.)

Oprah – spill your soul on the sofa

America’s confessional tour-de force Oprah Winfrey, having retired in 2011 from her top-ranking (for 24 years) talk show, has recently jumped back into the arena. She’s partnered with Apple TV for The Oprah Conversation which launched in 2020 as tr Uranus squared her Aquarius Sun Venus.  To date she’s interviewed Barack Obama, Stevie Wonder, Matthew McConaughey, Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey and others. On March 7th she adds a Meghan Markle and Prince Harry special as another notch on her belt.

  Although tr Saturn is moving through her lower-profile, less hard-working First Quadrant for some years ahead, she’s clearly incapable of taking it easy. Though not everything she touches will turn out successfully. Luckily March 7th looks good news en passant with tr Jupiter trine her Libra Midheaven. Though she’ll have a few sinking moments through this year and next.

  Meghan is a reasonable mix with her since Oprah’s Sun Venus fall in M’s 7th for friendly co-operation and Oprah’s Moon is in M’s attention-grabbing 5th. More pointedly Oprah’s do-or-die determined Pluto is in M’s 2nd house of finances, so M will reckon Oprah could boost her income. Though it won’t all be plain sailing with Oprah’s Mars conjunct M’s rebellious Uranus; and Oprah’s Uranus square M’s Pluto so there will be hot spots and disruptions. The proof will be in the pudding as this year wears on with the Oprah/Meghan relationship chart catching the full brunt of the tr Uranus square tr Saturn tugging at and dampening their joint enthusiasm plus a few Neptunian disappointments as well.

   Harry is a different kind of mix with Oprah since his Taurus Moon (= childhood family) sit uncomfortably with her Mars in Scorpio square Pluto, making him feel threatened at an underlying level. Though his regal Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct Oprah’s Ascendant so from her viewpoint he will be a catch that boosts her persona.

  See previous post 12 February 2021

Paris Hilton – falling in love with a reflection

A total trivia brief. Paris Hilton, old-style influencer and celebutante, supported by a business income selling her brand name in perfumes and boutiques, and making club appearances has announced her engagement – her fourth to date, none with marriage to follow – to entrepreneur and venture capitalist Carter Reum.

  The only point of interest is they were born within two weeks of each other. She 17 February 1981 and he 5 February, which means they are pretty much clones. Both have Sun Venus in Aquarius while she has Mercury in Aquarius and he has Mars and maybe Moon in Aquarius. And both have Saturn Jupiter conjunct and Pluto in Libra – so very Airy. Her Moon is in flashy Leo while his is Aquarius or Pisces.

  The Gunter Sachs astro-study found more people married their own sign than you might expect. But this is an even tighter match – almost mirror images of each other.  

Tiger Woods – another mountain to climb

Tiger Woods has suffered multiple, serious leg breaks in a car accident when he veered off the road in southern Los Angeles. It’s heart breaking given his struggle to recover from debilitating back trauma in recent years to return to relatively pain-free golfing and win.

  At the moment his Solar Arc Uranus is exactly conjunct his Sagittarius Moon which sits on his IC giving him an emotional shock and disrupting his life as it crosses the foundations of his chart. He’s also got tr Neptune squaring his Midheaven undermining his career, picking up within weeks and running through till late 2022, as well as a knocked-sideways tr Uranus square his Solar Arc Midheaven.

  When he had the car crash in November 2009, as the scandal of his infidelities emerged and broke up his marriage, tr Uranus was exactly square his Moon and IC – so it’s clearly a sensitive point in his chart.

When photographs of his arrest in 2017 for driving under the influence of prescription drugs emerged tr Uranus in Aries was exactly square his 5th house sporting Mercury; and at the moment tr Pluto is conjunct his Mercury on and off for an intense and gloomy two years ahead.

  His Solar Return for this year has Mars in the 8th square Pluto Saturn Jupiter in the 5th which is heavyweight – the police said he was lucky to be alive.

  The other sensitive point in his chart is his Taurus North Node opposition Venus in Scorpio. At the moment tr Mars is exactly conjunct Algol and in opposition to his Sun/Pluto midpoint and on the Venus/Node midpoint, hinting he may be more prone to catastrophes than most.