Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz – attraction of opposites


Heidi Klum, former model and businesswoman, was married secretly this February to Tom Kaulitz, rock guitarist with the German band Tokio Hotel. She’s sixteen years his senior with a chequered emotional past including two marriages and four children, the last three with Seal.

Born1 June 1973 11am Cologne (astrotheme) she is a New Moon in Gemini with Saturn Venus Mercury also in Gemini – with all her Gemini planets in a high-energy square to Mars in Pisces, on this birth time on the 7th house of relationships, and trine an independent-minded Uranus and trine Jupiter in Aquarius. She’s very Airy, emotionally detached, adventurous and scattered with 7 Mutable planets.

Her new husband born 1 September 1989 6.20am Leipzig, Germany (astrotheme) is almost the complete opposite with a New Moon and Mars in Virgo and the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn. He’s very earthy, rooted in the real and material world as well as being rebellious, volatile. He has the Jupiter in Cancer opposition to his Capricorn planets, trine Pluto and sextile his Sun, so he’s talented, lucky and quite a whirlwind himself.

He does have Venus and Mercury in Libra which will connect with her Gemini planets, though her Uranus is conjunct his Venus so she’ll tend to jump backwards at times; and his Mars is square her Saturn and Moon which could get scratchy.

Their relationship chart, birth times being sound, has a composite New Moon which is good, making them feel more whole when together. With a Water Grand Trine of Sun Saturn Uranus which could produce a healing-bubble for them both; and an attention-demanding, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine. With a power couple Jupiter opposition Pluto square Sun, though that could turn into a power struggle at some point, fighting for the upper hand. Plus passionate Venus sextile Pluto and sparkling trine to Uranus. And a showbizzy though perhaps ego-clashing Mars Neptune conjunction.

The strength of the Saturn will help to give longevity and two grand Trines have to be positive but it’ll require a fair amount of adjustment to make it work. The wedding chart of 22 February this year wasn’t too great with Saturn Venus Pluto opposition Node square Uranus. That looks subject to rolling changes and crises; with an explosive Mars Uranus and a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter square Neptune.


Megan Rapinoe – a force for change


Meghan Rapinoe, the US women’s football superstar appears to be fireball, regarded as the Muhammad Ali of her sport and a ‘walking protest’ on everything from equal pay to gay rights and protests against racial injustice. Thousands of women across the US are evidently now adopting her tough-pixie, pink, butch hairstyle. She’s managed to get up Piers Morgan’s nose and Donald Trump’s so she’s not doing badly.

Born 5 July 1985 in California, she’s a combative Sun Mars in Cancer in a tough-minded trine to Saturn in Scorpio. Her Saturn is in a cool opposition to Venus in Taurus. Her Mercury is in an intense square to Pluto and an outspoken trine to Uranus. And she has that odd top-notch athletes’ mid Aquarius Jupiter. A force to be reckoned with.

She has a very marked global-star 22nd Harmonic.

Prince Andrew – his luck running out ++ add on – Yods

Prince Andrew, erstwhile good friend to Jeffrey Epstein, has relied on respect for his mother, the Queen, to get him out of manifold allegations of consorting with the corrupt, financial and otherwise, in the past. But he may not manage to avoid fallout from Epstein’s trial on sexual offences with minors since he was so obviously part of the social circle.

What is striking about Andrew’s chart at the moment is not only tr Neptune conjunct his 8th house Mercury this year – sliding secrets out in the open – with one more exact hit mid August till late September this year. But more significantly tr Pluto is moving to square his Midheaven from early 2020 for two years. This brings a critical turning point in career or direction in life, will tend to lead to dented status and reputation as Pluto tears down old structures and to provoke hostility and resistance from others. It can also have health implications and given that both tr Saturn and tr Pluto are now moving through his 6th he will be under pressure on the fitness front.

His relationships with both daughters and his ex- and still-living-in wife Sarah indicate a raft of panicky moments from late this September right through till February 2020 as tr Neptune in his hard aspect to the composite Jupiter on Sarah and Beatrice’s relationship chart and the composite Sun on Eugenie’s.

Prince Charles is known not to get on with Andrew, which brotherly rivalry apart, is supposedly because of concern about Andrew’s questionable associations damaging the monarchy. Their competitive composite Sun Mars conjunction in the relationship chart is being severely rattled by this months Solar Eclipse and their composite Uranus by the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. And it moves into even more disruptive times from early 2020 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus – so there will be even more fallout next year.

The same is indicated on Andrew’s relationship chart with the Queen, though given her age, it should be treated with some care. Tr Neptune is square the composite Saturn from late March 2020 with major ructions and ruptures from late May onwards as tr Uranus rattles the central Mars Midheaven opposition Pluto.

It’s mystifying – astrologically speaking – as to why he’s regarded as the Queen’s favourite since their charts aren’t wonderfully compatible. With the exception of his Pisces Sun matching her Venus in Pisces, everything else is at cross purposes. Her Saturn is conjunct his Moon, his Saturn is opposition her Pluto, his Mars Venus square her Sun, his Uranus is conjunct her Moon and Neptune opposition her Mars and square her Saturn MC. If anything he’s a disruptive force in her life though his Pluto does fall in her 8th suggesting she feels trapped in some way by him.

Their relationship chart has a volatile, argumentative, needs-space Grand Trine of Mars trine Uranus trine Moon (Neptune), formed into two Kites by Mars opposition Pluto and Moon Neptune opposition Sun. It suggests a relationship that is power-based, very tied together though not by affection, but by who holds the reins and is also built to a degree on an illusion with such a strong Neptune. It was severely shaken by the previous kerfuffle that saw Andrew lose his trade envoy official role. And what’s coming up will have an even greater fallout.

Add On; Further thought on Andrew’s chart. He does have a Yod onto an apex planet Uranus in the 1st inconjunct Mercury sextile Saturn. Such a Yod tends to produce a personality that is wilful, rebellious and can be lawless, since convention will be kicked aside. It can be a trailblazer in a more evolved individual, but its intolerance and disruptive behaviour tends to cause rifts in their environment. This year the two legs of the Yod are being pressured by transits – his Saturn Return and tr Neptune conjunct Mercury. Usually fated changes of life’s direction occurs when a Yod is under pressure.

There is another sort-of Yod of North Node sextile a Scorpio Moon inconjunct his midheaven, which will be challenged by tr Pluto square his MC in 2020/2021.

Cori Gauff – a Pisces with fire in her veins


Cori Gauff became the standout story at Wimbledon when the 15 year old beat Venus Williams in straight sets and went on to win another two rounds before being knocked out.

She was born 13 March 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, with two sporting parents and took up tennis at 6. They moved to Florida to find better opportunities for her to train when she was 7 and she was home schooled with both parents giving up their job to focus on her tennis career. No pressure then. She won her first national tournament aged eight; and in 2014, aged 10 years and three months old, she became the youngest champion in history.

She’s a Sun Pisces square Pluto and Moon in Sagittarius – so two fairly controlling parents. Her Jupiter in hard-working Virgo is in an adventurous opposition to Uranus; in a sociable trine to Venus in Taurus balanced by a sextile to Saturn. Her Mars in Taurus which is unaspected by other panets is conjunct the Fixed star Algol making her uncompromising and leading to high energy and non-stop activity. Robert de Niro and Nancy Pelosi both have Mars conjunct Algol, as did Liberace.

She went into Wimbledon with tr Neptune square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint which tends to start with high hopes and then rather fizzles out which makes sense. There’s no birth time so no way of knowing the ups and downs of her career. Mid November to mid December look deflating, perhaps accident prone or with health issues as tr Neptune squares her Mars/Saturn midpoint. But she’ll then bounce up with more luck from mid December to early February. There’s nothing showing up as great success for some years – indeed 2020/21 may be frustrating with tr Pluto square her Sun/Mars midpoint; with an undermining 2022/23 as tr Neptune is square her Pluto and conjunct her Sun.

But she’s young enough to keep going. And she has already been signed up by racquet makers and a clothing brand as sponsors and is set to earn more than $1million (£791,000) in 2019.

Boris Johnson – tricksters running amok

Disgusted-of-Tunbridge-Wells doesn’t seem to be disgusted enough if the polls are correct as Boris Johnson sails unscathed by personal scandals and political chicanery towards No 10, even if only for a brief interlude. Not that his competition is up to much, but still. He has that slippery Geminian ability to shin up the greasy pole with no dent in his chances despite a heap of dirt on his CV.

Our very own, shameless, amoral, duplicitous, lying clown on the throne – all of which might be forgiveable if he was half ways competent which he isn’t.

Mulling over tricksters and their necessary function in creating the chaos out of which an ultimate benefit comes – he does have his Midheaven and Ascendant close to the UK’s MC and Asc with his Solar Arc Jupiter moving to conjunct the UK’s MC within a year. So he is key to something. And heaven knows, there’s enough chaos wrapped up in his chart with Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini suggesting a vibrant, overly scattered, disorganized and self-interested personality who lives on the edge of nervous irritability and finds it difficult to focus or concentrate.

July 11th to August 22nd he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint, repeating mid November to mid December. Ebertin describes this as proceeding in a brutal manner or the misfortune of having to suffer violent assaults. From September 22nd till late January 2020 he has a run of undermining Neptune transits bringing uncertainty, paralysis, failure.

His relationship chart with the UK 1801, (birth times being sound), has an 8th house Mars opposition Neptune with Mars trine a 12th house Mercury Uranus. That looks capable of detonating a deep-seated anger, causing financial havoc, is certainly divisive, and will give rise to the sense that the UK’s interests and his are not the same. One wins the other loses is what Mars Neptune indicates. Tr Pluto will trine the deeply buried Mars during his tricky July/August and November/December patches; with tr Neptune casting smokescreens around at the moment and on and off in 2020 (if he lasts that long) with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mercury Uranus.

His relationship chart with the Conservative Party 1912 is friendly enough in essence; though with a non-mutually supportive Mars Neptune; and resentful Saturn trine Pluto. There’ll be significant disturbance in late October early November this year when Brexit is allegedly due.

His relationship with Donald Trump is super-ambitious as a twosome with a good deal of enthusiasm; though it’ll hiccup its way from late August, suffer a major setback in late September/October and be less than secure in 2020.

Who’d have thought repressive, authoritarian Saturn Pluto would throw up  archetypal Fools?

Rip Torn – a talent for kicking up a storm

Actor Rip Torn, best known recently for playing Chief Zed in Men in Black and The Larry Sanders Show in the 1990s, has died. He also had an illustrious stage career, best known for his dominating performances in many Tennessee William’s plays. He had multiple nominations for both stage and screen but relatively few awards and was known for his troublemaker persona almost as much as for his towering talent.

Born 6 February 1931 2.35am Temple, Texas, he was a Sun Aquarius with the generational Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto in Cancer square an innovative and rebellious Uranus which produced quite a few other notable prominent personalities. His Pluto in the 8th was conjunct a lucky Jupiter with Pluto opposition Mercury – so he’d be exceptionally intense and with a focal point Cardinal Uranus also defiant, overly assertive, impatient, a mould-breaker and status-quo upsetter. His Mars in flamboyant Leo was sextile a Libra Moon and widely trine his Uranus. Not a quiet personality despite his Libra Moon.

There were various on set conflicts throughout his career but he said he got less angry the older he got. He still managed to collect several arrests for DUI and one for breaking into a bank with a loaded gun when drunk.

Tem Tarriktar – a pioneering spirit


Tem Tarriktar has sadly died who started and ran The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) magazine for thirty years. It moved from being an 8 pager to the most highly respected astrology publication in the world with an international outreach which was no mean feat.

Born 7 August 1956 6.40 am Cleveland, Ohio, he had a Leo Sun sitting just above his Ascendant in the 12th with Moon Pluto in Leo in his 1st as well. He’d be an enigmatic as well as entertaining personality. And his Sun was exactly conjunct his Uranus/Pluto midpoint for a revolutionary spirit. A confident-communicator Mercury Jupiter in Virgo in his 1st was trine his Taurus Midheaven, so he was well-designed to get the word out. His Uranus is hidden in the 12th and square his MC as well as square Neptune. A focal point Fixed Uranus would make him a trail blazer and quite self-willed, so he’d walk his own path.

He obviously had a tough start in life with a cold/deprived Saturn in Scorpio in his 4th square Moon Pluto and his Saturn also trine Mars in Pisces in his 8th house.

His Mars was on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct which wouldn’t be easy to live with in early adult life, tending to bring impulse decisions, anger issues and scattered energy though also focussing his attention on what lies buried deep beneath and beyond reality. Such a Yod usually brings a crisis point which forces a change of direction. Yods need to click into gear with a fated set of circumstances which puts the individual onto their destined track. Bil Tierney remarks of a Mars apex Yod: This new period compels the individual ‘ to undertake dynamic, pioneering new starts involving courage and daring.’ According to Astrodienst he went bankrupt in 1983. At that point there was enormous astro-pressure on his Mars from Solar Arc Pluto in opposition and Solar Arc Saturn square Mars. Four years later he started TMA.

The Mountain Astrologer had its first issue on 24 May 1987 when there was a fiery collection of Uranus Saturn Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Aries with a Sagittarius Sun as well. Saturn Uranus is innovative; Sagittarius is knowledgeable and well-travelled; Jupiter is lucky and bold in Aries. The North Node was also in Aries, usually a placing that demands the ability to stand alone and be a leader. There was a penetrating Mercury Pluto in Scorpio with Mars also in ultra-determined Scorpio.

Tem’s Harmonics are interesting and descriptive with a strong get-it-together 5H; a creative 7H; a break-through/genius 13H; and leaving-a-legacy 17H. He’ll be missed.

Alexander Acosta – the past coming back to haunt him


Alexander Acosta, Trump’s labor secretary and the US Department of Justice are facing tough questions about the deal which allowed Jeffrey Epstein to serve a minimal sentence for serious federal offences in 2007. During his sentence he unbelievably was free to work from his office six days a week. Attorney General William P. Barr said that he had recused himself from the present case because his former law firm, had represented Epstein in the past. Acosta said later he had been leant on at the time by Epstein’s heavyweight lawyers – amongst them Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr – and that decisions had been taken at ‘a very high level.’

Acosta, born 16 January 1969, is a Sun Capricorn square Saturn in Aries; and trine Pluto, sextile Neptune with Mars in determined Scorpio – he’s no softie that’s for sure. Self reliant, super-ambitious.

At the moment he has tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘the undermining of vocational position’ so a general slump in confidence; and running at the same time he has tr Pluto square his Mars/Uranus and conjunct his Mars/Node midpoints – both running several weeks ahead well into August – both of which are trapped and significantly disruptive.

Trump and the White House are ducking the issue at present though relations between Acosta and POTUS will deteriorate badly from mid August worsening in the autumn and over the New Year. The longer Acosta hogs the headlines for whatever reason the less popular he’s likely to get.

Is Trump a necessary evil to trigger the Pluto Return?

Could Trump get a second term? As the economy prospers, unemployment goes down and his approval ratings rise (slightly) it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility, however unthinkable for swathes of the population.

What strikes me astrologically is there is a long run of challenges to the USA 1776 chart’s Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn which picked up in 2016 and doesn’t finish till 2024. Mercury opposition Pluto in itself exacerbates suspicion, paranoia, is associated with demagogues and those guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation, promotes over-intense debates with a drive for domination and little latitude for compromise, can teeter on the brink of nervous collapse through strain.

Tr Uranus was square the USA Mercury opposition Pluto before and after the 2016 election – and previous occurrences of that influence on its own coincided with McCarthy in full rampage, Nixon and Watergate, and in the 1990s the Whitewater investigation. So paranoia, intransigence, intolerance running rampant.

This time round following on is tr Pluto which starts to oppose the USA Mercury from late February 2020 on and off till late 2021 and then moves onto the Pluto Return running until 2024. So 2020/21 are likely to be years of intense and often hostile debate and disagreement, mental strain and dogmatic obstinacy.

Pluto Returns are tricky to interpret since they happen so rarely. But for England a Pluto Return oversaw the humiliation of Suez in 1956 and loss of empire; and previous occurrences also came with failure in one area followed later by successful development in a different direction; as well as the gradual shift towards more democratic government from the 13th century onwards. The deaths of Napoleon, Stalin and Franco were also clear Pluto Return markers of a break with one style of government in the old France, Russia and Spain charts.

See previous posts November 18 and 19 2018.

None of the above sound like a light, bright, all-systems-change, idealistic Democratic win in 2020.

Trump’s own chart:– if the birth time of 10.54 am is sound then he has a constructive tr Pluto trine his Midheaven over the 2020 election and a change-of-career-direction tr Uranus conjunct his Midheaven in late 2024. And he does have a relatively mild tr Pluto trine his successful Mars/Jupiter midpoint in November 2020. Though that’s nothing like as strong as the influences that coincided with his 2016 win.

On the downside and he does have a good many negative influences – over the election he’s also got a ratchety tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint which can be health-related (at his age) or seriously bad-tempered, and it is followed by even more restrictive and enraging hard aspects to a Mars midpoint and his Saturn right through till after the Inauguration, when he’s definitely not feeling the love.

Then from March 2021 tr Neptune starts to square his Moon and Sun which will undermine his energy and his ego with confusing and worrying circumstances around the family; with an uncertain, neurotic Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune late 2021 which will bring financial worries just as his Progressed Moon starts a two-year trek through his 2nd house, also bringing cash concerns. Late 2021 also has Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus which is likely to make him more doolally than he is at the moment mentally and bring career missteps. 2023 looks like his all-time horror year with Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn and Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto – depression, insuperable barriers to progress, hemmed in, scared.

Elections are a horror to predict and there could be various scenarios elicited from the above. He could win a second term but lose both houses? Is that possible? He could win and then run smack into an even worse series of banana skins than his first term ending in impeachment or collapse of some sort by 2023. He’s certainly not a happy soul immediately after the election and before the inauguration, never mind what comes later.

The USA 1776 chart is showing up panicky-failure from March 2021 onwards with tr Neptune square the Mars as well as all the Mercury and Pluto being assaulted by tr Pluto.

And the 2021 Inauguration chart looks unstable at the very least and violently disruptive at worst with Mars Uranus in the 12th square Saturn Jupiter in the 10th with a control-freaky Pluto conjunct midheaven square Moon as well – feelings will be running very high indeed.

The USA clearly has some deep soul searching to do with the Pluto return coming up and since change never comes without crisis and force majeure it may be that a tempestuous next administration is what will precipitate hitting rock bottom (so to speak) which will then lead into a new direction.

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