Jeff Bezos – life at the top not all a bed of roses

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and richer than Midas, has become engaged to his girlfriend of several years Lauren Sanchez, a US media personality, entertainment reporter and news anchor. They got together while both were still married elsewhere and divorces in each case followed.

  Bezos, 12 January 1964, no birth time, has a stellium in Capricorn with Sun, Mars, Mercury and maybe Moon there with his Sun square a lucky and pro-active Jupiter in Aries and trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo. He also has a cool, scientific Venus Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune. Mainly Earth Air which is an unemotional combination.

  Lauren Sanchez, 19 December 1969, is a Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, with her Sun probably conjunct his Moon. She has an enthusiastic Mars in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio; with her Jupiter in an up and down opposition to Saturn in Taurus. She also has a Taurus Moon which fits with his Capricorn planets. Her Venus in Sagittarius is also OK with his Venus in Aquarius.

  Their relationship chart has a frivolous, enjoy-the-high-life composite Venus Jupiter conjunction trine Pluto Uranus and on the midpoint of a mini-Grand Trine of Neptune trine Saturn – so a mix of light and shade, and a relationship that will go through distinct phases. There will be an emphasis on conspicuous wealth and glittery trimmings with such an emphasized Venus Jupiter.

  It is not such a together relationship as he had with his wife of 26 years  MacKenzie, 7 April 1970, who helped him with Amazon in the early years. She has an Aries Sun conjunct his Jupiter and a stellium of five planets including Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mars in Taurus which fits his Capricorn bunch. Like Lauren her Saturn opposes Jupiter. That relationship chart may have a composite Sun Moon conjunction, making them feel more whole when together, plus an enthusiastic though workaholic  Mars Venus Saturn conjunction. With the composite Mars opposition Pluto, trine Neptune and sextile Jupiter. Not easy and one partner would be asked to sacrifice a fair amount but there’s more substance to this relationship.

  Bezos himself is not having an easy run ahead with a frustrating tr Pluto conjunct his Mars in 2023/24 and a run of hitches, glitches and some disasters from the middle of this year on into 2024. Plus tr Uranus square his Saturn and Venus in 2023/24. It may affect other areas of his life, professional and financial, but there will be a few tremors in their relationship. Tr Neptune will conjunct the composite Saturn into 2024 and oppose the Uranus; as well as tr Uranus opposition the composite Neptune from this August.  Nothing terminal in terms of a split but much worry. 

Parkinsons & MS – the astrology varies

Medical astrology in ye olden days was one of the principal uses of the celestial art though it fell out of fashion with the advance of scientific medicine. Certain general attributes of parts of the body to particular signs and similarly houses to certain conditions appear to hold a grain of truth. But astrology is not a good diagnostic tool either for psychological or physical ailments.  Having said that, it is also not my speciality so feel free to pitch in.

  Parkinsons’ disease is a neurological disorder and should by rights be flagged up by Mercury, the ruler of the nervous system. Mars is also mentioned in relation to Parkinsons. But Michael J Fox, who was diagnosed with early onset P. aged 30, 9 June 1961 12.15 am Edmonton, Canada, has not much that is illuminating about his Mercury.  He does have a 2nd house Taurus Moon Venus trine Pluto, North Node in Virgo and opposition an 8th house Neptune square a 12th house Jupiter – so a fairly loaded Moon. But his Mercury does not look overly stressed.  His Sun is sextile an excitable Mars Uranus in Leo.

  Bill Connolly, who contracted Parkinsons in his 70s, born 24 November 1942 4.30am Glasgow, has his Mercury in late Scorpio conjunct Sun, Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter and opposition an 8th house Uranus square North Node in Leo. His Moon is inconjunct Mars and not otherwise well integrated into his chart.

  There’s nothing much that leaps out of either chart as similar or indicative of a chronic ailment.

 Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disorder and associated by the Hamburg School with Sun/Mars; and by researchers with suppressed anger.

Actress Selma Blair, 23 June 1972 8.30 am Southfield, Michigan, was diagnosed with MS in 2018. She is a Sun Cancer, with a 12th house Mars conjunct South Node trine a 4th house Scorpio Moon and sextile Pluto.

 Jaqueline du Pre, the cellist, 26 January 1945 11.30am Oxford, England, also had MS and died aged 42. She had an 11th house Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto, trine Uranus and trine Neptune – with a 10th house Mars in Capricorn conjunct South Node opposition a Cancer Moon. So a driving Pluto and a stressed Mars tied into the South Node.

  Nadia Carmichael, 14 August 1976 3.36 am Dunedin, NZ, who had MS and died aged 29.  She had a 3rd house Sun; with an Aries Moon on the Midheaven opposition Pluto, trine Saturn and trine Neptune as well as inconjunct Uranus North Node. Like Jaqueline du Pre her Pluto is the driving planet from a Kite, formed by the opposition to one leg of a Grand Trine.

  With the exception of Jaqueline du Pre none of these examples have anything in the 6th house. Some 12th house activity but nothing out of the ordinary.

  My recollection from the time that Jaqueline du Pre died was that her powerful though over controlled Pluto might be an indicator.  But many people have that without contracting MS.

  I’m none the wiser so any suggestions welcome.

Tina Turner – volcanic vitality and deep sadness

The one and only Tina Turner has died, a powerball of dynamic and frantic energy on stage and unforgettable musicality, she channeled her anger about a neglected childhood and abusive marriage into a stunning stage and recording career.

She was born 26 November 1939 at, Nutbush TN, with parents she said did not care for her since they were always fighting. She worked in the cotton fields with them, her mother leaving when she was 10, her father three years later. Her much publicized first marriage to Ike Turner was violent and controlling, and when she left she was broke and homeless. With amazing resilience she relaunched her career and hit the heights. Her second long partnership with German EMI executive Erwin Bach she met when she was 47 was a revelation. He stayed with her as she latterly suffered multiple life-threatening illnesses of cancer, strokes, and gave her a kidney when hers failed.

Despite her success and ultimate emotional stability she was under no illusions about her experiences. “It wasnʼt a good life,” she said in documentary. “The good did not balance the bad. I had an abusive life, thereʼs no other way to tell the story. Itʼs a reality.

Itʼs a truth. Thatʼs what youʼve got, so you have to accept it.”

In recent years she lost one son to suicide and another to cancer.

She had a 4th house Sagittarius Sun Mercury opposition a Gemini Moon square Mars in Pisces in her 7th. Mars in Pisces is often seen with dancers who combine energy with grace. On the focal point of a Mutable T Square it is highly strung, a whirlwind, impulsive, scattered and frenetic. In the 7th it would attract her to Martian partners, hence Ike. It also fits with two warring parents with the Sun and Moon both tied in. She also had a forced-to-be-self-reliant Saturn in Aries.

Her Venus in adventurous Sagittarius in her performing 5th house squared onto Jupiter in her financial 8th opposition Neptune which would to some extent soften down the rougher edges of her Mars.

Her 10th house Moon designed her for a public career. Her Uranus in the 10th for an unconventional path in life.

Erwin Bach, 16 years her junior, 24 January 1956, was a love-at- first-sight-meeting for her when she was 47 and although not always easy it worked. He had a Gemini Moon like hers which would help with his Aquarius Sun in trine. His super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo fell in her 1st house boosting her confidence. His Venus fell in her 7th house which is ideal for a love match.

Though his Uranus was conjunct her 12th house Pluto so he would shake her up at an unconscious level and bring changes to her life. His Saturn Mars in Sagittarius fell in her 4th conjunct her Sun Mercury opposition her Moon and square her Mars – which does not look to be without its irritations, but he would be able to put aside his own needs at times to bring order to her life.

Their relationship chart had a helpful Grand Trine of Moon Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune which would bring shared interests with Jupiter smoothing round rough edges and bringing optimism.

Ike Turner, 5 November 1931, had his Jupiter on her Ascendant so he did boost her image. Like Erwin Bach he had his Mars in Sagittarius in her 4th hitting her T Square. But Ikeʼs Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio in a controlling trine to Pluto would sit uneasily with her Sagittarius/Gemini Sun/Moon.

The Tina/Ike relationship chart had a dominating, cruel composite Mars opposition Pluto (Moon) so not good news.

Another musical icon gone.

Rolf Harris – manipulating a naive public

Rolf Harris who joined the unholy ranks of fallen national treasure when he was defrocked as a sexual predator of children, has died. He scaled the dizzy heights of BBC stardom, was beloved by animal lovers, children and the Queen whose portrait he painted and produced chart-topping chuckles in Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, Sun Arise, and Jake the Peg – and was what one commentator described as “a paragon of spotless family fare.” In the wake of Jimmy Savileʼs exposure as a serial paedophile, the police Operation Yewtree, eventually charged Harris with 12 counts of indecent assaults on adolescent girls and he was sentenced to nearly six years in jail. Like the outing of Bill Cosby in the US, the sleazy Harris behind the affable exterior shook the nation to the core.

Harris, born 30 March 1930 3.15 am Perth, Australia, was a New Moon in Aries conjunct Mercury and Uranus in his financial 2nd house – giving him a flare of making money in unconventional

ways. His Sun Uranus were on the point of a Cardinal T Square to Pluto in Cancer in the 5th house of opposition Saturn – not short on ego and self-confidence, defiant with a tendency to lawlessness which is a negative trait of Uranus. His Saturn opposition Pluto would give him a tough, hard streak and Saturn square Uranus can be dictatorial, autocratic, and does not practice what it preaches.

His Aries Moon is tied into his Sun Uranus and widely square Saturn and widely sextile Jupiter as well as inconjunct Neptune but does not seem to be a driver in his chart.

His Pluto in the 5th can be creative, a good performer, but tends to be controlling where children are concerned and it was in a seductive square to Venus and to wayward Uranus as well as in a ruthless trine to Mars. Uranus square Pluto is alluded to by Sakoian & Acker as ‘having serious lessons to learn regarding the sexual function. The aspect coincides with a period of history in which there is much sexual abuse.ʼ [I must confess to being puzzled by that since it isnʼt an attribute I would intuitively attach to Uranus Pluto.]

Bill Cosby, 12 July 1937 12.30am Philadelphia, PA, has Sun, Mercury, Pluto in Cancer opposition Jupiter trine, sextile an ultra- determined Mars in Scorpio which is turn opposes Uranus. He has an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune (Moon) in Virgo. A marked 4th house Pluto will be controlling in emotional terms and he has a ruthless streak not obvious from his amiable persona on TV of old. His Venus in Gemini is square his Moon – what Richard Idemon described as the ‘poison appleʼ of sexualised mother love.

Jimmy Savile, 312 October 1926, no birth time, was a Sun Venus in Scorpio opposition a formidably determined Mars in Taurus and trine Pluto in Cancer. Like Harris he has a Jupiter square Mars which can be an opportunist. And like Cosby he has a Virgo Moon. In his case trine Mars and maybe sextile Venus.

Sexual predators come in all shapes and sizes with varying characteristics. Pluto in Cancer did have the affect of

damaging/destroying or irrevocably altering family relationships in the long years between 1914 and the late 1930s – and my own experience is that in certain individuals it warped their emotional responses.

On the harmonics of all three above – the 10th harmonic is not surprisingly strong – symbolised by the wheel of fortune, it indicates rise and fall from high position. The pleasure-seeking 9th is also heavily aspected with Harris and Savile and the 18H ( 9X 2) with Cosby.

One thought about sex offenders was a comment by a professional who worked with them who said they were all very different but if there was one characteristic that was usually evident it was a sugary sweetness, a false charm – helpful in a public performer whose popularity was bought by manipulating a gullible public.

Martha Stewart – never say never catches the spotlight

Martha Stewart, home lifestyle guru, has defied the doomsayers yet again by appearing in a swimsuit photoshoot for Sports Illustrated at 81. She rose to dizzy heights as a  businesswoman, writer, and television personality focusing on home and and hospitality, before ending up in prison for five months in 2004 for securities fraud and obstruction of justice. Once out, against the odds, she staged a comeback campaign and got her business profitable again and returned to daytime television with The Martha Stewart Show.

  She was born 3 August 1941 1.33 pm Jersey City, New Jersey, and is a determined Sun Pluto in Leo with her Sun trine Mars in Aries in her hard-working 6th house and her Mars is trine an upbeat Sagittarius Moon. She also has the heavyweight and stubborn/enduring Saturn Uranus in Taurus of that period in a creative trine to Neptune North Node in Virgo sextile Mercury in Cancer. Planets in all three Fire signs will give her an attention-seeking and entrepreneurial tilt. Lucky Jupiter in her financial 8th will give her a Midas touch. A full 9th house will boost her communication and book-publishing skills.

  When she ended upon the wrong side of the law her Solar Arc Neptune had moved to oppose her Saturn for high uncertainty with tr Neptune in an undermining opposition to her Sun.  But tr Jupiter conjunct her Solar Arc Pluto hinted she was by no means devastated and in the two years following her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Midheaven meant she was back in the public eye and pushing on with good results.

   At the moment she has tr Uranus just over the square to her Midheaven at 18 degrees Leo so her new venture into modelling for primetimers may lead on to other things; with her Solar Arc Uranus just across her Midheaven hinting at changes of direction as well. Financially she’ll have a few anxieties this year with tr Neptune square her 2nd house Moon; and not all on the relationship front will be plain sailing with tr Uranus conjunct her 7th house Saturn Uranus in 2024/25. But with her advancing years she may not be so concerned.

She looks good for her ninth decade.

  Her strongest harmonic is her 17th – with a Sun, Pluto and Venus Jupiter trine, making a success out of good design; and a hard-working and communicative Sun, Saturn, Mercury T Square.

Wales – the wrong sort of headlines

Wales is having a bad month with a damning report on a culture of harassment in the left-wing nationalist political party Plaid Cymru leading to the resignation of the leader. Then last night false social media rumours blaming police for the deaths of two teenagers in a crash in Cardiff triggered a riot.  Fireworks and missiles were thrown at police and cars set on fire by scores of masked youths with at least 12 police officers being injured.

   Unemployment may be partly the problem with economic inactivity in Wales, being the second highest of the UK nations and regions at nearly 25%, though the main cause is long-term sickness and disability, not lack of jobs.

   Modern devolved Wales, 31 July 1998, is a New Moon in Scorpio with a tough Saturn trine Pluto, and and attention-seeking Mars opposition Neptune square Venus. It does have tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune exactly now and through 2024 which is confused and devastating; with an explosive, volcanic Solar Arc Mars opposition the Uranus this year – hence this outburst of social violence. Tr Saturn is also in a blocked square to the Pluto and tr Neptune in a financially disappointing conjunction to the Jupiter this year into early 2024 which will lower Welsh self-confidence. Where the drive for radical transformation – or revolution – comes will be towards the end of the decade with tr Pluto opposition the Sun and then conjunct the Uranus.

 Cardiff was granted city status on 28 October 1905 – and although there were many historical precedents of previous Royal charters – this chart will have similarities to what went before. There are hints of rising anger from Solar Arc Mars moving to oppose the Mercury, exact in 2024. And with tr Pluto square the Solar Arc Uranus exactly now which is moving to oppose the Scorpio Sun, there is a hint of an upsurge of rebelliousness and a need for radical change.

  Plaid Cymru, 5 August 1925, holds four of 40 Welsh seats in the UK Parliament, 13 of 60 seats in the Senedd, and 202 of 1,231 principal local authority councillors. A Leo Sun and North Node square Saturn in Scorpio; with Mars Neptune also in Leo and a pushily confident Pluto opposition Jupiter – it is very Fixed, thus enduring though lacking in adaptability. It is in a highly strung year with tr Neptune conjunct the Uranus and may face more revelations from this June onwards as tr Uranus squares the Neptune and then Mars in 2024.

  Nothing much to conclude apart from Wales being blighted by the same unrest as everyone else.  

New Zealand – their tenacity being stress tested

Astrologically New Zealand was always in for a rough ride through the pandemic and in the aftermath. And recent indications are of a ‘stalled economy’ with diminishing activity in the manufacturing industry. The economy is shrinking, with speculation a recession may be approaching though GDP is rising, and unemployment remains close to record lows, at about 3.3%. Compared to elsewhere the statistics don’t look too alarming but local pain and panic are real.

  The New Zealand country chart, 17 January 1853, has a surprisingly tricky Sun Mars in Capricorn square Pluto and Uranus. That is being put under massive pressure not only by tr Pluto conjunct the Mars and square the Pluto this year and next bringing considerable frustration and panic but by Solar Arc Saturn square the Mars this year for a significant setback and opposition the Pluto in 2024, into 2025 which suggests deprivation and hardship.

  Tough times ahead all of which will lead to a disruptive tr Pluto square the Uranus in 2026/27 which in other countries might suggest a coup or a revolt but is more likely to be radical changes, either volunteered or forced by circumstances.

  This is the decade to test New Zealand’s resilience and it will be a different country when it emerges into the next decade.

  The Bank of New Zealand, 1 August 1934, will be forced/prompted to make sweeping changes when tr Uranus squares their Leo Sun within a few days and running on and off into early 2024; with further tensions and upheavals in 2024 with tr Uranus square the Saturn. At the same time in 2024/25 tr Pluto square the NZ Bank Uranus will demand a reversal of previous policies in an effort to cope with a rapidly changing and turbulent situation.

  Chris Hipkins’ government, 25 January 2023, is facing a testing three years ahead with tr Pluto moving to close the conjunction to the Aquarius Sun.  His own chart indicates a confident push this year and next; but he’s also running into a major setback by late 2024.

Be nice to think of one spot in paradise that is happy, contented and thriving. I’m open to suggestions.

Henry Kissinger – history will judge him harshly

Henry Kissinger one of the most influential, controversial and polarizing diplomats of the 20th century, is 100 this week. With his own philosophical take on history, he insisted on portraying himself as a realist, while burnishing his celebrity as a world figure.  Seymour Hersh portrayed him as an unhinged paranoiac; Christopher Hitchens thought he should be prosecuted as a war criminal.

  He was National Security Advisor and Secretary of State to two American presidents in an era when great powers were masters. He was prominent in US foreign policy between 1969 and 1977, pioneering the policy of détente with the Soviet Union, opening relations with China, engaging in shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East to end the Yom Kippur War; and negotiating the end of US involvement in the Vietnam War.

   He won the Nobel Prize in 1973 four years after he and Nixon began a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia, dropping more bombs on Cambodia than it had in the entire Pacific theatre during the Second World War, killing an estimated hundred thousand civilians. It hastened the rise of Pol Pot, and irrevocably ravaged large tracts of countryside.

  He was also associated with U.S. involvement in the 1973 Chilean military coup, a “green light” to Argentina’s military junta for their Dirty War and offered U.S. support for Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War despite a genocide being perpetrated by Pakistan. All under the banner of realpolitik.

  He was born 27 May 1923 5.30am Furth, Germany and escaped Nazi Germany with his family in 1938. What is surprising about his chart is firstly a 12th house Sun Mercury in Gemini – the Gemini is understandable and I suppose the 12th house power-behind-the-throne works, but he gives an impression of being attention-seeking. Mind you so does Tony Blair, another 12th house Sun. In Kissinger’s case his Sun, Mercury are not well integrated with his other planets giving him an independent bent with considerable self-pride.

  The other is a prominent Uranus in his career 10th. He certainly trod an unconventional path in his working life but he lacks the revolutionary, radical zeal of a true Uranian. His Uranus is in a Water Grand Trine to Pluto trine Jupiter in Scorpio – which can be healing and creative but tends also to wrap the individual within his own bubble of reality which can be divorced from what is going on outside.  His Uranus is also on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Saturn sextile Neptune which would make him rebellious, wilful, disruptive and a catalyst for change, for good or for ill.

  His 10th house Uranus is also conjunct his South Node, which might suggest an unhealthy need to become an authority figure, achieve great things and put on a display, rather than attend to what is going on inside him emotionally.

  His Mars in Gemini is also not heavily aspected bar a trine to his Libra Moon and a wide square to Uranus – it would make him uncompromising and constantly on the go.

  An interesting chart even if his legacy is more than questionable.

 His global-influencer 22nd harmonic reflects the brutality of his involvements with a Saturn opposition Mars square Pluto.  His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H is also marked by violence/military leanings.

Sinn Fein advancing – Northern Ireland stuck

Sinn Féin has further established itself as Northern Ireland’s largest party, beating projections to take 144 of the 462 council seats in local elections and securing control of six of the 11 councils. The DUP was beaten into second place though is reckoned not to be down and out. It has been boycotting the  power-sharing government and assembly at Stormont for more than a year with  objections to the Brexit customs border in the Irish Sea and says the Windsor framework, agreed earlier this year to streamline trading rules, does not go far enough.

  The election results do not indicate backing for a referendum on a united Ireland within a decade. Candidates backing Irish reunification won 40.5 per cent of the vote versus 53.1 per cent for those wanting to remain British.

  Sinn Fein, 28 November 1905, has the upbeat and successful tr Pluto trine its Jupiter exactly now and returning next year, though tr Saturn square the Jupiter opposition Sun will damp enthusiasm slightly this year.  2024 looks high tension and unsettled, with discouraging progress in 2025 then a lucky break for positive change by 2026.

  Michelle O’Neill, the leader, 10 January 1977, is on a fortunate roll from this late June on and off into 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct her Jupiter – and in for a considerable challenge in 2024/25 with high confidence and difficulties.

  The DUP, 30 September 1971, is in a minor shambles with a disappointing tr Saturn square its Neptune Jupiter and Saturn this year as well as a stubbornly argumentative tr Pluto tr Mercury; with a disempowering tr Neptune opposition its Pluto in 2024, and a confused Neptune Saturn opposition Mercury in 2025, with an undermining tr Neptune square its Sun by 2027.  Not in a good run.

Their leader, Jeffrey Donaldson, 7 December 1962, is gloomy and jangled this year, confused and devastated in 2024, and jolted in 2025 – so none too happy either.

  The Northern Ireland chart, 7 December 1922 3.28pm, if the start time is accurate, is facing the heavily pressured tr Pluto conjunct its Midheaven this year and next. This suggests a slow grinding change of direction and the realisation of a change of status as well, sometimes with a loss of reputation and prestige. Tr Uranus has already been square the 18 degree Neptune in Leo at the start of this month which did hint at momentous changes ahead.  There will be emotional eruptions and arguments, maybe shocks, in 2024 with tr Uranus opposition the Venus and square the Mars into 2025. Even more than the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland will be a country searching for a direction.  

Matt & Emma Willis – both fighting the drug demon

Rock star with drug habit isn’t news but Matt Willis of Busted has exposed the toll addiction takes on family life in a heart-wrenching documentary with his wife Emma Willis, presenter of The Voice.

 Surviving a messy childhood with parents divorcing when he was three, a ‘heated’ stepfather, separation from his elder brother, he smoked weed and drank from 13, was hyperactive and generally a problem child. He formed the band and by 18 was signing a six-figure contract. By 22, he was a cocaine and alcohol addict. He had several stints at rehab, joined the Church of Scientology and left when they deemed his partner of three years Emma a “Suppressive Person”. He married her in 2008 three days after he left yet another rehab, stayed sober, had three children and then relapsed after eight years as the band got back together.

  Born 8 May 1983, no birth time, he has a Sun in Taurus conjunct Mercury Mars which are conjunct Algol; with the tough-conditions, unyielding and can-be-prone-to-depression Pluto Saturn conjunction in Libra. Plus Venus North Node in Gemini opposition Neptune square a Pisces Moon.  It all adds up – with an indulgent collection of Taurus which is prone to the temptations of the flesh, never mind Algol. Plus a touch of the glooms from Saturn Pluto. And his only Water sign being a super-sensitive focal point Moon tied into Neptune.

  Emma was born 18 March 1976, a former model, presenter of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother and latterly The Voice. Her Pisces Sun will chime with his Pisces Moon though it squares with his evasive Neptune. Her Sun is in a pro-active square Mars in Gemini which also hooks into his central T Square – so she will chivvy him along. Her Sun is also trine a workmanlike and conscientious Saturn. Her upbeat Jupiter in Aries opposes his Saturn Pluto so she will boost his morale when he sags. Her Moon is either late Libra or Scorpio.

  Their relationship chart has a possessive, tied-together composite Sun Mercury opposition Pluto, which is the driving rod of a Kite from Pluto trine Jupiter trine Mars  – so a complicated but advantageous relationship – Jupiter Pluto gives them influence and maybe money, Jupiter Mars exuberance and energy, Mars Pluto the capacity to stay the course in the face of risk and anger. There is also a composite Mars square Saturn which suggests one partner in the duo has to sacrifice part of themselves to make it work. There is an unfairness written into the bond which may well fit Emma’s pattern with her Sun square Mars, trine Saturn. It also pops up in their Wedding chart from 2008 with a Mars Saturn conjunction – as well as a rolling-crises Uranus square Pluto hinting at the constantly changing scenario ahead.

  There is some trepidation about him rejoining the band again soon for another tour.  She looks confident enough this year but is facing disappointment and some panic in 2024 with tr Neptune conjunct her Sun and square her Mars.  He looks jolted and jangled with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars Mercury from this August and the ongoing slog of tr Pluto square his Saturn Pluto runs on till late 2024.

Addiction not easy to crack especially going back into the same environment.