Indian capital – choking in a gas chamber


Dangerous levels of smog have closed schools, brought car rationing and respiratory problems to the many millions who live in Delhi, capital of India. It has always been considered one of the worst polluted cities on the globe, much worse even than Beijing, but is particularly bad this year with readings so high they can’t be recorded. The causes are said to be farmers in neighbouring states burning crop stubble to clear their fields, construction and industrial emissions – all worsened by fireworks set off during the Hindu festival Diwali a week ago. All of which create a lethal cocktail of particulate matter – carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide which has turned the city into “gas chamber”.

The India chart does have Progressed Mars conjunct the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo exact as of now and waning gradually into next year. That is very stuck and scary, which won’t all be the smog but that may be symbolic of a general sense of malaise and fear across the country with economic growth forecasts being cut back and border problems with Pakistan, Kashmir and China.

The tr Saturn Pluto will square the India Solar Arc Saturn Pluto through 2020/21 which will be a slog. Though there should be some uplift from tr Jupiter moving into the India business-finances 8th house from now for a year ahead.

Narendra Modi’s Second Term chart, 30 May 2019 7.04 pm Delhi, always looked very tough going with the deprived/hardship Saturn Pluto in the financial 2nd house and a stuck Mars in the 8th house of international finance. Mars in the 8th can also point to natural/man made disasters. This term chart also has an overly-optimistic, bubble-bursting Jupiter square a ‘foggy’ Neptune in the 4th which makes sense of present domestic woes.


Scotland – saved by an unhappy match



The cataclysmic failure of the Darien scheme which bankrupted Scotland and led directly to the loss of its independence to England was sealed the day the first settlers, intent on establishing the colony of Caledonia, set foot on the inhospitable terrain between Panama and Colombia in early November 1698. Far from the land of milk and honey they had been promised, it was a mosquito-ridden strip of marshland and rainforest which to this day remains an impenetrable wilderness.

In theory creating a gateway between the Atlantic and the Pacific – more than 200 years before the construction of the Panama Canal – made sense, and would have given Scotland a chance of empire-building. In practice it wiped out a fifth of the country’s wealth and the savings of many Scottish families. It exacerbated an already perilous economic situation in Scotland leading to the decision that union with England in 1707 was the only remedy.

The Darien scheme date plotted against the various Scotland charts indicates the 16th March 842 JC 4.21pm Edinburgh works best (no idea where the time comes from, presumably rectified). When the Darien scheme launched in 1698 tr Neptune in Aries was in a debilitating conjunction to the Scotland Aries Sun; with the restrictive tr Saturn in Aquarius opposition tr Pluto hitting on the Solar Arc Uranus for a major upset.

When the Act of Union with England came into effect on 1 May 1707 tr Uranus was conjunct the Scotland Solar Arc Sun (and Pluto) for a major shift; with a powerfully confident Jupiter Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus and square Mars – equal parts of triumphant elation at changed circumstances and major aggravation.

When the Scotland Independence Referendum was held in 2014 the rebellious and disruptive tr Uranus in Aries square tr Pluto in Capricorn was bouncing off the Scotland Mars opposition Saturn Neptune square Uranus in Aries. But that has come and gone with the Union still holding.

What’s coming up in the next two years is Neptunian confusion and indecision with the Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Scotland Sun; and tr Neptune square the Solar Arc Sun Pluto. There’s nothing much suggesting significant movement on the chart until four years ahead. At that point the Act of Union chart and the Scotland/UK relationship chart do indicate changes but nothing like as major as would suggest an outright split and separation. There’s also disappointment between Scotland and the EU and an undermining of confidence.

Paula White – Christianity with a cash register


Words fail me – almost. Trump has brought a ‘prosperity televangelist’ into the White House as his personal spiritual adviser. Paula White-Cain has alarmed even WH aides with her materialistic ‘if you’re rich it means God loves you’ creed. His Scottish Presbyterian mother must be revolving in her grave. Some theologians see her views as heresy and idolatry. White gave the invocation at Trump’s inauguration, split the scene temporarily while undergoing her second divorce, and came back for his 2020 re-election launch event at which she claimed his opponents were a ‘demonic network’. She recently said in an interview: “He’s in total control. He’s not at all impulsive — he’s so far ahead of everyone, very much a strategic thinker.”

She was born 20 April 1966 in Tupelo, Mississippi, with a tough, poor childhood with her parents divorcing when she was young, her father suiciding, her mother turning alcoholic and being looked after by caregivers who abused her. Her adult history is chequered with three marriages, the most recent to a rock musician; and despite making mega-millions from one church with her second husband, filed for bankruptcy along the way. She writes books and has TV shows.

She is, not surprisingly, an acquisitive Sun and Mars in Taurus with an Aries/Taurus Moon. Her Venus in Pisces opposes the chaotic, unpredictable Uranus Pluto in Virgo for a constantly changing emotional life. Her Saturn in Pisces is in a wobbly up-and-down square to Jupiter in Pisces.

Her Sun Mars Moon fall in Trump’s ‘religious?’ 9th, and her Neptune is on his IC with her North Node in Taurus on his Midheaven so it is an important connection for him. Her blow-hot-blow-cold Saturn square Jupiter hits his Sun and Moon, so she’ll be morale-boosting at times and dampening at others.

Their relationship chart, however, is an eye-opener with a composite Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus (in Taurus) square Jupiter Pluto in Leo perhaps tied into the Moon which suggests a business-like and friendly connection with turbo-charged confidence as a power-couple. There’s also a publicity-attracting Mars square Neptune, though that can go adrift if one gets more attention than the other appreciates.

They are locked together to eternity. Nothing short of an explosion will separate them.

However she does have a jangled and insecure tr Uranus conjunct her Mars late this December to late January 2020; with a major-setback from Solar Arc Mars square Saturn in 2020; as well as a discouraging slog from tr Pluto sextile her Saturn in 2020/21.

Jennifer Aniston – an unfriendly return to TV



Jennifer Aniston has returned to television in the new streaming Apple TV+ drama series of The Morning Show. Reviews have been mixed to put it politely and in some cases damning:- ‘The opening episode is as bad as anything I’ve seen” where a “terrible script, laboured directing, and wooden acting are cruelly exposed.” “The dialogue is clunkier than a misfiring moped.” Oops.

Rotten Tomatoes has it under 60% but the tale of a morning family television show with a #metoo-ed male presenter cast into outer darkness leaving Aniston to carry the can on air with Reese Witherspoon has already been OKed for a second season.

Not that critics are always in step with viewers. On occasion five star reviews coincide with terrible ratings (Succession for example); and vice versa.

Jennifer Aniston 11 February 1969 10.22 pm Los Angeles is at a critical juncture in her life and wading through some heavy seas. She has a fairly stressed chart with two Yods – one an especially tricky Pluto sextile Mars inconjunct Saturn in Aries, and the other Saturn sextile Sun inconjunct Pluto. She’s definitely marked out for a very different lifestyle and is tough. But tr Pluto is square her apex planet Saturn through till late this year and tr Pluto is sextile her Mars and trine her Pluto in 2020/2021, on separate legs of Yods as well as apex Pluto. So there’s a major amount of pressure prompting her to change direction in her life between really 2018 and 2022. Plus at the moment till early next year she has a lacklustre tr Neptune opposition her Solar Arc midheaven. And the tr Saturn conjunct tr Pluto next year in January will be sitting on her Sun/Moon midpoint which will produce a fair amount of inner conflict.

Reese Witherspoon, a formidable Sun Aries opposition Pluto square Mars, isn’t the easiest fit with Aniston. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun opposition Mars square Saturn opposition Neptune – argumentative, one-sided, teeth-gritting.

Berlin Wall – a triple conjunction marker


The fall of the Berlin Wall was the epoch-shaking moment 30 years ago in 1989 which was accompanied by the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn. On November 9th the border between East and West Germany was finally opened after a series of revolutions in Poland and Hungary cracked the stranglehold of the old USSR.

The wall construction started on 13 August 1961 with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in place trine Mars in Virgo. Jupiter Saturn is usually thought of as a beneficial influence but my experience is that it is less so in Earth signs.

The triple conjunction of the late 1980s/early 1990s which saw the break-up of Soviet Russia had been hammering away at the Russia 8 November 1917 2.12 am Leningrad chart’s control-freak 10th house Pluto in Cancer; and even more pointedly tr Pluto in Scorpio was conjunct the Russia Sun and square its Saturn as the satellite countries broke away.

The Germany 1 January 1871 12 am chart was, not surprisingly, significantly affected with the tr Neptune Saturn in Capricorn exactly conjunct the Germany Sun with the tr Jupiter in Cancer on the Germany midheaven. A time of huge celebration and some trepidation; with tr tr Pluto opposition the German 8th house Pluto, pulling away from the restrictions of the past but giving rise to some economic concerns.

The EU chart with a Capricorn Sun on the same degree was also enlivened and shaken by the turn of events.

I’ve always thought the ripple effect of that triple conjunction would be spotlighted by further events of magnitude when tr Uranus square tr Pluto in Capricorn came round a few years back after 2012. Though it’s not clear what – apart from Brexit in 2016, of course. Though Germany’s upheavals will run on with tr Pluto opposition the 10th house Uranus in 2021/22; with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Pluto in 2022/23 which will bring considerable economic and other hiccups. Assuming the UK does finally exit Germany’s share of the budget will increase exponentially which is already causing rumbles of discontent.

Donald Trump – calling his bluff


Impeachment proceedings have been formalised against Donald Trump for abusing the power of his office to pressure a foreign leader to investigate his domestic political rivals. The process now moves to televised public hearings within two weeks and a vote on impeachment itself by the end of the year. If agreed, it then goes to a Senate trial (controlled by Republicans), possibly early next year, with a two-thirds majority vote required to remove him from office.

His Administration chart, 20 January 2017 12 noon, is very much on cue with the planetary influences at the moment with the tr Saturn Pluto square tr Mars of the end of this month and early November hitting on the central T Square of Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto. Tr Pluto is exactly square the Uranus which is always an indication of instability for a regime; with tr Mars exactly in the enraging/frustrating square to the Pluto now and tr Saturn reaching the blocked conjunction to Pluto in the final ten days of November. Plus even more destabilising, the Solar Arc Pluto is approaching the exact square to the Uranus over the next four months.

The wild card in this is Jupiter which can effect eleventh hour rescues no matter how ill deserved. It’s operational mid November to mid December with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and then in a bullishly confident (over confident?) tr Pluto square to Jupiter late December to late January 2020. Though tr Saturn is adding its tuppence worth of gloom into the mix as it forms a jolting square to Uranus over Christmas and is conjunct the Jupiter/Uranus over New Year. So it will damp festivities more than somewhat.

His own personal chart is blocked in mid November with tr Saturn opposition his Sun/Pluto midpoint; and facing a confidence dent November 21 to December 1st with tr Saturn square his Jupiter, which can also indicate less than favourable financial news as well. He’ll be substantially overtaxed to the point of impacting on his health late December to late January 2020 from tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint. Then he’s into a continuous obstacle course and dark tunnel with tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Node and Saturn late January to late February; and thereafter tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars and Venus/Saturn till July. All of which will be fairly brutal in terms of stress and will shaft a spear into his wound of being unloved. There’s nothing much of cheer on his personal chart though if the birth time is accurate to the minute he does have tr Pluto trine his midheaven from late February which can be positive in career terms.

His Solar Return from birthday 2019 was always going to make for a disastrous year with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars in the 4th – failure, loss of reputation, immense pressures, trapped, scary; and living in a bubble of delusion and false happiness from Sun opposition Jupiter square Neptune plus a Water Grand Trine.

His Solar Return from birthday 2020 isn’t as gothic though it has a lacklustre Sun square Neptune Mars in the 9th which could suggest uncertainties over legal matters. There’s also a high-tension, conflicted, and autocratic Saturn in the 7th square a changing-direction Uranus in the 10th. And by 2021 he’s picking up the doubly lacklustre and undermining, emotionally and physically, tr Neptune square his Sun and Moon.


Saturn Pluto Jupiter – two sombre and one radiant planet


Saturn Pluto in Capricorn is a gloomy preoccupation for the astro-minded, exerting its shadow effect at the moment and a prospect for 2020. Though Jupiter does move into Capricorn early this December, staying for a year, which will lift some of the gloom though it’ll take time to catch up with the other two.

The restrictive and heavy-duty Saturn Pluto conjunctions come three times a century, with the most recent being in Libra in the early 1980s and prior to that in Leo in the late 1940s.

In 2020 Saturn comes together with Pluto only once in an exact conjunction in January at 22 degrees Capricorn; and close enough in September at 25 and 23 degrees respectively. But the mood will sit heavily across most of the year.

Jupiter Saturn conjunctions happen every 20 years; But Jupiter Saturn Pluto triple conjunctions happen much less frequently. Typically these major outer planet multiple conjunctions rarely all come together on the exact degree at the same time. In this instance Jupiter will conjunct Pluto at 24 Capricorn in late March and late June; and again in November at 22 Capricorn – that should be morale-boosting, lucky and confident. Saturn and Jupiter don’t come together exactly as a conjunction until December 2020 at zero degrees Aquarius.

Below is a rehash of previous posts:

The previous Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction was in 1819/20. In fact it never came exactly together since the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Pisces of 1819 had separated before Jupiter caught up in 1820. Of note (from wiki):-

‘The Panic of 1819 was the first major peacetime financial crisis in the United States followed by a general collapse of the American economy persisting through 1821. The Panic announced the transition of the nation from its colonial commercial status with Europe toward a dynamic economy, increasingly characterized by the financial and industrial imperatives of laissez-faire capitalism. Though driven by global market adjustments in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the severity of the downturn was compounded by excessive speculation in public lands, fueled by the unrestrained issue of paper money from banks and business concerns.’

Interesting that the financial collapse – Saturn Pluto = deprivation – was followed by a resurgence from Jupiter. It was certainly a major turning point at least for the USA.

Earlier triple conjunctions of Saturn Pluto and Jupiter:

1146 in late Taurus. The Second Crusade was launched then which failed within three years and was a considerable victory for the Muslims. Also in 1146, a rainy year caused the harvest to fail in Europe, followed by one of the worst famines of the century. And European leaders outlawed the crossbow, intending to end war for all time.

1285: Jupiter Pluto in late Capricorn conjunct Saturn in early Aquarius. This seems significant for English/Scottish Welsh history. In 1284 Wales was merged with England. The Scottish Wars of Independence started in 1286, after the unexpected death of the Scottish king led to a fight for the succession which was exploited by Edward 1 of England (Hammer of the Scots) who assumed over-lordship. 30 years of fighting followed until Scotland became independent again.
There was persecution of the Jews as there had been in 1146. Saturn Pluto is historically connected to the persecution of the Jews.

1444: Saturn Jupiter were conjunct in early Cancer, moving individually then to conjunct Pluto which was in late Cancer/Leo. All sorts of invading and pillaging by the Ottoman Empire in what is present day Greece and Turkey etc.

UK election – yes, no, maybe, go away ** add ons

Befuddled, bothered and bewildered, the UK electorate is regarding the present of a festive Brexit election with a jaundiced eye and a weary sigh. ‘Doing my head in’, ‘don’t care anymore’, ‘take it away’ being the typical responses.

With a lacklustre Sun square Neptune on the 8th and a Full Moon running through polling day square Neptune, it’s not a chart that inspires hopes of a decisive result. The restrictive, repressive Saturn Pluto is closing fast to exact and sandwiching Venus on the day itself for gloom and discouragement. With the only bright spark coming from a lively Jupiter trine Uranus.

The UK 1801 chart itself has tr Saturn exactly opposition the 10th house Moon suggesting disenchantment with the country’s leadership, perhaps also mourning a loss. Tr Neptune is hovering around the square to the Solar Arc Mars and the UK Mercury in the run up and in early 2020 for confusion and unclear thinking – as well as transport and communication problems perhaps. In the final days of this year tr Uranus will sextile the UK Pluto till early February which could indicate an upheaval of sorts.

Political party charts can be of questionable value. But for what it’s worth:- The Conservative 10 May 1912 chart which works better than the earlier one, is logjammed, suffering setbacks and in meltdown with tr Saturn opposition the Mars on election day and Neptune soon after; with tr Pluto in a confused and devastating opposition to the Neptune; and into 2020 square the Mercury.

The Labour 1900 chart is similarly dismayed and set back on its heels at the election and just beyond though bouncing with more enthusiasm from late March 2020. The 1906 Labour chart is downhearted in 2020 and on an upswing from 2022 onwards.

Boris is not a happy camper at the election and in the days following with disappointments from tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars and Venus/Mars midpoints; setbacks from tr Saturn opposing his Mars/Uranus and tr Pluto in a trapped opposition to his Mars/Pluto till December 20th. He’ll perk up marginally from late January 2020 but is running into two tricky Solar Arcs of MC conjunct his Uranus for sudden radical career change and Uranus conjunct his natal Moon for an emotional shock.

Dominic Cummings appears to be in a worse state in November/December, but that may be due to health worries since his long overdue surgical intervention may be happening. But even so he isn’t looking upbeat about the news.

Carrie Symonds will find the campaign puts a major strain on her relationship with Boris with tr Uranus opposing the composite Uranus and square Saturn from mid-November through till election day, suggesting clashing agendas. On December 12th she’s got a blocked tr Saturn conjunct her Sun/Pluto midpoint and only a slight uplift from tr Jupiter conjunct her Saturn in Capricorn with tr Uranus trine.

Jeremy Corbyn’s chart is the usual blank sheet of information though with some upheaval from tr Pluto opposition the Uranus/Pluto midpoint.

The SNP could be decisive since they at present are the third largest party and hold 35 out of the 59 Scottish seats at Westminster. Nicola Sturgeon is in good form with tr Jupiter moving into her 3rd as December piles on the election pressure. But hasn’t anything too illuminating showing on her chart apart from a mildly upbeat tr Jupiter sextile and tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/Ascendant midpoint. The SNP 1934 chart looks downbeat on the run up to December 12th but in jubilant form over the New Year into 2020.

Jo Swinson, the LibDem leader with 20 seats in Westminster, should in theory be doing well but there’s nothing much of cheer on her personal chart. Though the LibDems have a minor boost from tr Jupiter trine tr Uranus sextile/trine their Mars/Jupiter midpoint but that’s v mild. They look more upbeat from the spring.

Wild guess – Corbyn loses and is heaved overboard; maybe Boris too and Michael Gove could, just maybe, have a chance of promotion with tr Jupiter trine tr Uranus trine his Virgo Sun. But I kind of reckon another election (sag) could be on the cards in 2020.

NB. Usual caveats about many charts lacking birth times and others not verified so there will be information missing.

Nigel Farage is gung-ho with exuberance till mid November then calms down a touch, with not much visible over the election itself – and is on a real downer in 2020 from late January onwards.

Philip Hammond is looking especially chipper over the result – the only one with an upbeat, successful influence, in his case tr Pluto square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint. Though without a birth time its difficult to say when a peculiarly unpleasant, road-blocked Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mars will hit – perhaps it happened at the fall of May and rise of Bojo, so he’s over the hurdle. He also looks in buoyant form from late February 2020 for several months with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Node midpoint. Though it’s always possible that he bales from Westminster into a cushy City job (or several).

Bill Gates – won’t escape Saturn Pluto woes


Bill Gates, second wealthiest man in the world after Jeff Bezos, has just celebrated his 64th birthday, and occupies himself with philanthropy in his charitable foundation as well as indulging a rich man’s fancy in cars, houses, art and other collectibles. He’s worth over $100 billion.

His Solar Return for this coming year – for an ordinary person – might suggest financial headaches with Saturn Pluto in the 2nd square an ambitious Mars on the Midheaven. But all things are relative and a few billion up or down is hardly likely to worry him over much. Jupiter in his 1st will keep him buoyant and his outlook will be about forward planning with the Sun in his 11th.

On his personal chart he is in a changing year with tr Uranus square his Uranus and opposition his Scorpio Sun, so he will be giving serious thought about how he wants to spend the next portion of his life and the changes he wants to make. He is conflicted with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint, unsure what he really wants and will be frustrated and irritated late December and through January 2020. And he will have his panicky moments in 2020 with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Pluto midpoints.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is focussed on his 6th house of health which may be soaked up in his charitable work fighting HIV, polio, and malaria around the world as well as Alzheimers from which his father suffers.

It may be scant consolation but all that money doesn’t iron out all the wrinkles in life.

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