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Wallis & Edward – Harry & Meghan – parallels and differences ++

The love affair that almost tore apart the Royal family, caused an irrevocable rift between brothers who had been close friends, and caused a stand-off between two senior ladies is the subject of a new book, The Crown in Crisis by Alexander Larman. Researched from newly released archival papers and private letters from the time it throws light on the problems caused by the Wallis Simpson Duke of Windsor liaison to his appalled family and the Cabinet Ministers of the day, who threatened to resign if she ever became Queen. The Queen Mother (as she became) took offence at Wallis’ diva-like arrogance and carelessness of protocol. The two brothers were never reconciled in the 16 years after the abdication.

Lady Duff Cooper on seeing them together had remarked: ‘She is a nice woman and a sensible woman – but she is hard as nails and doesn’t love him’; and added that his infatuation with her made him seem small and that Wallis clearly held the power and wielded it.

Both Wallis and Edward had an overdose of restless, scattered Mutable planets in their charts – she had Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto in Gemini and an excitable Mars in Aries in the money-minded 2nd house. He had Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto in Gemini and a Pisces Sun with his Cancer Sun stoked up by a hard Mars aspect. (details in an older post below). She was detached Air sign while he was an overly emotional (and delusional) Water type.

Four of her Gemini planets fell in his sociable 5th house so she’d be a good playmate; and her Jupiter fell in his 7th for at least an aura of support. But his Saturn was conjunct her 8th house Moon setting up a defensive barrier to deeper sexual and emotional connections and his Saturn also opposed her Mars for an aggravated chemistry and a one-side partnership with a streak of cruelty in it. Her Mars in his 2nd hints that money being a motive for her. It would have been a fun fling but it became a lifetime’s cage.

Comparisons have been drawn between Wallis and Edward and Harry and Meghan though the two situations are not the same with Harry being down the succession line when he married.  But there are parallels. Both the Duke of Windsor and Harry were/are Sun square Mars types – impulsive, hot-headed, prone to leaping first and thinking second – and both have half their planets in scattered, overly adaptable Mutable signs. Harry with a Virgo Sun and Mercury with Uranus, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius.  And they shared an indulgent emotional planet in Taurus – the Duke had Venus in Taurus while Harry has Moon in Taurus – emotionally fixed and stubborn.

The parallels between Wallis and Meghan aren’t that obvious at first glance. But they are there. Meghan is Sun Leo, Wallis had her Gemini Sun in the 5th, Leo’s natural home – both entertainers and demanding of the limelight. Both have socially ambitious Libra Moons. Both have strongly Air charts – emotionally cool. Both have Pluto in the 4th so need to be in control of their domestic arena and family. Both have afflicted and argumentative Cardinal Mars – Wallis opposition her Libra Moon and Meghan square her Libra Moon Saturn Jupiter. Both have Uranus in Scorpio which is forceful and determined.  And both have their Uranus in a stressed aspect to their Mars – with Wallis a quincunx and with Meghan a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) which would/will tend to make them self-willed and resistant to interference.

Though whatever happens with Meghan and Harry, it isn’t going to rock the Monarchy in the same way.

The chart for the start of the Hanoverian Monarchy, 1 August 1714 JC, was acutely stressed at the 1936 Abdication with the Solar Arc Saturn square the Mars. There’ll be a minor blip in 5 years from now with the Solar Arc Uranus Mercury conjunct the Mars; but the most critical phase comes between 2029 to 2035 when first Solar Arc Saturn and then Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars. Which does run into 2036 when there is the final Eclipse in the Saros Series under which Prince William was born, which some astrologers have said is a sign he’ll be the last king. His chart in 2036 is certainly under heavy stress though whether that is an abdication or reigning over a country under stress isn’t too clear.

Prince George’s chart is also at a key turning point and labouring under poleaxing influences.  As indeed now that I look is the UK chart.  (a post for another day).

From a previous post on Edward and Wallis:

Edward, late Duke of Windsor, was born on 23 June 1894 at 9.55pm Richmond, England. He was an impulsive not to say reckless Cancer Sun square a 2nd house Mars in Aries. He had a playboy’s, party-loving Jupiter in Gemini in the 5th. His Venus in indulgent Taurus was widely opposition Uranus so he’d like constant variety and change socially and romantically.

His Pisces Moon was square a 4th house Pluto Neptune, hinting at an over controlled and confused childhood which expected much of him in the way of sacrifice. His mother would be a Neptune Pluto type which does rather fit the decidedly odd and rigid Mary of Teck. His father would be Mars, Neptune, Pluto so angry, ready to erupt, scary and not easy to understand. Edward also had a defensive Saturn in the 8th so wary of intimate relationships.

He had a Water Grand Trine of Moon in Pisces trine Cancer Sun trine Uranus – Bil Tierney says of the Water Grand Trine that it can ‘foster an escapist temperament – with exaggerated need for dependency, general mothering’. It’s not a bad chart just not very together.

Wallis Simpson was born 19th June 1896 at 10.30 pm Blue Ridge, PA, USA and was a highly sociable, superficial 5th house Sun Gemini with Venus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury also in Gemini in the 4th. Her charming Libra Moon was deeply buried in the intense 8th house so she would hide away her feelings. She also had an obsessive Saturn in Scorpio which has hints of Saturn in the 8th; as well as an impulsive Mars in Aries in the 2nd, like the Duke, so money would be a driving force plus Jupiter in flamboyant Leo. It’s an odd chart – with a weighting of detached Air planets but mainly in Water houses. Not someone who was comfortable with too much feeling in her life though she was driven by her emotions.

Both their Suns fall in the other’s 5th house – so it was a relationship designed for an active social life. It made each feel more spontaneous as long as fun was on the agenda. Her Jupiter also fell in his 7th which is positive for marriage. His Moon was in her 1st which is also often a marriage placing. It indicates that his domestic and family affairs would have a strong effect on her image and reputation. Her Moon was conjunct his Saturn so he would block her out emotionally and perhaps sexually.

Their relationship chart has that odd Venus Pluto Neptune conjunction in the 4th – so passion, mixed with disappointment and confusion over home, family and domestic affairs. Jupiter in the 5th – good for parties though in square to a 2nd house Mars – compulsive, impulsive and none too practical over money. A Sun trine Saturn gives longevity; a Jupiter trine Uranus gives adventure. The 4th house is the strongest so domestic and family matters were the focus of attention. A 10th house Moon puts too much attention on externals – reputation, career, appearance. There’s also a North Node in the 1st suggesting the relationship had problems establishing its identity.

He had a fairly similar relationship chart with the married Freda Ward who was his long-time mistress in his twenties – also a Pluto Venus Neptune conjunction in their relationship chart. So he was presumably in some odd way trying to repeat the Moon square Neptune Pluto relationship he had with his mother but with Venus thrown in to add more affection.

When he abdicated tr Jupiter was exactly triggering his hasty/reckless Sun square Mars; and his Solar Arc Venus was conjunct his Sun saying that love conquered all. His Sec Prog Moon was midway through his 8th house which is always a time in purgatory sliding from one extreme to the other.

Tr Saturn was also exactly opposition his 8th house Chiron with tr Neptune conjunct Chiron and both tr Saturn and tr Neptune square his 5th house Jupiter.  An 8th house Chiron suggests a wound in the area of sexuality and intimacy. Tr Saturn opp tr Neptune doesn’t have great judgement. Tr Neptune may try to heal and tr Saturn in opposition does the opposite.

So he was obviously wrestling with himself and healing his personal wounds clearly won out over duty.

Interestingly he did have a North Node in Aries suggesting that one of his karmic challenges was to learn to stand on his own two feet. In some perverse way abdicating did bring that result though it is arguable that giving up Wallis and staying to fulfil his duty might have been more what was needed.

He strikes me as a man who didn’t have a strong sense of values and was so driven by anger that he ended up shooting himself in the foot out of spite – without considering the consequences of his actions.

Glastonbury – from small beginnings to its half century


A virtual Glastonbury has had to mark the cancelled 50th anniversary gig of what started as a ‘hippie fete’ in Somerset on 19th September 1970 with 1500 revellers and Marc Bolan topping the bill, and went on to become the greatest music festival in the world, attended annually by over 200,000 people.

It was the vision of farmer Michael Eavis on whose land it takes place and is now run by his daughter Emily. The company that runs the festival reported revenues of £44 million over the year to 31 March 2018, and after administrative costs the profits go to charity. After the 2017 bash, Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid received £2.35 million and  £750,000 was distributed between hundreds of smaller worthy causes.

The opening one-day gig kicked off around mid day when there was a powerful Sun Pluto conjunction in Virgo in place which was trine/sextile Saturn Moon in Taurus opposition Neptune in Scorpio; with Mars Mercury also in Virgo in the 10th sextile Jupiter Venus in money-oriented Scorpio. It’s a power-packed chart – enduring, workmanlike, intense with a musical Pisces North Node – and suitably earthy for a festival that is often a sea of mud.

Michael Eavis, whose madcap vision it was, born 17 October 1935, is a Sun Libra in a determined, controlling square to Pluto and sextile a colourful Mars in Sagittarius; with his Pluto in a confident trine to Jupiter in Scorpio and his Mars in a showbizzy square to Neptune.

The festival will be under pressure until tr Pluto clears the sextile to Neptune in 2023 and 2021 looks edgy with the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Neptune. The organisers have said if another year is cancelled they could go bankrupt. Tr Neptune will also undermine the Glastonbury Sun Pluto in opposition in 2023/24.  But it’s impossible (sad) to believe the muddy five day feste of fun and love won’t go on and on.

Naomi Campbell – a force of nature reinvented


Naomi Campbell, for three decades a super-visible supermodel, has found a new lease of life as a digital media phenomenon, sharing her daily workouts, fronting a new makeup line, and taping “No Filter” interviews with old friends and colleagues like Sharon Stone, Marc Jacobs and Cindy Crawford for her “Being Naomi” You Tube channel.

Born 22 May 1970 1am London, England, with a professional dancer mother and an unknown father who jumped ship before she was born, she was brought up partly in Italy. She had a reputation for being tantrum-prone and there have been several assault charges against her over the years but she seems to have mellowed considerably. André Leon Talley, once called “a self-made cyclone of energy, style and drama.”

She has a Gemini Sun opposition Neptune on her Midheaven, so she’s creative, slippery, sometimes helpful. Her 10th house colourful Sagittarius Moon has only one aspect in sextile to an 8th house Uranus – so not domesticated though she credits her mother in particular but also other strong women in her family for her ability to thrive and survive.  She’s had a string of high-profile liaisons which isn’t surprising with a passionate Mars and Venus in Gemini in her romantic 5th house. But those two planets also square an 8th house Pluto for deep-seated anger issues and intense frustrations which may have been what sent her into a cocaine and alcohol addiction (though modelling is a very druggy business).

Uranus Pluto in the 8th would make emotional stability tricky for her and it would be ramped up by the squares to Mars. But for all the difficulties she’s had a fair streak of luck with her Jupiter in the much-travelled 9th trine her Venus Mars – Jupiter Venus is common amongst high-fashion types attracting them to glossy exteriors.

She has had questionable associations with Epstein for one (another Mars Venus type) and war criminal and former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor (a Venus opposition Mars), which latter emerged at his Hague trial with questions over his present to her of blood diamonds.

Although she’s firing on all cylinders at the moment she does have a late Capricorn Ascendant which tr Saturn is about to dip below from 2021 onwards which will lower her motivation and ambition and her ability to succeed as easily. With an undermining tr Neptune square her Mars in 2021 as well; and moving on to oppose her Pluto and then square her Venus through till mid decade. Neptune can be a healing planet but tends not to support ego-driven ambitions. And there may be financial implications as well with tr Neptune moving through her 2nd, so perhaps unwise investments causing her some worry. This year and next year’s Eclipses will also rattle her performing and career planets, so she will be up and down. Though she’ll be raring to go in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square her Jupiter.

Photo: Georges Biard

Gaudi – put his stamp on his native city


Antoni Gaudi, the Catalan architect whose memorably individual structures and decorations are an integral part of Barcelona was born 25 June 1852 9.30am Reus, Spain. His most famous work the unfinished church of Sagrada Familia is Spain’s most visited monument. A modernist, he was influenced by his passions in life: architecture, nature, and religion and he added into his buildings his own designs in ceramics, stained glass, wrought ironwork forging and carpentry.

Deeply and obsessively religious he was dubbed “God’s Architect.”  His spiritual fervour kept him single throughout his life and sent him on extended fasts which were damaging to his health. Latterly he dressed shabbily which was why when knocked down in the street aged 74 he was assumed to be a beggar and not treated properly until next day by which time it was too late.

He had a complicated and talented chart with a creative and overly emotional Water Grand Trine of Neptune in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio trine North Node and Sun in Cancer, formed into two Kites with Neptune opposition Mars and Jupiter opposition Saturn Uranus in Taurus. He would live inside his own bubble of fantasy and imagination; with a partial outlet through religion with his Saturn Uranus and Pluto in Taurus in his 9th giving his beliefs a tangible display.

His Libra Moon is not well aspected being only square his Sun and inconjunct his 7th house Neptune; with his Venus in the hidden 12th square his 9th house Pluto, Uranus, Saturn – so not an easy emotional life. He was evidently only attracted to one woman in his life but it was not reciprocated. That was in 1884 when his Solar Arc Venus was conjunct his Mars for a spark of passion; his Solar Arc Neptune was just over the opposition to his Moon softening his defences; with the Solar Arc Sun almost conjunct his Venus for a significant relationship. But it wasn’t to be and he went back to his ascetic life.

He and Salvador Dali, another modernist, are the region’s two most famous artistic sons.  Gaudi with his innovative Uranus Pluto conjunction and Dali with his revolutionary Uranus opposition Pluto.  They certainly left their mark.


Astro-twins – a scandal-prone politician and unblemished Duchess Kate


A Tory Housing Minister in the hot seat over allegations of influencing planning decisions both about property belonging to former porn baron and Express owner Richard Desmond as well as his own house is a minor muddy puddle in the midst of greater dramas.  The only real interest about Robert Jenrick is that he was born on the same day as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

He has a track record of attracting criticism – breaking the CV-19 quarantine, renting a house in his constituency which is billed to taxpayers despite owning two London town houses and a historic country pile elsewhere, and overspending on his 2014 campaign victory. Born 9 January 1982 Wolverhampton, he was Cambridge educated and a lawyer to trade before being elected an MP in 2013, replacing a sitting Tory member forced to resign following a cash for lobbying scandal.

Which just goes to show that houses in a chart, dependent on the birth time, make a substantial difference to how the energy of the chart plays out. Kate is looking like goody-two-shoes and a virus heroine of late and without a scandal to blemish her record. And to be noted – the sexes can differ in their approach to the same Sun sign, if it isn’t un-PC to say so.

Both are Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon squaring onto Saturn Pluto, maybe Mars in Libra – so ambitious, both in terms of money and status and home-focused as well. Saturn on the point of a T Square can give executive, organising ability. Pluto on the point of a T Square can be overly controlling, sometimes ahead of its time, often attracting resentment and is fairly battened down especially with Saturn close by.

Both have Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio square a frivolous, indulgent Venus in Aquarius, allowing them to turn the charm on to order.

The same chart can also illuminate the different ways in which the same predictive influences can turn out.  July 3 to 15 both have tr Saturn square their Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, followed till the end of the month by tr Saturn conjunct their Sun/Venus. The first of those can indicate career losses though it can also bring irksome machinery breakdowns, or upsets with staff. The second brings a sense of being unloved or unpopular and sometimes accompanies separations.

The early July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will also be jangling both their Moon and their Sun, potentially tugging on Mars and Saturn, so it could be disruptive. But at the same time tr Pluto squares their Mars/Jupiter midpoint for a confidence surge.

Be interesting to see how it all shakes down for each.

Pic: Chris McAndrew.

Andrew Bailey & the Bank of England – treacherous times


Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, cheerfully remarked the UK had been teetering on the edge of going bust in March; and sent out a warning shot that the bank shouldn’t be seen as the government’s money-tree or cashpoint-in-the-sky ad infinitum. Though whether he’ll win that point is moot.

Jeremy Warner remarks in the Telegraph: “So-called “monetary financing” of government deficits has always been a taboo among central bankers, and with good reason. From Weimar to Zimbabwe and more latterly Venezuela, hyperinflations nearly all have their genesis in an overactive central bank printing press at the beck and call of populist politicians.”

There have already been murmurs of No 10 trying to shift some blame for the general mayhem onto Chancellor Rishi Sunak, which would open up the traditional rift between the Treasury and the Prime Minister.

But the allegedly independent Bank of England really is the backstop. Andrew Bailey, 30 March 1959, is a lively Sun Mercury in Aries trine Uranus in Leo and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius; with a steadier Saturn in Capricorn trine Pluto, sextile Neptune; and a pushily-confident Jupiter square Pluto. He was looking jammed-up in March with a seriously stuck tr Saturn opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint, which repeats late this July and late November/early December. Those phases also show up sharply on Bailey’s relationship chart with Sunak as key aggravation points.

Bailey looks to be sagging at the moment with tr Neptune square his Sun/Pluto midpoint with more career-loss influences in September, and another run of the same February 2021 on and off to January 2022. The economically-challenging tr Uranus in Taurus square tr Saturn in Aquarius from spring of 2021 on and off throughout the year will hit him badly as it impacts on his financial Venus. From June 2021 as well tr Neptune squares his Mars in Gemini bringing a sense of panicky failure running through till late 2022; and before then the December 2020 Sagittarius Eclipse will oppose his Mars for a major argument.

Not the easiest of times to take over the hot seat. And his relationships with both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are both inherently at cross purposes to start with. With Boris there’s an exasperated composite Mars trine Saturn square Pluto and a suspicious Neptune square Saturn. With Rishi there’s an argumentative, ego-clashing composite Sun Mercury square Mars.

On the UK chart, March just passed saw the start of transiting Uranus moving definitely forward through the 8th house of joint finances where it will stay until 2027, bouncing in a series of uncomfortable jolting hard aspects to the UK’s financial planets – Mars in the 8th, Venus in the speculative 5th, and Neptune in the 2nd.

Rishi Sunak, 12 May 1980, a stalwart Taurus, is also looking angst-ridden and fearing the worst with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn now and on and off till late 2021; with a peculiarly upsetting patch across the New Year through January. His relationship with Boris is understandably edgy; with differences of opinion now as the present two Lunar Eclipses and the Solar Eclipse catch several of the planets in their relationship chart; and if anything there’ll be more upsets from December on with the Solar Eclipse being opposition Sunak’s Venus in Gemini and Boris’s Sun Venus and their composite Venus.

Not sure any of them would have signed up for this had they known then what we know now.

New York New York – brand new start is a ways away


New York is doing comparatively well and opening up in stages with the virus death toll down to single digits in recent days, after a three-month long siege during which more than 22,000 New Yorkers died.

The city was incorporated on 1 January 1898 and the hit from the pandemic is clearly marked with the Solar Arc Saturn opposing the NY Jupiter this year and squaring the NY Capricorn Sun in 2021, dampening the normally rambunctious New Yorker approach to life. The Solar Arc Neptune is also square the NY Mercury in Capricorn this year for confusion and uncertainty with the additional pressure of tr Pluto hard aspects on both till late this year.

The December Sagittarius Eclipse will also conjunct the NY Venus Mars for a flurry of arguments and financial upsets. So the immediate economic damage is likely to drag on through at least next year – and almost certainly longer. What is worrisome is that transiting Neptune at present squaring the NY Neptune will move to hard aspect to the Mars and Venus/Neptune midpoints and then the NY Venus and Mars from 2022 to 2024 which will be disappointing financially and will tend to lower confidence. 2024 is also the year when tr Saturn in Pisces squares the NY Uranus Saturn and Pluto for an edgy and blocked year; in 2025 squaring the Neptune and Venus Mars for more of the same.

Along the way tr Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 will sextile the NY Uranus for the start of more radical changes with a ‘lucky break’ Solar Arc Uranus opposition the NY Jupiter in 2025. But it’s going to be a long haul.

A similar timeline is reflected in the New York State, 26 July 1788 chart – with this year high uncertainty and worry from Solar Arc Neptune square the Saturn; and a jolting Solar Arc Saturn square Uranus; and a panicky and undermining tr Neptune opposition the Mars this year and next. 2022 to 2024 will be years of jolting change with tr Uranus square the Pluto, Mercury and then Venus; with a blocked and frustrated Solar Arc Mars square Pluto and Mercury in 2025.

This follows a pattern of country charts where the economic pain is likely to extent on to the middle of the decade.

There are charts for Manhattan, May 16, 1626, 8:56 AM

Manhattan, New York (NY); and Brooklyn, June 22, 1636, 2:15 PM

Brooklyn  – but I don’t know whether they are OS or NS calendar and being astrotheme it doesn’t say.

From previous post: AUGUST 1318

New York could be creeping towards a mood redolent in some respects of 1929/30 as transiting Saturn conjuncts the New York Inc Capricorn Sun and squares the NY Jupiter; and Solar Arc Saturn squares the Sun and opposes the NY Jupiter.  Saturn tends to have a discouraging effect and hitting on Jupiter usually has negative effects on finances and enthusiasm.

The Saturn transits come exact this December; and the Solar Arc Saturn hard aspects pick up from late 2019 through to 2020.

In 1929 for the Wall Street Crash Solar Arc Saturn was square the NY Jupiter and conjunct the NY Sun in 1930. With the additional jolt of Solar Arc Uranus hitting on both the Sun and Jupiter in 1930; and the devastation of tr Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc Neptune – neither of which are around this time. So not quite as bad.

The NY Inc chart, 1 January 1898 has, in addition to four Cardinal planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and perhaps Moon) providing a wealth of initiative and ambition, also six highly-strung, changeable Mutable planets. The generational Neptune Pluto in Gemini with Pluto in a tough-minded opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius (conjunct Uranus) and Neptune widely opposition Mars Venus in last degree Sagittarius/

At 9/11 the war-like transiting Saturn in Gemini opposition tr Pluto in Sagittarius hit the NY Pluto, so pulling out its formidable resilience. When the Lehman Brothers collapse of 15 September 2008 occurred tr Pluto was conjunct the NY Mars Venus; with the economically-unstable tr Uranus in Pisces opposition tr Saturn in Virgo hitting on the NY Neptune and Pluto – a considerable whammy. Plus the Solar Arc Saturn was square the NY Mars Venus in the aftermath.

Whatever is coming up is a natural progression from the Lehman collapse and aftermath as the Solar Arc Saturn has moved off the NY Mars Venus and is near the exact square to the NY Sun.

Stock Exchange charts are not always reliable but for what it’s worth – NY SE 17 May 1792 11.30am. This has slightly similar influences to 1929 with tr Pluto in aspect to the Mars, exact this September/October and the Solar Arc Sun in both 1929 and late this year has outer planet hard aspects. Though 1929 has additional negative influences as well.

Doesn’t mean there will be exactly the same but it does look downbeat that’s for sure.

Add on: The Wall Street crash occurred with Pluto at 19 degrees Cancer with tr Uranus in first decan Aries and tr Saturn in late Sagittarius. That would pull together into a Pluto opposition Saturn square Uranus for the start of the Great Depression which followed. Saturn Pluto is bleak, accompanies hardship and deprivation. Saturn square Uranus is usually economically unstable. Uranus Pluto is disruptive.

There are some similarities in so far as the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn drawing close from spring 2019 running till early 2020 will most likely accompany a recession and perhaps a more significant war globally. But the Saturn Uranus is missing as is the Uranus Pluto (which we’ve had 2012 to 2016.)

There is a repeat of the 3 South Eclipse in late 2019 which was around late 1929 and late 2001 as well. That cycle also occurred in late 1947 when the Cold War was hotting up and the House Un-American Activities Committee (commies under the bed) got under way. In late 1965 when the Vietnam War and anti-demos were escalating. And in late 1983. On all of those times there were contributory pressures from e.g. Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo in the mid 1980s; and the Saturn Pluto in Leo conjunction in 1947; and Saturn Pluto in Scorpio in 1983.

All of the 2019 Eclipses in Capricorn (beginning and end of the year) and Cancer midway will hit on the USA chart with its Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Cancer. Ditto the UK and the EU and Germany all with Capricorn Suns.

All looks like a bumpy ride though nothing like as poleaxing as 1929 and beyond.



Lady Colin Campbell – telling tales about the Royals


Lady Colin Campbell, the Jamaican-born aristo-wannabe, has another Royal book out this week – Meghan and Harry, the Real Story. She has previously cornered the market in marginally salacious Royal books, spilling the beans about Diana’s affairs, casting aspersions about the Queen Mother’s parentage and the Queen’s marriage amongst other titbits. None of which has made her popular in the inner circle of courtiers and Royals.

She came to public prominence on Celebrity Jungle a few years back, where she fell out with two of the other contestants and claimed she was bullied. She was born on 17 August 1949 to a wealthy department store father in Jamaica, with a birth defect which labelled her as a boy until she went for corrective surgery in her late teens. Her father was moody with a turbulent temper and her mother was narcissistic and cruel.  A brief early marriage to a younger son of the Duke of Argyll gave her a title and she has never remarried.

She is a Sun Pluto in Leo with Sun inconjunct Jupiter in socially and materially ambitious Capricorn. Her Moon either Taurus or Gemini probably squares Saturn in Virgo; with communicative Mercury and Venus also in Virgo.  She also has an excitable, assertive, focal point Mars in Cancer in a showbiz square to Neptune opposition North Node in Aries.

Her chart does not sit easily with Meghan’s despite both having Mars in Cancer, Venus in Virgo and Suns in Leo. CC’s controlling (and contemptuous) Pluto is conjunct Meg’s Sun – and both being Leo both will want all the attention. CC’s Uranus is also square Meg’s Moon Saturn which will be tension-inducing and fractious. The relationship chart has a disappointing and slippery composite Sun square Neptune; as well as an aggravated composite Mars trine Neptune sextile Uranus, Venus, Pluto, Saturn – so not mutually supportive as well as being hostile and blocked. Their connection isn’t under happy stars this year with a dip when publicity started to surface recently and continuing on into 2021 which in an odd way looks worse.

If anything she is more of a problem for Harry since her Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Mercury all fall in his intense 8th house and her Sun Pluto squares his Midheaven and Saturn in Scorpio. Their relationship chart is edgy and panicky at the moment, worsening through 2021/22.

Lady Colin’s own chart looks chipper and upbeat this year with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter – good for money and success; and in particular now over the launch and all the publicity with tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Jupiter midpoint. Though with the Solar Eclipse conjunct her Uranus and July’s Lunar Eclipse hitting her Mars – it won’t go without flare ups, dramas and unexpected twists. 2021 looks much less enthusiastic for her.

Steve Bing – couldn’t bear to be corralled

The weirdly dystopian dramas of the one percenters have thrown up a sad ending with the apparent suicide of Steve Bing, Hollywood playboy, multimillionaire real estate heir, filmmaker and philanthropist. Left a mega fortune when he was 18 he became a Vegas high-roller and strip-club aficionado who used his wealth in part to involve himself in the movie business, producing Get Carter and Polar Express amongst others. He was buddies with Bill Clinton, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger and did give generously to charity.

He came to public prominence via his bitterly disputed paternity suits over Liz Hurley’s son Damian and former pro-tennis player Lisa Bonder’s daughter Kira and eventually had to concede they were both his children though he had little contact with them in later years aside from financial settlements. Lisa Bonder at the time of conception had been in a 28-day marriage to multi-millionaire Kirk Kerkorian and it was his aggravation over child support claims that led him to find the truth about the parentage of Kira, using the services of the infamous investigator Anthony Pellicano, who ended up in jail for wire-tapping and other offences.

Liz Hurley and Steve joined forces recently to fight Steve Bing’s father Peter who was trying to cut out-of-wedlock children out of his will – and they won.

Steve Bing, 31 March 1965 in Los Angeles, no time sadly, was a charming Sun Venus in pro-active Aries with a volatile collection of Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn square North Node in Gemini – he would have a depressive and acutely frustrated streak which he channelled into his free-spirited, can-be-wild Gemini North Node. His Node would make him unwilling to shoulder responsibility. He also had an indulgent Jupiter in Taurus in a head-in-the-clouds opposition to Neptune.

Damian Hurley, 4 April 2002 12.22pm London, is also an Aries with Sun, Mercury there, in an expansive square to Jupiter in Cancer. He was born with the unyielding Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto in place, which collided with Bing’s Gemini North Node and squared his father’s Virgo planets as well.  Damian also has his Node in Gemini as does Liz Hurley (and indeed Donald Trump). Liz Hurley’s Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini all connected with his North Node, 10 June 1965. And she also has Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn – so it would also have been a passing flare that couldn’t last.

Lisa Bonder, 15 October 1965, a Sun Libra also has a Gemini North Node opposition a passionately enthusiastic Mars Venus in Sagittarius square Saturn which opposes Uranus Pluto – so another combustible mix.

Her daughter Kira, March 1998 is a Sun Pisces with Mercury, Mars and Saturn spread out through Aries; and a confident Jupiter opposition a Virgo North Node square Pluto. All of them have their Nodes tied into their charts fairly tightly – so central to the zeitgeist of their time.

Bill Clinton also has a Gemini North Node and Warren Beatty has a Sagittarius Node, which latter also has a dislike of commitment in early adult life and tends to swing around in the breeze.

When Steve Bing was originally fighting Liz Hurley over paternity support he said they had not been in an exclusive relationship and that it was ‘her choice to be a single mother.’ It would have to be said I have some sympathy for him. I’m not sure why in these days of feminist equality a few errant sperm should come with a hefty price tag attached.

All the money in the world and it didn’t do much for him at the end of it all.