Shakira – no longer a woman scorned

Revenge served piping hot has topped the global Spotify chart and racked up a staggering 111 million-plus views on YouTube as Latin-American songbird Shakira lets fly at her ex-husband –footballer Gerald Pique footballer. They parted after 11 years and two children and he has taken a younger girlfriend much to her fury.

  In the new song, she says she is worth “two 22-year-olds” and likens herself to a Ferrari while her replacement, she sneers, is a Renault Twingo, one of the cheapest cars on the market. For good measure, she describes herself as a Rolex watch to the other’s Casio. Pique seems to have taken it in good humour by turning up to work in a Twingo and persuading watchmakers Casio to sponsor his new venture. Though his chart hints otherwise so it may have been an astute PR strategy not dreamed up by him.

 It will help her pay off a huge tax bill for which she blames him and perhaps allow her to move house. She has also let fly at her mother-in-law who lives next door and has placed  a life-size witch doll on her balcony overlooking her MIL’s home.

  She says: “I never thought what for me was a catharsis and a release would go straight to number one in the world in Spanish at my age of 45.”

  Shakira was born 2 February 1977 9.30 am or 10.08 am Colombia, which gives her a Fixed Grand Cross of a Sun Aquarius opposition Saturn in Leo square Uranus opposition Jupiter – beyond-stubborn, enduring and changeable. Plus she has an emotional Cancer Moon opposition Mars making her inclined to fly off the handle. And an intense and possessive Pluto in the 7th.

He was born 2 February 1987 4.22 am Barcelona, Spain, and is also a Sun Aquarius in a controlling square to Pluto; with a Moon and Mars both in Aries and his Venus, Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius – excitable and restless.

  The miracle is they lasted together as long as they did. Her Pluto opposes his 4th house Mars which would set up a bitter power struggle; her argumentative, short-fused Moon opposition Mars falls across his 8th/2nd intensifying the effect with financial implications;  her Uranus is conjunct his Pluto for constant turmoil; and her Neptune is conjunct his Ascendant Saturn which would damp his enthusiasm and make him uncertain.

Her Venus is conjunct his Moon would help slightly and the relationship chart did have an affectionate composite Sun Venus. But that apart it sets the scene for a running oneupmanship battle with composite Jupiter opposition Pluto; an explosive Mars square Uranus; and a strained Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Moon. That last has overtones of a fated connection that was meant to be but impossible to live with.

  He looks more rattled than he is letting on with his Progressed Moon square his 4th house Mars exactly at the moment and his Progressed Mars squaring his Sun in the months to come. So he is uptight and seething.

  Shakira may be about to meet the love of her life this year with her Progressed Sun about to conjunct her Venus and is certainly in for good luck when tr Uranus is conjunct her Jupiter from mid 2023 into 2024 which may help her tax problem.

An amusing distraction from the woes of the universe.

Joe Biden – a glasshouse and stone throwing mishap

The discovery of classified files from Joe Biden’s time as vice-president stashed at a former office and two of his homes has taken the glow off his recent run of successes. The scandal threatens to embarrass his administration just as the FBI criminally investigates Donald Trump, for putting the nation’s security at risk by mishandling classified information. There is a difference in that Trump hoarded nearly 100 classified documents at his Florida estate and refused to hand them over until the FBI raided his property. Biden’s supporters insist his files only numbered 10 and his staff turned them over, though waiting until the mid terms were over to announce the fact which has a sniff of dirty politics. But perception is all and any defence is going to sound like splitting hairs to many who only glance at the headlines.

  Biden has had a run of political triumphs so far in terms of progressive acts passed and economic management so his shoe-in for 2024 seemed inevitable although most Democrats would prefer another candidate. But the second half of his term was always when trouble was going to brew so all bets are off until nearer the date.  

 On his Administration chart, 20 January 2021 11.48 am Washington, DC, pressure will start to mount with tr Pluto square the Moon from now till early February, and escalate further with tr Pluto conjunct the Term Sun from late March in and off till late 2024. With a run of discouraging and disruptive Solar Arcs through this year and next – SA Sun conjunct Saturn; SA Saturn square Mars Uranus through 2023/24 as well; SA Saturn conjunct Jupiter in 18 months and SA Pluto square Moon in 2024. It will get progressively more challenging between now and the election.

 His own chart is especially rattled and disaster-prone mid February to mid March and again mid November to late December this year with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint – though that could be anything other than the above, including a dose of flu.  Mid February to late March also has a devastating and confused Sun/Neptune midpoint triggered, which returns twice again in 2023 and on until late 2024.

  The May 5 Lunar Eclipse will rattle up his Mars for an argument or two; with a few outbursts as tr Uranus opposes two Mars midpoints and his Mercury from late May 2023 onwards. Plus other less than helpful midpoints.  He will rev up in confidence from late February 2024 for two years on and off with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint but whether that is enough to carry off the election remains to be seen. He also has tr Pluto trine his 10th house Neptune in 2024/25 which may not be helpful for ambitions and personal glory trips.

  Merrick Garland, the AG, who has been landed with the task of nailing down Trump and now overseeing the investigation of Biden is having a year of massive upheaval with tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Sun and square his Pluto and tr Neptune square his Venus.  He was sworn in on a Sun Neptune conjunction which never bodes well – indecisive, over timid, a dither-and-delay term. His relationship with Trump is aggravated at the best of times and in a state of disruption through March.  His relationship with Joe Biden is stressed for the next two months, edgy thereafter and up in the air in 2024.

Boris Johnson – raking in the loot and largesse

Ominous signs that an undead Boris Johnson may bounce back from his ignominious dismissal last year to joust for high office again are causing ripples of alarm. He’s being punted by the far right ERG, concerned that a ‘leftist’ Rishi Sunak may renege on hard-line Brexit policies.

  Since he withdrew, having been able to only summon support from less than a third of the Parliamentary party, he’s been busy filling the coffers, benefiting from more than £2.5m in earnings from speeches, hospitality, free accommodation, gifts and donations to his new company, The Office of Boris Johnson. He is topping the leaderboard of MPs in terms of donations and cash from work unrelated to his MP job.

Wealthy Tory donor Lord Bamford has given him use of a £20m London townhouse and a cottage in the Cotswolds; his office recently took £1m from Christopher Harborne, an investor in crypto and aviation fuel based in Thailand, who is a Farage/Brexit supporter; and he recently received more than £250,000 for a speech in Singapore about blockchain, the technology behind crypto currency.

 His carelessness about where he takes his funding is likely to tell against him. And his relationship with the Tory Party (1912) is on a downhill slide throughout this year into early 2024 with tr Neptune square the composite Mars plus a few other divisive arguments from May onwards.

  His chart is mixed ahead with his Solar Arc Jupiter and Progressed Mars closing in on his Midheaven over the coming year (dependent on birth time being accurate) which suggests his ambitions will be undiminished in coming years, if anything he’ll go into super-charged mode. The question is where?

  For the immediate future he has tr Saturn moving into Pisces in March, putting a chill on his scattergun Mutable T Square – first squaring his Mars in March and then proceeding to cross his Saturn for his Second Saturn return and oppose his Uranus – which will be around all year.  That will induce high levels of irritability about setbacks.  Plus he has the emotionally intense tr Pluto square his Scorpio Moon from late March, on and off till late 2024. Tr Uranus will be making a final hit on his Jupiter opposition Neptune through next month (February) to mid March which will bring high hopes that then hit the ground with a thud as a hard reality check steps in.

  What will be of key importance and worth watching is the May 5th Scorpio Lunar Eclipse which sits exactly on top of his Neptune and opposes his Jupiter. Into 2024 from April onwards tr Neptune squares his Sun Venus which is usually not helpful for high ambition and tr Saturn will oppose his Pluto as well. Plus he picks up discouraging Pluto hard aspects to midpoints.

   Carrie Symonds, his wife, 17 March 1988, a charming, possessive and excitable triple conjunction in Capricorn plus Mars with a Pisces New Moon is catching tr Neptune earlier as it is in an undermining conjunction with her Sun from this May onwards into 2024. May 2023 looks an especially fraught month for her with tr Uranus hitting one of her Mars midpoints as well.

  Her relationship with Boris has been sagging under his demotion with tr Neptune conjunct their composite Mars in 2022 and returning for a final time early January to mid February; with pressure and tensions mounting from mid February onwards from midpoints.

  Both are high-wire, over-reactive and ambitious personalities so a life of enforced idleness is not on the cards.

  Never say never but I’d reckon it was more rather than less likely that he is persuaded to go elsewhere. Jupiter moves into his 8th house from this July for a year which will bring more money his way for a year so he may get distracted by cash registers ringing, especially if Westminster rules are tightened to prevent politicians raking in questionable money.

Ukraine – the agony drags on

The Ukraine invasion drags on heading for its first anniversary in late February. A diplomatic solution for a peaceful settlement is all but impossible with Putin preparing for a spring offensive with a surge in recruitment, emboldened by a rare victory in capturing the town of Soledar.

   The consensus now among leading western states is that the only way to persuade Russia that it cannot succeed in its war of conquest is for Ukraine’s armed forces to liberate much more territory. ‘Vladimir Putin’s current strategy is bleak and uncompromising. He appears to believe that even with a military stalemate Russia can outlast Ukraine, along with its western backers, by putting his economy and society on a war footing.’ Russian warships left Novorossiysk this week, prompting renewed fears of a landing from the Black Sea.

  The pressure is on Western allies to send tanks and armoured vehicles. Britain, France, Finland and Poland are preparing to fulfil their promises though Germany and the US are still dragging their heels. Military experts believe that Russia will launch its multipronged attack in the spring to divert Ukrainian resources away from Donetsk and Luhansk.

     German Chancellor Olaf Scholz known for his cautious style, has for months voiced hesitancy about supplying tanks for fear of escalating the conflict and provoking Putin, who has hinted he could resort to nuclear weapons. Scholz may only be act on tanks if he can do so in tandem with the USA. “He needs the cover of a nuclear power,” said an analyst. “A European consortium might not be enough for him.”

  Sorting through relevant charts what stands out on several of them are key Astro-markers at 18 degrees Fixed signs which suggests that late April into early May when tr Uranus is at 18 Taurus will be a point to watch. It may be a coincidence and the North Node has retrograded away from the degree which made 1 August 2022 a potentially momentous time in history (see previous post 17 June 2022) but it does resonate.

Neither the Ukraine country chart, 24 August 1991 2.31pm. Kiev nor Zelensky’s personal or term chart looked as if 2023 would be the year of triumph.

  Ukraine has tr Neptune opposing its Mars from mid March to mid April 2023 and on and off till February 2024 which usually accompanies a panicky sense of sagging morale and failed plans. With a seismic upheaval and change of direction in April when tr Uranus opposes the 10th house Pluto for the final time. Where tensions lift and luck returns will be around mid 2024 onwards with tr Uranus square the Jupiter; though 2024/25 will be an uphill struggle with tr Pluto conjunct Saturn, which would be the case even if hostilities ceased with a massive rebuilding exercise needed.

  Zaluzhnyi, the Ukrainian miliary chief, will have ups and downs through 2023 with a specific setback around late April/early May and successes later in the year. 

  Zelensky’s personal chart, 25 January 1978 2pm Krivoj Rog, Ukraine, will be rattled considerably by tr Uranus opposition his Uranus in March square his Moon in April and his Midheaven shortly after; plus a trapped, scary and frustrating tr Pluto opposition his Mars from late March on and off till late 2024. Plus a dashed-hopes tr Neptune square his 1st house Jupiter from May onwards into 2024.

  His Term chart, 20 May 2019 10am, has a reasonably productive tr Pluto trine the Sun, Mercury through this year; though also an enthusiasm-undermining Solar Arc Neptune square the Jupiter within weeks.

  Zelensky’s relationship chart with Olaf Scholz, the overly cautious German Chancellor, is under a damp cloud later at the moment and sagging badly with disappointment through 2023.

 Ukraine’s relationship with the EU will be under major strain from late this March and proving a disappointment from May onward.

  What is pivotal – maybe – is Putin’s survival, though there’s no saying if he goes, the same or worse might not follow in the Kremlin. His 4th Term chart’s lucky/over confident Sun opposition Jupiter will pick up tr Uranus hard aspects late March to mid May, which might fit with a spring offensive. But before then he has the destabilising tr Pluto square the Term Uranus from mid February on and off till late 2024 – which often coincides with fall-off-perch-moments for leaders. Plus he has the increasingly desperate, high-risk, frustrated and ruthless Solar Arc Pluto getting to the same degree as the Mars in three months and exact within 6 months – so a last and final brutal push.

 The Ukraine Invasion chart of 23 February 2022 has Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius so it will be rattled in late April/early May 2023 by the tr Uranus square. That chart has the North Node conjunct Algol as well as a savage Pluto, Mars, Venus conjunction and an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune in Pisces.

  That’s the best I can do – looks to be escalating towards spring and dragging on for another year.  Poor Ukrainians.

Pic: Map on Spring Offensive from The Times.

Sybil – fragmenting into many personalities to survive

Shirley Ardell Mason, whose story about an abusive childhood became a hot-topic book about the multiple personalities of Sybil and then a movie in the 1970s with Sally Ann Field and Joanne Woodward, was born one hundred years ago.

  The dramatization of her deeply disturbing early childhood memories set off a viciously fought controversy about whether the condition existed at all which is still running today. Various psychological professionals and others have gone to great, almost desperate, lengths to deny it was anything other than a fiction, invented by a fame-hungry psychiatrist.

  While it is true that it was over-diagnosed at one point, there is no doubt that Dissociative Identity Disorder as it is now known can be adopted as a strategy to defend against massive and terrifying early abuse, usually by the primary caretaker, normally the mother. Although MPD or DID is an extreme disorder most of us have traces of ‘splitting’ in our everyday interactions, some more than others. But for it to extend as far as creating separate defensive personalities, there has to be massive psychological trauma such as being tortured as a baby.

  Quite why this sets off alarm bells in some people’s heads I have never understood but the denial lobby is alive, well and determined to blow out of the water any suggestion that what??  — the psyche is so vulnerable it fragments under severe stress and unbearable fear. It seems to me a skillful adaptation for a psyche under mind-bending pressure. The kinds of stories that DID patients relate are often beyond most people’s capacity to witness.

 Shirley Mason (Sybil) was born 25 January 1923 3am Dodge Center, Minnesota, and her mother was reportedly diagnosed with schizophrenia and deemed “bizarre” by neighbours; and Shirley had several episodes of blackouts and emotional breakdowns as an adult.  She had a quick witted 3rd house Sun Mercury in Aquarius and later became an art teacher.

  Her Mercury opposed a 9th house Neptune and squared onto a 12th house Jupiter; and she had a Water Grand Trine of Jupiter trine an 8th house Pluto trine Uranus on her IC. So she would live in her own private bubble to blot out reality with a Water Grand Trine plus the Jupiter Neptune which would make her gloss over unpleasantness.

  A strong Jupiter as she had would make it possible to overcome difficulties. Of Fred West’s children – the UK child abuser – the ones who survived had strong Jupiters.

  Shirley did have a 4th house Mars square her 8th house Pluto suggesting anger, violence and fear in her childhood. Her Taurus Moon was on the midpoint of her Uranus IC trine the 8th house Pluto which suggests a mother who was unpredictable, unstable and wrestling with her own demons from that 8th house Pluto.   

  I have seen worse charts and you can’t diagnose psychological conditions per se from a chart. What can be problematic about early memory as was discovered with second and even third generation children of Holocaust survivors is that the parents’ unspoken trauma can be handed down as quasi-memories to the children. So at times the trauma may not be the individual’s but an unconsciously transmitted memory from the past.

  Her psychiatrist, Cornelia Wilbur, 26 August 1908, was a sharp-eyed Sun, Mars, Mercury in Virgo – with her Pluto as well as Venus Neptune in Cancer falling in Shirley’s 8th house – which would make for a deep connection though perhaps also a confused one.  There’s no proof either way.

  Whatever the truth – and mother being schizophrenic and Shirley suffering blackouts and breakdowns prior to therapy does point to severe early trauma – it did shine a light on the byzantine workings of minds under pressure.

Lisa Marie Presley – poor little rich girl ++ Elvis’s chart marks her passing

Lisa Marie Presley has died of a cardiac arrest aged 54, after a high-drama lifetime of revolving marriages and relationships, drug and latterly opioid abuse, and most recently the suicide of one of her sons in 2020.

  She inherited Elvis’s multi-millions as a child and lost most of it, married Michael Jackson and briefly Nicholas Cage, and was involved in the Church of Scientology through her mother Priscilla. She made a clean break from the church in 2014, though she had been distancing herself from the organization for years. “They were taking my soul, my money, my everything,” she said of her eventual decision to leave.

  She was born 1 February 1968 5.01pm Memphis, Tennessee and had a 7th house Aquarius Sun sextile a forced-to-be-self-reliant Saturn in Aries. But what dominated her chart was an 8th house Moon Mars in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo – driven by turbulent unconscious forces she didn’t understand and couldn’t control, messing up her financial judgement as well as her emotional life. That stormy opposition was trine/sextile Neptune in her 4th hinting at the sacrifices demanded by her family connections that she could never escape and never manage successfully.

  Elvis – 8 January 1935 4.35 am Tupelo, MS, – had a powerful and influential chart, focused onto a rock n’ roll, unconventional Uranus in his performing 5th. His Uranus was conjunct her Midheaven – so his talent and showbusiness image arguably skewed her direction in life though she did record various singles and one successful album.

 Her relationship with her mother Priscilla was tense with Priscilla’s 8th house Pluto opposition Lisa Marie’s Sun. They had a complicated and competitive relationship chart. 

  On Lisa Marie’s chart at the moment, tr Pluto was square her Midheaven and approaching the square to her Progressed Mars – which hinted at a massive change in her life.     

Being the product of fame, gzillions and a dynasty isn’t easy. 

ADD ON: Astrology Frank Clifford has pointed out on Facebook the extraordinary line up on Elvis’s chart with his only child dying.  His Solar Arc Venus is exactly conjunct his Uranus in his 5th house of children; and his Solar Arc Uranus has moved to be exactly conjunct his Pluto  in his 8th house, which amongst other things rules death and rebirth. And his Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct his Ascendant also exactly. Posthumous influences are often spot on and raise the question of exactly what the birth chart reflect.

Michael Flatley – a super-charged New Moon in Cancer

Michael Flatley, famous for his Irish production Riverdance, is sadly suffering from an “aggressive form of cancer” it has been announced. He shot to fame with Riverdance, which first appeared as an intermission piece during the 1994 Eurovision interval in Dublin. He then choreographed and danced in a full length show.

  After 25 years it has been seen by three billion people worldwide on television and his stage shows have played to more than 60 million people in 60 countries. He gave up performing a few years back because of physical strain. Last year he launched a Lord Of The Dance tour to raise money for the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. 

  He was born into an Irish family with a dancer mother in Chicago on 16 July 1958 at 11.55am.He has a 10th house New Moon in creative and ambitious Cancer which squares onto an exuberantly enthusiastic and high-vitality Mars in Aries opposition Jupiter North Node in Libra – so he was always going to make his mark.

  His Mars is in a disciplined trine to Saturn, in a showbizzy opposition to Neptune and an ultra-determined trine to Pluto. His Venus in sociable Gemini is trine Jupiter, sextile Mercury in Leo giving him a flair for a popular spectacle.

  His Solar Arc Mars is moving to square his Pluto over the next eighteen months which will be challenging for him along with a frustrating tr Pluto square his Mars for the second year running.

  Sad news and one can only hope for the best.

Jeff Beck – a genius on the guitar

Jeff Beck, known as the guitarist’s guitarist has died at 78. He’s described as a ‘rare musician, an absolute master of his instrument, and just about the most self-effacing rock supremo to ever grace a stage.’

  He evidently shirked fame, did not chase hits and disappeared from the limelight for long periods if he did not feel creative. He turned down the chance to join the Rolling Stones at the height of their 70’s superstardom because he considered what they were playing to be too undemanding.

He was born 24 June 1944 and had a serious though charming Sun, Venus and Saturn in Cancer all square a musical Neptune; with his Neptune in a creative trine to Uranus, sextile an influential Pluto. His enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Leo was sextile his Mercury with a Leo Moon lurking nearby.

  There’s no birth time but his flamboyant Leo planets must have been muted to some extent in a hidden house.

[Is it just my imagination or are there a fair number of older musicians dying at the moment?]

Bolsonaro to Prince Harry – Neptune heads for the rocks

Jair Bolsonaro, the defeated far-right Brazilian president, lurking in Florida is facing calls for his extradition after his supporters stormed the Supreme Federal Court and Congress buildings.

  A pro-Trumper and mutual backslapper, he’s described as a populist with fascist tendencies and he’s another of the Jupiter in hard aspect to Neptune types and was sworn in on a Jupiter square Neptune in 2019.

  There is something swirling at the back of my mind about Brexit, Trump and that whole Jupiter Neptune energy around in square in 2016, extending on to the Boris Johnson, Kevin McCarthy Jupiter Neptune opposition – and the rise of populist hi-jackers of democracy.    The siren call of Neptune leading to shipwrecks.

  Before leaving Bolsonara – his personal chart looks very stormy ahead with tr Uranus heading to make an explosive conjunction to his Mars in Taurus from the middle of this March rattling up his beyond-stubborn Fixed Grand Cross. Uranus then proceeds to hit his Venus and Saturn before mid 2023 and his Pluto in 2024 – which will substantially upend his life.  Plus his Solar Arc Mars will conjunct his Uranus in late 2023/early 2024. Tr Pluto is also in a confused/devastated square to his Neptune throughout 2023.

  Astrologers tend to waft off into oceanic flights of fancy when it comes to Jupiter Neptune but it’s beginning to haunt me.  Even Prince Harry – may his name never be mentioned again this century!! –  has a Jupiter Neptune conjunction in the 12th. And he must represent something in the zeitgeist to have attracted this amount of attention.   

  In the money world Jupiter Neptune is associated with financial bubbles bursting as the dream comes apart at the seams and hopes/speculative investments hit the deck with a thud.

Andre Barbault thought conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune brought “a swing to the left” with “democratic, socialist, or even more or less revolutionary” tendencies.

  Kind of maybe with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces in early 2022. But it has hardly brought an ‘inspiring vision — to — provide a counterbalance to the difficult despair brought by by the pandemic.’ The Ukraine invasion, a Jupiter Neptune in Pisces event – an overly optimistic dream from Putin’s malevolent playbook – certainly proved that hope is no match for harsh reality. The Ukrainians were better fighters.

  There is something odd swirling out there in the ether. Maybe it is my Saturnine soul yearning for a reality check – and preferably not after the event. Getting carried away on other people’s flights of fantasy is not good.  

An astrological website has helpfully outlined events of previous Jupiter Neptune conjunctions which turn up every 13 years:

1856 (Pisces): Crimean War ends, Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law abolishes privateering (privately owned warships for hire)

1869 (Aries): Japanese Civil War ends, first woman testifies before US Congress, National Women’s Suffrage Association founded in New York

1881 (Taurus): Boer War ends, American Red Cross founded, Andrew Watson, world’s first black international football player, makes debut

1894 (Gemini): International Olympic Committee founded, world’s first minimum wage law enacted in New Zealand

1907 (Cancer): Hague Conventions on laws of war, Anglo-Russian Entente ends Great Game, Anarchist International founded, first elections with universal suffrage and female candidates held in Finland

1919-20 (Leo): Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, International Labour Organisation, Communist International, Save The Children founded, 19th Amendment gives voting rights to women in the US

1932 (Virgo): World Disarmament Conference takes place in Geneva, first woman elected to the US Senate

1945 (Libra): Second World War ends, United Nations founded

1958 (Scorpio): US-Soviet detente leads to suspension of nuclear tests, Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) founded, European Economic Community formed, Egypt and Syria unite as United Arab Republic, Iraq and Jordan unite as Arab Federation

1971 (Sagittarius): Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Greenpeace founded, Seabed Treaty outlaws nuclear weapons on ocean floor, South Pacific Forum formed

1984 (Capricorn): US-Soviet detente reduces nuclear tensions, UK agrees to return Hong Kong to China, GNU free software project begins

1997 (Capricorn): Kyoto Protocol on climate change, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Madeleine Albright becomes first female Secretary of State in the United States, UK hands Hong Kong back to China

2009 (Aquarius): Treaty of Lisbon, Barack Obama becomes first black President of the United States.

This is all thinking in progress – any thoughts and clarity welcomed.