Jazz Jennings – living an all too public life

Jazz Jennings, the 21 year old transgender reality star who has been in the public eye since she was five and underwent gender affirmation surgery in 2018, has been struggling with a binge eating disorder. She has put on 100 pounds in the past two years and talked of her family fat-shaming her in their efforts to support a healthier lifestyle.

  She first appeared as a seven year old on Barbara Walters Show talking about the challenges of growing up transgender and subsequently appeared in other major TV shows and articles, has her own TV show with her family and appeared in commercials and in films.   

She was born 6 October 2000 in South Florida (no birth time sadly) and is a Sun Libra in an Air Grand Trine to Jupiter trine Uranus – communicative, a thinker and talker, emotionally detached, adventurous. She also has a quirky and charming Mercury Venus in Scorpio square Uranus. Most notably she has a powerhouse T Square of a super-confident Pluto opposition Jupiter square Mars in Virgo.

A Mutable focal point Mars will give her high levels of dynamic and nervy energy and a tendency to scatter in a disorganized fashion.  She won’t find it easy to wind down and recentre in a calm space. The Mars square Pluto will give her an underlying edge of desperation which she pours into overwork or at the moment into binge eating.

  Her Moon is either Capricorn or early Aquarius conjunct Neptune.

  When she had her gender surgery, which evidently had complications, in 2018 tr Pluto was opposition her Cancer North Node; and tr Uranus just dipping a toe into Taurus was opposition her Solar Arc Sun.

   She’ll go through considerable changes and upheavals in coming years with her Solar Arc Uranus in hard aspect to her Pluto, Jupiter and then Mars between 2023/2025.

  Carrying the burden of being a child star can’t be easy and making the transition into an adult career will be doubly difficult for her since she carries her family with her as well as the weight of too many people’s expectations.

One thought on “Jazz Jennings – living an all too public life

  1. Thank you Marjorie.
    That poor kid has endured a steady stream of experimental hormone blockers and hormones, as well as an orchiectomy. Weight gain should not be a surprise. Although the family now claims the gain is due to depression and binge eating, unrelated to the surgery or drugs.
    One of Jazz’s surgeons now advises against the use of experimental puberty blocking drugs. Not having had the advantage of puberty, there is precious little workable tissue to surgically alter into a usable cavity. Ending up making use of a segment of colon.
    The show seems to be about ritual humiliation and exposes a bullying family dynamic. Putting an unwilling Jazz on a scale, working out with extremely fit people, highlighting just how unfit Jazz is. Heartbreaking.
    I hope that kid finds some sort of peace.

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