UK politics – storm winds rock the house of cards

Voters delivered a sharp message to the government that sleaze and incompetence in running the NHS and the country won’t be tolerated with the loss of a safe Tory seat. Bye-elections are not always a good indicator but with a major rebellion by backbenchers this week as well, the clock may be ticking down for Boris.

  The Conservative Party 10 May 1912 chart is showing a sharp loss of confidence and power at the moment with tr Neptune opposition the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint with worse to come from mid January 2022 as the calamitous tr Neptune square the Mars/Saturn midpoint kicks in for a few weeks with more banana skins through the year. Late year there is a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Sun and a sense of disempowerment in 2023 with tr Neptune square the Pluto.

   May 2022 onwards is when Boris Johnson’s unpopularity with the party become critical with tr Neptune square the composite Mars. And 2022 always did look like crunch time on his Term chart with the blocked Solar Arc Saturn drawing the conjunction with Pluto to exact.

  The Liberal Democrats, 3 March 1988, look to be riding high in 2022/23 with tr Pluto in a bullishly confident square to their Jupiter. But their surge may be short-lived as they run into a dead-halt Solar Arc Mars square Pluto around late 2023/into 2024.

 Keir Starmer’s Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45 am London, is a mixed bag ahead with a hard, at times discouraging slog through 2022/23 running alongside one upbeat and successful Mars/Jupiter midpoint. And he has the cataclysmic Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Mars to survive which comes exact in eight months, around autumn 2022 though may trigger early.

 The Labour Party, 27 February 1900 chart is not looking remotely chipper ahead through 2022/23. The LP 19 February 1906, is marginally more cheerful though only just – with ups and downs in 2022/23. There is a super-confident tr Pluto square Mars/Jupiter in 2023/24 alongside some major disruptions and changes.

  Political party charts aren’t always the most illuminating. But that’s what they show at the moment. Term charts are sound and accurate.

 See previous post Boris Johnson – 8 December 2021.

4 thoughts on “UK politics – storm winds rock the house of cards

  1. Lisa Nandy gave a brilliant performance on Question Time last night, could she be a contender for the Labour leadership perhaps?

    Thank you Marjorie really fascinating times ahead !

  2. Thanks for this Marjorie, I was expecting the Tories to lose, but this loss is pretty big. There are mutterings about a summer leadership election already today, which fits what you say about May 2022 onwards. Transiting Saturn, conjunct Mars at 22 Aquarius and squaring the Moon’s North Node at 22 Taurus happens in April 2022. The Node is conjunct the Tories own Saturn in Taurus (the fate of a leader?), while Saturn and Mars are conjunct the Labour Party Sun and Venus. It seems as if the fuse that’s been lit now will be fizzing along merrily by then. Listening to Boris trying to blame the media today is very dispiriting.

    I’m not sure how long a leadership contest takes, but guess around six to eight weeks? Perhaps the Tories will wait until this latest Covid wave has subsided before initiating the process in the spring?

  3. Thanks Marjorie for this.
    I agree with IanS that next May looks like a difficult time as Uranus will then oppose the Boris term chart Mars. From next August the long stay of mars in gemini will activate the term chart opposing the sun and squaring neptune, as well as the Johnsonian gemini concentration.
    As for Starmer his main virtues seem to be honesty, competence with an aversion to showiness. Maybe that will appeal after Boris. I suspect that this will get him a certain success as the charts show. Labour is not as profligate with its leaders as the Conservatives are, so he will be there at the next election.
    On all this, I suspect that the the next general election will be a loss for the conservatives but not a win for Labour and frustration for the Libdems and greens. Maybe something competent if not good will emerge from the mess.

  4. Hi Marjorie, thanks for this update, perhaps the 5th May local elections are the final straw for Boris. Personally I don’t see Kier Starmer lasting the year out (22). Although I like him, his track record as leader is not dynamic enough to encourage any real change. Not focusing on the (Big Picture) such as forthcoming cost on living crisis and retrospectively getting bogged down in detail. As a Virgo myself I know how to be critical but I have learnt the meerkat approach by look at the horizon every now and again.

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