Sex and the City – a limp reboot

The cleaned-up woke sequel to the iconic Sex and the City series has launched to less than rapturous reviews. The three main female characters have moved on since 1998 to gain a new social and cultural awareness which means the old quips flavoured with racism, transphobia and white privilege are gone.

  Kim Catrall is also missing, one of the original stars, whose off-screen feud with lead Sarah Jessica Parker spanned a decade.  All good water cooler buzz.

   In one way what is astonishing is the entire top cast didn’t end up at each others’ throats.  Kim Catrall, 21 August 1956, is a determined and controlling Sun Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio so she doesn’t budge.

 Sarah P, 25 March 1965 9am Nelsonville, Ohio, is a Sun Aries with a formidable and volatile collection of Pluto, Mars and Uranus in Virgo opposition Saturn.

  Kristin Davis, 24 February 1965, also has the Mars Pluto  and Uranus in Virgo with a Pisces Sun Saturn. And Cynthia Nixon, 9 April 1966, is a feisty, upfront Sun Mars in Aries and Saturn Mercury in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo.

  All highly strung and unpredictable and argumentative.

 Chris Noth, 13 November 1954 12.59am Madison Wisconsin, who was bumped off in the first episode of the sequel, had his life rocked this week with two sexual assault allegations reported in a celebrity magazine. The LAPD said it was not yet investigating him for same, presumably since police reports had not yet been made.

  He has a powerfully Fixed chart with his Scorpio Sun conjunct Saturn on one side and Venus on the other, all in a hard-edged square to Mars in Aquarius which is in turn in an ultra-wide opposition to Pluto. His Gemini Moon is also trine Neptune, sextile Pluto – he will be enduring as well as controlling and very private.

  He looks edgy and jangled over the coming year with his Saturn in Scorpio square Mars being shaken up by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus.  But he’ll also have luck and relief on his side – so he won’t be down and out.

  The original Sex and the City launched on 6 June 1998 with a ruthlessly determined Pluto opposition Mars; a wide, expansive Sun square Jupiter and an sexy Scorpio Moon.

  This sequel And Just Like that, 9 December 2021, launched on a lacklustre Sun square Neptune which won’t have helped.

  Sarah JP is at a peak career-wise so a dud in this won’t bother her too much, She has had her own production company for years and a raft of award winning roles on her cv so she’ll survive.  

14 thoughts on “Sex and the City – a limp reboot

  1. All the characters were kinda one dimensional. And together they comprised one whole, multi faceted woman. That’s why the void left by the Samantha character is so keenly felt this time round.

  2. I have always loved KC in everything that I have seen her in. However I cannot say the same about the other three. And during the series run, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when rumours emerged that ‘the clique’ were ostracising KC, like they were still in high school. I mean, how pathetic! No wonder she didn’t want to be in that film with them. I love the fact that a NYC audience applauded her entrance in the first film. I would hazard a guess that they didn’t consider Samantha to be one dimensional or just all about sex.

    • I like her poise in interviews post The SJP Slam. She doesn’t squirm, just affirms moving forward. I’m not all against SJP at all, but as Michael Patrick King put it there was never going to be $ parity with the lead once the series hit, and while that is the standard “ why “ ? Who else is going to even UP pay for women, if not a female lead of an all female cast? The KC ask for more still makes sense…to me, anyway.

  3. Was hoping there would be Noth analysis- thank you. And the limp and woke SATC descriptors made me laugh. My only deep thought is this must offer some headline relief for Alec Baldwin.

    I caught Noth in a Good Wife rerun tonight, and the sordid accusations made me flinch as his GW character made moves on a female colleague – a sad involuntary reaction, as I don’t buy that the blame is all his.

    Curiously the whiplash hit to Peloton makes me laugh more than I’d expect. I guess these macabre times have darkened my humour. That “genius” “spontaneous” ad by Ryan Reynolds going up smoke almost delights me. Screw overpriced elite fitness merch and bs promos. It was a great commerical, but I resent hard-to-swallow hype ( why isn’t making a great commerical enough on its own?) .

    It’s also worth noting Noth recently made a classy defense of SJP regarding KC slam. Concise and loyal. I wish colleagues could come forth more easily, but the harsh
    cancel climate seems to silence supporters .

    Appreciate the forum here more than ever during pandemic madness. Thank you, Ms Orr.

    • Maybe like a one-trick pony? They just go on an on about the same thing and as Samantha was obsessed with sex and was seen sometimes without depth, it would grate after a while for some people.

  4. Cattrall’s had eclipse action in her natals this year: The 19 Nov 2021 lunar eclipse tightly opposed her Saturn. Also, the 26 May 2021 lunar eclipse was tightly conjunct her North Node. Ending some things and moving on was certainly part of her cosmic plan this year!

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