Romy Johnson – a free-spirited charmer

Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson, the Boris and Carrie number two baby, arrived at 9.02am on 9 December 2021. This gives her a 12th house Sun Mercury in Sagittarius square a 3rd house Neptune, which could sound shy and retiring and a behind-the-scenes type. But there’ll be nothing wishy washy about her temperament with Mars in ultra-determined Scorpio trine Neptune, sextile a sublimely seductively charming and manipulative Venus Pluto in her 1st.

  She’ll be a mover and shaker out in society with an 11th house Mars, keen on making money with Jupiter Saturn and an Aquarius Moon in her 2nd. Uranus in the 4th suggests an unsettled and constantly shifting childhood with no secure sense of base or roots (and ditto father.)

  She’ll be a dreamer with her Gemini Node in the 5th and escapist; a free-spirited wild child and headstrong.

  Carrie will be the controlling influence in her life with her Pluto falling in Romy’s 10th but her indulgent Venus in Taurus also falls in Romy’s 4th which will help provide a comfortable home life.

  Her chart is better put together than older brother Wilfred, 29 April 2020 9am London, who has a 10th house Neptune square Venus, a rebellious Sun Uranus square an 8th house Saturn; and a super-confident Jupiter Pluto opposition his Cancer Moon. In his chart mother, comes across as a drama queen and possessive, father as an erratic presence. Carrie’s Pluto opposes Wilf’s Sun Uranus which will be a battle of wills.

  The siblings will have a robust relationship since Romy’s Venus Pluto in Capricorn are conjunct Wilfred’s Jupiter Pluto so there will be  clash of personalities.

  What is intriguing is that in both of the children’s relationship charts with their father there is a resentful, chained-together-and-resenting-it composite Saturn square Pluto – on both sides. It does slightly suggest a railroaded Boris landed with yet more sproglings, he hadn’t reckoned on.  He’s certainly an unstable presence in both their lives with his Uranus Pluto on Wilf’s IC and Romy having Uranus in her 4th.  

8 thoughts on “Romy Johnson – a free-spirited charmer

  1. There’s news whether as this a natural birth or pushed through by BJ as a distraction because of his catastrophic leadership..?…If it’s the latter then the kid poor thing…is it healthy for a baby as it is forced out before its due?

    • Both children born around 9 am so there is a strong possibility that both were caesareans. Nothing much on their charts to indicate difficulties.

  2. Boris Johnson’s newborn daughter Romy sounds like she has a very interesting chart. She might grow up to be someone who helps make the world a better place.

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