USA 2022 – on the brink of a historic shift

The United States poised on the brink of a momentous Pluto Return is stumbling through a discombobulating transition from the wild west of the Trump years into Biden dullsville. What Jon Sopel, the BBC correspondent, described as four years of ‘a Bacchanalian orgy of stories, backbiting, sackings, leaks, fury and indignation, and chaos’; into ‘order, discipline, process and a chain of command.’ From ‘a daily fix of crack cocaine to a half of lemonade shandy once a week.’ For those who view politics as entertainment it has proved a never-to-be-admitted disappointment.

  The Biden Inauguration chart did not appear that bland with an explosive Mars Uranus square Sun Saturn. Though the full potential of that volatile mix may be to come. The pandemic has thrown a smokescreen over many political sinkholes though the low ratings of Biden and VP may be an indication of woes to come.

  On the USA chart tr Neptune will continue to square the US Mars for the final time mid January to mid February 2022 which usually brings a panicky sense of failure. Neptune will continue to oppose the US Neptune on and off all year, which will tug on the USA Mars, as well as a Jupiter midpoint, so the sinking feeling of all not being well will roll on.

  The Pluto Return kicks in from early February and runs on and off till late 2023. There can be events around the exact return – for example Stalin died on ancient Russia’s Pluto Return; and Spain saw the dictator Franco relinquish power on a Pluto Return; in Scotland the Jacobite rebellion was ruthlessly crushed on a Pluto Return in 1745. But on the whole it is a sign of a historic shift, part of a long process; and can bring either a surge to greatness or the opposite as an old superpower fades.

   What will help keep American spirits upbeat is Jupiter moving through Pisces trine the USA Venus, Jupiter in Cancer in January and then trine the Sun late February into March. These are mild influences but will boost morale en passant.

 Relations with Russia and Iran will be stressed, especially coincidentally during the exact Pluto Returns – February to mid March, late June to early August and mid December across the New Year into 2023. The relationship chart with Russia has a composite Mars at 27 Cancer and with Iran a composite Sun at 27 Aries – so there will be a considerable amount of aggravation and tension.  China less so which is reflected on Biden’s astrocartography which puts his assertive/aggressive Mars Descendant line through Moscow and Iran; with dither and indecision through China. (His birth time being sound that is.)

The chart of Biden’s Administration will be ruffled by the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses hitting on the Mars Uranus and there’ll be a few disappointments along the way. But it is  2023/2024 when the real problems blow up with the Solar Arc Saturn moving to square the Mars Uranus to exact; plus a punishing Saturn/Pluto midpoint.

  Biden’s personal chart will be mightily affected by the 2022 eclipses with his Mars in Scorpio catching the opposition from the late April Solar Eclipse; and his Sun, Venus, Mercury in Scorpio getting the same from the May Lunar Eclipse. Arguments will flare and he’ll be faced with rolling crises and mistakes. Indeed 2022 will start with setbacks as tr Saturn squares his Mars and in March there’s an insecure, jolting tr Uranus opposition his Mars. It’ll be a stress-testing time as he moves towards his 80th birthday in November 2022.

  His Solar Return from November 2021 for a year has a disruptive Mars opposition Uranus square Saturn which falls (birth time being accurate) in his 9th/3rd/1st which could point to foreign affairs arguments causing upset. I don’t put too much store on Solar Returns but his Returns covering 2023/24 look critical for health and career matters which will put questionmarks over whether he’ll stand again.

 The US Federal Reserve chart will also be rattled by the Eclipses hitting on its Mercury Moon and Sun in Scorpio through 2022. But it will be 2023/24 when it faces its greatest test with a devastating confidence meltdown as tr Pluto squares its Neptune.

  [For examples of other country’s previous Pluto Returns see  post October 16 2020.]

38 thoughts on “USA 2022 – on the brink of a historic shift

  1. US Media owned by Greedy Ol’ Plutocrats (GOP). Billionaires will fight to eviscerate Biden rather than pay taxes. Looks who owns MSM. Doesn’t include FB Zuckerberg. ATT owns @CNN showed it’s true values buying rightist propaganda machine @OANN. Jeff Zucker created the public persona Trump rode to the White House at NBC before taking over CNN. Both gave ulimited uncritical coverage of his entertaing white supremacist motivational tour. Zucker template is reality tv values = infotainment/conflict. Trmp got great ratings & M$M loved him/his ratings. He gave Billionaires & Corporations huge tax breaks. Biden wants to gover not entertain. Wants Corporations and uber-wealthy to pay taxes. US M$M doesn’t cover Global Warming bc FossilFuels Ad$$. Idolize “Moderate” JoeManchin, owned by fossil fuel industry. US pay more 4drugs. Dems want 2cut drug prices. DrugAd$$ huge profits for M$M. Kyrsten Sinema another reality tv narcissist works for BigPharma. MediaMilitaryIndustrialComplex pissed Biden pulled out of Afghanistan. MMIC made 7.2 trillion on “Wars on Terror” Afghan/Iraq fiascos. Pluto opposite Mercury in Natal US chart activate. Plutocrats have kept working class divided by racial animus. Zuckerberg and Zucker know this. FB inflames racial hate. NBC/CNN ignore new Jim Crow disenfranchisement of Blacks. Destroying democracy with gerrymandering andvoter suppression. GOP states taking over local elections in swing states. GA AZ FL & trying to in PA WI MI. Media’s anti-Biden. Relentless narrative that Dems can’t govern. Don’t fight back against GOP lies. Think Pluto Mercury opposition and Plutocrats control of M$M core to question does American democracy survive.

  2. The US midterm election on November 8,2022 has a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, and exactly conjuncts Uranus, which squares Saturn. I don’t believe the outcome of that election will be expected!! Remember the 2016 election when everyone and the polls assumed Hilary would win. Uranus was prominent on that day too.

  3. According to elsewhere, apparently the Astro for Biden and Harris seem fairly positive in the last quarter of 2022, so I’m taking some optimism from this. Doubt this would be the case had the GOP pulled off a repeat of the 2010 midterm trouncing of the Dems.
    I suspect Dems will at least keep the Senate; hopefully.

  4. Agreed with Patricj, dull is better than autocracy, especially when there are solid efforts to improve conditions for the populace at large. Good defense can be quite sexy. Considering the ecosystem is tottering on the brink, we all have plenty to worry about. Unfortunately there is no natal chart of our planet to examine.

  5. Thank you as always, Marjorie, for the annual overviews.

    Apart from the big ones (US, UK, EU, China and Russia), could I request you to have a look at India, the Middle East (on how the change away from oil will impact it) and Australia (as China turns its gaze to Australiasia) as well please?

  6. In the UK, Pluto seems to be very much connected with ‘racial’ violence – it seems to be a good predictor of ‘inner city riots’.
    I expect the same to be true in the USA.

  7. But there is also the suspicion that US journalistic establishment is giving Biden a free ride as compared to Trump, as some sort of over compensation.
    For example, if the Afghan debacle had occurred under Trump’s watch, he would have been crucified. As it happens, Biden got off scot free from the USA’s biggest and most public military humiliation in its long history.

    • Actually, US media coverage of Biden has been similar to and sometimes quite worse than for his predecessor, according to an artificial intelligence analysis conducted by a data analytics firm, as reported by Dana Millbank of the Washington Post (see 3 Dec 2021). “After a honeymoon of slightly positive coverage in the first three months of the year, Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as — and for a time worse than — the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020.” This despite the litany of bad acts by Trump pretty much every single day of his term and since, including inciting an insurrection.

  8. Voting rights may be the next big thing, given that 19 states have now passed laws that will make it harder? Currently students on hunger strike over it.

    Quite worrying that these laws potentially shaping these states to be a ‘one horse town’ and attack what’s left of Democracy. Most likely gonna hit the Dems most, and what if more states follow suit. I wonder if it will ever be a thing for states to consider breaking away from Federal govt?

    • States ceding from the union would have a massive fight against them. In the 1700’s, it was possible. Not in the 21st century. Besides, they’d be isolated from the Fed pork barrels. Easier to have the “elected” officials to be represented by GOP candidates.

      • The thing about Pluto Returns (and Marjorie has written a couple of wonderful articles about them in the past; check them in the archives) is that they knock out the very foundations of the country/entity or at the very least, knock out most of the structure which needs to be rebuilt again.

        That is to say that the US (and France in another decade) will have an existensial crisis and will have to reimagine itself.

        I personally would not put it past a possible breakup of the US or at the very least, a looser confederation (I know that is a poisoned word in US politics,but I mean it in a neutral political term, not a referenced to the losing side of the US Civil War) rather than a Union, let alone a more perfect Union.

        • A looser confederation. Suggesting a total re-write of the Constitution? Not far-fetched at all. I’ve had conversations with business people in Europe who are amazed that the US has remained largely intact for so long.

          Was watching a political analysis on CNN earlier – retired generals strongly suggesting that preparations be taken – now – to prevent another coup attempt following 2024 elections.

        • Finished reading some brief articles on how & why France evolved into its Fifth Republic. Come 2024, if the GOP drags the country into a coup-lead overthrow, another republic could come from the ashes. But with so much focus on firearms ownership, would anyone be left alive to vote on a new constitution?

          Hence, China and Russia could step-in to occupy under their own vision of peace. More conspiracy theories 😉

          • France of course went through five republics, three Kingdoms (including the Ancien Regime), two Empires and one Etat/State (not counting the Directory and Consulship in the immediate aftermath of the Revolution) and all that before a single Pluto Return.
            Another way to look at it is that all the above changes happened in the lifetime of the current US Constitution.

          • Unmystic Mom: I suspect the National Razor helped expedite change in a way unlike others. La guillotine, widow, Madame Guillotine. A rose by any other name 😉

            Here are some other nicknames… “”

      • I’m not so sure. States in the Northeast are quite fed up funding red states like West Virginia and Kentucky who are raking in far more than they contribute. Fact is, these blue states: Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York are the states that keep the government solvent, their taxpayers contribute more than they get back. All receive 83 cents in federal spending for every dollar they contribute. Kentucky receives $2.35 for every $1 it sends to the federal government. Four states in the Northeast produce almost 17 % of all federal receipts, despite being home to just 11.8 percent of the U.S. population and states like California pretty much feel the same way. I can’t see how long minority rule is sustainable under the current political climate. Especially with Covid and climate change disasters where red state Senators deny funding to blue states which was the case for the recent New York floods vs the Kentucky tornados disasters. Blue states are not getting politically what they voted for yet they foot the bill. During Covid 2020 these The 10th Amendment has always been subject to a variety of interpretations, leading to dramatic shifts in the balance of power between the states and the federal government. Northeastern states already formed a close working relationship, while it won’t be a revolution, I can definitely see a move toward a restructuring of the country in the near future.

        • We Californians are also fed up, especially with the Trumpian south, notably Texas and Florida, doing their best to destroy everything we care about. And we’re also sick of the generous support of red states to our detriment.

          • Yes I included California , 5th largest economy in the world, in the list of states being fed up. and red states voted against federal aid to help CA with its natural disasters. Like the NE, I can see states on the west coast banning together to create a separate alliance too. For CA the electoral college is especially unfair, as is the 2 senators per state representation, a recipe for minority domination.

  9. The midterm elections are in November 2022. I’d say the chart for that month, sadly, cements the Republicans taking over at least one house of Congress making 2023 and 2024 extraordinarily challenging for the country an leading up to the 2024 presidential election. As an American, I feel terrified.

    • Quite likely. But there’s no guarantee he’ll long survive following. The Dems have no one obvious preened as a Biden substitute, at this time. Doubt that Harris would be accepted by the populace. Which leads the US to facing Trump or a GOP Trump-substitute.

      If a social collapse kicks in, we’d be faced with drug gangs from Central America, lead by MS-13? Who can say?

      All makes for an interesting sci-fi future apocalypse. Kick back with the Jiffy-pop and Fanta.

      • Well, with the sacrosanct 2nd Amendment, it will be fun and games.

        And in the meanwhile, Russia will likely try to get access to the US nukes.

        Hold on, that is beginning to sound like Pakistan…

  10. The Biden Administration “dullsville”?

    Your uninformed post doesn’t even include a mention of the upcoming mid-term elections in the US, on the year of their Pluto Return. Nor their fight against white supremacists, gerrymandering issues which could allow the Republicans to steal the House and/or Senate next year, the upcoming abortion fight in the Supreme Court.

    Good news, though, that in the last week, some key Trump folks look more set to do jail time for creating havoc last January 6th. But guess none of this has enough sex appeal for you. Sigh. Joe Biden is so very dull!

    A sorry toss-off, this post was, analytically.

    • The key Trump folk could be getting pardons on the first day of the next Trump/Trump-surrogate presidency.

      Also, the “year of the Pluto Return” would likely be 2024 (1776 + 248 years). That next presidential election would be “lit”.

  11. Dull is much better than fascism. Jobless claims are very low and wages are going up. There have been 2 bills passed that will benefit poor and middle class. The January 6 committee has received cooperation and quite a treasure of information linking higher ups to the coup attempt.

    • Pluto conjunct VenusRx opposite tRmps natal Venus could bring him down. He’s cheated over valuing his property for loans, and undervaluing when paying taxes. Hopeful E. Jean Carroll case preceeds and he’s forced to give a DNA sample. How Plutonic if a her black Donna Karan coat dress proves he’s a rapist. Hiding money from IRS and DNA evidence of rape just 2 of legal preceedings against him. Pluto has just transited Garland’s natal Mars. Praying he’ll rise to challenge and go after tRmp for his January 6th coup attempt. Maybe US will start going after corporate and corruption in government. Think partisan stench of SCOTUS will overturn Roe. Will women rise up. Think Black Moon Lilith and Eris may be in the fight. Read an article comparing E.Jean Carroll to Eris. Could be the Phoenix rising from the ashes. But expect more t turmoil and death. The Phoenix has to die before she rises.

  12. Great post! Will you consider doing a reading on the US federal reserve stopping QE in March 2022 and its impact on stock market in 2022-2025 going forward. Many astrologers are predicting total mkt collapse for housing, stocks, cryptos in 2026-2027. One said starting 2028, we’ll experience American revolution 2.0. Then a depression kicks in between 2030-2032 :(!

  13. Thank you Marjorie, November 2022 may be a difficult time and a time when others may take advantage. That Mars line also hits Oman and its possible gateway plans may be a challenge to Chinese interests or even at sea or under it may also be areas to watch.

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