David Frost – flounces off into the fog

The surprise departure of David Frost, the UK Brexit negotiator won’t cause any tears in the EU given his truculent rhetoric and bullying tactics. Though it will add to Boris Johnson’s woes as his ship lists badly with one calamity after another. A right-winger, Frost has gone he said because he was concerned about covid curbs and high taxation policies. He leaves the intractable Northern Ireland protocol issue unresolved.

  His relationship with Johnson has been under pressure for some time with tr Pluto square the Mercury Venus. What was always noteworthy was the approaching tr Pluto opposition their composite Mars from March 2022 onwards, on and off till late 2023. This suggests the mood between them will worsen considerably with rancour and bitterness surfacing in public.

  Frost, 21 February 1965, was another of Boris’s odd choices for best buddy with a Pisces Sun Saturn Mercury clashing badly with Boris’s Mutable T Square of Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Mars. And Frost also has a volatile Mars Pluto Uranus in Virgo, leading him to be dubbed ‘the nightclub bouncer.’

  Frost looks dismayed in 2022 with the tr Neptune opposing his Mars from mid April onwards bringing a sense of failure so clearly what he hopes for isn’t coming anytime soon.

  There’s an uncomfortable sense in the UK of similarities with the USA with the ultra-right wing being more visible and holding more sway than was usual in the past – and often running against the views of the great silent majority.

   A recent report found that the British public do not share the government’s appetite for perpetual conflict with the EU and more people see the bloc as a key future partner than the US.

3 thoughts on “David Frost – flounces off into the fog

  1. Another astrologer I read quite often has said that the EU will not exist in a few years time and that a new type of collaboration between those nations will come to exist and the UK will be a part of those new relationships…we shall see.
    Marjorie, I am wondering if it might not be better to stop looking at Boris’ chart in relation to his cabinet and just go straight to Carrie’s (haha!). I find David Frost’s words slightly — but not too much — veiled.

  2. Cameron was scared to death of the leaching of electoral support from the Tory right towards Farage and his goons. In an effort to ‘ settle the matter’ once and for all he initiated the Brexit vote. He also nearly destroyed the UK union by allowing a Referendum in Scotland which was not far off another disaster imo. A supernaturally dim and entitled walloper, in good company with his equally useless successors. Our country is in a parlous state, Marjorie’s overview very sobering.

  3. When David Cameron went to the EU to talk about the lopsided animal the EU had become he was patted on the head and told to ‘go home old boy and keep paying the money’ he crept back with his tale between his legs and negated his responsibility by putting the onus on the UK public to make the decisions for him – resulting in the referendum with such a tight result (as we were all too well aware). which should have been classed as a null and void result without a clear majority of at least 6 points

    This was a golden opportunity missed to get the EU community together to bravely move on from the bogged down, unelected quangos et al to the bring the EU into the 21st century. We would have benefited from a strong community which included the UK still in the EU but under a much slimmed down version without the straight jacket control which harmed all in the end (and continues to do so)

    Marjorie has already outlined in her posts the disenchantment and possible defragmentation of the EU as it is now – Pluto has not finished with upheaval, especially as it is moving towards the anaretic degree in Capricorn and the ongoing Saturn Uranus square will be in force for months to come, along with Mars making a prolonged stay in Gemini although Mars does not get to sqaure Neptune until March 2023, when Pluton is exactly on 29 degrees of Capricorn, so the light at the end of the tunnel is very faint. However, these aspects will break up far more than the EU – interesting times we live in indeed.

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