UK – flying through turbulence

The UK is blundering into 2022 hoping for the best but not quite grasping that life-as-we-knew-it won’t return for a while – and not all of it will be the pandemic. With such a fixed chart the country is designed for endurance and continuing along the same track. Uranus, bringer of thunderbolts and lightning, planet of sudden change and disruptor of the status quo, was always going to toss stability and sameness up in the air for several years as it jolted its way round the UK’s Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo planets from 2021 to mid 2024.

  Uranus started its white-knuckle ride in spring 2021 and has intensified this month with the key UK 8th house Mars being battered and bruised by tr Uranus conjunct all month; with the tr Saturn square in the final week of this month raising the tensions further.  The 8th house rules financial matters, so economic glitches of considerable proportions will be part of the result. It is also emotional and points to a hidden, slow-burning anger, so the depths of the UK’s psyche are being shaken up.

  Tr Uranus will return for a final conjunction to Mars through February to mid March.

  But this is only for starters since the UK 5th house investment-ruling 5th house financial Venus and Neptune in the UK 2nd house of personal money are also in for the dampening, deflating effect of tr Saturn in hard aspect from late January to early February, late February to early March and October to mid November 2022. Tr Uranus will square the UK Venus through May, again in December 2022; and oppose the UK Neptune July to mid October.  Both of these Uranus hard aspects linger into early 2023 and it will be spring 2024 before it clears the UK Saturn in Leo, which latter could bring changes to the legislature as well as future prospects. This coming October will be anxiety-provoking and uncertain economically.

   All of these influences are part and parcel of tr Uranus moving through the UK’s 8th house until 2027 which will bring  a roller coaster economic ride but will also trigger a deeper transformation in the country’s sense of self.

  Which isn’t to herald the end of times since Uranus comes round every 84 years so the UK has lived through it twice before and survived. It doesn’t necessarily suggest the pandemic will last for ever but the economic fall out of the lockdowns and the Brexit hit have yet to be fully recognised.

  The late April 2022 Taurus Solar Eclipse will also impact the UK Mars which could trigger a flurry of arguments, protests and may accompany major accidents.

  What’s to be cheerful about?  The empowering, morale-boosting Jupiter/Pluto midpoint will get a lift from tr Uranus mid June to early July, mid October to mid November and April 2023 – which may be sporting triumphs.

  The pervasive sense of moving away from a past that is no longer relevant is partly the result of tr Pluto moving through the UK 4th house since 2012 which is when the seeds of Brexit were sown by the EU’s intransigence in the face of David Cameron’s pleas. It rolls on for the rest of this decade, bringing a slow transformation of internal identity and the foundations on which the UK rests.

   Tr Saturn is moving through the UK 5th house until February 2024 which won’t make for a light-hearted, party mood; though Jupiter from early 2023 through the UK 7th may help; and better news on the financial front, at least in small ways, will come courtesy of Jupiter through the UK 8th from June 2023 for a year.

  Although the Bank of England chart hints at a truly difficult economic patch in 2023/24 with a trapped, scary tr Pluto trine Mars in 2023/24; an uncertain, worrisome tr Neptune square Saturn in 2024 along with a discouraging slog from Solar Arc Pluto opposition the Saturn; and a jolting Solar Arc Uranus square its Sun.  This may well be the knock on from a global hiccup since other central banks look agitated as well. See previous post 10 September 2021.

  There is a risk in the present climate of confused panic to catastrophise and imagine the worst. It won’t be comfortable but it won’t be terminal. Change is never easy for individuals with heavy concentrations of Fixed planets and it is even more so for a country. This is the breaking-eggs stage of making the new omelette which will take several years but a new day will dawn down the road. Transitions always involve a step backwards before progress comes. Worth remembering in personal turnarounds.    

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  1. I believe the Queen was heard to voice her concern that none of the politicians or their parties know how to govern. This was voiced some years ago, I believe in David Cameron’s time. But it could have equally been said in previous years and those following. I would, myself prefer each party to stop using the fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as a handbook for pc behaviour. It would be nice if they just got on with their jobs. And I would appreciate it no end, that if “saving the NHS,” meant making it more robust instead of incarcerating us at home!

  2. Is it true that the 8th house also rules politics? There is a sense that the UK’s Parliament has become stale. Our politicians are also out of touch with actually Governing, as they have been able to hide behind the EU for over 40 years. Uranus is shining a light on how partisan our Political Parties are and many are beginning to feel trapped. The Parties appear more about themselves and their ideologies; rather than the voters. The 5th house means creation and children – some voters are getting really fed up with being hampered and not being able to be creative abroad. Venus can also mean the arts, which is now curtailed from travelling and performing. We are being treated like children. It is not only the young, which loosely could signify the 5th house, the older generation have fallen out of love (5th house) with Boris Johnson. I didn’t vote for Brexit, but many of my age did. Many people I know are regretting believing in him and find him not fit for purpose. This is also echoes Saturn moving through the 5th house. Saturn through the 5th house could also mean new Laws regarding children and social services. The recent very sad spat of young innocent children being so cruelly treated, is bringing to the fore, how bad our Social Care and children provisions are. Not much love is shown. In many ways the country is learning to be more responsible for our own again. The EU masqueraded a laziness in our Politician’s – perhaps the voters have really had enough?

      • It could be interesting to look at the founding date for parliament, Magna Carta, 20 June 1215 (JC). It has Pluto at 20 Leo, which will have transiting Saturn in opposition next year. Transiting Neptune and Jupiter will conjunct the Mars in Pisces, opposing Saturn in Virgo. Magna Carta’s legal Jupiter is also in Pisces, receiving a return. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction next year is 23 Pisces, only a degree away from the Mars/Saturn opposition too. These could just indicate more argy-bargy, scandals, and so on. But it does suggest the possibility of new legislation governing what goes on there, or at least the possibility of changes.
        Perhaps if they all had to move out for a while so that essential renovations can be done on the building, this could prompt other changes? It’s so Harry Potter’s Hogwarts inside that building, I do not know how anyone stays sane or focused for long!

      • This is correct according to the references I have. Government and politcal STRUCTURE is 10th, but politics itself and political IDEALS fall under 11th.

  3. The UK had already had several special arrangements with the EU unavailable to other countries.
    The EU was not intransigent and Cameron lacked the calibre to face down the eurosceptics in his party.
    Only now are some people in the UK realising the lies that were told to get the No vote which has set the UK rolling off the cliff

    • I very much agree. The UK was always pleading special treatment. The Eurosceptics are now running the UK, and are running it into the ground. I wonder if the ERG has a chart to glean some information from.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    Would you be able to add to this post to look at Scotland and Northern Ireland particularly, especially given that Northern Ireland (and the Republic) celebrate 100 years next year as well.

    How closely aligned are the charts for Northern Ireland and Ireland, given that they were born a day apart (not dissimilar to India and Pakistan)?

  5. thanks for this majorie. i have been wondering how much of a wrecking ball 2022 will be to the UK as there seems to be raging fires on all fronts (threat to democracy via draconian policies, covid as a health issue, covid made worse by deep-seated poverty etc). I imagine Boris will limp on until May 2022 and the party will have to reset itself with someone new in time for GE. However, its increasingly clear that the hard-right of the party is having a much bigger influence, that his departure will just usher in someone just as paranoid/ruthless and slightly more competent than him.

    Once again the UK suffers to quell party-infighting than getting a solid vision that helps the many in this country, not the few.

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