Liz Truss – dreaming of a crown

Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, has been named as Frost’s replacement as UK’s Brexit negotiator, on top of her other duties. This either consolidates her power-base or hands her the poisoned chalice of a no-win wrangle ahead along with such a punishing workload that she’ll be less of a threat to Boris’s leadership.

  A former employee talked of her ‘unashamed ambition’ and described her as a ‘rottweiler.’ A friends joked “The only difference between Liz when she gets an issue between her teeth and a rottweiler is that the rottweiler will eventually let go.” She reportedly has the methodical mindset of a mathematician, would study data and come up with logical, pragmatic solutions. She was a Remainer but her free-market, small state, libertarian post- Brexit view has made her a favourite with the party grassroots.

She is credited with the £10 billion trade deal signed with Australia last week though questions are being asked about how much its impact has been puffed up.

  Born 26 July 1975 Oxford, no birth time, she went to a comprehensive school, then Oxford University, worked as an accountant though was aiming for politics out of university. She was the youngest woman ever to be appointed to cabinet, the first female lord chancellor and justice secretary and now UK’s first female Tory foreign secretary.

  She has an attention-seeking Leo Sun trine Neptune and sextile Pluto giving her stratospheric ambitions. It is backed up by an executive-ability focal point Saturn Mercury in Cancer square a lucky and risk-taking Jupiter in Aries opposition Uranus. Such a Saturn is a good organizer though can be domineering and doubles up on the driving determination to succeed. She also has Mars in doggedly stubborn Taurus. Her Moon is Pisces probably opposition Venus in hard-working Virgo square Neptune. Such a Neptune can be disorganized, absent-minded and escapist which will pull against her ramrod-rigid Saturn.

   For someone who has just been handed a starring role she’s not looking too happy. Admittedly she has a ‘lucky break’ tr Uranus square her Jupiter/Node midpoint this month but she’s also got a catastrophic tr Neptune square Mars/Saturn now till mid January. Plus a panicky Solar Arc Neptune opposition her Saturn around now – and that brings together the two major configurations in her chart which usually points to a longish phase of crises. 2022 has some ups in January followed by calamitous downs.

  She is facing another Sun Leo in Maros Sefcovic, the EU negotiator, 24 July 1966. It will be an easier relationship for him than Frost whose rambunctious Mars opposed his Saturn but that isn’t saying much and there will be a good deal of suspicion and uncertainty ahead.

 Her relationship with Boris is uneasy at the best of time since their ambitions are at cross purposes so ego-clashes are inevitable. They may muddle through an edgy February and it is mid April onwards when the real downward slide starts – though that may be because the government ship is listing badly or Boris is in even more trouble.  

  Her decidedly regal Christmas card is so very Leo.

18 thoughts on “Liz Truss – dreaming of a crown

  1. I disagree as America decided to stick its oar in with everything to do with Northern Ireland, even to the point where they back the EU over things that they would never tolerate in their own country.

    But I was attempting to inject some form of humour as to what LT could bring to the party that would be something fresh and new to the talks, that don’t look to me as ever being resolved. And indeed it seems to suit some, that it never should be.

  2. While I think it is childish of Frost to resign: I have pondered what Liz Truss might bring to the table that would be different., Inasmuch that this is completely radical, even for me . Why not offer the USA Northern Ireland on a plate? After all the UK has past form of offering British territories to the United States to use as military bases. And while I don’t expect the native population to be kicked out and left adrift, as has previously happened to the local inhabitants of such places, it would go to immeasurably solving our problems in one fell swoop, and make Biden incredibly popular with the Irish Americans, who would be looking to unite the whole of Ireland by making it the 51st state. Plus .America can spend the next 25 years arguing semantics with the EU, while we can just get on with things. Merry Christmas to All; and to all a good night!

    • Well, as the situation in Northern Ireland is entirely of our own making it wouldn’t be fair to inflict it on another country now would it Linda?

  3. Interesting that the NZ Prime Minister also has 26 July as her birthday but born in 1980. Her second term has seen her popularity take a dive with broken promises, secrecy and a seemingly blind eye to those that question her narrative. She was president of the International Union of Socialist Youth and worked under Tony Blair in her earlier years.

    There seems to be a lot more to this woman than meets the eye and it certainly doesn’t look pretty.

  4. Hi Marjorie, I am relatively new to your website. Have been hooked to your predictions now. I read couple of articles regarding Boris Johnson and UK. You mentioned about December turmoil in Johnson’s Term chart. Can’t believe it’s coming true now! For some reason I see Liz Truss becoming the next PM after Johnson. It’s unbelievable how path for her is getting cleared so smoothly, without her making much effort. Seems like work of destiny!

  5. My eye is drawn to the mutable t-square of Venus, Moon, Neptune – all the typically feminine planets. Wondering how that expresses itself or if it’s completely repressed by all the cardinal and saturn-connected planets. Obviously if houses were accurate it might explain.

    Noting she’s got a nodal half-return coming up. Might be a turning point

  6. Awful woman. Cares more for money and status than she does for people, as do many of her colleagues in this shables of a Government. By the looks of this chart, she’s more than capable of blatant lies…

  7. I think I read somewhere that she was originally a socialist from a labour voting family and changed after university. I do always find that kind of volte-face fascinating. Is it reflected in her chart?

  8. I believe Boris has set Truss up to fail. This may backfire on him if she does comparatively well in negotiating with the EU, but it is far from certain that she’ll make significant progress. Should she be lacklustre, which I think is more probable, she may end up being one less leadership contender once Boris is truly under threat.

    • That’s weirdly what the chart looks like, doesn’t it? Pluto in Capricorn being the “executive ability” here, though, working through Truss’s natal T-square, she also looks to my eye like she could just as easily be an agent of fate or destiny. More bad times for Boris Johnson.

    • Well that’s deja vu, isn’t it? As May did the same with Johnson and see how well that worked out! I remember reading years ago that the Tories put Johnson up for London Mayor to sideline him. The only Tory I can really remember who didn’t succeed in his burning ambition to become PM was Heseltine.

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