EU – in the eye of the storm

The EU is in the thick of escalating economic problems with the tectonic plates under its stability shifting. The tr Uranus square tr Saturn is hammering away at its 8th house Taurus Moon and 11th house Uranus and its Solar Arc Mars exactly now. This runs in jolts and jangles throughout this month with increasing gloom in the final days over the New Year and tr Uranus returns for a final upset through February into the middle of March.

   There will be an almighty push to rebuild confidence as tr Pluto squares the EU Jupiter from early March onwards, which runs on and off till late 2023. But since that Jupiter is conjunct an overly hopeful Neptune, the coming years may see recurring attempts at uplift running into sharp disappointments.

  Then Uranus moves on to square the financial 5th house Venus from mid May, on and off into January 2023, which will throw economic calculations off track. Added onto which the Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct the EU Sun, exact in nine months which is always a damp squib and undermining.

  It’ll be an edgy, insecure and disruptive year ahead.

  On internal relations with the other major countries. There’ll be upsets and hints of a major turnaround of relations with France this year but substantial ruptures won’t come till 2023. Which doesn’t mean a Frexit but it will mean a jockeying for the power to make radical changes with France rocking the boat.

  German relations with the EU look highly confused in 2022 but again it will be 2023 and on before there are major ructions, with the years between 2023 and 2026 being exceptionally fraught.

 Italy looks disillusioned and discouraged by EU events this year with tensions erupting but it will be 2024/25 when the real aggro breaks out.

  Hungary (1989) oddly will be less affected, still ratty through 2022 and concerned in 2024. But neither they nor Poland (1989) look to be carrying through their threats to walk out. Although their accession chart of 1 May 2004 looks exceptionally droopy and discontented 2021 to 2024.

I wouldn’t have thought (but may of course be wrong) that any of what lies ahead for several years looks terminal to its existence.

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  1. Why not use the 1992 Maastricht chart – which marks the foundation of the ‘EU’ as we know it – the supranational federalist superstate – rather than the 1957 Treaty of Rome chart, which signifies the EEC, apparently a different entity being more in the way of a trade pact?
    Surely, as regarding ‘political, monetary and economic’ union, the 1992 chart is the key chart, the 1957 iteration of the ‘European Economic Community’ being a different animal entirely.

    • A birth is a birth. The older charts are usually the best. Maastricht came into operation on 1 November 1993 – and that chart looks highly stressed in 2023/24 with internal ructions and ‘neighbourly’ problems; with more challenges of a fairly extreme kind 2027 to 2023. But it has lived through similar before when tr Uranus tr Neptune were moving through Aquarius. It’s a very Fixed and enduring chart so won’t disintegrate easily.

  2. Like Andre, I don’t agree with Neptune getting such a fragile press. For starters the arts are so amazingly healing both for individuals and globally. Don’t we need more Neptune rather than less?

    • It might be that, collectively, we simply need much more of the artistic and musical qualities of Venus? She is the so-called lower octave of Neptune, and perhaps more accessible than many of Neptune’s positive qualities, which can be difficult to pin down. And a big celestial helping of the imagination, sensitivity, and emotion of the Moon on the side! I have several positive Neptune aspects natally, but honestly, it really can be a very slippery customer in transit and does seem to manifest in some very strange ways sometimes. This usually makes me smile, a bit.

  3. Marjorie, I recognize 2023/2024 and beyond being critical years for collective as many countries will seem to be facing huge ruptures at that time. Something, or someone, big is coming. It feels like the entire world is on the brink of a historic shift.

  4. So interesting, thank you! I noticed that April’s solar eclipse will be 10 Taurus, conjunct the EU Moon in the financial 8th house. Certainly that looks like a jolt.
    I was wondering about the effects, too, of the collapse of the Turkish lira that’s ongoing at the moment. The EU is a major trading partner with Turkey, if their economy continues to dive, which seems inevitable, then Turkey will be buying fewer goods from the EU.
    What’s more, about 20% of Turkish debt is owed to European banks. About $40 billion to French banks, for example. And then there are all the refugees in Turkey that the EU has paid them to house. Come an economic collapse, many of them will have to leave I would think. That might be symbolised by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction next spring?

  5. The EU is at its best in a crisis. Always squabbling during calm waters but somehow managing to pull together when threatened by external events, as shown by Brexit itself and more recently by Lukasjenko’s attempts to undermine EU migrant policy. Under heavy pressure the EU came together to take a stance which has led to his intrigues mightily backfiring on him. Of course there will be struggles and shifts in the balance of power, but I don’t think it will crumble anytime soon. There is just too much at stake and too many hostile external players just looking for the opportunity to sink the boat so that they can become the dominant force in the world. And no one in the EU wants to succumb to that. We stand together, or we fall together.

    • The EU should cooperate in areas of common interest and let individual countries be themselves in other areas. But power to be don’t want that to happen. That might cause problems in the long run(and possibly that is what we are seeing now)

      • That is the idea Sounh! However national governments (as the UK do/did) use the EU to hide behind when they need to get unpopular measures implemented. So the EU always gets a bad press. But for all that, when push comes to shove, the benefit of staying together and working together for a common good (generally!) outweighs the illusion of supposed freedom. Brexit has provided a vivid example of what could await them should they choose the latter and none has so far thought it worth pursuing.

  6. Again I see that Neptune is the most maligned and misunderstood planet. It’s hard to read a positive word about it. I just had to notice because it is a wonderful part of my existence.

    • It’s positive where creativity, vision and idealism, as well as compassion(sometimes) and healing are concerned. Less useful when it comes to the nuts and bolts of making governments or finances run well.

  7. Quote: “I wouldn’t have thought (but may of course be wrong) that any of what lies ahead for several years looks terminal to its existence.”
    The EU is collapsing on a daily basis in the UK press, and in the UK press alone.
    Most people living in the EU are actually quite indifferent about its existence, happy with some of the opportunities it offers for research, cultural exchange, cooperation and easy traveling, less content with the bureaucracy and slow decision making.
    One upside of Brexit is the increased awareness of the importance of the EU.

    • I suspect EU’s major problems will come down to money. aka EURO. For example, if the inflation maintains its upward trend even for a the next 2-3 years, Germany may not be happy with low interest rates. Any rise in interest rates will impact countries with high borrowing. Problems with money will be exploited by the right wing. After Brexit people do not want to leave EU-which means more trouble from within rather than exits (The paragraph in the article that refers to Frexit, say).
      So EU has to and will change substantially.

        • The countries can get together and cooperation is possible if money related problems ( read, euro related) don’t get in the way. In my (non astrological) opinion. The more the people are tied together with money, the more issues in store for the future (and the future is here). EU is at this critical juncture that they need to take decisive action on the way forward.. kicking the can down the road (especially on euro) is no longer a viable option.
          If the goal is the existence of the EU, we are in the best of places. But, if the goal is to have a EU structure that will benefit the people and the world, decisive action for change needs to be made. More integration may not be necessary to go in that direction, but more sustainable cooperation is.
          For example, an entire village can live in a community hall, sharing all the individual resources including a common bank account and have a great existence. Or they can live independently in their own houses with their own bank accounts, and share resources and help each other out in times of need, and each household has the backing and clout of the others when dealing with external parties. The former is ideal and best, the latter is more practical and sustainable.

        • If finance/currency are the *only* thing holding a group/family together, they will very likely split after a torrid time together.
          There will need to be more to the EU than just the Euro pulling them together.

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