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  1. I just saw the movie about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. They were the pioneers of tv sitcom and later produced other iconic series. Despite a tempestuous marriage they remained close after their divorce. Any thoughts on the two of them and maybe the actors who played them?

  2. There’s a new mom-based, right-wing, anti-vaxxer, anti-CPR, anti-mask movement in Florida.

    Moms for Liberty – they are “fighting for the survival of America”

    “https://www.momsforliberty.org/about/” with the co-founders displaying their lily-white perfect teeth behind perfect smiles.

    “The organization has campaigned against COVID-19 restrictions in schools, including mask and vaccine mandates, and against school curriculums that mention LGBT rights, race, and discrimination, and multiple chapters have campaigned to ban from school libraries books that address gender and sexuality issues. ”


    Co-founded in January 2021 by former school board members Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice, in Melbourne, FL. The organization has been described as conservative and far-right. Moms for Liberty was criticized for offering a bounty to members of the public who “caught” teachers introducing texts or lessons in violation of New Hampshire’s new law restricting discussions of race in school classrooms. On November 10, 2021, the New Hampshire Department of Education announced a website questionnaire to make it easier for the public to help enforce the law. A couple of days later, the New Hampshire Moms for Liberty chapter offered a monetary reward for doing so, tweeting: “We’ve got $500 for the person that first successfully catches a public school teacher breaking this law”.

    Another nutcase group based in covid-central Florida? Where/when will the insanity end…?


  3. Hello Marjorie. What is your impression of Jazz Jennings? The young TLC star has seen a lot of weight gain recently, with the family appearing to bully rather than support.

  4. Hello Marjorie – I’m not sure whether you’ve tackled venus retrograde before as I only found your site since the Gemini VR in 2020.

    What is your wisdom and experiences on them? Anything special for this upcoming Capricorn one?

    Hoping you can add something beyond the standard warnings about be wary of starting a new relationship / buying new stuff / getting cosmetic surgery etc.

  5. Hi. Would you please look at charts of actors involved with the Sex and the City reboot?
    Sarah Jessica Parker seems like a classic Aries, with so many skills and endeavors: singer (young Broadway star), actor, fashion designer, vintner (award winning) and has been known to work at her own shoe store.
    Interestingly -by Hollywood standards, she has been in a committed marriage—long-term.

    But the tone of the SATC sequel seems so off. I think Kim Cattrall was wise to not be involved.
    The characters are all still so materialistic even post-Covid.
    This could be due to the head writer, Michael Patrick King. In interviews, he name drops brand names and designers.

    Thank you.

    • Also maybe look at Chris Noth (aka “Big” on Sex and the City, among other TV series). He is being accused of sexual assaults from years ago, which he has denied.

  6. hi marjorie

    are you able to look at the chart of writer, bell hooks? she sadly passed away yesterday. She made a huge impact on black feminism with her writing. RIP.

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