Nicola Sturgeon sworn in – confident though needing focus

Nicola Sturgeon was sworn in to the new session of the Scottish Parliament just after 9.30am this morning (anyone with an exact time, gratefully received). This gives the confident, upbeat Earth Grand Trine of Venus Mercury (Sun) in Taurus trine Pluto trine Jupiter – so could be good for business. Though, of course, it forms into a Kite focussed on Neptune from the opposition to Jupiter, which is less wonderful for politics – well-intentioned, impractical, evasive. There’s also a scattered, bad-tempered Mutable T square from that opposition onto Saturn Mars in Sagittarius. So high levels of nervous energy but needs discipline, focus and direction.

A showy Leo Moon is trine Mars Saturn – so again emotional aggravations.


Chilcot Inquiry – verbose but maybe a surprise or two

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War is finally, finally to have its findings unveiled on July 6th. Given that it kicked off in 2009 with the head-in-the-clouds, over-abundance-of-false-hope Jupiter Neptune conjunction; with a painstakingly meticulous Saturn in Virgo, maybe it isn’t surprising it has taken so long – and cost so much!

The launch chart assuming 12am has a scholarly 9th house Saturn in Sagittarius in the legal 9th square Neptune opposition Jupiter North Node so it’s likely to be immensely detailed. At 2.6 million words which is the length of 25 thrillers it’ll take time to absorb. There’s also a Pluto opposition Sun Mercury Venus square Uranus – so it might just throw up the odd surprise, but will certainly generate intense reactions.

Gossip has it (which may be wrong) that the blame may be spread more widely than just the politicians – Blair, Straw, Hoon etc; but also target the Intelligence Chiefs – Scarlett and Dearlove; and the military top brass who allowed themselves to be dragooned into a war for which they were not prepared – Mike Jackson, Nick Houghton.

John Chilcot himself looks acutely frustrated over the launch with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars and tr Saturn retrograding to square his Sun/Mars – so he clearly won’t appreciate its reception.

Tony Blair is looking very jangled in July with tr Uranus square his Mercury/Saturn and Mercury/Neptune – so stressed and uncertain; with a disruptive Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus this year; and a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune exact in a few months; plus an emotionally anguished tr Pluto square Venus and a game-changing tr Pluto opposition his focal point Uranus from mid July.  So all in all a crisis point for him, either over Chilcot or other matters in his life. Alistair Campbell looks jangled, frustrated, enraged and deflated and exactly on his pressured Second Saturn Return.

Jack Straw has a minor dip in July but more ups than downs; ditto Geoff Hoon in July though he’s sagging later.

Both the Intelligence chiefs look more stressed in the run up, but since they would have had an early viewing, maybe they’ve recovered their sang froid by the actual date.

General Sir Mike Jackson looks cornered, his enthusiasm and confidence dampened and not happy.  Nick Houghton is also undermined, uncertain and jolted; though putting on a bullish face.

Pity the poor journalists and commentators who have to speed read through that and say anything cogent.


Mordecai Vananu – facing yet more hurdles

Mordecai Vananu, the Israeli nuclear technician who leaked details of Israel’s nuclear programme in the 1980s and spent 18 years in prison, has again been placed under arrest. Known in Israel as a traitor, he’s regarded internationally as a heroic whistleblower. He had intended to join his new bride in Norway, theology professor Kristin Joachimsen. He has been barred from emigrating on the grounds that he still poses a threat to national security.

Born on 14 October 1954 (four days earlier than General Nick Houghton – see Chilcot) so is a Sun Neptune in Libra square a Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus Jupiter. He’s got vision, an adventurous and reckless streak and a good deal of determination from Pluto in Leo on the point of a T square to a Taurus Moon opposition Venus in Scorpio; and Saturn Mercury in Scorpio as well.

He looks jangled and very challenged over this year and the next several years from tr Uranus first in hard aspect to his Sun Neptune Mars and then tr Pluto. A major crisis point in his life.

It’ll be a very long haul.


Tom Hanks – a motherless Cancer

Actor Tom Hanks – Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway – became visibly emotional on Desert Island Discs this week when talking of his lonely childhood.

Born 9 July 1956 9.17 am Concord, California, his parents divorced when he was four and he lived with his father and two elder siblings in a peripatetic life which saw them moving homes multiple times.

He is a Cancer Sun so would miss his mother and the security of a stable home. His Sun is widely trine a 3rd house Saturn in Scorpio on one side and an exact trine to Mars in Pisces on the other – so a Water Grand Trine, self-protective, private, with a strong inner fantasy life and a good deal of harshness around him. He’s also got a Moon Uranus in Leo pointing to a rupture with his mother. Plus a determined, confident and creatively talented Jupiter Pluto on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to Venus MC in Gemini trine Neptune; with Jupiter Pluto square Saturn.

He’s got tr Pluto opposing his Sun in 2016/17 so a challenging and transformational time for him.

California earthquake – concerns mounting

A seismologist has warned that that the San Andreas fault in California is “locked, loaded and ready to go” and a major earthquake in the region is overdue. This warning comes just months after Los Angeles Mayor pushed through legislation to make the most vulnerable buildings in the city more secure against major tremors.

Los Angeles was incorporated on 4 April 1850 when the Uranus Pluto conjunction in late Aries was in place conjunct Venus, with Sun Saturn also in earlier Aries.

When the 1994 quake struck the tr Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn was square the Venus, tugging on the LA Uranus Pluto; with Solar Arc Neptune heading for the square with Uranus and picking up the tr Uranus Neptune opposition. With a destructive tr Pluto conjunct Solar Arc Mars. Neptune Uranus is a classic earthquake signature and Mars Pluto is violent and dangerous.

When the deadly 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck there was a tr Uranus in Capricorn opposition Neptune. On the San Fran Inc chart of 15 April 1850, that transiting opposition was a few degrees away from hard aspecting the SF Saturn Mercury in Aries square Mars in Cancer; but tr Pluto was conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus Pluto Sun conjunction.

The LA chart at the moment has tr Uranus moving to conjunct the Venus in Aries exactly now till late May and repeating into 2017 when tr Uranus is conjunct the Uranus Pluto; and Solar Arc Pluto will square the LA Mars, exactly within a few months. So it looks stark enough though it lacks the Uranus Neptune signature.

BBC – a bad fit with politicians

BAFTA winners took the chance last night to voice their extreme disapproval of government manoeuvrings to curtail the BBC’s remit.

Prime Ministers are typically at daggers drawn with the BBC usually over political matters. In this instance they are going for a more over-arching assault. Which will naturally have the knock-on effect of making the BBC wary of attacking the government when they should.

David Cameron is certainly a very disturbing influence for them since his Uranus Pluto is conjunct the BBC’s 4th house Virgo Moon, his Saturn sits in the BBC 10th and his MC on the BBC Ascendant. So it would be no surprise if he felt it his mission career-wise to put down a heavy hand and go in for major reorganisation. His Mars also falls in the BBC’s 4th square the BBC Scorpio Sun so an aggravated interface.  His Libra Sun is conjunct the BBC’s Saturn and square their Pluto so he finds them rigid and controlling; and his Neptune is conjunct the BBC’s Sun so they find him slippery.

The DC/BBC relationship chart has a hostile composite Mars square Pluto; a suspicious composite Saturn square Neptune; and a Uranus square Jupiter which is under discouraging Saturn transits this year.

John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary, isn’t as disastrous a mix with the BBC as Cameron but it’s still not great with his Pluto opposition the BBC’s Uranus so pulling against their free spirit; his Libra Sun is conjunct the BBC Saturn and his Neptune conjunct the BBC Mercury. The relationship chart has a tension-erupting composite Saturn opposition Uranus; and a fight-for-control composite Sun square Pluto.

But Whittingdale has his own problems and with tr Uranus opposing his Sun this month, moving onto oppose his Sun/Mars from late June and then in 2017 his Mars – he may not be around for ever in the job.

Invictus Games – Prince Harry making a real difference

The second Invictus Games for paralympic armed service personnel and veterans has opened in Florida. It was created in 2014 by Prince Harry, inspired by the US Warrior Games, and now looks set to be an international annual fixture, with the next one in 2017 in Canada. Invictus means undefeated/unconquered.

The first was opened in London at 8pm 10 September 2014, with a special message from Michelle Obama who has taken a keen interest in military families.

This opening chart puts an influential Pluto in the 10th square Moon Uranus Ascendant in feisty, go-ahead Aries opposition Mercury North Node and Descendant. There’s a Sun Venus in Virgo, in the 6th house of health, trine Pluto. And adventurous performing 5th house Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus Moon Asc; and a military and formidably determined Saturn Mars in Scorpio, which is a military astro-signature.

Over the first games tr Saturn was conjunct Prince Harry’s Midheaven making him more serious about his career responsibilities; with his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Mars in Sagittarius so sparking his sporting enthusiasm. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Ascendant and his Solar Arc Uranus – so all a hugely significant turning point for him and his image.

What was serendipitous as well the Opening MC was conjunct his 12th house Jupiter (conjunct Neptune) which will give him an understanding of others’ suffering and a desire to help.

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