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January 21 - February 19

Today's Horoscope for Sunday November 19th

Try to make creative changes in your life by using as much energy as you possibly can. Don't get into head-on confrontations with people, because you end up in unwinnable arguments that you can't get back out of. You fight on to the bitter end and it leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Maybe you are hiding away from yourself and others your need for more influence. It will be difficult for you to open up discussions on certain topics, but it is important that you try.

The Weekly Outlook from 13th November

Not very self-disciplined at the moment, you can't be bothered to save money or work too hard or be practical, and you're probably eating far too much. This week is certainly not good for diets. After midweek be slightly more on guard than usual for a few days. You could attract yourself to the wrong kind of people. So remember to double-lock doors and windows and don't walk down the wrong side of the road.

Your Monthly Horoscope for November

With the intensely emotional Scorpio Sun, romantic Venus and lucky Jupiter all at your midheaven, you should be out sparkling in the spotlight socially, at work or in your community activities. This is certainly not the time to hide away and be shy. Showcase your talents and achievements and accept all compliments with a smile. You'll take the lead and find others follow along behind much to your delight. Friends will be keen to hear your fun, off-beat ideas so they'll be well-entertained. Just try to tone down your exuberant opinions after midmonth since you may not find they all meet with universal agreement and it would be a shame to spoil the mood. After the 22nd you'll be happy to step back slightly from centre stage to throw yourself wholeheartedly into team efforts or activities with friends.

and Next Month's Horoscope for December

Known for your maverick streak, you may go slightly over the score early on with a few pithy comments out of exasperation at being hemmed in. You won't care what anyone thinks. But you'll need to put the brakes on fairly sharply since Neptune will be casting a mist of confusion around and not everything will be as it seems. You'll rely on a wide circle of good friends and team mates to give you sensible advice and stop you looking back over your shoulder. Your popularity will soar since you'll be able to put everyone around at their ease. From the 9th you'll be roaring ahead, keen to achieve your goals and ensure that others work every bit as hard as you do. You'll be laying down the law which may not always go down well, so try to sweep everyone up in your enthusiasm. A significant shift in attitude from the 20th will find you more inward looking. Both Saturn and the Sun move into the sign before yours, so you'll want to step back from too much rushing around, to recharge your batteries and take stock.

2017 Year Ahead

After recent unsettled times, this could be your year for getting a grip. Your everyday schedule will still be helter skelter but you'll be more aware of the necessity for sorting out practical long term plans. Sitting down with older or more serious friends and taking sensible advice will keep you on the right track. Your social circle may be narrower than before but you'll know you can rely on the best mates who are around.rnJupiter in Libra for nine months will inspire you and boost your idealism. You'll want to find a dream or a vision that you can follow in the time ahead, which may include travelling further afield or opening your mind to new and exciting ideas. Your enthusiasm may run away with you at times so you won't always be realistic but by aiming high you'll get further than you might have done by being more cautious.rnJust give yourself time for private reflection since Pluto will keep pulling you down to examine what is really going on under the surface of your life. Try to be honest and own the darker feelings you have.rnThe February Solar Eclipse in Pisces will nudge you into getting your personal finances into better shape. Being pro-active will bring results, while throwing money around to impress which will be a temptation won't. By the August Leo Eclipse, you'll be turning your mind to your closest relationship, aware that being more adaptable will be vital to the development of good feelings between you.rnSuccess will come from October onwards in your career and community activities with admiration and appreciation coming your way.