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January 21 - February 19

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday July 18th

In a restless mood at the moment, you want to be anywhere other than where you are. But if you are stuck in the one place, go talk to more adventurous people, even find some stretching book to read. You really can't be bothered with practical routines. Relationships may suffer a little since you are not at your most sensitive and at times your foolhardiness could lead you into trouble. Remember the old saying about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread.

The Weekly Outlook from 16th July

The practical, realistic influences around this week will mean you can tackle projects in a fashion that brings positive results. They are good for creative tasks as well because you can turn your dreams into reality and make your talents and imagination work for you. Though with Mars in your own sign at the end of the week you may be too fiery and headstrong. Stopping to think clearly won't be easy. Don't rush in where angels fear to tread.

Your Monthly Horoscope for July

Hard work doesn't always bring its reward but it will this month with praise and admiration coming your way. Your achievements will be recognised by the right people so you'll deserve a sense of triumph. Looking after health and fitness will be important since there will be a pile of chores for three weeks which can't be avoided. Luckily Mars in your own sign will give you energy and enthusiasm though not always sense about your limits. When you feel like slowing down, give yourself a break. Secret help or presents, even money, will come in along the way to keep your spirits high. The Cancer Solar Eclipse mid month is a hint that you need to keep diet and exercise routines running in the months ahead as well as being well organised and efficient, so that your stamina is not drained. In the final days there'll be more support forthcoming from close partners so you'll won't feel as weighed down. Though there'll be a family situation which flares up which will require tactful handling.

and Next Month's Horoscope for August

In a zippy and determined mood, you'll be keen to make sudden changes at home which may not always go down well with the family. Rocking the boat too hard won't help, so try to wind down your forceful approach and compromise even if you have to grit your teeth. Praise will come your way at work or out in the community to give you a morale boost and your social life will be into a lighter-hearted phase as you explore new activities, venues and find new friends. The Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign towards mid month hints that being less self-sufficient and more adaptable will bring you more satisfaction and fulfilment in close relationships. You'll be reviewing one partnership, adding up the pluses and minuses and wondering how to proceed. There'll be no need for instant decisions either way. This is more of a process over several months than an event. Into the final days you'll be digging deeper for answers on highly personal matters and sorting out confidential dilemmas, financial and emotional. Be firm but flexible. Perseverance will pay off by late next month.

Year Ahead 2018

What do you want out of your life and your closest relationship? Those are your key questions through 2018 with the Eclipses in your own and your opposite sign. You'll start in a more independent frame of mind, making up your own mind what your priorities are. Though that will gradually change through mid year as you work out how to improve your emotional life. At that point being less self-sufficient and more adaptable will be the key to greater fulfilment. You can't be an island unto yourself.rnJupiter at your midheaven will bring success your way, so whatever you touch at work or in your community activities will work out faster and better than you expect. You'll glow with pleasure at the appreciation coming your way.rnHaving to juggle the demands of an extra-busy everyday schedule will scramble your brain at times, so stay focussed, make out to-do lists and take every chance you can get to wind down and de-stress. Money muddles may occur since you'll overlook important details or leave it to someone else. Going on a wing and a prayer usually doesn't work well where finances are concerned. So be sensible, better organised and not overly generous.rnKeeping an eye on health and fitness will also be an idea from July onwards, since you'll need to boost your stamina however you can. And not overload yourself. If you can reach better agreements with close partners then they can help take the load off your shoulders.rnLate in the year a wider circle of fun and enthusiastic friends will brighten your spirits.