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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Monday January 22nd

You are taking a rather dignified approach to your social life these days. You will be steady and reliable rather than wild or adventurous. Don't stifle the spontaneous expression of your feelings so much. Maybe you are having to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Knuckle down, get it done and then you can play truant. Maybe you are having to get down to brass tacks with loved ones. Face the bottom line and then the only way from there is upwards.

The Weekly Outlook from 22nd January

This week you will be more practical than usual, keen to get details in the right place. You are less worried about getting praise, than in being helpful and being of service. You may find that feelings of irritation and anger inside you start to well up. But look to the positive benefits of allowing these feelings to surface so that you can better understand them, and then clear them out of your system once and for all.

Your Monthly Horoscope for January

Bouncing into the New Year in good form, you'll be keen to party even if it takes an effort at times, and certainly be demanding attention from the right people. At times you'll be possessive with loved ones and at other times, slightly critical. Try to mellow your approach. A super-busy and lively everyday schedule will keep you running, talking constantly and listening intently to your most supportive mates. You're beginning to understand more and more where you've held yourself back by taking too narrow a view. Now you can spot opportunities all around and by opening your mind to a wider world, you'll see there's a good deal more support around than you had imagined. Just try not to cram too much into your schedule since your enthusiasm could run away with you. And keep an eye on joint finances since there may be unexpected outgoings as well as incomings through the month. In the final days you'll settle down to a steadier routine but need to keep in mind that rest and relaxation is as important as zipping through the chores.

and Next Month's Horoscope for February

An earthy workaholic sign you always thrive when faced with a pile of chores or any situations requiring reorganization. So you should be in seventh heaven now with not just the Sun but also a Solar Eclipse in your chart area of work. But remember that is also the area that rules health. So boosting your fitness and stamina, remembering where your physical limits are, and not over pushing yourself will be important. Jupiter will help by keeping your morale high but it also has a tendency to get too enthusiastic and embark on overly ambitious schemes that can't possibly be accomplished in the blink of an eye. Pacing yourself and tempering your expectations will help. Close partners will be affectionate and you will be in social demand for your knack of making everyone feel special. Burning the candle at both ends will require surplus energy, so eat sensibly. The atmosphere at home won't always be calm, but try not to rise to the bait and get involved in differences with family members. From the 18th you'll get more support from close partners and together you'll make faster progress.

Year Ahead 2018

A busy busy, varied and enthusiastic everyday schedule will keep you on the run and never bored. Always a great chatter, you'll be communicating with even more exuberance and finding that your new more positive and tolerant approach is paying dividends. Suddenly your world will seem a brighter place with new contacts and fun encounters along the way.rnThere'll be less time for fun and social high-jinks since duty will get in the way and you may find it more difficult to be spontaneous and outgoing. Make the effort. You all too easily fall into being a workaholic. Remember you're an Earth sign and they always need some indulgence before they feel happy. Those close may be landing heavier responsibilities on you which will teach you valuable lessons about love. In giving to others you give to yourself.rnOne close partner will be vague, preoccupied or even downright evasive. And truthfully you won't be too sure of how committed you want to be. Search out more spiritual connections and you'll be more satisfied.rnJoint finances will continue to be up and down, sometimes great and at other times unexpected expenses will throw your budget out. So plan to save when there is surplus to tide you over the leaner times.rnThe first half year will be hard-working so you'll need to be on top efficiency form, as well as boosting your fitness and stamina when you can. After mid year you'll want more time for private reflection, to put the past into perspective.rnYou'll also from July be keen to widen your circle of friends and to be a better networker. Perseverance will pay off. Late in the year you'll be more content within yourself, relaxing happily at home, even in your own company. And planning how to expand your domestic setting to allow for more entertaining.