Your Starsign


May 21 - June 21

Today's Horoscope for Monday May 20th

This is the start of your birthday four weeks so you fully intend to suit yourself. It is the time of year to lay down plans for the next 12 months. You will need to work out what will suit you, get cracking with plans and once you have got yourself together, you can concentrate on close relationships. Out on the social scene you will not hide much away, priding yourself on being as upfront as possible. Not that you will put on an effort or a performance. It will happen naturally.

The Weekly Outlook from 20th May

Everyone you encounter in coming weeks will be responding well to your presence since you will be so warm and outgoing. You will be bringing a breath of sunshine into rooms when you sweep in. Upfront about what you fancy you reckon that being backward won't win you any prizes socially and in your romantic relationships. Deep down what you would prefer is peace and harmony so you will be ironing out problems and in the process may not stand up for your rights. But as long as you watch that pitfall, your natural charm will be working wonders.

Your Monthly Horoscope for May

Friends and team mates will be urging you to get a move on with setting long term plans and getting involved in their activities. Group efforts will be the way to go although cooperation may not always be easy. But the main drift of the first three weeks will put the focus on behind-the-scenes-activities - preparing, planning, getting perspective on recent events and recharging your batteries. As a fidgety sign you never take idleness to be enjoyable but it won't be wasted time. Slowly but sure you will be appreciating a chance to enjoy your own company and be at peace with the past. A sudden surprise insight around the 13th may come from an unexpected outside event bringing enlightenment as you are jolted into viewing one situation in a completely different light. If you treat what initially seems unwelcome as a chance to open up and free yourself of old restrictions then you will be well on your way to more fulfilment ahead. A personal success around the 18th may not be visible to outsiders but you will be more than pleased with yourself. Into the final ten days with your birthday Sun in place you will be racing ahead in good form, charming everyone you meet.

and Next Month's Horoscope for June

In good form with expansive, enthusiastic Jupiter now firmly ensconced in your sign until next June, you'll reckon fair winds will be blowing behind you as you set out on a new cycle of your life of growth and vision. You will be attracting resources as well as positive reactions from everyone you encounter. Your persuasive powers will be on display early on as you pull one situation round to your advantage. There will be a few delays along the way and some hard work required so straying too far from the straight and narrow won't work. And after the 9th with Mars moving into the sign before yours for a few weeks, progress may be slow with certain plans and you will have to pull strings behind the scenes when circumstances won't allow you to be as pro-active as you might wish. After midmonth treats and indulgences will prove all too tempting but luckily from the 20th you'll find an equal determination to improve your financial situation. Finding the balance between what comes in and what comes out will be crucial.

Year Ahead 2024

Slowly but surely you will move into a brighter, less restricted phase ahead in 2024. Pluto moving away from the confidential, financial and intensely emotional area of your chart into communicative Aquarius will suit your quick-witted, chatty spirit. Recent years have given you depth of understanding but you reckon enough is enough and now you intend to fly higher, broaden your horizons, aim for adventure and campaign for your favourite causes. You will be keen to spice up your social life and attract more attention and appreciation as well as widen your circle of friends. What will make all the difference is Jupiter moving into your own sign in late May for twelve months to start a new cycle of growth, expansion and good luck. You'll attract positive responses and find your popularity soars. Hard work will still be needed since discipline and practicality will pay off in substantial achievements and in attracting the respect of those whose judgement you trust. There will be moments of indecision and dither along the way since these are uncertain times for everyone but you will be in better spirits than most and more fortunate.