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  1. So Cressida Dick has resigned. At the end of January Marjorie posted this:

    “Her Term chart, 11 April 2017, is in panic-mode this month to mid February and will be destabilized within three months as the Solar Arc Pluto squares the Uranus, which can be a sudden exit.”

    Good to see the astrology working so well! Wonder who might replace her, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Waves of returning religious foment and evangelicism in America…book burnings. Or, “How to return to the Dark Ages at Family Campfires.”


    “Pastor Greg Locke live streamed the book burning event on Facebook after encouraging his congregation to burn their “accursed items,” including titles from the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’ series.”

    More locally to Seattle, schools are removing, even burning, books such as Little Red Riding Hood because of the implied “beasteal nature” in the story lines.

    The mental and literature purification pograms have returned. Where is Trump when we knead him most to save us?

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    There were three anniversaries this weekend. I see that you have already written about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

    But this weekend (I think Saturday) is also the 50th birthday of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. She was born an Australian and her husband, the Crown Prince, met her when he was in Sydney for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. She is mother to four, including the next Crown Prince.

    Could you do a chart for her, and possibly even the Danish monarchy and Denmark in general?

    Today is also the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, which is treated as one of the founding documents for the Realm of New Zealand. New Zealand, like the UK, has multiple founding dates, depending on when certain documents and/or laws came into force. Does the anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi tell us anything about New Zealand as a whole and/or about Maori/Pakeha (white new Zealanders) relationships in particular?

  4. Could you have a look at Camilla’s astrology now that HMQ has approved her title as Queen Consort, Marjorie? I have always liked her. Thank you.

  5. Veteran Indian playback singer, Lata Mangeshkar, passed away today. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2022/feb/06/lata-mangeshkar-singer-bollywood-india-dies-92
    Lata built her career in 1940’s. After an early death of her musician father, she became the breadwinner for her family in her early teens. All 4 of her siblings are singers/ musicians in their own right with informative Wikipedia entries.
    Asha Bhosle, her younger sister (and owner of Asha’s restaurants in the UK) came closest to being a contender for Lata’s position as India’s most beloved female playback singer. Their musical rivalry is legendary.
    Dear Marjorie, could you please take a look at their charts and analyse astrological roots of their versatility and long careers? Thank you

  6. Larryc, UK companies have regularly banned Christians from wearing crosses for many years now on the basis that those of other religions might find it offensive. At the same time while allowing those of other religions free reign to wear religious symbols whenever they like. Admittedly quite a few of these religions demand that these symbols are worn, while Christianity doesn”t. But even so, you can hardly say that it is fair!

    • Thanks. Major religions have their many closet skeletons. But to be fair, let them all display their finery…or else ban everything. Churches, mosques, synagogues, yarmulkes, etc. Why allow one and exclude another “just next door”? I suppose there’s some kind of economic basis for it…

  7. Possbily more a commentary than request for an astro-assessment: French lawmakers last month voted to ban women and girls from wearing hijab while playing sports.


    Would there be the same denial of self if Christian crosses, earrings, etc are banned from being worn on the playing field and in public? How many god-fearing followers would take it sitting down?

    Who needs to be modern and progressive if medieval methods remain in-vogue?

  8. Gofundme has decided to hold onto the $9 million dollars donated in support the Canadian truckers.

    Rather than just returning the donations, if the contributors don’t request their donations back, the convoy money will then be distributed at their discretion to other causes.

    Keen to know how this might impact Gofundme.

    Canadians are currently swamping their rival GiveSendGo.

  9. Dear Marjorie Is it possibe for an update on Sir Keir Starmer Also, what about Andy Burnham the Labour Mayor of Manchester, considered by some as the next Labour leader
    Thanks in anticipation

  10. I noticed Boris Johnson’s ministers were trying to pin blame on the mayor of London, Sidiq Khan, for the findings of the latest report on the MET police. He’s been very quiet recently and I wondered how his chart was looking against what’s been happening with the MET and Cressida Dick in particular.

  11. No doubt you’ll be asked to assess the astro-implications from the US Special Forces action against the latest ISIS leader in Syria. Surrounded by civilians, a suicide detonation that killed Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, his wife and his children, blowing their bodies outside the building and onto the surrounding land.

    Lots of graphic vids about childrens’ bodies being removed from the attack site. Reminds me a bit of watching similar vids from Vietnam. Kids are always the targets. Soldiers assaulted with “you’ve got the blood of babies on your hands.” Never any true winners in war.

  12. Tom Brady & Giesele have interesting synastry. I am surprised they have lasted as long as they have. He did just come off his best run ever by winning a Superbowl for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Can you read his and Giesele’s charts?

  13. Is there any way to get a sense astrologically when/if/how the pandemic may end? It already seems to have had a huge impact on society, politics, government and social structure.

    Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.

    • Sigh. Well it started on the Saturn Pluto conjunction but that moved on and the tr Saturn square tr Uranus picked up in 2021, running in less strength through this year with one final hit in October.
      I always reckoned – instinct more than astrology – that it would be like the Spanish flu which came in four waves, the final one more sporadic – and there was no vaccination then. It just burnt itself out.

      • My gut feeling, little astrology here either, is that we have another bit hit (and October is as likely a time as any) and then it will SLOWLY ebb away with the light at the end of the tunnel appearing in 2024. If most of our world Governments weren’t primarily concerned with averice above the safety of their polulations we might be able to shift it more quickly. Also the current worldwide trend of people resorting to anger as the first port of call in troubled times rather than compassion isn’t helping. I feel there is a global karmic thing going on here: the greedier and angrier we get as a species, the more we generate pathological circumstances.

  14. Will be interesting to see what happens regarding his retirement plans. Mercury was retrograde during his announcement. One of the things not do during Mercury Ret is making important decisions.

  15. Would be interested on your take of Tom Brady, NFL QB who retired this week – acknowledged by everyone to be the best ever. Married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

    Astrologically, I believe his retirement is sound as its his Saturn opp Saturn; yet he is highly competitive and coming off one of his best seasons ever, and partly attributing the retirement decision to his family’s feelings. Any deeper indications he unretires?

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