Tom Brady – a living legend moves on

Tom Brady, the American football quarterback, whose name is synonymous with his sport, has announced his retirement after a 20 year career, seven Super Bowls and every quarterback record in the book. He said he no longer wanted to give 100% commitment to the game to pursue other interests so is retiring at the top of his game. He is building a new mansion with his wife model Gisele Bundchen (reportedly worth a combined $650 million) in the exclusive Indian Creek Island on Miami Beach only doors down from Ivanka and Jared Trump.

  Brady was born 3 August 1977 at 11.48 am San Mateo, California and although slow to start in his sports career had a dogged perfectionist streak which saw him battling to the top. He has an ambitious 10th house Sun conjunct Saturn on the cusp of his 11th. That Saturn is interesting since although it will fuel his need to be important he has also foregone top fees to ensure his team mates got their fair share of the budget.

  He also has an inspirational and entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of his Leo Sun trine Neptune (surprisingly common amongst athletes) trine an Aries Moon. This is formed into two Kites by Moon opposition Pluto and Neptune opposition an 8th house Mars. He has a super-complicated, highly talented and very driven chart.

  His wife Gisele Bundchen, the top earning model up to 2017, is reputably even wealthier than Brady. She was born 20 July 1980 5pm Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and has two children with him and looks after a third from a previous relationship of his. She has a sociable 7th house Cancer Sun square a controlling and influential 10th house Pluto with her ambitious Mars also conjunct her Midheaven. She has a light-hearted Venus in Gemini in an ethereal opposition to Neptune and a seductive trine to Pluto.

  It doesn’t look the most intuitive match with Brady’s Saturn falling in her 8th conjunct her North Node and his Pluto conjunct her Midheaven – Saturn would cut down on warmth and bring hard lessons with the Node involved and he’d be fairly controlling as well.  But her Sun is in his 10th which would boost his reputation though her Pluto is conjunct his Ascendant so she’d be keen to control his image. Her intense Scorpio Moon is conjunct his Uranus and his Aries Moon is opposition her Mars both of which would be ratchety and require space. They would never have survived together in a nine-to-five suburban existence for sure, but their pressured schedules individually which would keep them apart a good deal of the time would help.

  Their relationship chart does have a morale-boosting composite Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury conjunction so they’ll have kept afloat on sheer exuberance and their respective success; but there will have been explosive moments with the composite Mars Mercury square Uranus, sextile Pluto and trine Neptune.

 He already has business interests in sporting products and has just branched out into fashion. Tr Pluto moving through his 4th could be domestically unsettling but may be soaked up in the new house they intend to build from scratch. He does look on edge for the next few months, February especially, with unforeseen disruptions – and his focus will be on his finances for the next two years. It won’t all go to plan with a major obstacle slowing him to a halt when his Progressed Mars squares his Pluto in two or three years but before that he’ll be on a high.

  If anything she looks more stressed ahead with tr Saturn moving through her low profile First Quadrant into and through her chart area of personal finances for two years ahead.  Tr Pluto will oppose her Sun from this March, on and off till late 2023; and tr Neptune will oppose her Saturn this year for uncertainty and anxiety. With a career-stopping Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her 10th house Moon by 2024.

  But that could be from various factors not all connected to his retirement. Though it will be a challenging transition since he’s renowned as being obsessive.

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  1. Can someone tell us what Tom Brady did with all of that PPP money? Buy a yach, maybe? Or, perhaps he and Guerrero went into business together?

  2. Great write-up Marjorie – another one pulled together in hours.

    His chart just seems like such an easy read based on what we see. Sun-Saturn Leo in 10th – top on achievement in playing. Moon in 6th – health business. Venus-Jupiter in 9th – foreign wife and trainer !

    I note from your charts his progressed Asc has just moved into Sag. That it was going through Scorpio for the past thirty years probably defines his intense approach. There is such a difference when planets roll from Scorpio to Sag – I can see why he dropped all the desire to play to fifty which he was talking about a few years ago. His movement to Tampa from New England, coincided with Pluto square Pluto and then Uranus half-return saw him loosening up,

    On the note of Sun trine Neptune … in my experience, you have to be able to suffer in sport. Anyone who isn’t willing to go all-in and go through the pain will always have untapped talent. Top athletes also need some denial to overcome their in-game mistakes.

    • He’s certainly running into a brick wall when his Progressed Mars squares his 12th house Pluto which could be murk emerging but that isn’t until mid 2025.

    • He credits his extended career to his “TB12” diet which is mostly plant-based, free of gluten, alcohol, coffee, sugar, etc. plus nutritional supplements plus an obsessive fitness regimen. He “cheats” on his diet occasionally as we’ve seen him tipsy after celebrating some wins.

      • I know about his method. He’s also got a tricky set of relationships. He was part of the Patriots, during the Spygate mess, which was never really fully vetted. The NFL literally burned the tapes. The Patriots claimed any advantage it gave them was negligible, but then one of the assistant coaches on that team got caught trying to do the same thing when he became a head coach in Denver. Because it provided no advantage?
        That’s rich. (I won’t explore here the deflated footballs case.)
        Then he falls in with a trainer named Alex Guerrero, who was sanctioned by the U.S. Federal Trade commission in 2005 for falsely presenting himself as a doctor and claiming to cure cancer with a dietary supplement called “Super Greens.” He even claimed he’d done a study with 200 cancer patients who were terminally ill before he started working with them that verified his supplement’s success. Later, he admitted that was false.
        Brady swears by the guy, who supposedly taught him some method of assisted stretching to lengthen his muscles and make them more supple and helped him develop the TB12 method, which they are both selling. Some of Brady’s teammates then started using Guerrero as their trainer, too, including Julian Edelmann, who was then busted for using Performance Enhancing Drugs.
        Edelmann then faded, as a player, along a more routine timeline for professional athletes. But not Tom. All in all, the breathless coverage of Super Tom’s late career exploits has looked like a rerun of the famed U.S. baseball season in which Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire all suddenly exploded into the most fearsome homerun hitters since Babe Ruth. The media here played it for its excitement value—the homerun race was certainly great for ratings—while me and my friends all sat in front of the TV, agog, and occasionally asking: Is this really legit?
        We now know, it wasn’t. And I suspect Tom Brady didn’t play this long, at this level, because he ate right and met a fraud who victimized cancer patients but happened to know the secrets of athletic longevity.

        • The dietary element of the TB12 method has some sense to it because football is a hugely anaerobic sport, and overdoing anaerobic exercise causes the all sorts of over revving of the nervous system and moving the pH of blood towards mildly acidic. His plant-based diet will help move that back to the akali side.

          None of the above is to say there weren’t other substances helping his health but he has focused on recovery and staying in good health, and improving his technique over the years; so all that has assisted his playing career in what is largely a mental position. Remember Jerry Rice played until he was 41-42 in a spot where athleticism is much more important and he was also ahead of the curve in his personal training. Roger Federer and Serena Williams are playing near the top at age 40 of a much more competitive sport.

          Trainer Alex Guerrero is born 1965 – which gives him Uranus-Pluto on around Tom’s Virgo mercury. Can’t beat those mid-60s guys for BS value. I think the stuff about pliability bands and functional strength is good advice and likely goes against traditional NFL weight training. He’s done that classic American thing of taking something, putting a twist on it, getting celebrity endorsement to market it as a revolutionary system. Noting also Guerrero is Argentinian-born (albeit brought up in U.S.) which will have interested Tom’s Jupiter-Venus in the 9th.

          The Deflategate stuff all happened as transiting Neptune opposed Tom’s natal Mercury. The symbolism of that cannot be lost on anyone given Neptune’s association with gases. I have zero doubt Brady was doing something shady with the two equipment guys. A huge misjudgement on his part.

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