Nigel Farage – agitator with a lucky touch

Love him or loathe him Nigel Farage is a pivotal figure in UK politics, without whom Brexit would not have happened. A new biography by Michael Crick sets out his life and the events which led to the most seismic event in decades.  Although an outsider he was right man in the right place aided by luck to propel the Euro-sceptic momentum towards a referendum.

  Robert Shrimsley in an FT review remarks: “For all his skills, Farage is rarely close to the real action. He operated in his own pool, effective when the ripples reached others but always swimming apart from those in power.” And he described him as being like a character in a novel “neither hero nor heroine, confidante nor villain, but who is nonetheless essential to the denouement of the story. Perhaps this is Farage: a gifted, ruthless, mercurial and sometimes reptilian figure who was key to getting the teams on the pitch but had to watch the match being decided by others.”

  Born 3 April 1964 4.30pm Farnborough, England, he combines the rebellious chaos of the Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn – along with a rumbustious Mars in assertive Aries and an Aries Sun and Jupiter in his intense 8th house. His Jupiter trine a Sagittarius Moon would give him dollops of undeserved luck – according to Crick that came from the 1997 death of Sir James Goldsmith which finished off the Referendum Party allowing UKIP to rise; and Tony Blair’s decision to agree to a new and proportional electoral system for the UK’s European parliamentary elections which allowed Ukip its only major electoral breakthroughs and Farage’s access to the broadcast media.

 What is significant about his chart vis a vis the UK are two things. One is his Aries Sun conjunct the UK 7th house Aries North Node which was keyed up over the Brexit vote by tr Uranus in Aries in the run up and tr Pluto square in 2016. An Aries North Node has lessons to learn about being independent. The other, which Boris also shares, is his Saturn in Pisces conjunct the UK Pluto, which was also marked around the time of Brexit. In synastry, one person’s Saturn on the other’s Pluto can indicate large scale ventures undertaken together or mutual suspicion and political intrigues. Farage’s Neptune was also conjunct the UK’s Solar Arc North node in 2016.

 Farage’s relationship chart with the UK has – surprise surprise – a stressed and fated Yod of Uranus sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars; with a downbeat Sun Mercury square Saturn North Node – and the composite North Node conjunct Algol. He was definitely a catalyst for change for good or for ill.

  His lucky Jupiter is getting a boost from tr Pluto square from this month on and off till late 2023, which will send him into a confidence overdrive but that can backfire. Everything else on his chart looks either deflated, on a downhill slide or downright calamitous for the next three years with undermining tr Neptune conjunct his Sun/Saturn and square his Mars/Pluto and then Sun/Uranus midpoints; with a couple of car-crash Solar Arcs late this year into 2023; followed by a devastating tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Neptune in 2023/24. So nothing going quite to plan.

[ The leading pro-Brexit Tories Rees Moog, Steve Baker and journalist Daniel Hannan have much the same mix of Jupiterian luck and confidence over the next two years alongside a few sinkholes – though less disastrous than for Farage. Apart from Rees Mogg walking into a considerable setback within months as his Solar Arc Mars squares his Saturn.]

8 thoughts on “Nigel Farage – agitator with a lucky touch

  1. Yet Farage remains popular. Says a lot about politics and politicians .Labours lost its the trust of its traditional heartlands and there no one to stop Boris who is very clever with his reward of levelling up with the North compared to Labour doing nothing for their heartlands-but then that is how they lost to the SNP ……………

  2. My view on Nigel Farage is rather like watching sprinters in view of the finish line: they invariably slow down when they should speed up. Forage always seemed to get in a deep funk a day or two before elections and even the referendum. It is like he couldn’t see any way ahead.

  3. Nigel Farage reminds me of Stanton Carlisle, the huckster in “Nightmare Alley” which was so brilliantly portrayed by
    Bradley Cooper. It came as no surprise that he linked up with that other odious grifter Donald Trump. Yet he never
    seems to get his hands on the main prize and has to watch others obtain glory, whilst he looks through with gritted
    teeth. He wishes to obtain major respectability, but his own grubby opportunism will forever bar him from achieving
    such heights.

  4. On a side note, a few years back the BBC sent Farage and Rachel Johnson on a blind date. I recall her saying he was very confident about his own position, but completely unable to see anyone else’s point of view. Which highlights his Aries/Taurus placements.

    Can’t find the original but here’s an updated date between the two of them from Feb 2020 after Brexit had happened …

  5. Thank you Marjorie. I am please to read that Farage may have some sticky issues along with the odious Rees-Mogg. My moon conjuncts the UK Capricorn Sun. I am always affected by what happens in this country. At least this gives a little cheer, as the News today is disastrous. I just hope one day Boris Johnson will get his comeuppance. So many innocent people have been placed in a miserable state because of these politicians.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. wow, Pluto on the natal Ascendant and some interesting times coming up with transiting Uranus in Taurus too. Inevitably it feels like a very selfish and attention-seeking chart as well as that undeserved luck.

    I had to smile with “…he operated in his own pool…” – of what? In our house, we call Farage ‘the turd that won’t flush.’

    • Farage was accused of shorting the British pound on Brexit night. Is 6th house Saturn could also signify finding work restricting and not wanting anyone to Boss him around. It is interesting that he only attended 2 meetings out of 21 in the EU Parliament, whilst he was UKIP’s Fisheries Representative. Ironic to see him sailing up the Thames, during Brexit Referendum and lying through his teeth. Lucky indeed.

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