Sergei Torop – the Second Coming under scrutiny

A Jesus Christ wannabe, formerly a traffic cop, Sergei Torop, has been arrested in Siberia where he has been running a cult for three decades. He claims the truth of his reincarnation came to him in an awakening in 1990 when he took the name Viaasrion. “I am not God. But I am the living word of God the father. Everything that God wants to say, he says through me.”

  He was charged with running an illegal religious organisation which extorted money from followers and subjected them to emotional abuse. An aide, a former boyband drummer was arrested with him. Several thousand followers live in remote hamlets in Siberia, including professionals from Russia and abroad. Followers wear austere clothing and count years starting from 1961, the year of his birth, with Christmas replaced by a feast day on 14 January, his birthday.

 He was born fittingly enough with a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in place, which is the conjunction associated with the birth of Christ. Though his is in Capricorn, whereas the putative Christ chart is in Pisces. Torop also has a Capricorn Sun and Mercury.

  One of the meanings of Jupiter Saturn is hubris – flying too high fuelled by Jupiter’s vision and then being cut down by a hard reality check from Saturn.

  Torop also has a creative, healing though can-de-delusional and detached-from-reality Water Grand Trine of Venus in Pisces trine Mars in Cancer trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Pluto North Node in Virgo.  He’s certainly talented, a powerful influencer and tied into the zeitgeist.

  He may also have had a focal point Sagittarius Moon squaring onto Venus opposition Pluto which would make him persuasive and designed to work with the public.

   When he had his flash of enlightenment on 18 August 1990 he was on his first Saturn Return and his Solar Arc Sun was opposition his Uranus with the transiting Sun conjunct his Uranus. With his Uranus natally inconjunct his Sun I’d hazard a guess that his birth time would produce an axis which formed a Yod with this quincunx – since this was the point where he clearly got knocked onto his vocational path, however deluded.


Jackie Stallone – way out there, and then some

Jackie Stallone, the mother of actor Sylvester Stallone, politely described as eccentric with a life to match, has died aged 98.

  She was born 29 November 1921 at 2.52am Washington, DC with a lawyer father and was trained along with the rest of the family in gymnastics, weight lifting, and jogging by bodybuilding pioneer Charles Atlas who lived with them for a while. She became a circus trapeze artist in her teens, a hairdresser and a nightclub chorus girl; later opening a women-only gym, Barbella’s; and was a wrestling promoter in the 1980s with the TV series GLOW – the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. She did little for the reputation of astrology by becoming a celebrity psychic in the 1990s, writing books, appearing on TV and claiming to read ‘asses’ by interpreting people’s butts.

  She had an energetic New Moon in Sagittarius in her financial 2nd house in a maverick square to Uranus in the performing 5th house. With an exuberant and super-determined Mars, Jupiter Saturn in Libra square Pluto. Plus an intense and upfront Venus Mercury in Scorpio. Not a lady who did anything by halves or cared if her behaviour raised eyebrows.

   Charles Atlas, 30 October 1892 3am Acri, Italy, would have a strong impression on her with his Neptune Pluto in Gemini opposition her Sagittarius New Moon; and his Scorpio Sun in a free-spirited conjunction with Uranus connecting with her Scorpio planets.

   [What’s intriguing is that Atlas only had one Earth sign in his chart – Venus in Virgo; and her bodybuilding son Sylvester only had one Earth – Mars in Virgo. Arnold Schwarzenegger, another over-muscled type again has only one – Moon in Capricorn. I always find that strange for some reason as if they ought to lean towards the earthy realm.]

   Jackie was most proud and protective of Sylvester, one of her three children. Born 8 July 1946 7.20 pm New York, he has a Cancer Sun that sat on her Midheaven and his Jupiter in Libra was on her Ascendant. His Moon Jupiter is conjunct his Midheaven so she would have a significant effect on his career ambitions.

  He has a tricky chart with his Sun in the 7th and a packed 8th house with Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Venus there – so very intense, secretive, often feeling trapped, with a strong ancestral legacy – and a film-star’s ability to project an aura.

  A five star, tin-plated whacko she may have been, but she did have an exuberantly bohemian life and a total disregard for sneers and criticism.

Boris – fizz gone phut

A stinker of a week for Boris Johnson saw him accused by the normally supportive right-wing Spectator magazine as presiding over “disorder, debacle, rebellion, U-turn and confusion”. “He’s no longer fit to be prime minister.” Matthew Parris added for good measure: “his zing has well and truly zung. The fun has gone and with it the shine.  And so we end up with this rancid shambles of a government.”  A Times hatchet job yesterday described him as “overburdened, underpaid with ‘misery on his face’.

  Multiple U-turns and self-inflicted crisis – through the pandemic, track and trace, PPE, lockdown confusion; school exam grading; and the latest Brexit shambles which attracted near international condemnation – have left his supporters horrified.

  This is a rehash of previous astrology but worth noting his Progressed Moon moving through his 2nd for the past few months which will bring up financial worries and continue to do so for another year. His income has been slashed by more than a half since he became PM; he is evidently still supporting, to different degrees, four out of his six children and his recent divorce would cost him.

  Persistent stories about his post-Covid droop could well be pointed up by tr Neptune conjunct his Chiron in his 6th till late January 2021. And even more so by the high-stress Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Scorpio Moon, exact in four months, but almost certainly in effect before then. With tr Saturn also square his Moon from December 19th – admittedly at the same time as tr Jupiter square his Moon which complicates interpretations. But there will be pressure on his Moon from several sources. His Solar Arc Midheaven (dependent on birth time being exactly accurate) is also conjunct his Uranus, hinting that he really wants to change career direction, but may not know how.

  Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law, Humphrey Wakefield, indicated Boris would quit in six months, immediately after Brexit was done, for health reasons, though it was hotly denied. [I hadn’t realised that Cummings who looks like a total anorak had married into the aristocracy with a father-in-law, who lives in a proper castle and is unashamedly elitist about intelligence and talent.]

  The Times piece also suggested that his recently divorced wife Marina Wheeler gave him “grounding” in a way that Carrie Symonds doesn’t.  Marina ….” was his intellectual match and in terms of his view everything was run by her or through her.” Born 18 August 1964, she is a Sun Leo square Jupiter in Taurus; and her Mars Venus in Cancer is conjunct Boris’s Midheaven so she would throw her enthusiasm behind his ambitions.

   Carrie, born 17 March 1988, is a Sun and Moon in Pisces with a tumultuous Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars in Capricorn which sits on his IC, uprooting him and disturbing his sense of stability. Her Mars in his 4th also suggests a fairly argumentative domestic force. By all accounts a restrictive No 10 Downing Street is no Elysee Palace when it comes to accommodating a family with children. She also has her Pluto conjunct his 2nd house Neptune which does suggest she’ll make a significant and perhaps devastating impact on his finances.

   It is notable that both Marina Wheeler and Carrie have several Cardinal planets in their chart where he has none. Cardinal planets give initiative, the ability to dream up new projects and get them moving.

  His Term chart is showing confusion, wishful thinking and evasion through this month and next – and deteriorating to a marked degree from October 2nd till late January 2021 with the addition of tr Neptune square the ‘catastrophic’ Mars/Pluto midpoint. So nothing that indicates getting a grip and making competent decisions.

  I suppose the same goes for the UK as for the US – Boris represents the non-leadership which for some obscure reason is needed at this point to set the country on the trajectory it was going to go – except there isn’t even a Pluto Return to blame for it. Just a series of financial disasters running on for several years ahead from next spring.

Supreme Court battle – a black swan ++ Lindsay Graham

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a liberal voice on the Supreme Court, has died which has thrown a fireball into the run up to the US Presidential election. The process of selecting her replacement is likely to raise rancour considerably with the Republicans aiming to railroad the Senate vote through quickly in contrast to 2016 when they stonewalled Obama’s choice until after Trump was elected. Though they could hold back if they thought they’d lose or if it might persuade more GOP supporters to go to the polls.

   Mitch McCcnnell, Senate Majority Leader, has pledged there will be a Senate vote for Trump’s nomination which could even happen after the election in the ‘dead’ period before the inauguration.

  McConnell, 20 February 1942, will be under great pressure and feeling discouraged with tr Pluto trine his Saturn now till late November, but he’s temperamentally super-determined and stubborn to the nth degree with a Mars, Saturn, Uranus conjunction in Taurus, plus Pluto in Leo and Venus Mercury in Aquarius – very Fixed and won’t budge easy. He’s rattling through a few crises from late November right through till late January after which he’s on a panicky downhill slide.

  He’s very locked into the USA 1776 chart with a composite Sun Mercury opposition Pluto, so power and control are significant issues. What shows up as a flash point on various SCOTUS-related charts, and McConnell’s own, and his relationship chart with the USA, is Uranus at 7 degrees from 21 November to 21 December this year (and again in February 2021). That may not be a new nomination but could be a post-messy election result battle. But it will be a high tension four weeks for sure.

   The Supreme Court chart (SCOTUS) 2 February 1790, is nervy and panicked this year and highly uncertain in 2021. Tr Saturn squares the SCOTUS Neptune now till late October over Ruth Ginsberg’s death and vacancy; with a jolting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Saturn this year; and tr Pluto square the Neptune from early 2021 to late 2022 which will at least be exceedingly confused if not devastated; and tr Neptune will conjunct the SCOTUS Saturn from late March 2021 on and off for a year for protracted concerns. Tr Uranus will square the SCOTUS Uranus for the second time this late November to late December, which will shake up its security considerably.

  That 7 degree transiting Uranus also shows up on John Roberts’ chart with his Sun hovering between 6 and 7 degrees depending on his birth time. It’ll certainly be a time of sudden changes and upsets for him. He looks exceptionally stressed in the second week of December but much relieved from late month onwards.

  I’m not sure if William Barr, the AG, will end up embroiled in this but more than likely. He’s facing, like McConnell, a fairly mountainous struggle between now and late November; but worse than that from this October 2nd to late January 2021 he’s facing rolling disasters which he won’t have the will or capability to overcome.   

   Taking the long astrological view, there was always going to be anguish and gnashing of teeth through and after this election with tr Pluto continuing to oppose the USA Mercury across this New Year and through till late 2021, followed by the Pluto Return in 2022/23. Whatever events precipitate the outbursts of intense hostility the angst will run on.

Add On: Another key figure will be Lindsay Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee charged with processing Supreme Court nominees. In 2016 he was clear that if a Supreme Court vacancy occurs in the final year of the term it should wait for the next president to decide. He’s now changed his tune and is pushing for an immediate replacement.

Born 9 July 1955, he has spread through Cancer his Venus, Sun, Uranus and Mars – with Mars Uranus square Neptune being blocked by tr Saturn hard aspects until early December; with a frustrated/trapped tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint running till late November as well.  Plus at some point his Solar Arc Pluto blocking his Uranus and Mars – through this year and maybe next depending on his birth time. He’ll have some cheer from March 2021 with tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Jupiter midpoint but that runs alongside a whole raft of undermining, disappointing and downright disastrous transits to mid points from late March onwards for a year or so.  

No clear indicators of what refers to the SCOTUS vote but he’s generally speaking not doing well.

Amy Dorris – speaking out for her daughters

The 26th woman to make accusations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump (ranging from harassment to sexual assault and rape) is former model and magazine columnist Amy Dorris. She alleges that at the US Open in 1997 when a guest of Trump, he forced his tongue down her throat and assaulted her all over her body and holding her in a grip she was unable to escape from. This happened outside Trump’s VIP box and she subsequently told her mother, friends and therapist about the incident which she said made her feel “ sick, violated.” She says she would have spoken out in 2016 but was scared for her family. Now she feels she owes it to her daughters to show them that standing up is the right thing to do.

  Trump as per usual has denied the allegation as with all the others. Only last week in a highly unusual development, the justice department, led by the attorney general, William Barr, announced it was intervening in the Jean E. Carroll defamation lawsuit to protect the president – although the alleged sexual assault predates Trump’s presidency by two decades.

  Amy Dorris, 1 October 1972, is a Sun Libra conjunct Mars Pluto square Jupiter; with Uranus Mercury also in Libra. Her Saturn in Gemini is conjunct Trump’s Sun, North Node, Uranus and opposition his Moon, so she will have the ability to cast a Saturnine shadow across his identity and reputation. Jean E Carroll’s Saturn is also in late Gemini and will have the same effect. (See previous post 22 June 2019 on Carroll.)

Amy Dorris’s Venus in Leo is conjunct Trump’s Mars which would evoke a spark of attraction.  Their relationship chart has a nix of a sociable Sun, Venus close to needs-space Uranus with a dominating/ruthless composite Mars Pluto conjunction.

   Mars Pluto is one of the astro-signatures for rape since it merges Mars which can be libidinous with power-hungry Pluto. The negative pole is brutal and ruthless. It’s a tricky energy in a personal chart for women to handle since they grow up with a dominating male figure and often remain submissive in their adult life. Since the Mars Pluto strand in their personality remains unconscious and isn’t lived out in an assertive way, they tend to attract bullies and control freaks who have a ‘nose’ for a victim.

  Christine Blasey Ford who gave evidence against Brett Kavanaugh has a Mars Pluto Uranus conjunction opposition Saturn; and Jean E Carroll has Mars Uranus trine Neptune sextile Pluto.  That’s in no way to suggest that what happened to them is their fault, but it is an echo of Jung’s thought – that what we do not live out meets us on the outside as if it were fate.

  The positive side of Mars Pluto which needs to be lived out is courageous, determined to the nth degree with a capacity to handle crises well.

   In August 1997 at the time of this alleged assault, Trump’s Solar Arc Moon was exactly opposition his 12th house Pluto with his Solar Arc Node moving to conjunct his Pluto as well – so he’d be pretty ramped up about women.  Though his misdemeanours seem to happen so often they are much more to do with his innate temperament – and probably didn’t require much of a trigger.

  His midpoints have a fair smattering of aggressive Mars crossovers with a streak of cruelty from Saturn; and over-confidence from Jupiter.

  That a president should have had this litany of complaints against him and still be sitting in situ is a staggering indictment of the Republican Party and those who still unbelievably say they will vote for him. The US is supposed to be a country that upholds family and religious values, more so than other places.    

Israel – a peace deal that ramps up the arms race

The Israel Bahrain and UAE deal has been hailed as a “new dawn of peace” in the Middle East which, according to Trump, will change the course of history. The portentously named Abraham Accords has met a mixed reception though with less raucous laughter than Jared Kushner’s first effort. Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner and Tony Blair are being credited though it was the United Arab Emirates who first suggested the deal to forestall Israel annexing chunks of the West Bank. Critics say it will mainly serve the three signatories, plus the US, and offers nothing to end tensions between Israel and Palestine.

  Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have never been in conflict, have had back channel political and commercial connections for years, so it changes little but it will pave the way for the UAE to buy advanced F-35 stealth fighter jets from the US.  Netanyahu was keen because he wanted a distraction from his bungling of the pandemic and the corruption charges against him.

  Apart from the leaders’ personal ulterior motives there is a united front against the threat of Iran and while being accused of throwing the Palestinians under the bus, they point to their “feckless and corrupt leadership that has served its people poorly.” Some said it should be co-branded the anti-Iran Axis, since it resembled an arms deal as much as a peace deal and the risk is that it will intensify ongoing arms races in the region.

  The next hurdle would be to get Saudi Arabia to join the accord which could be trickier. They are apparently well on the road to achieving their own nuclear ambitions.

   Israel does not look peaceful ahead, indeed is moving into an exceptionally fraught, explosive and fast-changing few years with tr Uranus square tr Saturn in 2021 shaking up the Israel 10th house Pluto, undermining or at least substantially challenging its sense of control.

  Tr Pluto will oppose the Midheaven in 2021/22 which will be exceptionally pressured in terms of direction with significant internal domestic resentment thereafter for many years. The Israel MC is conjunct the Fixed Star Procyon of sudden rise-and-fall.  Then 2022 will be downbeat, littered with setbacks, as tr Saturn moves to square the Israel Taurus Sun and oppose the Mars in Leo through till 2025. Along the way tr Neptune squaring the adventurous Uranus opposition Jupiter between 2022 and 2024 will damp enthusiasm; and there follows a dead-halt, high-risk Solar Arc Mars square Pluto in 2025 with another two high-stress Solar Arc towards 2028/29.  Part of that may be economic with tr Uranus moving through the 8th house of business/international finances from 2023 to 2030 which will be financially unstable.

  The Israel/Saudi Arabia relationship isn’t exactly shouting out friendliness and co-operation in the next four years. There’s an undermining and disappointing tr Neptune opposition the composite Uranus and conjunct the composite Sun in 2021/22; followed by a jolting, co-operation-upsetting, insecure and bad-tempered tr Uranus opposition Mars and square Neptune in 2023/24.

  Whatever this Accord does it hardly looks like ushering in a shining new era of tranquillity ahead.

Ireland – a political football

There’s a savage irony about Ireland becoming the stumbling block to the ‘never-ever-shall-be-slaves’ Brexit lobby, given the 800-year history of first England, then the UK meddling, at times brutally, in Irish affairs. Joe Biden has now added a clarion call to the other dissenting voices indicating that the Good Friday Agreement can’t become a casualty of the UK leaving the EU, otherwise no US trade deal.

  The Norman invasion of 1 May 1169 began English interference when Uranus in Pisces was in a disruptive square to Pluto in Gemini; with Henry V111 declaring himself King of Ireland in 1541, though not in control of all territories – that was when Uranus in Leo opposed Pluto in Aquarius. Then on 30 March 1603 Ireland did become unified (tho’ not sure whether Julian or Gregorian Calendar) – that was just after a Uranus Pluto conjunction in Aries with Uranus then moved into early Taurus (as now).

   The partition of modern Ireland in 1922 happened with Uranus in Pisces trine Pluto; and the Irish Troubles in Northern Ireland starting in the late 1960s brewed up on the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

   Boris Johnson’s implausible explanation that he (or the civil servants) didn’t realise the implication of the Withdrawal Agreement they signed last year on the back of which he won the election, is risible. Rafael Behr of the Guardian says the choice is seeing him as “a fool or a crook. ….. He does not appear to care about the Good Friday agreement ….. and has been as reckless, unfaithful and self-serving in his relationship with Northern Ireland as in all his other relationships.”

 The Northern Ireland 7 December 1922 3.28pm Belfast chart is not surprisingly under heavy and emotional pressure with tr Pluto opposing the Cancer Moon till late this December. There will be phases of great relief notably in late October to mid November and again in March 2021 with tr Uranus opposition the NIrel Jupiter but there will be harsh realities to be faced in coming years with tr Pluto heading the conjunct the Midheaven from 2023 which is when the Solar Arc Saturn is also conjunct the Midheaven – a time of hard choices about future direction.

  The Northern Ireland relationship with the UK is sagging badly through this year and next with disappointment and high-anxiety as tr Neptune opposes the composite Jupiter Neptune and squares Uranus, moving on to square the Sun by 2023.  The Northern Ireland relationship with Boris is similarly afflicted in 2021 and on – so even if he topples off his perch the blame for his perfidy and mishandling of the situation will linger.

   The Republic of Ireland 1949 relationship with Boris is angry and explosive from spring of 2021 onwards as well as distrustful. With the UK, the Ireland relationship will be jolted from mid 2021 as tr Uranus squares the composite Uranus and will continue to be unstable and explosive through till mid-decade.

  The Good Friday Agreement, signed 10 April 1998 5pm Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been under strain since the 2016 Brexit vote with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto shaking up the Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Mars in Aries. The final discouraging run of tr Pluto square the GF Saturn runs till late this November; but the angst won’t die down with a catastrophic tr Pluto square the Mars/Saturn midpoint picking up in early 2021 and running till late 2022. The fear is that if the Agreement is destabilized that violence will break out again.

Anne Stevenson’s Bitter Fame about Sylvia Plath evoked undeserved outrage

Anne Stevenson, the poet, has died whose ‘meticulously crafted poetry was elegiac, witty, passionate and sharply visual’ in the words of a reviewer. She avoided fame and publicity – out of a distrust of “the ego-hill, the misery-well,/ the siren hiss of publish, success”. But became the focus of outrage for Bitter Fame her biography of Sylvia Plath in which she apportioned equal blame to Plath as well as Ted Hughes for the breakdown of their relationship, before Plath’s suicide. The biography was highly praised as “by far the most intelligent, and the only authentically satisfying” record of Plath’s life and a decade later Stevenson was vindicated when Ted Hughes published his Birthday Letters. But the hostility of the Plath worshippers made her weary of the subject.

   I would have to confess I never quite understand the whole Plath mania or why she became so emblematic of downtrodden womanhood for the burgeoning feminist movement.

  Anne Stevenson, 3 January 1933, was born less than three months after Plath, 27 October 1932 2.10pm Boston, Massachusetts, so both had the idealism and dreaminess of Jupiter Neptune in Virgo; and the disruptive Pluto square Uranus. Though in Plath’s case Saturn in Capricorn opposing Pluto would give her a depressive streak. Stevenson had a Capricorn Sun, which does have a creative side. The sign is sometimes referred to as the stander on the threshold between the unconscious (creativity) and the conscious so can bring ideas from the imaginative realm and make them real. Sometimes, with business men, turning them into money.

   Sylvia Plath did have an 8th house Scorpio Sun which would give her a dark and passionate resonance though why that implanted itself into the public consciousness in such an enduring way isn’t obvious. She did have an unaspected Libra Moon which Tierney describes as ‘the most personal traumatic of any planet’ bringing a sense of disconnection, making her overly vulnerable, unstable and unable to find the nurturing she needed.

  Her relationship with Leonine Ted Hughes, 17 August 1939 11.55 pm Mytholmroyd, England, was toxic with a hostile, power-struggling Mars Pluto conjunction opposition Saturn square Uranus opposition Mercury. The surprise isn’t that they parted, it’s that they ever got together in the first place. Though admittedly there was an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction as well.

  Plath had Neptune in her 7th so would be attracted to elusive though affectionate partners and while dependent with her Moon, Venus, Jupiter in her 7th as well she would find commitment difficult.

   Plath’s leaving-a-legacy 17th harmonic is heavily aspected as was her global-fame 22H – which may be some pointer to why she became such an iconic figure.

Bollywood – in the wrong kind of spotlight

Dark tales of corruption and worse in Bollywood, the Indian film industry, are stalking the media. Which hardly makes it different from Hollywood where since the earliest days crime, cover-up and financial ‘manipulation’ have been the watchword. Even today drug-taking is almost de rigueur.

 Though Bollywood does appear to have stronger links to organised crime, with some film funding known to come from the Mumbai underworld, which is reported to influence several prominent film personalities. Mumbai organised-crime hitmen shot Rakesh Roshan, a film director and father of star Hrithik Roshan, in January 2000. (wiki)

 What has brought Bollywood back into focus is the death of Sushant Rajput and the arrest of actress Rhea Chakraborty on charges that she organized drugs for him. (See post below September 11 2020). She was described as an “active member of a drugs syndicate” by the drugs probe agency.

  The first Bollywood film was premiered on 21 April 1913 at 9pm in Mumbai. This gives an indulgent and creative Sun Venus in Taurus opposition an intense hidden 12th house Scorpio Moon squaring onto an innovative Uranus in the 3rd. What is striking is an 8th house Pluto which does suggest dark forces pulling financial strings. There is also a money-magnet Jupiter in the 2nd opposition to a slippery Neptune in Cancer.

  Hollywood, though it isn’t directly comparable since the chart is of the incorporation of the town itself, 1 February 1887, does have a ruthless, high-risk Mars square Pluto Neptune, which also hints at dirty and dangerous dealings, all given a cosmetic aura by ethereal Neptune.

  Sushant Rajput, 21 January 1986, had an Aquarius Sun Venus squaring a Pluto in Scorpio opposition North Node in Taurus – all of which sits neatly (or otherwise) on top of the Bollywood Moon, Venus Sun, Uranus T square – so he fitted, albeit uncomfortably into the film world. His Pluto conjunct the Bollywood 12th house Scorpio Moon and his North Node opposition do raise flags. An intense connection that tied into his destiny. His Pluto squaring the Bollywood Uranus could also indicate a capacity (however unconscious) for upsetting the applecart and causing disruption.

  Though in some ways Rhea Chakraborty’s interface with Bollywood seems more ominous with her Sun, Venus, Moon falling in the Bollywood secretive, financial 8th house. Her highly-strung Uranus Neptune is conjunct the Bollywood Jupiter. And her Mars in Taurus opposes the Bollywood Moon which does seem more significant by the minute. The Mars opposition Pluto square Saturn in her chart would in any event hint at a tendency to walk on the dark side.

  Her relationship chart with Bollywood is fairly stark with a Yod of a confident Jupiter sextile Pluto inconjunct a risky, aggravated Mars Saturn conjunction. And it will rock n’ roll seriously in 2021/22 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Uranus – so more may come out into the open.

  The Bollywood chart is labouring under a confused and devastating tr Pluto opposition Neptune till late this year which could be Covid-connected. And there’s also an upsetting tr Uranus opposition the Moon which picked up just after Sushant’s death and runs into March 2021 – which could perhaps have the capacity to bring secrets into the open.

Although I doubt it’ll lead to any wholesale cleaning out of the murk.