Irene Cara – a Pisces songbird

Irene Cara, the singer and actress best known for her title track in the 1980 film Fame, as well as co-writing and singing the smash hit Flashdance has died. She later starred in films opposite Clint Eastwood and Tatum O’Neal.

  She was born 18 March 1959 10.41 am New York, the youngest of five with a Puerto Rican father and Cuban-American mother and started her career on Spanish-language television.

   She had a 10th house musical Pisces Sun and a creative/musical Neptune in her performing 5th house.  Her Mercury in upfront Aries in her career 10th was also highlighted being in an inventive and feisty trine to Uranus sextile Mars; as well as on the focal point of a resourceful and ambitious Cardinal T square to Moon in Cancer opposition Saturn. And to add to all of that she had a confident, determined Pluto square Jupiter – she was quite a force of nature.

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  1. Is this another Covid Vaccine death? Belarusian politician has ‘sudden death’ too at 64 [film of same name released a day ago investigating – good one to cover Marjorie so everyone knows to start looking at this].

  2. True childhood heroine! I can’t count the times I sang “Fame” theme song using skipping rope as the mike with friends. We would also play at being at the New York City High School for Performing Arts, as that seemed like what we’d like to do too as teens. Sad that her career didn’t take off the way it should have after two movie smash hits, I just feel many of the early 1980’s female singers came to the scene a bit too late or a bit too early, there was no bracket for them somehow.

    One interesting note on astrology: She too has Uranus/Venus, in her case a trine,this is VERY prominent for singers.

    • Correction: Uranus / Mercury in her case, but I’m now automatically looking at an Uranus connection to personal planet for singers. Venus seems the most common one, but Mercury and Sun also figure in the mix.

      • Interesting Solaia… you are always investigating something aren’t you? 🙂

        My Mercury and Uranus are in a tight conj. .. in Leo. Both are in a 7 degree sextile with Venus.
        I deeply long for my voice to sing out like Barbra Streisand!!… but sadly, I seem to be best as a solid choir person!

        However, I regularly have people tell my that my speaking voice is lovely!
        They wonder if I have done radio or voice work.
        Ahhh.. a missed profession!

        • ‘They wonder if I have done radio or voice work.
          Ahhh.. a missed profession!’

          ‘Ahhh …’ but @Sandra, it’s never too late!! Check what that potential could be even if it’s experienced only for a moment in your life. Go girl, Live the dream!!! 🙂

    • She sued her record company for royalty payments for the song Flashdance which she had writing credit. It was a protracted legal matter. She was awarded a little over $1 million. However, per her comments it seems she was blacklisted because of thr suit.

  3. The number Flashdance completely expresses all that innate energy and feistiness too. A hope that many of us as young women in the ‘80s felt that finally doors would start to open for us. Progress, however, is incremental.

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