Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas – love and luck

Sustaining a 20 year plus marriage in Hollywood is no mean feat. When Catherine Zeta Jones married a 25 years older Michael Douglas, a self-confessed sex-addict in 2000 there were doubts about whether it would last. Through a few trials and tribulations with his cancer and imprisonment of his son from his first marriage for drug dealing and her admitted bi-polar condition leading to a short separation they have managed to hold it together.

  They are both Sun Libras – she 25 September 1969 2.40pm Swansea, Wales; and he 25 September 1944 10.30 am New Brunswick, NJ. While two Libras might seem an odd match there are more same sign marriages than you would imagine. He is a creative and vague Sun Neptune square Saturn opposition a Capricorn Moon. While she is an independent and strong-minded Sun Uranus conjunct Pluto and square Mars.

  Her Mars is conjunct his Moon and opposition his Saturn which will create some friction while her Pisces Moon opposes his Sun Neptune. Not all ideal. But the saving grace is the relationship chart with an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunct Jupiter – love and luck will help them along. Jupiter in particular in relationship charts smooths round rough edges. There is a composite Moon opposition Uranus which will thrive with patches of separation with both away working.

  The wedding chart of 18 November 2000 7.30pm might seem discouraging with a workaholic and cool Sun opposition Saturn; but there was an upbeat Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Mars trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by a power-couple Jupiter opposition Pluto. Many more pluses than minuses.

  Both are still going strong on the work front. He was garlanded for his Netflix The Kominsky Method and is kept busy by Marvel epics. She is on a professional roll playing Morticia Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday and in December she stars in the long-awaited Disney+ National Treasure: Edge of History.

3 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas – love and luck

  1. I know someone born just a couple of days after CZJ so very close placements, he ism 23 years married to a sun conjunct neptune opposite saturn. Similar to MD’s sun nep square saturn arrangement. Something works for sure.

    • For what it’s worth; I got platonicly friendly with a woman who I believe got married on the same day as CZJ/MD. She said the day was an absolute disaster for reasons I cannot now remember. Yet their marriage was really good.

      They’re a few years younger but she’s born on Virgo/Libra cusp day and four planets in Libra; he’s a Libra Sun – so similarities.

      When we talked about their relationship, it sounded as good as it gets. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw she’s filed for divorce because he had an affair with opportunistic younger woman this past year and said he wasn’t sure any more. Talk about midlife crisis transits upsetting the apple cart for both of them. Plus she’s got pluto transiting square to her Libra venus so something was always likely to shake. Personally I think he’s made a big mistake.

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