Lab-Lib fortunes – some success but not long term ++ Reform Party

Labour and the Lib Dems, the opposition and third largest of UK parties, both look upbeat in 2023 with smatterings of success in 2024 or 2025 but not good beyond which seems odd given the sinkholes the Conservatives have created for themselves.

   The Liberal Democrats, 3 March 1988, have a lucky, confident, successful tr Pluto square Jupiter through 2022 and 2023 alongside a few muddles and disappointments. By early 2024 there is a trapped, dead-halt, meltdown Solar Arc Mars square Pluto and with the exception of one lucky blip in 2025, what comes after is not encouraging. Tr Neptune entering Aries from 2025 onwards won’t do them any favours as it squares their Uranus, Saturn, Mars for several years thereafter.  

  Ed Davey’s Leadership chart 27 August 2020 11.35am London – (to be treated with caution since leaders come and go and their fortunes are not necessarily tied to the party’s) –  shows a depressing slog with anchors dragging through 2023/4 and a triumph in 2025 with the Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

  The Labour Party 12 February 1906 chart has a successful, confident tr Pluto trine the Jupiter through 2022/23 though will also be contending with a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct Sun, Venus across this New Year moving into a Saturn Return by April, followed by tr Uranus square the Sun Venus which will see jolting changes running into 2024. Through 2024/25 there are indications of some success but a steep decline from 2027 onwards for a few years as tr Neptune is conjunct the Mars and then square Neptune and Uranus.

  The Labour Party 27 February 1900 chart is less encouraging with an enthusiasm-denting 2024 from tr Saturn square the Jupiter Uranus and Pluto plus a catastrophic tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn in 2024/25. And a run of setbacks and jangles in the three years following.

  Keir Starmer’s Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am has four significant Pluto transits to midpoints in 2023, one of which is successful, and the other three fairly dire – and one of the disastrous ones runs through 2024 as well.

  His own personal chart, 2 September 1962, does not indicate an easy few years ahead which may be personal issues rather than party ones and there is no way of sorting out without a birth time quite what is causing his problems. He has a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct his Jupiter and opposition his Uranus in 2023 and then opposition his Sun Pluto in 2024 alongside a raft of truly difficult Solar Arcs in 2024/25/26.

Add On: The Reform Party was set up on 23 November 2018 as a right-wing, populist Brexit party when there was a confident Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition a Gemini Moon in an over-the-top-enthusiastic square to Mars in Pisces and Mercury in Sag square Neptune. So a high-wire, scattered Mutable whirlwind. Plus an emotionally excitable Venus opposition Uranus. Tr Pluto will be giving them uplift in a minor way sextile Sun and Jupiter between now and 2025; plus a go-ahead tr Pluto square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint in 2023/24. But there are just as many Neptune transits bringing disappointments as well. So some success but not overwhelming.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie
    There is a dilemma with these types of horoscopes as you have pointed out in the past.
    Success might mean personal terror at the responsibility that it entails especially as events turn against one. Starmer seems really steady even if not inspirational. He will be older than most of our recent PMs. It is difficult to see the Conservatives getting much out of the next election whenever it is. The electorate will get cross with them if they delay beyond Autumn 2024.
    I wonder whether the Neptune influences further along the track will be caused by resurgent dreamers in the Labour Party wanting unrealistic or undeliverable things and causing headaches.

    • Saturn enters Pisces in 2023. That transit seems to be associated with failure for British governments. The wheels came off the Major government in the last iteration of this cycle in 1993-1996 following Black Wednesday in 1992. After the risible “Back To Basics” campaign every month seemed to involve a new sex or financial scandal involving the Conservative Party. The major government was eventually ousted by a Labour Landslide election win under Tony Blair in 1997.

      Prior to that Saturn was in Pisces between 1964-67 Despite all the glamour around the Swinging Sixties the U.K. struggled economically through most of that period with Wilson government eventually forced to devalue Sterling in 1968.

      Going back even further Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus was in Taurus from 1935-1938 when British governments were involved in the failed policy of appeasing the fascist dictators in Europe in a vain attempt to avoid war.

  2. So now the majority of people in England regret Brexit and are open to a new deal with the EU, but the two major political parties refuse the Swiss model and the Norway model. So around 60 por cent of the population is not happy with the current deal but nobody represents them in Westminster.

  3. Labour’s stance on Brexit and freedom of movement (make it work and protect it, FOM is a red line) is going to cost them votes. The most recent polls show a significant majority who now regret Brexit and even the tories are leaking proposals to seek a Swiss style agreement to see how they land with the public.

    I expect labour will narrowly win the next election gathering the GTTO vote (get the tories out hashtag) but it won’t be enough to have successful tenure.

    I know it sounds crazy but I reckon it will be a new iteration of the Conservative Party, once they purge the most extremist factions, will take us back into the heart of Europe

    • I hope so! Like you, I think the present Tory ideologues will have to go before there is any hope of restoring ties with with EU (in whatever form that takes). I read that this government wants to scrap 4000 pieces of legislation dating from the period of the UK’s membership, legislation providing safety standards, employee and environmental protections, etc. What they seem to have forgotten in their haste is that it was the UK that led a great many of these initiatives. Many committees were chaired by UK representatives because of the language advantage and indeed it was recognised that the UK provided subject matter experts rather than political appointees. People who knew what they were talking about! However one recent commentator noted that this move (towards greater lawlessness) is more intended to make it nigh impossible for a future government to rejoin. However, again the real consequences have not been thought through. I despair, TBH.

      • In 1963 France vetoed the British application to join what was then the EEC, European Economic Community. Future PM Ted Heath, then a Tory MP, said this:

        “The end of the negotiations is a blow to the cause of the wider European unity for which we have been striving. We are a part of Europe, by geography, history, culture, tradition and civilization … There have been times in the history of Europe when it has been only too plain how European we are; and there have been many millions of people who have been grateful for it. I say to my colleagues: they should have no fear. We in Britain are not going to turn out backs on the mainland of Europe or the countries of the Community.“ — Edward Heath

        In January 1972 Ted Heath signed the Accession Treaty, which took the UK into the EEC in 1973. Astrologically, it’s interesting to see the UK’s 1801 Jupiter/Uranus sextile activated. Sun was 1 Aquarius, trine Pluto 1 Libra, conjunct UK Uranus 1 Libra. Sun opposed UK Jupiter 1 Leo, Pluto sextile that. Saturn was right at the end of Taurus, almost a perfect Grand Trine in Air. Ted Heath’s own Neptune is 1 Leo – joining the EEC was his own dream too.

        By January 1973, with Edward Heath as PM, UK finally joined. There was a stellium in Sagittarius, through the UK’s 3rd House – neighbours, communications, and short trips! Venus was conjunct UK Mercury in the 3rd House – an optimistic omen – although not all the indications were so upbeat.

        Pluto will soon be activating that Jupiter/Uranus UK sextile from Aquarius. Perhaps more will shift? Fifty years of argy-bargy have passed. The ERG’s Jacob Rees Mogg was a little child at that point! Possibly, whoever wins the next election, pragmatism will prevail eventually. Maybe Uranus in Gemini from 2025 – UK 9th house of the far (not narrow!) horizons – will help?

    • It’s interesting to notice that inside the Conservatives all the opposition comes from the ERG. Where are the UE supporters that before the referendum were the majority inside the party? I believe that now there are conditions to create a new party to stand for a new referendum or a return to the single market.

    • The upcoming issue for Europe is not Brexit but the fracturing relationship with the USA over energy and green tariffs. I think that is going to play a far more decisive role in the UKs future engagement with the EU than any post Brexit regret.

      • @Filipe: what they actually did at the last election in 2019 was expel all the pro EU members (only those willing to change their tune remained).

  4. Jonathan Portes I don’t know about the tories but it’s the poor and middle that don’t earn enough to pay their bills that are angered by 4star asylum seekers unlike the exploitative rich

  5. The Tory Party 1912 chart is going to have Pluto conjoining its natal Uranus at 3 Aquarius in the next few years so it looks as though it is going to be getting a major shakeup which could potentially fundamentally liberate it is some way. This transit gets repeated later in Plutos transit of Aquarius when it will make the same conjunction with the Conservative Tamworth manifesto in Aquarius. The Tory Party has a history of regenerating and remaking itself from potentially terminal conflicts etc so I would imagine predictions of its complete demise are premature. In Mundane charts Uranus is associated with right wing political ideas.

    Labour will have Saturn and then Neptune hitting is cardinal Mars, Moon, Neptune, Uranus Grand Cross in the 1906 chart from 2026 onwards. That implies restrictions/limitations and possible confusion/delusion though I don’t think Neptune in Cardinal Aries is ever going to match Neptune in mutable Pisces in that respect. One plus point for Labour is that Neptune in the mundane world rules socialism and it moving to a Cardinal sign may indicate a shift in sentiment within the party to the left. It will conjoin Mars which is in domicile in Aries in that 1906 chart so that will add impetus. The 1906 Labour Grand Cross has the socialist idealism of Neptune in Cancer opposing Uranus in Capricorn so plenty of potential friction built in there. Of course, the difficult transits for Labour might simply indicate that it is in government so essentially winds up “owning” all the UK’s problems.

    At the moment all the main leaders of the U.K. political parties are essentially offering variations of the Blairite vision of government which actually represents the post Thatcher consensus. ( ie supposedly free markets with handouts to the poorest to pacify them). I suspect Britain is going to face more of an ideological choice at elections in the future.

  6. Perhaps the ‘joker in the pack’ of contemporary British politics is the ‘new’ party, ReformUK, which is positioning itself as the right wing force in British politics, deeming the Conservatives too left wing and centrist.
    Maybe they will play the spoiler, effectively nullifying the traditional parties as UKIP did in 2015. Anyway, they appear to be gathering support from the right mainly from disgruntled Tories angered by the ‘asylum seekers in four star hotels’ meme.

    An examination of ReformUK’s horoscope and transits would be welcome.

  7. Thanks Marjorie. A lot to consider here! I agree with Ann that the Tories may not give up easily, even though at least some of them realise they need to make changes and sort themselves out – time in opposition might be useful for that reason. Later in 2024 there’s Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius, which maybe points towards a refreshing uplift somewhere or other since it aspects UK Uranus and Jupiter.

    I noticed that the Tory/LibDem coalition (11 May 2010) had Jupiter 25 Pisces, conjunct Uranus 29 Pisces, opposing Saturn 28 Virgo. The LibDem North Node is 23 Pisces, Jupiter had just crossed it at the beginning of May. In September 2024, there’s a Lunar Eclipse at 25 Pisces, conjunct Neptune 28 Pisces, and square Jupiter in Gemini (21). I wonder if the next election could result in another kind of coalition? Labour 1900 have Neptune at 24 Gemini.
    In 2025 Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will all be aspecting the UK Jupiter/Uranus sextile. All air and fire signs….does that symbolise some kind of spontaneous political combustion?!

  8. Thank you for the interesting post Marjorie.

    The elections are still 2 years away. Tories will drag it to as further as they can. Latest January 2025.

    I remember you predicting Penny Mordaunt time of success in 24/25. Could tories gamble on another leader just before the elections? Sunak brought to soften the image and then Mordaunt to bring a ‘star’ leader. Also Mordaunt quite fits the Pluto in Aquarius bill. It’s all just a hunch.

    Despite what all the polls are showing Tories are ruthless when it comes to winning. Whatever fractions they have right now, they tend to unite when it comes to their party’s interests.

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