EU finances – cutting off their noses in spite

ECB 1998ECB 1999



For all the bluster and huff in Brussels – get thee hence and never darken our doorstep again – they are rather obscuring the fact that they are about to lose their second largest net contributor (Germany first). It will blow a considerable hole in EU finances (and banks) which are not in that great a shape to start with.

The European Central Bank (ECB) was agreed on 1 June 1998, got under way on 1 Jan 1999. Both charts look devastated in the time ahead. The 1998 chart with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting the 10 degree Gemini Sun this year into 2017; and early in 2017 as well tr Saturn in a deflating square to Jupiter.

The 1999 chart, probably the most relevant, has a cataclysmic tr Pluto square Mars in 2017/18; with significant tensions erupting as tr Uranus is conjunct Saturn, pitching the reformists against the status quo-ers; and square the financial Venus, jangling their Cardinal T Square.  Tr Saturn is wending its way in hard aspect round their other (Mutable) T Square of Moon opposition Mercury square Jupiter from early till late 2017 which will be discouraging as well.


TTIP – creative, controlling, grandiose and obsessively secretive



The TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) was kicked off in negotiation on 7 July 2013 with the purpose of promoting trade between the US and the EU. Supposedly it would benefit the EU by 120 billion euros worth of trade; the US by 90 billion; and the rest of the world by 100 billion. The theory is to open up trade but it has been heavily criticised for the impact on labour, lowering of regulatory conditions and the secrecy under which talks have taken place.

The start chart certainly reeks of self-protectionism, secrecy and a drive for power and control –  with a Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by a Jupiter (and Cancer Sun) opposition Pluto. There’s also an innovative quality to it with Pluto opposition Jupiter Moon Sun square Uranus.

It was intended to be all done and dusted by the end of 2014, but it is expected to take at least until 2019/2020.

2016 was always going to be a year when it received a severe shaking with the Solar Arc Pluto square Uranus exact as well as Solar Arc Uranus square Sun; plus tr Pluto continuing to drag its heels in opposition to the Sun till late this year. 2021 sees Solar Arc Pluto exactly opposition the Sun for another delay, presumably on the back of the tr Saturn Pluto which won’t make grandiose schemes easy.  It looks more upbeat come 2023 when Solar Arc Mars in conjunct Jupiter. It could be a long time coming if it happens at all. It does look very American with four planets in Cancer.

Jean Claude Juncker – the ugly face of the EU

Jean Claude Juncker EUcompJean Claude JunckerJean Claude Juncker Term


Jean Claude Juncker, the Luxembourgian President of the European Commission, who got the job after vociferous protests from David Cameron is getting his own back by acting the bully boy. As a consequence some are saying he’s what’s wrong with the EU and must go.

Born 9 December 1954, he is a Sun Sagittarius with Mars in Pisces square a Sagittarius Mercury, and opposition Pluto, so not backwards about venting his spleen. He’s also got a lucky Uranus Jupiter in Cancer in a can-be fanatical square to Neptune. Plus an unsentimental Saturn Venus in Scorpio.

His Solar Arc Pluto is square his Jupiter this year so he’ll be extra-bullish; with tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter and square his Jupiter-Node so he won’t be short of push or confidence, too much so at times.

Tr Saturn is however aiming to conjunct his Sun come late November which will cut him back somewhat.

On his term chart, 1 Nov 2014 12am, he does have a destabilising Solar Arc Pluto square his Uranus, exact in six months’ time. But he won’t shift easy. This chart has a flamboyant Jupiter on the Leo Ascendant opposition Moon square a 4th house Saturn in Scorpio – so fixed, stubborn to the nth degree, not keen on sharing the driving seat. There’s also a ferocious Mars Pluto conjunction in the grandstanding 5th house. If he isn’t toppled by that Uranus Pluto, then 2017/18 looks riven by hostile and protracted discussions as tr Pluto squares the Term Mercury.

His relationship chart with the EU has tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter in October, then conjunct Mercury and in 2017 conjunct the composite Sun –  that won’t improve his popularity. Plus a bitterly hostile tr Pluto conjunct Mars in 2017/18. So very un-harmonious.

His relationship with David Cameron was bad with a composite Mars square Pluto. With Boris it is not much better with a composite Mars square Saturn which has tr Pluto square Mars in 2016/17 – so implacable deadlock and a diplomatic or other parting of the ways early in 2017.



UK – sacrificial victim or trail blazer

Interesting point about difficulties showing up on a chart. For example FTSE 250 heading downhill fast is all ‘the fault’ of Brexit. It would still have had lousy influences if Remain had won.

It’s a question to which there is no easy answer. Recently I did a personal chart which showed heavy tr Pluto to Mars and Sun and the person was in the middle of a murderous argument with obdurate, unpleasant and corrupt others. The individual wanted to walk away which was common sense, but as I explained those transits run on until late 2017, so the energy has to go somewhere. The likelihood is that one set of hateful circumstances will just get replaced by another, unless the individual can utilise the influences in a more constructive way – admittedly not easy with Pluto Mars Sun.

So in the case of FTSE250 the triggering mechanism, which is Brexit, is irrelevant, or is at least just one catalyst amongst other possibilities which might now not happen since Brexit has soaked up the energy.

Watching world events with an astrological perspective, it strikes me repeatedly that when there are truly difficult aspects, accident and disaster prone, you will get two or three headline examples across the globe. But there aren’t mass deaths every ten yards or even in every country. It is almost as if the fates/influences demand their price and once that is paid, they subside.  That’s a mystical way of putting it. It will clearly depend on a complexity of things, such as individual and country charts being keyed into specific influences where others are not. But it is odd.

In the Tarot, the Hanged Man or the scapegoat is the one who willingly sacrifices himself to carry away the sins of the collective. There may be an element of this archetype in play.

The UK volunteered, or was manoeuvred by a variety factors – lying politicians on all sides, ditto a dodgy media, a disheartened population – into picking up the baton of this moment in the zeitgeist and running with it. The Hanged Man is based on the Norse god Odin, who hanged himself upside down by his foot over the Well of Life for eight days and nights until enlightenment struck – pain, paralysis and then an epiphany. Roll on nirvana.

UK finances – a decision with a high price tag

FTSE 250Mark CarneyMark Carney Term



The pound is down to a 31 year low against the dollar and the markets are sliding further. According to the Telegraph Business Editor the FTSE 250, launched 12 Oct 1992, is a better guide to the internal economy than the FTSE 100. It is now down 13% which is getting pretty close to a crash.

That chart is not remotely cheering over the next three years. A T-square of Neptune Uranus in Capricorn opposition Mars square a Libra Sun is under assault from tr Pluto conjunct Neptune at the moment, bringing devastation and confusion. Tr Pluto then reverses back in a scary, trapped opposition to Mars twice before the autumn as well as being in a disruptive conjunction to Uranus. In 2017/18 tr Pluto will grind inexorably away in square to the Sun; with two seriously unpleasant Solar Arcs in 2018 of Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Saturn and Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn.

Mark Carney, the level-headed Canadian in charge of the Bank of England, 16 March 1965, has tr Saturn square a whole raft of his planets – Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Sun from now onwards, trailing through 2017. Depressing and very hard work. But what’s more disturbing is that tr Neptune is conjunct his Saturn late this July through August, and again late Sept to Jan 2017 which will be highly uncertain to put it mildly. Then over 2017/18 tr Neptune opposes his Uranus, Pluto and finally Mars – none of which looks as if he is going to be able to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. He’ll pick up confidence in 2019/20 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter, but that could be in another job.

There’s going to be a whole lot of poor people a good deal poorer for several years if these charts hold good.

The Monarchy – can it hold up when everything else crashes down?

Hanoverian MonarchyPrince CharlesPrince William


With the UK ceiling falling down, there are questions about the status of the Monarchy. Not that leaving the EU will have any affect. But as representatives of the old order, they are in an anomalous situation, with much resting on the Queen’s 90 year old shoulders.

The Hanoverian monarchy was established on 1 August 1714. Edward V11 did change the family name to his father’s but since he was Victoria’s son and direct heir, the lineage did continue. That chart looks panicky and cornered in 2016/17; and thoroughly off balance by 2018. It’ll have been through heavy influences in its 300 year history but the whole period up to 2023 looks very jangled, discouraged and road-blocked.

Prince Charles does have tr Uranus conjunct his 10th house Moon in 2018 which looks like a significant change both in his career/life’s direction and relationship with his mother. And by 2023 has Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Scorpio Sun – which coincides with the above, so there may be setbacks for the monarchy then.

Prince William has tr Uranus moving across his IC in 2018 which suggest a home/base relocation and significant changes within the family.  His life will change again radically by 2021 when his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Uranus, changing his future plans and his circle of friends.

He was born on an Eclipse cycle, 2 Old North, which ends in 2036 and an astrologer once suggested that meant he’d be the last King. I’m not sure of the logic of this but usually Eclipse cycles throw up key events when they recur, ever 18 or so years.  He went to University on the last one in 2000 where he met his future bride.  Next one is 2018 which fits with tr Uranus conjunct his IC.

Around 2036 and just after, tr Saturn is conjunct his Solar Arc New Moon with tr Pluto in opposition which looks fairly major.

There’s nothing much then on the Hanoverian chart. Who knows?  Maybe just a non-sequitur.

More UK politics – blood on the walls

Mopping up extras from the smash-up on the floor at Westminster.

Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Opposition Party, 8 Jan 1967, gave the hard word to Jeremy Corbyn about not having the confidence of the parliamentary party, to zero effect. Watson with an exact 17 degree Capricorn Sun square Mars in Libra is facing another punishing eighteen months as tr Pluto is conjunct his Sun and square his Mars. High stress is not the word for it. But for all that he looks remarkably upbeat now until September with tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Jupiter; and has two further Jupiter midpoint uplifts in 2017. So not all bad. Plus a bounce in 2019 from Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus.

His relationship chart with Corbyn always was explosive and unco-operative with a T Square onto a focal point Mars Uranus. There’s nothing much affecting the chart (without birth times) apart from a high-uncertainty tr Neptune square Saturn this year. Then there’s a separating tr Saturn conjunct composite Sun throughout 2017; with a definite jolt come 2018.

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, even further left than Corbyn, who has been quietly laying foundations for an upward trajectory looks devastated in 2017/18 with tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun and tr Pluto square his afflicted Neptune. His relationship with Corbyn, will part company sharply at any time through the next eighteen months with tr Uranus square the composite Sun Venus.

On the Tory side, manoeuvring for a leadership election. Liam Fox, 22 September 1961, a Leaver, looks thoroughly jangled at the moment with tr Uranus opposition his Mars; and has a raft of undermining Saturn transits to midpoints, especially this October, followed in 2017 by Neptune  ditto. He’ll have a few ups but not too many; and a major setback in late 2017 or thereabouts.

Stephen Crabb, 20 Jan 1973, highly thought of but unknown and a Remainer, will have his moment of glory but not yet. 2019/20 look his high points with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter. But before then it all looks swampy and disappointing with tr Neptune square his Mars opposition Saturn in 2017/18.

Ruth Davidson, 10 Nov 1978 3.15pm Edinburgh, the Scottish Tory leader who made a good impression on television arguing for Remain, will get more power and responsibility but not perhaps until 2018/19 and thereafter as tr Saturn crosses her midheaven. She could have health issues for a year or so or be disappointed about her efforts.

PS With the Tory Leadership election now announced for September 1st/2nd – right on top of a nasty Eclipse – it would seem to favour Boris who has tr Pluto trine Jupiter then.

Pluto in Capricorn – the replay is on with the UK leading the charge

Pluto Ingress UKPluto Ingress EUPluto Ingress USA


Contemplating the UK’s about-to-self-destruct-financial -services industry on Brexit, a thought struck me. Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 whose purpose is to bring about a complete transformation of the way governments are run and money is handled at a macro-economic level.

The Lehman Brothers/sub-prime/banking collapse happened in 2007/08, sending countries globally into a downward spiral for a few years. But the banksters didn’t end up in prison, power-hosed out of the Augean stables. They kept their bonuses, prospered and the taxpayers took the pain.

Pluto is around till 2024 and its action, as anyone who has suffered under its yoke knows, is very slow and results only come after considerable angst. It razes old structures down to ashes, leaving devastation, and only then can new growth begin. Transformation is a scary process which sweeps away old certainties and leaves what feels like a vacuum before the rebuild starts. You have to die symbolically before you can be reborn.

The UK was always going to be more at risk in this operation since it is heavily dependent on the financial sector – its industrial and manufacturing capacity having been decimated during Maggie Thatcher’s time.  Until recently it was known as the financial capital of the world.

So it may be that the UK is unwittingly leading the field into the next stage of Pluto’s deconstruction. Tearing down the old, tossing what was once great (for some) onto the scrapheap. Hopefully in preparation for making the wholesale changes that are necessary. Don’t ask me how!

Given that Brexit was as much a vote against the political establishments in Westminster and Brussels as anything, it is also the other facet of Pluto in Capricorn. Of which, to a ludicrous extent, Trump is also an example and the far-left and far-right uprisings all over Europe. All expressions of the mainstream kicking against an outdated status quo.

Seen in the broader context of Pluto in Capricorn, it begins to make more sense. Which isn’t to say it will be a) be easy; or b) turn out well. Russia tried for Perestroika and fell back into the bad old ways; Egypt went for revolution and got landed with a military dictator. Pluto’s power hungry ways are not easily diverted.

I don’t use Ingress charts much, but for what it’s worth. The Pluto Ingress of 2008 set for London has the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the MC exactly now. With a focal point Mars in the 8th square a Moon opposition a 4th house Uranus – the effect will be financial and governmental with a highly rebellious, angry population. Three planets in the 2nd also amplify the financial effect.

Set for Brussels, the midheaven moves on 5 degrees which will catch the tr Saturn square later this year, but not get the tr Neptune opposition MC until 2019.It’s still financial though less markedly so; but with an even more restive domestic population since Uranus is within a degree conjunct the IC.

Washington, DC, gets a different slant with the emphasised focal point Mars on the MC and less domestic unrest.

Along the way of Pluto’s majestic and destructive sweep through Capricorn we have Uranus moving into materialistic Taurus in 2018 for seven years though never actually making the trine to Pluto.  More pertinently there is the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2019/2020. Saturn Pluto is a winter phase, repressive, a bringer of hardship. But it is joined in 2020 by Jupiter in Capricorn which attracts material bounty.

The benefits of Pluto in Capricorn may only turn up very late in the game.

Top Gear – shock absorbers blown

Chris EvansMatt LeBlancMatt LeBlanc Chris Evans compTop Gear




As expected (astrologically speaking) the revamped BBC Top Gear with Chris Evans in the driving seat has hit major problems with sagging ratings and now media stories of an ultimatum from co-host Matt Le Blanc that Chris Evans be removed because he shouts at staff.

Media tales need to be taken with a pinch of salt. But two things were and are abundantly clear from the astrology. Firstly that Chris Evans, 1 April 1966, with tr Pluto square his Mars in Aries was going to be facing huge frustrations, aggravation and deadlock throughout 2016/17. He’ll have a few ups in 2017 but not too many.

Matt LeBlanc, 25 July 1967 4.18 am Newton, Massachusetts, is also facing irritations and challenges though of less magnitude. What is significant is that tr Pluto is hovering on the cusp of his 7th house, moving forward from this December onwards. This is often when relationships get to breaking point, either personal or professional.

There are some things going for their relationship since CE’ Leo Moon is conjunct ML’s Jupiter. But CE’s Saturn in Pisces is conjunct ML’s Moon and MC which will have a dampening effect. CE’s Aries Sun (boosted by Mars) is also conjunct ML’s Saturn in the 10th house. So his wild and wayout approach will unsettle ML’s more disciplined approach to work.

Their relationship chart has a friendly composite Sun opposition Venus, in a sensible sextile/trine to Saturn which is fine for work. There’s also an adventurous Mars opposition Jupiter. But some difficulty communicating clearly with each other with the composite Mercury opposition Neptune and Mercury in a Grand Trine to impatient Mars trine an explosive Uranus Pluto.

Into 2017 tr Pluto will oppose the composite Jupiter which often coincides with one-upmanship struggles; at the same time it trines the afflicted Mercury which will bring intense and possibly deadlocked discussions between them. Then tr Uranus will square the composite Mars in April when there’s likely to be an explosion.

Top Gear which used to make the BBC gzillions when Clarkson was stomping around, was never a great fit for Evans. It launched 22 April 1977 and the Top Gear Pluto opposes Evans’ Sun Mars so will make him feel restricted and trapped; plus Evan’s Saturn is conjunct the Top Gear Mars which will bring a bad chemistry.

The Top Gear/ Chris Evans relationship chart has a composite Sun at 21 Aries which will get a sharp elbow this November and again in Feb 2017. That can often be a separating aspect. And may indeed come before then depending on the degree of his Moon.