John Hurt – a unique voice and talent



Actor John Hurt has died aged 77, after an illustrious six decade career, spanning films such as A Man for All Seasons, The Elephant Man, Midnight Express, 1984, and latterly the Harry Potters; and television hits like The Naked Civil Servant and I Claudius. He specialised in roles about misfits, victims of fate and eccentrics.

He was born 22 Jan 1940 5.30pm Shirebrook, England to an amateur actress mother and clergyman/teacher father, had a strict upbringing, was married four times with several other long relationships and for many years had a serious drink problem. A full but not easy life.

He had a 6th house, hard-working Sun Aquarius conjunct Mercury in late Capricorn, both in a bleak opposition to Pluto square a forced-to-be-self-reliant Saturn in Aries and Aries MC opposition North Node in Libra in the 4th. A settled home life and emotional commitment would not have been easy for him.

He also had an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus in the 10th in a creative trine to Neptune trine Mercury in Capricorn – perhaps one pointer to his resonantly gravelly voice. Luckily as a balance to what could have been a heavily depressive chart, he had Jupiter in Aries trine Pluto and conjunct Mars also in Aries, which would bounce him up and give him confidence. His Cancer Moon was square Jupiter and trine his 8th house Venus in Pisces, so he would enjoy women’s company.

His role as Quentin Crisp in The Naked Civil Servant first brought him to prominence. Crisp, born 25 Dec 1908, was a Capricorn Sun with his Moon conjunct Hurt’s Sun; an emphasised Saturn in Aries like Hurt; and Crisp’s Jupiter in Virgo trined Hurt’s 10th house Uranus, so a real connection. The Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, born 1862, with a facial deformity which saw him kidnapped onto the freak show circuit, had a Leo Sun exactly on Hurt’s Ascendant; with his Neptune conjunct Hurt’s Jupiter and his Mars also in Aries – so another uncanny resonance.

John Hurt’s ‘actors’ 15th Harmonic is exceptionally marked with two Cardinal Grand Crosses of Sun, Pluto, Moon Mercury Neptune, and Mars, Saturn, Moon, Neptune.  With his talent he could draw on his own unhappiness to channel his characters.

The Trump circus in town – a set of carnival sideshows

dt us syn  dt bannon comp


The chaos around Trump’s his first days in office isn’t quite addictive but it’s so unnerving it leaches interest out of almost everything else. The desperate inanities of his need to have had the biggest Inaugural crowd and to have actually won the popular vote are either signs of a pathological narcissism that’s off the Richter scale; or a cunning manoeuvre to distract attention from the myriad executive orders he is spewing out at speed. [Don’t get distracted by the dead cat on the table. Url:] And indeed how his obsession with voter fraud could well lead to restrictions on who votes in future and possible/probable claims of rigged elections if the Republicans lose the midterms in 2018, never mind the 2020 re-run of this farrago. There may be more method in his madness than appears.

But for all that he isn’t Emperor Nero and even his nominees are refusing to buckle under his over-heated wish-list. Mattis on taking over the Pentagon made his first call to the head of NATO; and he, Pompeo (CIA) and McCain have spoken out firmly against torture. Rex Tillerson in State appears to have lost (or fired) all the top staff which given his lack of political experience is a distinct handicap. The Mexico wall will run into a thousand road blocks, as probably will the pipeline. Federal workers are likely to increase subversive action; swingeing tax cuts and stratospheric infrastructure spending is likely to run into Congress budgetary resistance. His protectionist trade policies run the risk of costing consumers (in the rust belt) more and de-stabilising the global economy. The only world leaders he appears to be on talking terms to are Putin, Netanyahu and (lord help us) Theresa May.

His Gemini Sun Uranus opposition Sagittarius Moon sitting on top of the USA 1776 Mars square Neptune makes more and more sense, given the anger, divisiveness and panic he is creating. His Saturn in Cancer conjunct the USA Mercury opposition Pluto will be interesting to watch when the tr Uranus squares come along from just after mid March onwards, given the history of that aspect on the USA chart in fuelling McCarthyite fascist responses and scandals, financial and Watergate-wise. [See post USA 2017 Dec 26th.] Trump’s relationship chart with the USA does indicate anger/insecurity breaking out into the open from mid March on at the same time, if not before, since the composite Moon may be at 22 Capricorn and, if so, will trigger late February.

Plus, of course, his bullying, bombastic Mars in Leo is opposite the USA Moon in Aquarius, trampling women’s rights into the ground – and not just in the US, overseas as well – resulting in a hot-tempered response.

His present hardline anti-abortion stance is a new acquisition since he was never that stuck on it as an issue until Mike Pence stepped in beside him. Be wary of praying for an impeached Trump. Pence would move up. In Congress he co-sponsored a bill that would allow hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women who would die without the procedure. His war against Planned Parenthood when he was governor of Indiana led to the closing of five clinics. (None of them did abortions. They did, however, provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and one of the counties where a clinic was closed suffered a big H.I.V. outbreak.) He also voted against the Lilly Ledbetter act for equal pay for women. He once argued that having two working parents would lead to “stunted emotional growth” in children. In 2006, he said same-sex couples were a sign of “societal collapse.” And all this in the name of Christian piety. That Moon on the Inauguration chart squaring the Mars/Saturn midpoint certainly makes sense – cruel treatment of women.

Though if its any consolation  Pence is having a horrible time ahead with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn and trine his Mars/Neptune midpoints from early March onwards for two years – which indicates cataclysmic setbacks and plans not working out; tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint from mid May to late 2018 which usually accompanies career losses; and tr Neptune squaring his Gemini Sun in 2018/19 which is lack-lustre and not ego-friendly.

What intrigues me (amongst a thousand other things) is Trump’s relationship with Stephen Bannon, his faithful buddy, which is hitting a sharp downhill slide from mid May onwards as tr Neptune opposes the composite Sun Saturn. Jared Kushner doesn’t get on with him and their dip comes earlier in mid March. Kellyanne Conway loathes him with a passion and that could lead to open warfare from early March onwards.

Keep an eye also on Trump and Paul Ryan from early April onwards as their uneasy co-operation stalls into suspicion, lack of confidence and uncertainty which will roll on till late 2019.


David & Victoria Beckham – money doesn’t solve all problems

dav  vic  v d comp


David and Victoria Beckham have built up a brand through his football and her fashion-related businesses, estimated worth half a billion pounds last year. Reports are that they are buying a Cotswold country home, an area popular with celebrities like Kate Moss, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, Lily Allen, Michael McIntyre, Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron.

Although her fashion business with a good turnover still appeared to have made a loss and was kept afloat by a loan from himself. Their spokesman denied there was a problem and said it was in effect merely an accounting matter. Her company was recently given a formal notice of compulsory strike-off by Companies House, having failed to file its annual accounts on time for the third year running.

David, born 2 May 1976 6.17am London, does look unsettled with tr Uranus moving to square his MC from May this year and square his Capricorn Moon in 2018, so considering a change of direction. Tr Saturn exactly now is heading into his 8th also suggests a two year phase ahead of financial reorganisation; and feeling less emotionally supported. 2018/19 do look difficult with the panicky-failure tr Neptune conjunct his Mars in Pisces and Solar Arc Moon square his 7th house Neptune; plus Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Neptune so a disappointing time emotionally as well as confusing about future plans.

Victoria, 17 April 1974 10.07am? Hereford, England, will be unsettled domestically and career-wise in 2017 into 2018 with tr Uranus opposition her 4th house Uranus and conjunct her Aries Sun – so major changes; feeling less popular publicly and in her career with tr Neptune conjunct her 10th house Venus; and then tr Saturn opposition her 12th house Mars Saturn late in 2017; with a sagging, lack lustre Solar Arc Sun opposition her Neptune in 2018.

Their relationship always was going to hit its most turbulent patch when tr Uranus moved into Taurus in 2018 moving in conjunction across the composite Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars until 2020.

They’ve survived through a good deal together but there do look to be relationship stresses and strains ahead.

Alexandra Shulman & Anna Wintour – fashionable Scorpios

as aw syn


Alexandra Shulman, Editor of Vogue UK, has resigned after 25 years at the helm, giving rise to speculation that her frosty relationship with the icy Anna Wintour of Vogue USA might be a factor. Though other top management changes and a changing market in print magazines may also have swung her decision.

Both ladies are determined Scorpios. Alexandra Shulman, 13 Nov 1957, is a Mars Neptune and North Node in Scorpio with Sun at a later degree; while Anna Wintour, 3 Nov 1949, is a Sun Scorpio conjunct AS’s Mars which is not a great co-operative combo. AW’s Mars is also conjunct AS’s Pluto which is worse – underlying hostility and competition.

Alexandra Shulman, who recently penned two novels, looks uncertain this year but getting back into her stride in 2018/19 with tr Pluto sextile her Sun and square her Jupiter. Anna Wintour looks less enthusiastic ahead with a foot-slogging tr Pluto trine her Saturn this year; and tr Neptune square her Saturn in 2018/19.

Nicola Sturgeon – losing her shine

nsns term


Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, is under increasing pressure with a political deadlock over the Scottish budget and serious problems in locally-run health, education and the police. Plus latest figures which show Scottish trade with the UK is four times greater than with the EU  blow a hole in plans for an independent Scotland in Europe.

Her latest term chart, 12 May 2016 9.35am, always did look wobbly with an over-hopeful Neptune opposition Jupiter square an argumentative and restrictive Mars Saturn. Tr Neptune is moving to oppose Jupiter and square Saturn from April onwards till late 2018 which is a downhill slide, with high hopes being dashed. If the budget is not agreed then a snap election may have to be called.

On her own personal chart, she has tr Saturn moving through the lowest point of her 1st quadrant which is always a time of banana-skins and disappointments, not ego or ambition-supportive. The February Pisces Eclipse will oppose her 10th house Venus which will dent her popularity and make her feel unloved.

Martin Schulz – EU zealot battling with Merkel



Martin Schulz, a German MEP and former President of the European Parliament, an EU hardliner, buddies with Jean-Claude Juncker and pro-more integration is gearing up to challenge Angela Merkel in September’s Election. (Previous post July 8 2016.)

Born 20 Dec 1955, Schulz is a Sun Sagittarius, like Juncker and both have Saturn in obsessive Scorpio. Schulz, if anything, is more intransigent than Juncker since his Sun is trine a powerfully confident Pluto Jupiter, which latter is also square Saturn; and he has vengeful Mars in Scorpio as well.

Schulz’s relationship chart with the EU is locked-together, over-confident and veering towards the fanatical with a composite Saturn square Pluto, Sun square Jupiter and Uranus opposition Venus square Neptune. Tr Saturn is conjunct his Sun in March/April and again in November; and tr Uranus squares his Venus in Capricorn in May and November this year – so it won’t be a heartening or smooth run through campaigning.

On 24 September 2017 for the German election he has an uncertain and confusing tr Neptune square his Sun/Saturn; with tr Pluto exactly conjunct his Solar Arc Mars which is totally blocked. So (without a time) it doesn’t look too hopeful for him.

His relationship with Merkel is high-tension through 2017; and with his Sun conjunct her 1st house Mars he’ll bring out hr competitive spirit.

Barbra Streisand – an enduring communicator



The multi-talented Barbra Streisand, 65 years into a singing career that shows no sign of losing its glitter, was born 24 April 1942 5.08am New York. Her father died when she was one years old and her mother struggled to bring up the family in poverty.

She’s got a stalwart Taurus Sun Mercury (rules the throat) square an intense Moon Pluto in Leo in the performing 5th house; with Saturn and Uranus also in Taurus – so a very Fixed chart, enduring, stubborn, dislikes change. She’s also got four Mutable planets – Venus in Pisces in the 12th widely opposition Neptune and North Node in Virgo square Jupiter and Mars in Gemini in her 3rd. So she’ll certainly be a good communicator and outspoken with Mars in her 3rd. Worth noting: a surprising number of people who lose a father early have Sun Pluto hard aspects which simplistically is the controlling, dominating father but in this instance is the father outwith control.

She’s always been a Democrat, appearing on Nixon’s Enemies list. At present she seems to be working on a film adaptation of the musical Gypsy and preparing to direct a film on Catherine the Great of Russia.

Exact at the moment is her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her 5th house Moon, so that will key into the women’s movement of rebellion against Trump. Though Solar Arc Saturn follows hard on its heels to conjunct her Moon late this year which will be a downer. Tr Saturn is aiming to hit her midheaven by 2018 and staying in her upper quadrant for seven years thereafter which is usually hard-working, responsible and high profile. Jupiter through her 7th this year will find her being more outgoing and meeting an enthusiastic response. But it still looks an edgy, undermining and enraging year with tr Pluto trine her Sun/Uranus midpoint; and tr Neptune square her Mars/Saturn and Mars/Uranus as well as tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Pluto.

2018 will do her popularity the world of good with her Solar Arc MC conjunct her Venus. Tr Uranus is gearing up to oppose her Pluto and conjunct her Sun in 2019/2020 which will either turn her life upside down or see her in full revolutionary gear. Maybe both.

Ewan MacGregor & Piers Morgan – two Aries in mortal combat

em  pm


Scottish actor Ewan MacGregor doing the publicity rounds for the latest Trainspotting movie has fallen foul of Piers Morgan by refusing to be interviewed by him on television because of Morgan’s blast against Madonna’s performance at the Women’s March.

McGregor born 31 March 1971 8.10pm Perth, Scotland and Morgan, 30 March 1965, are both Sun Aries which is always a recipe for a head-on collision, even if it didn’t happen on screen. MacGregor has his Sun opposition Uranus square Mars in Capricorn, so is not exactly retiring; and Morgan has the excitably pugnacious Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo – so they’re fairly well matched as opponents. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Saturn which is defensive and chilly with the composite Mars quincunx Sun and composite Mercury quincunx Uranus – crossed lines in several directions.

MacGregor is coming out of a low-ish profile phase of his career which has never quite matched up to earlier expectations, despite Star Wars and awards for Moulin Rouge and Salmond Fishing in Yemen.  He does have tr Jupiter through his 1st this year which will raise his confidence and profile, and into 2018 boost his finances. But he looks in for a fairly tough stretch ahead with tr Pluto trine his 8th house Saturn in 2018/19.

Piers Morgan, who has hitched his wagon very clearly to his friend Donald Trump’s rising star, looks in for a debilitating 2017/18 with tr Neptune conjunct his Saturn and opposition Mars Uranus mid Feb to early March, and mid October to Jan 2018; as well as opposition his Pluto in 2017/18. There may be other reasons for his slump but it doesn’t look too impressive for the two years ahead.

The Clintons – mourning a calamitous defeat

hill  bill  chel


The Clintons, according to reports, are analysing what went wrong in the election and sorting out their plans for backseat involvement in the Democratic Party in the time ahead, having giving up any thought of standing for public office again.

While Hillary has an upbeat patch in September/October 2017, on the whole she’s facing a confusing and discouraging year, taking time to recover from a poleaxing failure. If her birth time of 8am is sound then tr Saturn is moving through the lowest point of her first quadrant for three years ahead which is usually a sinker for ego and ambitions. And Jupiter will be going through her 12th from later this year for 12 months which tends to be introspective. She’ll bounce more enthusiastically in 2018 when tr Jupiter crosses her Ascendant. Tr Uranus into her 6th from mid 2017 for  several years thereafter suggests a change of career and perhaps a few health issues. By 2018 she has tr Uranus opposition her Sun which will pose her some difficult questions, since with such a fixed chart, she finds shifting gear exceptionally hard.

Bill Clinton looks more resilient through 2017 with tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter and trine his Leo Sun; and tr Pluto trine his confident Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. But he’ll still have his down moments, losses and lack of a clear direction, with tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint and opposition his Solar Arc MC; with patches of confusion and fury as well. What he can look forward to is his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter in 2020 which is a definite high; with tr Pluto square his Jupiter in 2019/2020. So assuming his health holds up, he’ll be all systems-go for the next election.

Chelsea Clinton who shares a Scorpio Ascendant with her mother is in a similarly low profile phase, sorting out her ambitions for the years ahead in private. She’ll emerge from her low profile Saturn career phase in 2022 and then it’s all ahead for her, with her peak in her fifties and sixties. She’s ambitious and lucky with Mars Jupiter in her 10th and will become more and more respected the older she gets.

She’s not having her best year in 2017 with home and financial worries, some depression, aggravation and setbacks. The February Pisces Eclipse is closely conjunct her 4th house Sun so some kind of domestic or family crisis requiring action, which will require her to rethink her roots and the foundation of her life. Like Hillary she’ll be more outgoing and confident come 2018 with tr Jupiter crossing her Ascendant.