Boris – fizz gone phut

A stinker of a week for Boris Johnson saw him accused by the normally supportive right-wing Spectator magazine as presiding over “disorder, debacle, rebellion, U-turn and confusion”. “He’s no longer fit to be prime minister.” Matthew Parris added for good measure: “his zing has well and truly zung. The fun has gone and with it the shine.  And so we end up with this rancid shambles of a government.”  A Times hatchet job yesterday described him as “overburdened, underpaid with ‘misery on his face’.

  Multiple U-turns and self-inflicted crisis – through the pandemic, track and trace, PPE, lockdown confusion; school exam grading; and the latest Brexit shambles which attracted near international condemnation – have left his supporters horrified.

  This is a rehash of previous astrology but worth noting his Progressed Moon moving through his 2nd for the past few months which will bring up financial worries and continue to do so for another year. His income has been slashed by more than a half since he became PM; he is evidently still supporting, to different degrees, four out of his six children and his recent divorce would cost him.

  Persistent stories about his post-Covid droop could well be pointed up by tr Neptune conjunct his Chiron in his 6th till late January 2021. And even more so by the high-stress Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Scorpio Moon, exact in four months, but almost certainly in effect before then. With tr Saturn also square his Moon from December 19th – admittedly at the same time as tr Jupiter square his Moon which complicates interpretations. But there will be pressure on his Moon from several sources. His Solar Arc Midheaven (dependent on birth time being exactly accurate) is also conjunct his Uranus, hinting that he really wants to change career direction, but may not know how.

  Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law, Humphrey Wakefield, indicated Boris would quit in six months, immediately after Brexit was done, for health reasons, though it was hotly denied. [I hadn’t realised that Cummings who looks like a total anorak had married into the aristocracy with a father-in-law, who lives in a proper castle and is unashamedly elitist about intelligence and talent.]

  The Times piece also suggested that his recently divorced wife Marina Wheeler gave him “grounding” in a way that Carrie Symonds doesn’t.  Marina ….” was his intellectual match and in terms of his view everything was run by her or through her.” Born 18 August 1964, she is a Sun Leo square Jupiter in Taurus; and her Mars Venus in Cancer is conjunct Boris’s Midheaven so she would throw her enthusiasm behind his ambitions.

   Carrie, born 17 March 1988, is a Sun and Moon in Pisces with a tumultuous Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars in Capricorn which sits on his IC, uprooting him and disturbing his sense of stability. Her Mars in his 4th also suggests a fairly argumentative domestic force. By all accounts a restrictive No 10 Downing Street is no Elysee Palace when it comes to accommodating a family with children. She also has her Pluto conjunct his 2nd house Neptune which does suggest she’ll make a significant and perhaps devastating impact on his finances.

   It is notable that both Marina Wheeler and Carrie have several Cardinal planets in their chart where he has none. Cardinal planets give initiative, the ability to dream up new projects and get them moving.

  His Term chart is showing confusion, wishful thinking and evasion through this month and next – and deteriorating to a marked degree from October 2nd till late January 2021 with the addition of tr Neptune square the ‘catastrophic’ Mars/Pluto midpoint. So nothing that indicates getting a grip and making competent decisions.

  I suppose the same goes for the UK as for the US – Boris represents the non-leadership which for some obscure reason is needed at this point to set the country on the trajectory it was going to go – except there isn’t even a Pluto Return to blame for it. Just a series of financial disasters running on for several years ahead from next spring.

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  1. Don’t things sometimes rise on a Pluto cycle and descend on the next one? It could be that Pluto returning to the same position in late Cap/early Aqu marks the splitting of the UK and not its further integration.

    Previous events in this planetary position:

    1030s/1040s = Cnut dies, North Sea Empire (personal union of England/Denmark/Norway) breaks up, the House Of Wessex eventually are restored to the English throne with the accession of Edward The Confessor
    1280s = England conquers Wales, attempts to bring Scotland into orbit
    1520s/30s = Henry VIII break with Rome, Wales becomes officially part of England (having previously been a colony)
    1770s = US colonies break away

    There is also the fact the the late Cap/early Aqu position in the 1st Century AD saw the conquest of Britannia by the Romans. Not sure what happened in the three returns of Pluto to that position afterwards though.

    It should also be pointed out that the 1520s/30s one saw Neptune in Pisces as well; I think the 1030s/40s one also had this going on, possibly the one in the 8th century did too although I haven’t looked it up.

    I’m also not convinced that only the 1066 chart should be used for England; Marjorie uses the 973 one and of course the actual first establishment of England as a kingdom was in 927. I think all of them resonate.

    • Just an add on to the above. I have been looking at this pattern of Pluto going between late Cap and early Aqu (sometimes in tandem with Neptune in Pisces) for several years now. I think it is definitely an underlying key of some sort.

      I also think (taking a comment Hugh once made on this site) that the foundation of all this is probably the events of the 1st Century AD Pluto in Cap/Aqu transit when the Romans conquered much of what is now England and the identification of the island as Britannia first entered the collective consciousness on a wider scale as the new province was incorporated into a wider Empire. In some ways that was the first time that Britain was ‘defined’ as such.

      I can’t, however, predict the future based on past patterns. It would be easy to look at the events of the 1030s/40s and 1520s/30s and extrapolate that when Pluto goes from Cap to Aqu and Neptune is in Pisces, some form of English self-assertion happens, but then if you compare the 1280s to the 1770s, the first marked a successful conquest by England of a neighbouring land, and the second marked a breakaway from England by a settled colony.

      The Anglo-Welsh relationship, though, is one to pay attention to, as this particular Pluto transit from Cap to Aqu seems to affect it:

      In the 1030s/40s I’m not sure if anything notable happened, but by the end of Pluto in Aqu Gruffydd ap Llewellyn had united Wales under his rule for the first time, even leading raids into England.

      In the 1280s Wales was conquered by Edward I.

      In the 1530s Wales was legally incorporated into England, under Henry VIII who was of Welsh descent himself. This abolished Welsh law and suppressed the Welsh language, but on the flipside the Welsh became legally equal to the English and could participate in Parliament and the upper echelons of society (i.e. they became fellow citizens).

      The 1770s are less clear as I don’t think anything took place on the military or legal fronts, but the Industrial Revolution was getting into full swing at this point which increased Wales’ prestige and wealth, setting the foundations of the modern era, but also siphoned off a lot of its natural resources and the subsequent profits to England/Britain.

      The 1284 Statute Of Rhuddlan and the 1536 Act Of Union between Wales and England are due to undergo their third and second Pluto Returns respectively.

      • A further addendum – one of the problems with analysing the above is that there isn’t a definite natal chart for Wales as such. I can suggest a couple – the unification of Wales for the first time in 1057 under Gruffydd ap Llewellyn, the Council of Aberdyfi in 1216 – but not sure if any specific dates can be found. Another chart to look at could be the Glyndwr Rising of the 1400s, again not sure of an exact date.

        Finally, going back to the 927 chart for England, it’s worth noting that Pluto in late Cap has been opposing its Sun/Mercury/Neptune stellium in Cancer. Perhaps even more interesting is that Neptune is right now exactly conjunct the North Node of this chart at 16 Pisces. And the chart also had a Uranus return recently at 22 Aries – which is also the position of the Ascendant in the 1066 chart.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. It seems unlikely that Boris will complete his term as PM, although I read that he wants to lead the Tories into the next election. He has some thought-provoking connections with the 1066 chart, including his Sun-Venus opposing 1066 Uranus in Sagittarius, and his Mercury square the 1066 Virgo Saturn, Nodes, plus Chiron in Pisces. His natal Saturn is just two degrees from a conjunction with 1066 Pluto in Pisces.

    Transits of Uranus to the 1066 chart seem to be relevant to current events too. 1066 Mars is 8 Aquarius. In 1642, the English Civil War starts on 22nd August. At that time Mars was 9 Taurus, Uranus 8 Scorpio.

    Uranus in Taurus is square that Mars in 1685 when James II becomes King of England. In 1770 there’s the Battle of Golden Hill and the Boston Massacre in the American Revolution – and Uranus is once again square the 1066 Mars from Taurus.

    George VI’s Coronation took place on 12th May, 1937. Uranus was 10 Taurus, with a late Capricorn Jupiter opposing Pluto in Cancer. 1066 Venus is 29 Capricorn.

    So February-March 2021 will test that 1066 Mars, with Saturn in Aquarius conjunct, and Uranus in Taurus square. We’ll see!

    • I should probably add that January 2021 has Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncting 1066 Mars. BLM and Mars in Taurus will square it. UK 1801 Mars will also be under pressure at 11 Taurus.

      Carrie’s Venus/Pluto opposition is also under pressure from Saturn and Uranus in 2021, suggesting an upheaval or massive changes for her relationship. That could be Boris resigning, or significant strain on their circumstances.

  3. Boris got to the top of the mountain, and found that there is nothing there.
    He hasn’t been the same man since his near fatal illness from COVID-19.

  4. O, Bo! I didn’t realise Carrie had a Pisces Sun/Moon……Boris will be suffering post-natal and post-Brewers droop as well, no doubt. It’s too late – next there will be a book out (‘Carrie on Boris’)….what a total shambles. ….

  5. “The Times piece also suggested that his recently divorced wife Marina Wheeler gave him “grounding” in a way that Carrie Symonds doesn’t. Marina ….” was his intellectual match and in terms of his view everything was run by her or through her.” Born 18 August 1964, she is a Sun Leo square Jupiter in Taurus; and her Mars Venus in Cancer is conjunct Boris’s Midheaven so she would throw her enthusiasm behind his ambitions.”

    I have found this to be so common with Venus Rx, the wife is usually more than a spouse; she is often a business partner or there is some sort of professional reliance.

  6. Pluto was in the final decan of Capricorn throughout the 1280s too, finally entering Aquarius in 1287. At this time we have Edward I’s campaign against the Welsh, conquering Wales in 1283 and the establishment of the symbolic act of crowning the heir to England’s throne as the ‘Prince of Wales’. Edward establishes his supremacy by building castles across Wales (very Capricornian). In 1286 with Pluto’s last hurrah through the sign, Alexander II of Scotland dies and with the entry of Pluto into Aquarius we approach the English invasion of Scotland and the series of the wars of Scottish independence in the 90s.

    Interesting that the challenge of Brexit in our own day means the United Kingdom is under threat right now.

    • So in the previous cycle, Pluto enters Capricorn in November of 1024. Hugh has better knowledge than I about this period, but does it roughly coincide with the beginning of the final years of Anglo-Saxon England?

          • That’s around 2045 – in 25 years’ time. As is the Pluto Return for the UK 1801 chart. Pluto Return for England 973 AD chart was in the late 1950s as the last remnants of the old Empire went independent.

    • The interesting thing about Edward I’s reign is that it led to an increase in integration on the island of Great Britain, with Wales becoming a part of England legally (which lasted till the 1970s) and Scotland being drawn closer into the English orbit.

      I wonder if this Pluto Return (to that spot in the sky) would indicate a further integration/centralisation of the UK and whether Scotland will likely have a second referendum but reject it again.

      A psychic told me that Scotland will vote for independence in the 2020s and negotiations will take place for implementing independence, but that at the last minute, before it occurs, Scotland will decide against it.

    • One thing which was a concern in England in the 1280s was the decline of the traditional feudal system leading to the passing of the Statute Quia Emptores which prohibited Subinfeudation and was the slow start of the end of the feudal system in England. (It is still in force today) From then on Kings needed to hire troops and pay them generally money. A subtle but decisive change to a more monied economy.

  7. One of the things to note about Edward I is his monarchical title. He was the first king for two centuries to have an Anglo Saxon rather than French royal name. That symbolically marked a shift in national consciousness which became more pronounced when his grandson Edward III took the country to war with France beginning a conflict that lasted a century.

  8. I should have clarified that Pluto in late Capricorn seems to impact the UK’s international relationships by causing major ruptures in its international relationships.

    As an aside, one Pluto Return before that, Edward I had started his reign just a few years after the Barons Revolt and the Model Parliament of 1265. He was involved in both France and the Crusades in the Middle East, but I was unable to see any major links to international alliances being broken or who his chief ministers in that period were.

    I could not see any pattern to English-Scottish relationships in the periods of the two chief ministers listed above, but it is interesting that the (first) Scottish independence referendum took place very close to the second Pluto Return of the Battle of Flodden Field.

    • Interesting enough, it is also Sweden’s (second) Pluto Return, dated from Gustav Vasa’s reign in 1523, yet Sweden is as placid as it can be, nothing like the turmoil that we see in the US at the moment. Perhaps, @Solaia can tell us more about any developments in Sweden.

      Pluto is also conjunct France’s 1792 Ascendant in the chart that you have used for that country, Marjorie. What does that portend for France?

  9. “except there isn’t even a Pluto Return to blame for it.”

    It may not be a Pluto Return to the same zodiac location as the Pluto in a natal chart, but I looked back to the last two times when Pluto was in the same part of the zodiac.

    The last time Pluto was where it is now, Lord North was Prime Minister and his term as Prime Minister led to the loss of the First British Empire/the American colonies.

    The time before that, Anne Boleyn had become Queen after the then chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, helped with Henry VIII’s “Great Matter” of providing a male heir to the English throne.

    So Pluto in the last few degrees of Capricorn seems to impact the UK’s international relationships intensely, both with Europe and with the US and give a prominent role to the chief minister/Prime Minister in the process.

    Marjorie, given that that is the case even before the formation of the UK, could you look at aspects of Pluto in late Capricorn with the England 1066 chart?

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