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  1. Ice Cube (Gemini) has been exposed as a Trump supporter yesterday. Ironically, he spoke out months ago, telling the public to withhold their vote until we have better candidates.

    Supposedly, he’s a pawn with ties to Steve Bannon

  2. Can we get a horoscope analysis done on Nigeria? The largest street movements in three decades have been recorded there against police brutality + other governance failures of the Nigerian state. It’s caught President Buhari and other national elites off guard and been a truly national and youth led movement. Nigeria might be the third most populated country by 2050 so it’d be great to get a high level overview of the country over the next ten years, like a broad stroke analysis.

  3. US election 2020: The people who almost always predict the president


    “Residents of Vigo County in Indiana have something of a gift. Except for two notable exceptions in 1908 and 1952, every candidate they have voted for since 1888 has gone on to win the presidency…And when it comes to politics, for them Donald Trump is the only ticket in town…”

    Very good reading, from the dirt-level perspective of farmers.

    • How the heck did this people go from voting for Obama twice to this? Now that I think about this, maybe Sinclair taking over their local media?

      I would say, though, that right now, what’s interesting is how big social media companies are acting. They are cleaning up disinformation chanels that were up for years now. They are certainlu not betting on Trump, right now.

  4. Hi Marjorie could you do a chart showing how different countries are going to be affected in future by Covid 19 infections? Could you include France, Australia and NZ? There seem to be a lot of disparities with some countries coping well and others really quite badly… Thanks very much, your charts are fascinating..

      • Such curfews here would really bring out the worst in those “demanding their constitutional rights”! Or, we can let them all die from covid. Rather morbid train of thought. It’s why I prefer somewhat socialist countries than an American “anything goes just cuz”.

  5. Marjorie, I think it would be interesting to do an analysis of the prospects of the Democratic and Republican parties’ prospects for the upcoming presidential and congressional elections. Analysis of individual candidates charts can be misleading as you never know how much they really want it, or what other trials they may be going through.

  6. Hi Marjorie could you do an election chart for Sadiq Khan Mayor of London elections for 6th May 2021 as he seems to have an agenda regarding the new proposed road reforms that could spell the end for the iconic London black cabs and cabbies ?

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    Away from poli – tricks – as we say in the Caribbean, would you be able to provide some lite relief by way of a chart on Dominic West and Lily James? What is up with that?? Any info would be most welcome.
    Thank you,

  8. Is Trump really recovered from Covid-19, or is his agressive campaign schedule going to cause a relapse?
    (I know, I’m bad for even thinking it)

    • Had Trump caught the bug last month or in July/August it would have been much worse. And pre-last birthday his Solar Return 2019/20 was much like Boris’s when he caught it. At the moment, although Trump’s chart is under stress, it’s not quite as bad as it has been and he has a mildly lucky tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter. From late November he picks up a discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn and after that a deeply frustrating/enraging set of Pluto transits to midpoints – Sun/Mars and Mercury/Pluto – late December to late January, which will put him under strain mentally as well as physically.
      His stamina is astounding and his luck entirely undeserved – and then some.
      His father lived into his nineties which is a horrible thought; and his mother to her late 80s so the genes are built to last.

  9. “https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/pompeii-artifacts-returned-scli-intl/index.html”

    Woman returns artifacts she stole as a young woman after 15 yrs of “bad luck”.

    Has anyone else experienced similar outcomes?

    • Trouble with bad luck – once you get it stuck in your head it can become self-inflicting.
      But there is the curse of Tutankhamun’s tomb kicking off in 1922 which suggested anyone disturbing it would be struck down and a litany of people from the sponsor to the archaeologist did pop off.
      “It was not long before Lord Carnarvon died in Cairo aged 56 and the lights in the city went out, which set off a frenzy of speculation. Arthur Conan Doyle told the American press that ‘an evil elemental’ spirit created by priests to protect the mummy could have caused Carnarvon’s death. Alleged victims of the curse included Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt, shot dead by his wife in 1923; Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, who supposedly X-rayed the mummy and died mysteriously in 1924; Sir Lee Stack, the governor-general of the Sudan, who was assassinated in Cairo in 1924; Arthur Mace of Carter’s excavation team, said to have died of arsenic poisoning in 1928; Carter’s secretary Richard Bethell, who supposedly died smothered in his bed in 1929; and his father, who committed suicide in 1930.
      Chief archaeologist Howard Carter angrily dismissed the whole curse idea as ‘tommy rot’, but he died solitary and miserably unhappy of Hodgkin’s disease in his London flat in March 1939 at the age of 64. On the other hand many who worked on the excavation lived long and happy lives. Not sure what it proves.

      • don;t worry. Mars will grasually drift away from the sun opposition and the proximity to earth. PLenty of auroras to watch overhead…if only the seattle weather would cooperate.

        Now there’s a thought…astrological significance of aurora outbursts…

  10. Nancy Pelosi, wearing orange, a mask and a rainbow bracelet, casually tells the press that BTW, they will be discussing 25th the next day. Few moments later, it’s reported that Mike Pence will cancel a visit to Indiana, where he was to vote early, and fly directly to Washington from Arizona, where he is boosting Martha McSally today. I feel it’s going to be a big day tomorrow, so will try to get some sleep now.

  11. Hi Marjorie
    Airbnb should have their IPO in December, in spite of the sharp valuation drop caused by COVID-19.
    Some people say it could be the steal of the century…
    So how will the vacation rental company manage in the “new paradigm”?

    Thank you if you can have a look.
    Kudos to you for your amazing work!

    • Bellingat associates have already identified people on mugshots as known Boogaloo movement operators. Interestingting, there also was an all caps message from a certain Twitter account that went all caps a couple of days ago calling for liberation of certain states, among which Michigan, they were operating at. I will not go all inn conspiracy here, but I have an uneasy feeling that someone having an access to a certain Twitter account at WH does, in fact, have ties to this group and cordinates them.

      (And yes, 2020 is crazy.)

    • You know, I find this story just really, really disturbing and it gives me a twisted feeling in my solar plexus. I hope I’m wrong but I cannot get out of my mind that Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 12th house of the 2021 inauguration chart.

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