Madeleine Albright – fearful of chaos ahead

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State and before that US Ambassador to the UN, under Bill Clinton, has an excoriating piece in the FT about Trump whom she describes as “a president born with both a silver spoon and a forked tongue in his mouth” who has debased American democracy. His message that no one should fear the virus, she points out is “rebutted by the bones and ashes of 1m dead.” Her fear is that his allegations that the election will be rigged against him will incite chaos and the possibility of violent confrontations. “Should the outcome be close, the verdict may not be known for weeks and will likely be rejected as fraudulent by one side or the other.”

     She was born 15 May 1937, sadly with no birth time in the Czech Republic and has a stalwart Taurus Sun opposition and uber-determined Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in early Aries with Uranus Mercury also in Taurus. She also has a pushily-confident Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Pluto in Cancer which sits sextile/trine her Sun Mars opposition. A formidable lady, who has lived through dangerous and dramatic times.

  She’s not looking exactly upbeat for a few months ahead with two undermining Neptune transits to midpoints running now until late January; a downbeat November with tr Saturn in hard aspect to her bullish Jupiter and Pluto; and a confused, plans-not-working-out tr Pluto square her Mars/Neptune midpoint late November to late December.  She will pick up tr Pluto in aspect to her Pluto Jupiter from late next February onwards which will give her a boost.

  If the above are reactions to the election then she may be right about delays. Though there could be other factors in her personal life which are involved.  

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  1. The best autobiography I ever read, many years ago, I bought at least 6 copies for friends I knew would love it, but can’t remember seeing her chart. Sun Taurus, Moon Leo …..warm, someone who likes real people. Uranus (sextile Neptune) is her vocational indicator, so autonomy and equality has been her driving force. That sextile, though generational, must be configured strongly with a correct time, but she was always going to operate independently, though democratically. That she has no air does amaze me, but then she is a “do-er”, not a ranter…..low key, on the subtle side, but what an impact she had. If you read Madam Secretary it oozes integrity, understated though, she is a remarkable lady with her own compass. Pure class.

  2. Born in Czecho-slovakia in 1937 her earliest days would have been spent surrounded by people debating what was going to happen next. Hardly suprising if that is leading to her predictions today.

    • @Lou, not an insignificant point. I think we were discussing how covid-19 lockdowns affected seniors going through their Uranus return who were small children during WWII. In Madeleine Albright’s case, it’s not just what was discussed, but also what wasn’t said. Her parents were Jewish, but lucky enough to escape to Britain in 1939 due to his father’s diplomat status, and would convert to Catholicism there. Jewish heritage was never discussed in her family, and she only learnt she’d lost most of her family including grandparents on both her parents sides in holocaust when she became Secretary of State.

      I’ve seen reactivation of these kind of traumas in people when their children are adult and their professional lives slow down. Typically, that’s in the 60’s, but in Albright’s case she has been a busy and much in demand speaker well into her 80’s. This could be seriously the time she needs to deal with this – especially if her Moon is on Cancer side conjunct Pluto, which is very possible.

      • Yes I read a biography about her which went into discussion about this – because she received criticism for apparently no knowing about her past. The book described the high rates of intermarriage in the new country and the openess where some people decided to identify as german speakers and some as czech speakers, some as one religion some as another or as none.

        • Tom Stoppard is another person who knew very little about his Jewish heritage. He began finding out more in the 1990’s. Like Madeleine Albright, he was born in Czechoslovakia – 3rd July 1937. His family left and went to Singapore in 1939, just in time.

  3. I had a closer look at 14th December and the Electoral College. I used 6th September, 1787 (from a number of US history sources) as the start date. The EC Jupiter is 24 Gemini, trine Saturn at 24 Aquarius, opposing BML at 24 Sagittarius. Mars is 26 Gemini. Uranus 28 Cancer. December 14th’s solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius is only one degree from the EC Jupiter etc, while transiting Jupiter in Capricorn (quite a legal theme) opposes the EC Uranus.

    Donald Trump’s Sun/Moon opposition (and birthday eclipse) is 22 Gemini/21 Sagittarius with the nodes at 20 Gemini/Sagittarius. The eclipse is, I think, close enough to opposing Trump’s Sun from the 4th house. Might that be one of the traditional meanings of the 4th as the house of endings? Just depends what kind of “ending” though, an end to his presidency or an end to a phase of utter chaos ushered in by innumerable election shenanigans?

      • Thanks Anita. Very helpful timeline of this electoral process. I think that by December 8th the eclipse will be making itself felt ahead of the precise date. The Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto group in Capricorn are more or less the same for both dates. I don’t want to get over hopeful about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice, but it does mark the beginning of a new era for all of us. However, I imagine there’ll be quite a bit of resistance, as there always is. Perhaps Covid 19 and the changes it has already triggered, will speed up the transition.

        • @Jane Thanks so much. Let’s hope but in re-reading all Marjorie’s posts regarding the election & SCOTUS it looks like the planets will exert their stress through December & till Inauguration Day/late Jan. Also beyond but by then the election is done so the mayhem most likely involves fights over all the divisive issues and the direction of the country. Probably Trump’s fight with SDNY about financial improprieties will also be on full display given Marjorie’s disastrous forecast.

  4. To be honest, I’m not worried about Court Cases. Presidential Election won’t likely be close enough, anyway (even Trump Surrogates are now mainly wishing for voting day numbers to be good enough for Trump for him to declare victory and them having a head start escaping the inevitable narcissistic rage). Some Senatorial Races may be contested, but here’s the deal, Democrats have money to contest them. For instance, if Jaime Harrison/Lindsay Graham race comes down to this, Harrison will still likely have 10-20 million, and Lindsay Graham’s campaign is broke. RNC is likely broker than we think, too, and local GOP leadership has made desperate and uncalled for mistakes, such as fake poll boxes in California.

    What I’m worried about are all these “Militia”, or, if I may, fascist tugs, causing trouble at polling places and later on. Trump campaign is even recruiting “Trump’s Army” – it really sounds awfully “brown shirtish”.

      • I’m an outside observer too, but have spent significant portion of my free time in the past 5-6 years following international “alt-right” movement (this wasn’t an unfamiliar subject to me even before, but became pressing when we suddenly had literal Nazis camping outside my then workplace, a private business). And let’s be clear: I was talking about real Fascists here, as in people who draw, extensively, on Fascist ideology of the 1920’s and 1930’s and even Nazism. In The US, these people have some peculiarities, mostly worship of 2nd Amendment and shades (pun intended) of White Supremacy that’s not necessarily present in European context (especially in 2015, when refugee crisis culminated, there were fascist groups excepting brown members, as far as they were “assimilated”). I’m not a supporter of “horseshoe theory”, where declared Anarchists suddenly become Authoritarians, and Nazis suddenly are equevalent of Social Democrats, because their bright original idea was to name their ideology “National Socialism”.

        Right now, there isn’t any call, what so ever, from Democrats, to employ “hard left”, for instance anarchist groups continuing demonstrations in Portland, to “secure elections” by “observing” at polling places in November 3rd. This would be quite futile, too, because, duh, they are anarchists. There have been similar calls to “Patriots” from Trump’s Campaign, and there is a real chance they will get answered, the way his “Liberate Michigan!” tweet was answered by a plot to kidnap The Governor.

      • Brent,

        There is no American “left” because the Republican/Conservative establishment (Pluto in Capricorn) has yanked the country politically so far to the right that the US Democratic Party would be right of Labor and most left and even centrist parties in Europe.

        • I must say, I do chuckle at the idea of an American ‘left’ when the Democratic Party is slightly to the right of the British Tory party on so many important issues.

          I remember listening to a very interesting documentary on Woody Guthrie, presented by Billy Bragg who was shocked at how downplayed this famous American was in his own country, whereas he’s a hero to many outside of America.

        • @Clarence P., a couple of years ago, I would have said “establishment” Democrats were nicely aligned with Nordic right, who, although belonging to Conservative group in EU Parliament, style themselves as “Moderates” and such. Now, due to these parties being challenged by populists, they’ve taken hard right turn especially in immigration issues making them more akin to their “natural” Sister parties.

      • @larryc, Hitler himself went to prison, too. There was definitely not any shortage of WWI Veterans ready to use their fists, if necessarily. We have a family history on this, because one of husband’s 9 or so great uncles was among leaders in one of the downright Nazi parties here in the 1930’s. He’d defected to Germany through Sweden in 1915 in order to get a military training that would help Finland to gain independence. Apparently was good enough in “soldiering” to get special commando training, too, on a legendary course which produced five future Generals. He did take part in liberating Finland and him and his Jägers were celebrated as heroes, but apparently he’d become an adrenaline junkie not well adjusted even to peacetime Army (a younger brother, who only made it to Germany in 1917, and didn’t have time to participate to battles, would have an honorable career and perish in Winter War). Therefore, he spent much of 1930’s writing pamphlets, translating German propaganda (linguistic skills run in family) and breaking havoc in the streets. I’m certain that if he’d lived now, he’d have a Youtube Channel and a couple of million followers online.

        That said, what gives me hope now is that even these 1930’s Fascists who were tough as nails, never achieved much in many countries due to internal fighting. Grand uncle and his bunch could keep it up for about 2 years, despite being well funded through private means and I guess German Intelligence. This seems to be a consistent with “militias” today. More importantly, they are mostly incredibly inept. Doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous, but they can mostly inflict limited damage.

        • Hitler wrote his book while in prison. How many of today’s “militia ” accomplish something like that? ANd, would we want them to be that successful?

          A little knowledge can cause so much damage (re: wanna be soldier boys-n-girlz).

  5. oops – correction to my previous post – poll workers are paid, not volunteers. Even so, hard to find elderly willing for the job in these times.

    • @terri, if you are looking for an upbeat story here, many companies are giving their employees free day to vote or to work at polling stations. I work for an American Company with headquarter in a Red State, none the less, and they’ve had this policy for quite a while now. Also, given unemployment (and underemployment) rate, this probably shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just about getting the word through.

  6. I dropped off my early vote yesterday, recommending the ballot boxes as sure and safe (covid-wise), only to learn today that the California GOP was caught putting out fake ‘official ballot boxes’, which is illegal and thus criminal. They refuse to say what they’ve done with the ballots already collected and claim to be within their rights. Unbelievable.
    This kind of flagrant fraudulent shenanigan is unheard of in other Western democracies, yet here it’s just another day in our lives.

    A less sinister reason for delays is that some states already say that, due to the high volume of early voting, and not having enough volunteers (mostly elderly amid a pandemic), and not being able to tabulate before election day, they would be unable to count it all that day. So the question would be whether some states will attempt to cut off the counting, in the belief that most are Democratic votes ? In any event, a plausible explanation for delays even without nefarious interference…

    • “More than 10 million people across the U.S. have already voted in the 2020 election…Around this time four years ago, about 1.4 million early votes had been cast.”
      What it means in terms of ellections result we don’t know… but maby a will for change!

    • @terri, I saw the news on this too. Fortunately and unfortunately, it would fall to State AG to intervene. And since California State Legislation is Democrat led, California incident will be prosecuted. But it’s leading to down right voter suppression in other places. Texas AG made a controversial decision to limit mail ballot drop sites to one (!) per county. Meaning Harris Country, with 4.6 million inhabitants. I think this has now been contested and overturned, but that someone would even dare to leave what’s basically population of Ireland or Norway just 10-15 years ago with one early drop site is absurd people living in countries applying rule-of-law. Also, I think yesterday was the first early vote day in Georgia, where voting rights activist Stacey Abrams famously lost Governor Race with a very thin margin, and there were reportedly people who waited for 9-12 hours to vote. For comparison, the longest I’ve ever waited to vote was 8 minutes in the very last hour of the early voting for second round Presidential Campaign in 2012 at the busiest site in Helsinki. I left it that late, because I knew I could make it the Election Day, too. And I remember this, because moments before, I’d heard about a 30 minute queue – unheard of.

      • Actually in Texas there was an higher appeals court which reaffirmed the governor’s original order of limiting one ballot box receptacle per county, but I think it is going to back fire as it did in Wisconsin in April.

  7. Some states have laws that the election results must be certified by a certain date, whether all the votes are counted or not. As in Florida, year 2000, when their Secretary of State Katherine Harris gave the electoral votes to Bush even as vote totals were up in the air and being re-examined.

    In 2020, there is the possibility that some state results will be hijacked in this way by willful state officials. There are states that demand the vote totals be tallied and certified by two weeks after the election. So it may be the 2000 scenario, with multiple states who lock down electoral votes even when there is massive undercounting of votes, all for the benefit of Trump.

    The Supreme Court ruled this year that electoral college voters cannot go rogue (known as Faithless Voters) and cast votes for any candidate other than the one certified by the Secretary of State. Electoral college voters have no way to rebel now, even in the case of blatant fraud.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. I wonder if the Saturn transit to her Jupiter and Pluto represents leaders and leadership in some way, as well as limitations. It seems everyone is braced for election chaos ahead, which I’m pretty sure will happen. Some commentators are predicting civil unrest as well. The Electoral College meets on 14th December, the day of that total solar eclipse in Sagittarius. I’m really not sure what that might signify, although it looks like a significant turning point.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong Marjorie, but what seems to be the only consolation in the election mess seems to be the consistent factor in all of your interpretations that the democratic players are feeling better late January, in other words after Inauguration Day. Until then I’m holding my breath at what this country has to go through.

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